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Page added on April 9, 2022

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The “Doomsday Preppers” Were Right

The “Doomsday Preppers” Were Right thumbnail

For years, there was a great debate about what the future of our society would look like. 

The irrational optimists kept assuring us that we would never suffer any serious consequences for decades of incredibly foolish decisions, and they kept promising that a new golden age of peace and prosperity for humanity was just around the corner.  Meanwhile, others were warning that humanity would soon be plunging into an abyss filled with endless nightmares.

Instead of a utopian new chapter in our history, we were warned that war, hunger, pestilence and relentless economic problems were on the horizon.

Prior to 2020, to a lot of people it seemed like the irrational optimists might be right after all.

Yes, there were lots of serious problems simmering in the background, but overall life seemed to be rolling along pretty good for most of the population.

But then 2020 came along, and everything started to change.

As I write this article in April 2022, war, hunger, pestilence and relentless economic problems have all materialized.  In fact, things are already so bad in Europe that rationing has now been instituted in some areas…

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has threatened the supply of critical commodities in Europe and thrown global supply chains, which were already struggling amid COVID-19, into complete chaos.

As a result, the prices of everything from wheat to oil have soared, leading to multi-decade high inflation rates in places like Germany and Spain. The supply crunch in Europe is now so bad it’s causing governments to begin laying the groundwork for rationing, with some stores already limiting supplies.

This isn’t Africa that we are talking about.

If rationing is already taking place in Europe, how bad is it going to be for the poorer nations in the months ahead?

Well, UN Secretary-General António Guterres is telling us that “the world’s most vulnerable people and countries” are heading into a “hurricane of hunger”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned urgently of the global consequences of the war as early as mid-March. The breadbasket is being bombed and a “hurricane of hunger” is threatening, he stated. Given Ukraine’s great importance as a food exporter, the invasion was “also an attack on the world’s most vulnerable people and countries.”

Sadly, he is not exaggerating one bit.

As I discussed yesterday, at this point even Joe Biden is admitting that the coming food shortages are “going to be real”.

But even though global leaders are openly telling us that things are going to get really bad, most people still don’t seem very alarmed.

This greatly frustrates me, because this is not a false alarm.

There are 45 different nations that normally get “at least one-third of their wheat from Ukraine or Russia”

The world’s 45 least developed countries import at least one-third of their wheat from Ukraine or Russia, and 18 countries among them import more than 50 percent. These include Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. These are all countries that are already dependent on humanitarian aid and food supplies because millions of people are currently suffering from massive hunger.

How are all of those countries supposed to feed their people without that wheat?

I keep asking that question, and not a single person has been able to answer it.

Just look at the crisis that has erupted in Lebanon.  They normally get approximately 75 percent of their wheat from either Russia or Ukraine, and so far they have been unable to procure supplies from alternate sources…

Lebanon, which obtains 75 percent of its wheat from Russia and especially Ukraine, is also desperately seeking other wheat exporters, but so far without success. The government turned to the international community with a call for help. There are now fears of rationing and sharp price increases, which will hit the already hard-pressed population hard.

Meanwhile, the global bird flu plague just continues to intensify.

Here in the United States, the total death toll is now just short of 28 million

The new cases mean that across the nation, farmers have had to kill about 22 million egg-laying chickens, 1.8 million broiler chickens, 1.9 million pullet and other commercial chickens, and 1.9 million turkeys.

It has taken less than two months to go from the first confirmed case in the U.S. to nearly 28 million dead.

So what will the death toll look like six months from now?

And can you imagine what this will do to food prices?

It is being reported that the price of a dozen eggs has already risen 52 percent since the start of this new pandemic…

Egg prices are skyrocketing as a bird-flu outbreak ravages commercial chicken flocks in the U.S., with the price of a dozen large eggs spiking more than 52% in just under two months.

For much more on this crisis, please see the article that I posted yesterday entitled “20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core”.  I wish that I had sufficient words to properly convey the urgency that we should all be feeling in this hour.  We are heading into a complete and total nightmare, and I wish that I could get more people to understand this.

Mike Adams is sounding the alarm too.  The following comes from an article that was published a few days ago in the Epoch Times

Food scarcity. Food vouchers. Food riots and flash mobs.

All of that’s coming—and soon, says Texas-based food scientist and “Health Ranger” podcaster Mike Adams, who sees dire events unfolding in America in the short term.

His advice: people need to get prepared now.

Of course he is right on target.

In fact, I have specifically been warning for years that all of these things were coming.

At this point, it is clear that the “great debate” is over.

The irrational optimists were wrong.  There will be no golden new era of peace and prosperity for humanity.

Instead, we have entered a “perfect storm” of pain, suffering and horror.

For many years, society laughed at the “doomsday preppers”, but they were right.

And if you plan to make it through the extremely chaotic times that are coming, I would recommend that you become a “doomsday prepper” too.

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41 Comments on "The “Doomsday Preppers” Were Right"

  1. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 4:20 pm 

    Doomsday means you are dead you stupid cunt.
    How do you prepare for death?

    Cunts like this phony law dog, Christ cult cunt will say anything to sell you a tactical toothbrush and Camo tampons for the wife.

    The capitalism & technology combo are a wonder that has afforded all scammers the opportunity to build their very own digital den of thieves and, for all those who have sold out, or plan to, you can have your 30 pieces of silver wired directly into your account.

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 4:33 pm 

    Human caused climate change driven drought is what will kill most of you – most of the humans.

    There are many other ways & means that the industrial cancer is destroying the ability of industrial agriculture to produce enough calories, but in the end it will be climate jacked drought that brings us down.

    Drought is already a veteran mass murderer & destroyer of civilizations.

    North Italy suffers over 100 days of drought

    North Italy is experiencing a drought which could be significant for the coming growing season, reports Aldo Fiordelli.

    In the Langhe, 120 days passed without any water, as widely reported. Just a few millimetres of precipitation were registered over the weekend, and 10-15 ml on the 30 March. However, before this spring rain, the most recent precipitation dated back to November.

    ‘The last rainfalls we had prior to last week were between the end of November and the beginning of December. Since then, nothing,’ said Zvonimir Jurkovic, Podere Einaudi’s winemaker in Barolo.

    ‘But most concerning of all,’ Jurkovic added, was the absence of snowfall. ‘For those of us in Barolo, winter snow is crucial for accumulating water reserves on our steep hills with poor soil. No amount of rainfall could ever replace the snow in terms of effective absorption by the soil. Moreover, if it rains a lot in spring, the recovery of the water could affect the budburst and flowering phases with downy mildew,’ he said.

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 4:37 pm 

    The Texas drought is the worst in years. Are we on the brink of widespread disaster?

    Updated April 08, 2022

    Texas is in the worst drought conditions since 2011, when 95% of the state was in drought. Eleven years ago, parched conditions caused over $7 billion in crop and livestock losses, sparked wildfires, pushed power grids to the limit and reduced reservoirs to dangerously low levels, according to the University of Texas at Austin.

    As of April 7, 85% of Texas was in drought conditions, affecting an estimated 17 million Texans, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. About 41% of the state is seeing extreme or exceptional drought.

  4. suxs on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 5:02 pm 

    I can always count on the Docter for a healthy dose of sardonic humor. Keep it comin’…

  5. Theedrich on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 6:43 pm 

    Do not corner a rat! Putin may be the rat that the Deep State Ministry of Propaganda says he is, but he is a nuclear-armed rat;  and all the hypocritical virtue-signalling of the Biden regime cannot alter that fact.  History does not distinguish between Jesus Christ and Jenghis Khan.

    Moreover, for decades the Anglosphere had been surreptitiously profiting from the trillions of dollars worth of Russian wealth secretly laundered into American and (especially) British banks by Russian oligarchs.  The hypocrisy of it all makes one gag.  The megalomaniacs in the Deep State now fantasize that they can kill the Russian goose and steal all of its golden eggs at once.  Hence the American proxy war in Ukraine.

    The American mainstream media, directed by the corrupt syndicate manipulating the U.S. “democracy,” along with popularity-seeking politicians and self-promoting celebrities and “experts” of sundry types, is playing with nuclear fire by pushing for military intervention against Russia via Ukraine.  The more intransigence they urge on the Ukro dictatorship, the more slaughter can be used as anti-Russian propaganda as Ukraine sinks into a massive sinkhole of death and unrecoverable misery.  The pretence that America and its NATO puppetry have nothing to do with the disaster is sickening, given they are following the same playbook following which, mutatis mutandis, the Empire engineered the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941.

    So now the Washington DC snake pit is planning World War Three in order to cover its own evil, its own participation in the carnage, not to mention the fact that it is itself little more than a vast bribe-taking operation.  The masses are too willfully blind to recognize what is going on.  The reality is that, if this Anglo-driven aggression continues for long, Russia WILL nuke the U.S.

    But those who refuse to listen will have to feel.

  6. FuckingUglyInsects on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 7:18 pm 

    Fucking ugly insects 12:55.

  7. NewAnimalsReality on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 7:32 pm 

    I also told you that we are going to change all the animals into new animals. We are going to put a new animal reality. Just wait in one year from now, your cats and dogs will change into something else. earth has new GOD,s in charge. The old ones have been executed.


  8. EarthHasANewAdministration on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 7:55 pm 

    Earth has new GOD’s and Kings in charge. The old ones are dead.

    Hail to the new kings of earth.

  9. NewAnimalReality on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 8:11 pm 

    I told you, we will install a new animal reality. Young polar bears having penguin body posture. 0:52

    A new animal reality is coming to a house near you.

  10. NewAnimalRealityComingSoon on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 8:36 pm 

    Cat with big eyes. 14:33

    Expect a new animal reality coming soon all over the world

  11. ExpectMoreInsectsWalkingAround on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 8:40 pm 

    Expect more looking 2 legs insects walking around all over the world. 0:01

  12. YouLoveInsectsYouShouldLookLikeOnes on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 10:29 pm 

    First you will be turned into ugly disgusting insects. The old GOD’s now dead, where I love with insects. Especially small mosquitoes and maringouin to are just a nuisance and are there to torture you.

    Then you will be tortured to dead with deadly bloody facial skin cancer.

    Then earth will be destroyed permanently by global cooling.


  13. YouLoveInsectsYouShouldLookLikeOnes on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 10:30 pm 

    First you will be turned into ugly disgusting insects. The old GOD’s now dead, were in love with insects. Especially small mosquitoes and maringouin to are just a nuisance and are there to torture you.


    Then you will be tortured to dead with deadly bloody facial skin cancer.

    Then earth will be destroyed permanently by global cooling.

  14. WeNeedAVegetationOfDeath on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 11:05 pm 

    We also need to invent a new plant reality, not just an new animal reality and a new insectoid walking on two feet reality.

    So we need a new reality for plants: like trees, flowers, grass and so on. It time to change the green vegetation for a vegetation of death. The green vegetation will be replaced with a yellow and brown vegetation. Yellow and brown vegetation usually means dead vegetation. It is time to have a new plant reality with a yellow and brown vegetation only instead of green.

    You cannot beat my evilness. You are an amateur in the department of evilness.

    We have already started to see yellow and brown dead vegetation in touristic sites.

    First two minutes and the whole videos.

  15. ANewRealityForEverything on Sat, 9th Apr 2022 11:17 pm 

    A new reality for everything. Look at the long neck of the dog and how it is running. 8:59 forward.

  16. ANewRealityForEverything on Sun, 10th Apr 2022 12:02 am 

    I fucking told you that and I will repeat it. Everyone that is not a human on earth will be turned into an insectoid. This apply to the whole earth. There is no where you can hide. 0:14

  17. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 10th Apr 2022 1:55 am 

    US-army’s heroic fight against sexual harrassment:

    You can’t make thiss stuff up!

  18. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Apr 2022 7:26 am 

    Interesting internal admission of the US army vis-a-vis the Russian army comparative strength on the battlefield:

    The most important being that the U.S. army admits to the following:

    – Russian air-defense is not only superior, but shockingly the army admits that by the time of a confrontation between Russia/U.S., “technology to overcome Russian ADA will unlikely to be available”. So they are counting on the fact that even in the distant future, they will not be able to innovate anything that can pierce Russian ADA.

    – Russian EW (electronic warfare) is superior and will likely disrupt American C2 (command & control).

    – Several other Russian systems are superior to anything U.S. has, in particular here they are referring to what I already mentioned earlier: Russia’s artillery systems are superior in every way to that of the U.S. This goes for both self-propelled units like the 2S19 Msta which is far superior to the M109, to the tube rocket and MLRS systems like BM-27 Uragon, etc. Also in my opinion Russian light IFVs are superior (though this is a more controversial view, while the others are widely accepted) due to the fact that BMP-2s and BTR-82s have much stronger 30mm cannons than American Bradley / Strykers which have 12.7’s and 25mm’s, and with higher RPMs as well. But that’s for another time.

    – Russian artillery outranges and outguns U.S. equivalent (see above)

    – In any upcoming conflict, U.S. army is to presume as a given that its C2 will be disrupted AND its fires (artillery) batteries will be neutralized (i.e. blown up by superior Russian counter-battery fire etc)

    The Chinese of course hope that this US assumptions are going to be tested for real in Europe… so they can take over the planet after Russia and the US have each other wiped out. Siberia, Australia, you name it: up for grabs by the Chinese.

    Btw, I think that it would suffice for NATO to (attempt to) install a no-fly zone over Ukraine, to trigger the Chinese to invade Taiwan and North-Korea to invade the South.

    The fact that South-Korea is begging the US to install nukes on its territory, speaks volumes about SK fears that NK will be implicated in a battle over Taiwan. Now that NK has intercontinental ballistic missiles that can hit the US, makes NK a very interesting buddy for China in its drive to throw the US out of Asia altogether.

  19. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Apr 2022 7:47 am 

    Pictures from within Russia, with troops moving to the Donbass front, receiving warm support from public:

  20. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 10th Apr 2022 11:46 am 

    They love being told what to do by big, white bullies—-

    Cowards for sure

  21. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 10th Apr 2022 7:13 pm 

    “While other high-income countries saw their life expectancy increase in 2021, recovering about half of their losses, U.S. life expectancy continued to fall”

    Good news, for sure.
    Getting rid of the idiots, and increasing the gene line.

  22. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 11th Apr 2022 8:48 am 

    Scott Ritter believes the war in Donbass will be over in 2 weeks, followed by a large thrust westwards by the Russians:

  23. Zeke Putnam on Mon, 11th Apr 2022 9:05 am 

    It’s not Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that’s causing the shortages. It’s the insane sanctions. As one commentator stated: Biden is just stupid or he doesn’t give a damn about the consequences. A major issue is the ignorance of Americans that continue to elect these clowns.

  24. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 11th Apr 2022 3:27 pm 

    Are we spared nothing?

    Antropogenic climate change on Neptune too:

  25. Dredd on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 5:53 am 

    Mutant codons are found in human chromosomes (It’s In The GenBank – 5).

  26. ThisIsTheFutureOfEarth on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 8:44 am 

    First none humans will be changed into insectoid. Just go watch femdom porn and look at the shape of their hands. Look like fucking insects paws. Then you will be executed with deadly bloody facial cancer. Should be the end of this year.

    Then earth will be completely destroyed by a everlasting ice age.


  27. SmallMistake on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 8:47 am 

    Should begin by the end of this year and in full force in 2023,

  28. InsectoidOnTwoFeets on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 8:50 am 

    1:13 insectoid walking on two feets.

  29. SmallCorrection on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 9:30 am 

    I made a mistake above. What I was tryingto say is

    First none humans will be changed into insectoid. Just go watch femdom porn and look at the shape of their hands. Look like fucking insects paws. Then you will be executed with deadly bloody facial cancer. People bleeding from facial skin cancer should start at the end of the year. 2023 is going to be the year where people die in a street with a bloody face.

    I am new to using the divine GOD consciousness or energy to create my own reality. Apparently, the controllers of the earth are not the only ones that can use the divine GOD consciousness or energy to create or modify reality. That should give the divine GOD consciousness enough time to prepare things for 2023.

  30. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 11:17 am 

    Primus – Conspiranoia

  31. Hello on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 11:36 am 

    What happened to makati? And what about realgreen?

  32. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 1:16 pm 

    Makati ether caught Covid (“the flue”) or returned to the US to avoid ending up in a chinese pow camp during ww3, but hates to admit that.

    My 2 cents.

  33. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 1:24 pm 

    Which phone, laptop and tablet brands break down the most? (Marketplace)

  34. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 1:41 pm 

    Atmospheric River Flooding of Australia and Elsewhere

    ” Atmospheric River Flooding of Australia and Elsewhere
    2,463 views Apr 11, 2022 I chat in detail about atmospheric rivers and how they have been hammering Australia, especially near heavily populated regions like Brisbane and Sydney on the eastern coastline.

    A recent paper projects that atmospheric river flooding events over Sydney will increase up to 80% by the turn of the century, according to an ensemble of 16 climate models.

    I show you the tools that you can use (Climate Reanalyzer, Earth NullSchool, NOAA sites, etc.) to have a detailed look at any catastrophic extreme weather event that is heading in your direction. For example, some of the worst flooding that is happening real-time at the time of filming of this video is in Durban, South Africa.

    Please donate at to support my research and videos as I explain the science of abrupt climate system change in easily understood, layperson terms.

    Sincerely, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Paul Beckwith”

  35. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 2:34 pm 

    Addiction I Full Episode I NOVA I PBS

    “Hear firsthand from individuals struggling with opioid addiction and follow the cutting-edge work of doctors and scientists as they investigate why addiction is not a moral failing, but a chronic, treatable medical condition.

    Easy access to drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and even prescription medications like OxyContin has fueled an epidemic of addiction—the deadliest in U.S. history. Now, science is revealing how addiction affects the brain, and top experts are gathering evidence about how we should address our drug problem, from embracing evidence-based treatments, to rethinking public policies.”

    MALENKA: “Individuals struggling with addiction are actually battling millions of years of evolution,
    because our brains are exquisitely evolved to seek rewards,to seek reinforcement wherever and whenever we can.”

    That inherent reward seeking is why nothing was ever done, or will be done to reduce emissions.

    Humans not in control.

  36. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 2:58 pm 

    “True to the Constitution, I believe everyone should have the right to own a Flintlock musket. And that’s it.”

  37. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 3:45 pm 

    Saudi-TV is openly mocking sleepy joe:

    KSA officially is a US ally (vassal, really).

  38. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 4:03 pm 

    Ukraine according to Kunstler:

    “Throughout all this, NATO has acted as a conduit for arming and training a 400,000-troop Ukrainian army, a violation of several formal agreements between Russia and the West. NATO, otherwise, does not have the will, or even the means, to engage militarily with Russia. And America, at the head of NATO, has so far refrained from starting World War Three by way of sending US troops or war-planes into Ukraine. So, Russia has gone about the plodding business of neutralizing Ukraine’s trouble-seeking military and rearranging the map so that Ukraine won’t be able to act as a proxy antagonist in America’s ill-conceived campaign to destroy Mr. Putin and his country.“

  39. Hello on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 4:06 pm 

    >>> Humans not in control.

    That’s the problem nowadays. It’s never the individual’s shortcomings. Always somebody else to blame. You can be a lazy SOB asshole, but hey, it’s not your fault.

  40. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 4:46 pm 

    In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid

    “It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence,” one U.S. official said. “It’s more important to get out ahead of them [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something”

    “U.S. officials said they had indications suggesting Russia might be preparing to use chemical agents in Ukraine.

    President Joe Biden later said it publicly. But three U.S. officials told NBC News this week there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine. They said the U.S. released the information to deter Russia from using the banned munitions.”

    See kids, it’s OK to lie and broadcast fake news as long as it’s for a good cause.

    Good cause?

    Yes, selling shit tons of over priced war machine parts & later, over priced LNG to our Euro-Tard sucker bitches – Good for shareholders.

    Agent Orange, exposed: How U.S. chemical warfare in Vietnam unleashed a slow-moving disaster

    Agent Orange Wasn’t the Only Deadly Chemical Used In Vietnam

    The “Rainbow Herbicides” left a lethal legacy.

    Yabut our democracy-N-stuff.

    Watch the fuck heads on CNN & MSNBC. It’s like they pay the talking heads $100 every time they blurt out “Our democracy”.
    Our democracy – two words strung together that you might have heard once or twice per year, not 500 fucking times a day.

    Our democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracyOur democracy.

  41. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Apr 2022 6:26 pm 

    IMO we should have never protected & carried the low IQ whites.

    Actually, the best thing would be to cull the bottom 10% every graduation class regardless of their scores.

    I damn well guarantee you it will keep them on their toes.

    The parents get culled too. I damn well guarantee you it will keep them on their toes.

    In a few decades the majority will be culled by mother nature herself & they’ll all be gone no later than 2100.

    Cancer monkeys have their doom baked in.

    The 1.5-Degree Goal Is All But Dead

    Ha ha I fucking told y’all this a decade ago.

    I use the same numbers the IPCC has, but after I calculate, I don’t start subtracting shit based on a fantasy of thousands of carbon capture plants, stand alone or added onto coal fired power plants.

    Other things I don’t subtract for are projected alt energy. Projected = not built, but looks good on paper.
    This is econ 101 thinking they use. If a company “projects” that they will make 2 billion in one year, but only make a billion they get to call that fantasy 1 billion a loss.
    Econ 101 thinking is the thinking of a suicidal cancer chimp.
    When you understand how the lag effect, and a few other climate phenomena work, then you can picture why the humans are already dead. A fat capitalist pig pulled the pin on a nuclear grenade and he swallowed the pin or tried, but the pin is stuck in his throat & you can hear him gagging & choking out he’ll soon be dead and so will the rest of us when the grenade goes BOOM!!

    You might be thinking of trying the Heimlich Maneuver, but it won’t work because that capitalist pig is so fatty piggish (cuz he grew up during globalization) and obese that you can neither lift him or get your arms around that fat fuck capitalist tube of rancid goo. A huge fat diabetic fatty liver stinky ball of blubber. ” I’m real fat but I gots ta have mo” Fill my hole with grease-N-high fructose corn syrup.

    Pick me up with dat hevey duty fork lift and drop me off at the end of a little Debbie’s snack cake conveyor belt – no need for packaging – just roll it right into my super giant cake hole while simultaneously fire hosing Mountain Dew down my gullet.

    I’s a fat capitalist fat fuck and I need more. If I can make it to 600lbs then I might outlive some of my capitalist fat fuck relatives when our capitalist pig fuck face greed finally collapses the world.

    Ain’t that right little Piggies?

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