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Page added on January 26, 2018

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Tanker With Russian Gas to Land in Boston Over the Weekend


The tanker carrying Russian natural gas that’s been sitting outside of Boston Harbor for days will probably land over the weekend, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Gaselys carries liquefied natural gas originally produced in Siberia, according to vessel tracking data. The ship, poised to dock at Engie SA’s Everett import terminal, would be the first LNG shipment from anywhere other than Trinidad and Tobago in about three years.

“It is expected to be in the port over the weekend,” Luke Pinneo, chief petty officer at the U.S. Coast Guard in Boston, said in a telephone interview.

The delay in bringing the ship into the harbor “is not unusual,’’ according to Pinneo. Inspections can take as long as three days, depending on the time line for getting a Coast Guard boat with a boarding team to it and the specific safety concerns being addressed, he said.

Guiding an LNG tanker in is a multi-agency effort with federally mandated protocols, Pinneo said.

Gaselys loaded its cargo at the Isle of Grain terminal near London, where another tanker had unloaded the Russian LNG. French energy giant Engie bought the cargo on the spot market in early January “due to the higher demand for LNG resulting from the extremely cold weather here in New England,” Carol Churchill, a spokeswoman at Engie’s Everett terminal said in an email Thursday afternoon. She said the Coast Guard has the final authority as to when the ship will dock at Everett.

A second tanker named Provalys will pick up Russian natural gas from Dunkirk, France, and may reach the U.S. on about Feb. 15, according to Kpler SAS, a cargo-tracking company. The tankers would arrive at a time when New England is paying a hefty premium for supplies as pipeline capacity limits flows of cheap shale gas from other parts of the country in the peak demand season.

Engie purchased that cargo from Dunkirk before the winter season began because “we anticipate LNG demand greater than what we had already scheduled from Trinidad” and scheduled it for the latter half of the winter, Churchill said. “At the time of purchase, we only knew that the cargo would be sourced from Northwestern Europe and that the LNG would be the proper quality for the New England market.”


7 Comments on "Tanker With Russian Gas to Land in Boston Over the Weekend"

  1. Shortend on Fri, 26th Jan 2018 10:04 pm 

    The ship, poised to dock at Engie SA’s Everett import terminal, would be the first LNG shipment from any

    I know exactly the location! Right on the Orange line near Sullivan Train Station

    Here is a promo on it for trucking running on NG!

    Across the water is a local park I spent many hours hitting practice golf shots!
    Also this building

    This legendary building at 529 Main Street in Charlestown was formerly the manufacturing site of the famous Schrafft’s Candy Factory. It was purchased and renovated by The Flatley Company in 1984. The building is considered a Boston landmark with its distinctive neon sign and beautiful water views. The 529 Main Street building is has recently been renovated and has a beautiful new entrance, lobby, waterfront and some landscaping upgrades

    Great places, real near highly densely populated areas…hope no mishaps happen with the liquid natural gas…nah…

  2. MASTERMIND on Fri, 26th Jan 2018 10:21 pm 

    Nobel Prize-winning Economist Robert Shiller, The stock market today is similar to the market in 1928

  3. Shortend on Fri, 26th Jan 2018 10:30 pm 

    MM, don’t sorry so much…its only paper or digital profits….a double click on the computer mouse and the FED will make it all better when the SHTF….really…sarcasm…
    After all they are rising interest rates!

  4. Mad Kat on Sat, 27th Jan 2018 5:44 am 

    Boat, I thought that the US was ‘energy independent’? And buying LNG from Russia? Desperation? lol

  5. TommyWantsHisMommy on Sat, 27th Jan 2018 3:57 pm 

    Hmmmm… So we are importing gas from Russia? I thought US gov had sanctions against them.

  6. wawa on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 12:43 am 

    It wasn’t the US who require to european nation to swift russian gaz by US shale gaz, even it’s more expensive?

    how jester US & european leader are!!!!!

  7. wawa on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 12:46 am 

    to shift, not to swift, sorry

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