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Page added on January 28, 2014

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The Coming Economic Collapse Will Be Far Worse Than Most Realize

The Coming Economic Collapse Will Be Far Worse Than Most Realize thumbnail

Citizens of the U.S. and world are heading into a future that few have prepared.  It will also turn out to be much worse than most realize as it will be unlike anything we have witnessed in the past.

Part of the reason we are in such a bad fix has to do with the compartmentalization and specialization of our modern educational and economic system.  There are many intelligent people in the market doing smart things, however they have no clue on what the hell is going on in other industries or professions.

For example, there are many precious metal analysts that I have much respect for, but who fail to understand the energy industry.  Now, I would imagine there are a few analysts in the precious metal Biz that do understand the ramifications of Peak Oil, but it’s more rewarding for them (financially) to keep their trap shut.  Nobody likes a party pooper…. you know what I am saying?

And then we have individuals who specialize in “Technical Analysis.”  Many who have read my posts and articles realize that I am believe that technical analysis is worthless in a rigged market.  Also, I believe the big price moves in the gold and silver are more fundamental in nature than technical.

I explained this in detail in several recent articles by comparing the price movement of oil to that of gold and silver.  I have republished two charts below that show how the price of gold and silver moved in parallel with the price of oil in the 1971-1980 time period:

Here we can see that silver and gold moved in tandem with the price of oil.  Many investors still regurgitate the notion the Hunt Brothers were solely responsible for pushing the price of silver to record highs in 1979.

If that was true, then who was pushing up the price of gold?  Or, how about oil… who was responsible for pushing the price of oil up 10-times from $3.29 in 1973 to $36.83 in 1980?  If I were to ask these questions to someone who blurts out the Hunt Brothers cornered the silver market… they would have a blank stare, because they have no clue.

My articles get around the Internet.  Someone on another blog made a comment, “comparing the price of silver to oil was silly”.  They replied by saying it makes just as much sense to compare the price of silver to the price of potatoes.

Everyone is free to have their own opinion, but energy is the key that drives the global economy.  Energy allows silver to be mined, refined, transported, minted, traded and consumed.  I happen to believe the price of energy controls the price of silver, and other commodities for that matter.

Let me see if I can provide another example that may win over the worst skeptics.  If we look at the price movement of copper from 1971-1980, we see an interesting correlation to the price of oil:


Well… look at that.  In just another coincidence, the price of copper had a similar trend to the price of oil.  As the price of oil shot up in 1979… so did the price of copper.  Hell, the 1979 & 1980 copper-oil price lines are almost identical.

Copper didn’t enjoy the same percentage gains as gold or silver as it isn’t a sought after monetary metal.  However, who was trying to corner the copper market in 1979-80 to push it up to new record highs.  Do you ever hear anyone asking that question?

I bring up this subject so investors can realize the big price moves of gold and silver parallel the price movement of oil and are not due to technical analysis.

The long-term technical analysis chart of silver below is suggesting that cycles and waves may predict the future price of silver.  I say throw-away the damn chart and follow the price of oil… it’s a much better indicator.


Why?  Because, if you were to overlay the price of oil on this chart, you would find a similar trend-line.  That being said, the price of oil is only a basic guideline to gauge the market price of gold and silver.

Due to the Financialization of the market by manufacturing $100’s of trillions worth of derivatives, fiat currency has been siphoned away from the physical market and into worthless paper garbage.  We have no idea of what the prices and costs of goods, services and commodities would be if the majority of fiat currency was invested directly into the physical markets rather than the $trillions in leveraged paper claims.

I would like to touch on one more subject as it pertains to technical analysis before I get into the wonderful subject of economic collapse.

In a recent article, “Silver – The Power of Thought Will Ultimately Prevail” the author Michael Noonan stated the following:

We keep moving away from discussing fundamentals because the fundamentals have not been reliable indicators in the supply/demand equation that normally determines price. Yet, almost every single article focuses on the record sales of numbers of coins offered to the public, charts showing overwhelmingly favorable statistics that favor higher silver prices, cost factors for mine production, decreasing supply relative to increasing demand.

How many times, and in how many ways can the same information be presented over the past year, and yet the price of silver languishes near recent lows? People have an appetite for this kind of information. It serves as a crutch to bolster flagging belief that silver and gold will rally any time soon.

Fundamentals are real. We are not being dismissive of their importance. Instead, we see the perception of their impact as being misplaced, for now. Ultimately, they will prevail, but the greater area of focus of a failed fiat financial system deserves center stage.

I disagree with Mr. Noonan on his current assessment on the fundamentals.  While I don’t want to get in a TIT for TAT debate with Mr. Noonan on why I disagree, I believe it’s important to understand the difference between the two ideologies.

Mr. Noonan doesn’t “Focus” on the fundamentals because they are according to his analysis,  “unreliable indicators.”  Instead, he produces technical charts that offer a better signal.  Now, I may be guilty of putting words in his mouth as he did not directly say that, but if you read his articles, you will see technical charts.

I believe the fundamentals are everything in a rigged market…. even though the paper price doesn’t reflect it.  It is more important to understand the energy fundamentals than it is to focus on technical charts on silver.  As I explained above, oil has been the major indicator in driving the price of gold and silver (and yes… copper).

In addition, when investors understand the fundamentals of the energy-cost structure in the precious metal industry, they will be able to see there is a floor for the price of gold and silver.  I still get investors emailing me stating that silver can go to $5.00 because it’s so cheap to mine.

In addition, technical analysis in a rigged market cannot grasp the serious problems looming in the energy industry.  I just got off the phone with energy analyst, Bill Powers… and I have to say the information he discussed about the U.S. Shale gas industry is alarming.  I will publish an article on this subject next week.

Let’s just say the price of natural gas in the United States is heading much higher.  This will not be because of technical analysis, but rather in response to important fundamental causes, forces and data.

Individuals who believe the garbage forecasts put out by the Large Bloated Worthless Banks and Brokerage Houses claiming 20 years of growing natural gas production at low prices of $4.00 here in the U.S., get ready for a rude awakening.

This is the reason Mr. Noonan’s opinion on the fundamentals are wrong.  While I agree with Mr. Noonan the “Failed Fiat System” deserves focus, peak oil is the reason the Fiat Monetary System is in route for certain death.

Again… technical analysis is worthless in understanding the ramifications of peak oil and its impact on the United States and World going forward.

The Coming Economic Collapse Will Be Much Worse Than Most Realize


From the information and data that I am coming across, the U.S. and World are totally unprepared for severe changes that are drawing near.   These changes and disruptions will be much worse than the typical analysts’ concerns of deflation, hyperinflation or currency collapse.

A few days ago I listened to Coast-to-Coast Am with George Noory.  His guest that night was none other than Harry S Dent Jr.  Harry told George there was going to be a huge stock market crash and the place to put ones money was not gold or silver… but rather the U.S. Dollar.

Dent believes the Dollar will be the safe-haven because we have 20 Aircraft carriers roaming the oceans of the world .  Dent credits the strength of the Dollar to the strength of our military.

Dent makes his forecasts based on what he calls the “Demographic Cliff”, which by the way, is the title of another one of his endless supply of books.  Dent believes understanding the changing demographics of countries is the key to investing.

While Dent has been a successful financial publisher, many of his forecasts have been complete failures.  According to CBS Money Watch article, “Harry Dent and the Chamber of Poor Returns”:

In October 1999, Dent wrote the bestseller “The Roaring 2000s.” The following is from the Library Journal’s review: “Dent’s previous book “The Great Boom Ahead” accurately predicted the stock market boom of the 1990s. In this one, he looks ahead to the new millennium and claims that the Dow may reach as high as 35,000 within the next decade, due in large part to the changing demographics of baby boom investors.”

Dent could not have been more wrong. The next decade saw the S&P lose 1 percent a year, producing a cumulative loss of 9 percent.

Despite this failure, which might have humbled someone else, Dent persisted. In January 2006 he published “The Next Great Bubble Boom: How to Profit from the Greatest Boom in History: 2006-2010.” Again, Dent was wrong. Not long after publication, we experienced the worst bear market since the 1930s. And for the full five-year period the S&P 500 Index returned just 2.3 percent per year, well below the return on safe bonds. This seems like less of a bubble boom, more of a bubble burst.

Dent makes his money on the market realization there will always be a new Group of POOR UNWORTHY SLOBS ripe for the picking.  The market has a short attention span — and memory.

I am surprised that George Noory believes that Dent made several good predictions and it was a good idea to follow his forecasts.  I don’t know what happened to Coast-to-Coast Am.  Since Art Bell retired years ago…. the show just isn’t the same.

Everything that Art Bell believed in such as Peak Oil & Climate change seem to be a BIG JOKE to Noory.  He continues to bring back guests who provide evidence suggesting the earth has a creamy nougat center of oil (famous peak oil term coined by James Kunstler), and we are also heading into a New Ice Age — pure bollocks.

As I have mentioned, I am working on my first paid report called The U.S. & World Collapse Report.  There will be information in the report that you will not find in one place anywhere else on the Internet.  I hope to have the new Report Page with Free & Paid Reports out by the first few weeks in February.

Dent and many analysts who focus on “Deflation” will be proved wrong is because they fail to incorporate peak oil in their forecasts, shown in the chart below:


When the U.S. and World were suffering from the Great Depression in the 1930’s, global oil production was still in its infancy.  Global oil production increased from less than 5 mbd (million barrels a day) in the 1930’s to 45 mbd by 1970.

The reason the United States pulled  itself out of its horrible depression had more to do with a growing oil supply than the economic activity gained from World War 2.

Then we had the terrible 1980-2 recession in which Fed Chairman Volcker saved the Dollar by raising interest rates while putting a Kibosh on the precious metals.  Even though global oil production declined for a short time-period, we still had another 35 years worth of growing world oil supplies.

It was the increasing oil supply that enabled the U.S. & World economies to grow out of the severe down-turns.  However, we have been in a global oil production plateau for the past decade (shown in the small insert graph, highlighted in yellow).  We are no longer able to increase world oil production as we did in the 1930’s or 1980’s.

Thus, Dent’s Demographic theory of forecasting is worthless in a peak oil environment.  I could not care less on whether a truck driver is 21, 41 or 61 years old, if there isn’t the available economic supply of diesel to maintain the transport industry.

The peaking of oil and energy is putting severe pressure on the Global Fiat Monetary System.  Business as usual will not continue for long as cracks are beginning to appear in the energy industry.  I will discussing this in future articles and in more detail in the U.S. & World Collapse Report. at the SRSrocco Report.

Gold & Silver will become some of the most important stores of wealth and investments in the future.  The U.S. Dollar will not be the safe-haven as Dent and many other analysts believe because a Fiat Monetary System based on Compound Interest and Fractional Reserve need a growing energy supply to SURVIVE.

Last, the GREAT U.S. SHALE ENERGY BOOM is heading towards a BUST.  There is no PLAN B and few are prepared for what is coming.  The debate on Technical Analysis vs. Fundamentals will seem silly when U.S. & World head into the worst economic collapse in history.

As former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts stated recently… when the price of gold and silver revalue much higher, there won’t be any physical metal to buy.  Trying to time the market for the best price, may turn out to be a huge mistake.


17 Comments on "The Coming Economic Collapse Will Be Far Worse Than Most Realize"

  1. Northwest Resident on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 3:24 pm 

    “Let’s just say the price of natural gas in the United States is heading much higher.” — rockman, time to go back to those NG wells you drilled way back when and unplug them.

    “Last, the GREAT U.S. SHALE ENERGY BOOM is heading towards a BUST.” Everything I read indicates that this statement is true. And that BUST isn’t too far off in the future — not more than a year or two. The best “stuff” coming out of the shale fields is still too-low EROI to use for transportation. And the best “stuff” comes out first, I read, and as the machines keep pumping/fracking in shale fields, the stuff coming becomes increasingly lower EROI — or so I read. Transportation needs conventional oil, and that oil is getting scarcer and more expensive. When the cost of transportation goes up, so does everything else. And when we can no longer produce enough fuel to keep transportation at its current levels of activity, the economy will begin to shrink — and bad things will happen.

  2. robertinget on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 5:58 pm 

    Northwest Resident will be doing just fine as long as Canada remains friendly enough to keep shipping US natural gas.
    One good reason there is so little anti-fracking noise in the PNW, no oil or gas has been found or if it has, not in commercial amounts.

    Here’s what was being said exactly 12 months ago:

    How about 2011?

    2009?? gas ‘bubble bust a certainty’

    Earmark today’s predictions from these gold merchants.

    Here’s an entire afternoon’s worth of doomer NG predictions proving, even good guys say dumb things.

  3. GregT on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 6:02 pm 

    When the BUST happens, there will be millions of tonnes of excess paper. Good for home heating, toilet paper, or a simple reminder of the ‘good ole days’.

    Amass as much as possible now, I hear many countries are starting to use polymers.

  4. criticalmass on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 7:21 pm 

    “Noonan!” -Couldn’t help myself 🙂

  5. GregT on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 7:46 pm 


    Canada is focussed on sending it’s NG to Asia, not the US, and here in BC, we have massive amounts of the stuff.

  6. DC on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 8:37 pm 

    Do you think extracting some frak gas around Dawson Creek is going to, what, save BC Greg? While I dont doubt subsidized US oil corporations will make ‘money’ digging up our resources and exporting them to the lowest bidder, I dont see frak-gas as helping counteract the demands of massive influxes of immigrants OR countering the declines in forestry, fishing and even coal.

    It almost sounds to me as if the brain trust in Victoria is betting on frak-gas, tourism and producing video games in upscale West Van studios as BC’s economic mainstay. That bilderberger moron Clark, like all NothAm politicians, never met a US fossil-fuel corporation she didnt like. If so, what are the 99% of the folks going to do? Work at Wall-mart? Target?, Best buy?

  7. Dave Thompson on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 8:52 pm 

    Nice summery of things as they are and as they may go. The problem I have is with the idea of gold and silver being such a great investment. The best investment is skill sets, and sharing kindness with each other, because in the end we only ever had each other.

  8. GregT on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 10:05 pm 


    Don’t shoot the messenger. My thoughts on Clark, and her supposed save BC through destroying what’s left of the environment campaign, are probably not much different than yours. And just for the record, I didn’t vote for her.

  9. DC on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 10:13 pm 

    No Greg I didnt mean it to be taken that way at all. I just find it funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same yes? We arent growing more trees, or more coal, and certainly we dont have magically refilling pools of NG here.Is the fishery back open for BAU? Its still in a state of official collapse AFAIK. What we are doing, is adding more people to the population every year while the ‘traditional’ mainstays of the economy, slowly wither away, or have already.

    Like you say, Plan ‘A’ seems to be more of the same. Dig up whats left and ship it off to the lowest bidder. Purchase the resultant low-quality ‘goods’ that are re-exported back to us and buy them in US owned Big-box eyesores.

    And call it an ‘economy’.

    Depressing isnt it?

  10. GregT on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 11:48 pm 


    You forgot to mention about the budget being balanced by 2018. The budget will ALWAYS be balanced years into the future, but of course, it never is. Why people still buy into this crap, is beyond me.

  11. DC on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 11:51 pm 

    Lol! true that! ‘Good’ things are always slated for future release arent they?

    ‘Clean cars’, ‘Clean energy’, safe streets, you name it! Always a work-in-progress, completion date uhhh……future….someday….

  12. Welch on Wed, 29th Jan 2014 1:10 am 

    Ah, the proverbial economic crash. How many years have they been touting its imminent arrival. Yawn.

  13. Makati1 on Wed, 29th Jan 2014 1:32 am 

    Welch, it’s not when that is important, but are you prepared for it. Better a year or five early than a day late, right? Who could have guessed that the massive printing of worthless dollars would happen and last so long? Or that they would destroy your savings with zero interest for years and years? Or that they would rob your savings and retirement accounts to keep the crash from happening for another year?

    Those are country destroying measures and would only be taken in desperation, because they KNOW that the financial crash will end civilization as everyone alive has known it. World wide war is still an option and will not surprise anyone who knows history. Be patient.

    As for hydrocarbon energy, it will end at the collapse of the financial system that makes it possible, and long before the last drop of oil or cf of natural gas is burned. As for coal, most of it is too far underground to be accessible in the future without a massive oil energy infrastructure. Ditto gas and oil. A very different world from today is coming.

  14. GregT on Wed, 29th Jan 2014 9:17 pm 


    Either wake up, or go back to sleep. Yawning is a waste of your time.

  15. Welch on Thu, 30th Jan 2014 1:15 am 

    “they KNOW that the financial crash will end civilization as everyone alive has known it. ”

    When an economic crash comes, hard assets will not disappear. Your house will not evaporate. Your care will not disappear. There will be as much food around as there was the day before. civilization is not going to end.

    I am aware of the implication of the inevitable decline in energy resources. And yes, that will be a real game changer, to be sure. The next century will not be like the last one, and overall the standard of living will drop. But it will be a gradual decline, IMO. Think everything is going to hit the fan and in a short time frame collapse and lead to global chaos? Sorry to disappoint, it aint gonna happen that way.

  16. Makati1 on Thu, 30th Jan 2014 1:28 am 

    Welch, what house? Can you live in your house without utilities? Can you feed yourself from the land you actually own today? Your car may become your home as there will be no fuel to move it. And think about where everything in your home comes from. I bet it is not all made in the town nearby. Are you self employed with a skill that will be needed or are you a computer bot at some desk? If you do not have a NECESSARY job, odds are yours ill not exist. Not even close. So, dream on, but it IS going to be a lot worse than you pretend. Wait and see.

  17. Stephen on Thu, 30th Jan 2014 2:35 am 


    I think if the energy sector fails, WALL STREET WILL FAIL WITH IT. If there is not enough energy to run all the computer systems, it is likely that equipment used to run the food system will be turned off last and the stock market will be shut down sooner. I am not sure it will be a gold vs the dollar issue at that time. I see SIMULTANEOUS inflation and hyper deflation happening at the SAME TIME. If food, water, and fuel become scarce, the price will go up. However, items that no longer work due to the infrastructure to support them shutdown, or no supply of energy to run will have their price reduced significantly, making debt trap liens on those items worthless. Yes, many of the buildings will still be standing. If there is very little energy left, the fuel used to perform evictions and repossessions and forcing people to move will not be worth wasting on that purpose (especially if it is needed for food). Plus if this leads to unemployment rates so high, this will lead to extremely high levels of debt default, changing the ratio of actual currency to debt (imaginary currency) so there is more “physical money” instead of debt.

    However, you have to factor in supply chain failure. If an energy crisis shuts down the trucking, rail, and boat industries, this could lead to empty stores fast. If the stores go empty, there will be little to spend your money on (whether it be currency, gold, silver, etc).

    If there is little in the stores to buy and very little energy, where will this lead in terms of daily life?

    * Hand-made goods?
    * Community based culture?
    * Debt jubilee?
    * hunting and farming locally?
    * Employment not required to live?
    * Food limited to what is in season?
    * Economies not based on global trade?
    * etc

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