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Page added on June 18, 2022

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Stagflationary Collapse Has Arrived


In my 16 years as an alternative economist and political writer I have spent around half that time warning that the ultimate outcome of the Federal Reserve’s stimulus model would be a stagflationary collapse. Not a deflationary collapse, or an inflationary collapse, but a stagflationary collapse. The reasons for this were very specific – Mass debt creation was being countered with MORE debt creation while many central banks have been simultaneously devaluing their currencies through QE measures. On top of that, the US is in the unique position of relying on the world reserve status of the dollar and that status is diminishing.

It was only a matter of time before the to forces of deflation and inflation met in the middle to create stagflation. In my article ‘Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Federal Control’, published in April of 2021, I stated that:

Production of fiat money is not the same as real production within the economy… Trillions of dollars in public works programs might create more jobs, but it will also inflate prices as the dollar goes into decline. So, unless wages are adjusted constantly according to price increases, people will have jobs, but still won’t be able to afford a comfortable standard of living. This leads to stagflation, in which prices continue to rise while wages and consumption stagnate.

Another Catch-22 to consider is that if inflation becomes rampant, the Federal Reserve may be compelled (or claim they are compelled) to raise interest rates significantly in a short span of time. This means an immediate slowdown in the flow of overnight loans to major banks, an immediate slowdown in loans to large and small businesses, an immediate crash in credit options for consumers, and an overall crash in consumer spending. You might recognize this as the recipe that created the 1981-1982 recession, the third-worst in the 20th century.

In other words, the choice is stagflation, or deflationary depression.”

It’s clear today what the Fed has chosen. It’s important to remember that throughout 2020 and 2021 the mainstream media, the central bank and most government officials were telling the public that inflation was “transitory.” Suddenly in the past few months this has changed and now even Janet Yellen has admitted that she was “wrong” on inflation. This is a misdirection, however, because the Fed knows exactly what it is doing and always has. Yellen denied reality, but she knew she was denying reality. In other words, she was not mistaken about the economic crisis, she lied about it.

As I outlined last December in my article ‘The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon, Not A Policy Error’:

‘First and foremost, no, the Fed is not motivated by profits, at least not primarily. The Fed is able to print wealth at will, they don’t care about profits – They care about power and centralization. Would they sacrifice “the golden goose” of US markets in order to gain more power and full bore globalism? Absolutely. Would central bankers sacrifice the dollar and blow up the Fed as an institution in order to force a global currency system on the masses? There is no doubt; they’ve put the US economy at risk in the past in order to get more centralization.’

The Fed has known for years that the current path would lead to inflation and then market destruction, and here’s the proof – Fed Chairman Jerome Powell actually warned about this exact outcome in October of 2012:

“I have concerns about more purchases. As others have pointed out, the dealer community is now assuming close to a $4 trillion balance sheet and purchases through the first quarter of 2014. I admit that is a much stronger reaction than I anticipated, and I am uncomfortable with it for a couple of reasons.First, the question, why stop at $4 trillion? The market in most cases will cheer us for doing more. It will never be enough for the market. Our models will always tell us that we are helping the economy, and I will probably always feel that those benefits are overestimated. And we will be able to tell ourselves that market function is not impaired and that inflation expectations are under control. What is to stop us, other than much faster economic growth, which it is probably not in our power to produce?

When it is time for us to sell, or even to stop buying, the response could be quite strong; there is every reason to expect a strong response. So there are a couple of ways to look at it. It is about $1.2 trillion in sales; you take 60 months, you get about $20 billion a month. That is a very doable thing, it sounds like, in a market where the norm by the middle of next year is $80 billion a month. Another way to look at it, though, is that it’s not so much the sale, the duration; it’s also unloading our short volatility position.”

As we all now know, the Fed waited until their balance sheet was far larger and until the economy was MUCH weaker than it was in 2012 to unleash tightening measures. They KNEW the whole time exactly what was going to happen.

It is no coincidence that the culmination of the Fed’s stimulus bonanza has arrived right after the incredible damage done to the economy and the global supply chain by the covid lockdowns. It is no coincidence that these two events work together to create the perfect stagflationary scenario. And, it’s no coincidence that the only people who benefit from these conditions are proponents of the “Great Reset” ideology at the World Economic Forum and other globalist institutions. This is an engineered collapse that has been in the works for many years.

The goal is to “reset” the world, to erase what’s left of free market systems, and to establish what they call the “Shared Economy” system. This system is one in which the people who survive the crash will be made utterly dependent on government through Universal Basic Income and one that will restrict all resource usage in the name of “carbon reduction.” According to the WEF, you will own nothing and you will like it.

The collapse is engineered to create crisis conditions so frightening that they expect the majority of the public to submit to a collectivist hive mind lifestyle with greatly reduced standards. This would be accomplished through UBI, digital currency models, carbon taxation, population reduction, rationing of all commodities and a social credit system. The goal, in other words, is complete control through technocratic authoritarianism.

All of this is dependent on the exploitation of crisis events to create fear in the population. Now that economic destabilization has arrived, what happens next? Here are my predictions…

The Fed Will Hike Interest Rates More Than Expected, But Not Enough To Stop Inflation

Today, we are witnessing the poisonous fruits of a decade-plus of massive fiat money creation and we are now at the stage where the Fed will reveal its true plan. Hiking interest rates fast, or hiking them slow. Fast hikes will mean an almost immediate crash in markets (beyond what we have already seen), slow hikes will mean a drawn out process of price inflation and general uncertainty.

I believe the Fed will hike more than expected, but not enough to actually slow inflation in necessities. There will be an overall decline in luxury items, recreation commerce and non-essentials, but most other goods will continue to climb in cost. It is to the advantage of globalists to keep the inflation train running for another year or longer.

In the end, though, the central bank WILL declare that the pace of interest rates is not enough to stop inflation and they will revert to a Volcker-like strategy, pushing rates up so high that the economy simply stops functioning altogether.

Markets Will Crash And Unemployment Will Abruptly Spike

Stock markets are utterly dependent on Fed stimulus and easy money through low interest rate loans – This is a fact. Without low rates and QE, corporations cannot engage in stock buybacks. Meaning, the tools for artificially inflating equities are disappearing. We are already seeing the effects of this now with markets dropping 20% or more.

The Fed will not capitulate. They will continue to hike regardless of the market reaction.

As far as jobs are concerned, Biden and many mainstream economists constantly applaud the low unemployment rate as proof that the American economy is “strong,” but this is an illusion. Covid stimulus measures temporarily created a dynamic in which businesses needed increased staff to deal with excess retail spending. Now, the covid checks have stopped and Americans have maxed out their credit cards. There is nothing left to keep the system afloat.

Businesses will start making large job cuts throughout the last half of 2022.

Price Controls

I have no doubt that Joe Biden and Democrats will seek to enforce price controls on many goods as inflation continues, and there will be a handful of Republicans that will support the tactic. Price controls actually lead to a reduction in supply because they remove all profits and thus all incentive for manufacturers to keep producing goods. What usually happens at that point is government steps in to nationalize manufacturing, but this will be substandard production and at a much lower yield.

In the end, supplies are reduced even further and prices go even higher on the black market because no one can get their hands on most goods anyway.


Yes, rationing at the manufacturing and distribution level is going to happen, so be sure to buy what you need now before it does. Rationing occurs in the wake of price controls or supply chain disruptions, and usually this coincides with a government propaganda campaign against “hoarders.”

They will hold up a few exaggerated examples of people who buy truckloads of merchandise to scalp prices on the black market. Then, not long after, they will accuse preppers and anyone who bought goods BEFORE the crisis of “hoarding” simply because they planned ahead.

Rationing is not only about controlling the supply of necessities and thus controlling the population by proxy; it is also about creating an atmosphere of blame and suspicion within the public and getting them to snitch on or attack anyone that is prepared. Prepared people represent a threat to the establishment, so expect to be demonized in the media and organize with other prepared people to protect yourself.

Be Ready, It Only Gets Worse From Here On

It might sound like I am predicting success of the Great Reset program, but I actually believe the globalists will fail in the end. That’s not going to stop them from making the attempt. Also, the above scenarios are only predictions for the near term (within the next couple of years). There will be many other problems that stem from these situations.

Naturally, food riots and other mob actions will become more commonplace, perhaps not this year, but by the end of 2023 they will definitely be a problem. This will coincide with the return of political unrest in the US as leftist factions, encouraged by globalist foundations, demand more government intervention in poverty. At the same time, conservatives will demand less government interference and less tyranny.

At bottom, the people who are prepared might be called a lot of mean names, but as long as we organize and work together, we will survive. Many unprepared people will NOT survive. Understand that the economic conditions ahead of us are historically destructive; there is no way that serious consequences can be avoided for a large part of the population, if only because they refuse to listen and to take proper steps to protect themselves.

The denial is over. The crash is here. Time to take action if you have not done so already.

67 Comments on "Stagflationary Collapse Has Arrived"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 10:52 am 

    Marxist Propaganda!

    “More than 330,000 people in the United States died during the pandemic because they were uninsured or underinsured. That grim statistic was reported this week by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health. In addition to that staggering, preventable death toll, in 2020 alone, our “fragmented and inefficient healthcare system,” cost the U.S. $459 billion more than if we had genuine, universal healthcare. The Yale team prescription to prepare for the next pandemic: Medicare for All.”

    We just need to free the capitalists from rules and regulation.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 12:04 pm 

    And what happens after collapse?

    We go to war!

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 1:59 pm

    Nice site. Deep thinker

    Favorite article/fantasy

    s The Pussification Of America’s Youth Scientifically Engineered?

    This is real important stuff. Fuck inflation – rocketing food, fuel & shelter is a teeny tiny concern compared to the big “pussification” issue.

    Pussification is a scientific term in case you troglodytes were wondering.

    Dey bigs on da scienc-N-stuff @


  4. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 3:47 pm 

    America for you:

    When the first openly gay US government spokesman and the first openly transsexual Department of Health and Human Services Secretary & Four Star Admiral meet at the White House during Pride month

    Freak show.

    Super power my foot.

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 4:09 pm 

    More proof that Hollywood (almost all US leftys) is the Empires BITCH.

    Op-Ed: Why does the Pentagon give a helping hand to films like ‘Top Gun’?

    “This includes a history of excising unsavory or controversial topics — or “showstoppers” as they’re often called in the documents — including depictions of war crimes, torture, security of the nuclear arsenal, veteran suicide, sexual assault and racism in the ranks. At the same time, these institutions have used their clout to promote weapons, gin up recruiting and normalize U.S. military action around the world.

    “We have also discovered dozens of instances where films, denied U.S. government assistance because of objectionable content, were ultimately never made. Jerry Bruckheimer, a top producer, said that “Top Gun” and 2001’s “Pearl Harbor” simply wouldn’t exist without military approval. Mace Neufeld, who produced virtually the entire Jack Ryan film franchise, also needed Pentagon and CIA support. Neufeld has acknowledged that Paramount Pictures would greenlight the first film in the series, 1990’s “The Hunt for Red October,” only if it secured Defense Department approval first. It was even in the contract. One can imagine the chilling effect this has on screenwriters.”

    Many big Hollywood writers & actors are British, Australian, New Zealanders and Canadians. IOW allied 5 eyes nations.

    Speaking of eyes see how liberals will turn a blind eye to every injustice they profess to be against as long as they get to make or be in a blockbuster movie?

    Humans are lying deceivers by nature. They start early and go until death, but none are as full of shit as the political believers who will tell or endorse any lie or lair for the party. “Look at me, I loudly support my party (how many social points is that).
    Actors are great liars.

    I lie all the time. I often pretend to be different people when I’m in public & complexly make up stories which I tell to grocery clerks or anyone helping me

    Toddlers start lying as early as age 2

    Sneaky babies learn to lie before they learn to talk

    In the human world, by and large, the better liars tend to be the most successful people.

    Did y’all know I’m a billionaire with a fat 11 inch cock, an IQ of 155 and I can bench press 499lbs? Tis true, tis true.

  6. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 4:59 pm 

    Poor clog. It’s quite telling how you and your conservative crew get so easily triggered & obsessed with what you believe is a threat.

    How much sleep would you estimate you have lost once you learned gays and trans people exist?

    On a scale of 1 to 100 how much different does a person need to be from y’all factory formed conservatives before you start shitting your pants in terror?

    1%? 5%? 10%?

    It’ll be tough for you clog if you ever come to America, being atheist and all. They will fucking kill you for that if they can get away with it.

    They hate-N-fear fags & trans, you hate-N-fear fags & trans.

    They hate-N-fear atheists, Jews & all non Christians, you..are fucking dead if you show up. Unless you can fake it. I obviously know you have much practice lying, it’s just that you are not that good at it.

    If you want to get better at lying, pretend to be a hardcore progressive for 5-6 months.

    In America thousands of sports teams are proudly name the Spartans.

    They were mighty warriors indeed. They also used to suck each others dicks and then stick those dicks up each others bum pipes.

    They were mighty half faggots indeed.


    “biographical information on the pederastic love affairs as boys and men of Spartan kings can also be found in Xenophon’s life of Agesilaos II and Plutarch’s lives of Agesilaos II and Kleomenes III. Ovid’s Metamorphoses includes the story of the mythological Spartan boy, Hyakinthos, loved by the god Apollo, of interest for historical Spartan behaviour only in that the second most important Spartan festival, the Hyakinthia, was held in his honour. There are also two brief references to the prevalence of pederasty in both Sparta and Crete and the responsibility of gymnasia in giving rise to it in Plato’s Laws (636b-c and 836b-d).”

  7. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 5:48 pm 

    Biden’s, Never in my 78 years have I ever seen such a collection of narcissistic, arrogant, stupid people trying to run the Western world.

    Most of them should be in prison, a mental hospital, or retirement home. An 82 year old bitch running Congress and making million$ destroying the US. A senile old man president, obviously on the grift*. A VP that seems to have never gotten beyond the 3rd grade and is an embarrassment to Amerika. And I won’t even begin to detail the EU clowns. Sigh!

    *to obtain (money or property) illicitly (as in a confidence game)

  8. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 7:14 pm 

    Looks like Cloggie is going to go into withdrawal. You can be sure much more got thru and is on the street.

    “Belgium saw the greatest amount of cocaine seized in 2020 of the reported countries, with 70.25 tonnes being brought in. The NETHERLANDS came next in line, with 48.89 tonnes being obtained, ahead of Spain with 36.9 tonnes.”

    Welcome to Amerika, EU.

  9. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 7:59 pm 

    “one barrel of oil does the equivalent work of 4.5 years of human labour.”

    Global peak was in Nov of 2018.

  10. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 8:25 pm 

    Yep! Oil has been way under priced for 100+ years. Now we will pay the price of the waste.

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 12:23 am 

    In your 16 years of having your head up your ass and now just pulling it out you are now faced with the limits to Growth and catastrophic runaway climate change.
    What will you do? Keep trying to sell as much junk drop shipping survival gear as you can so you will have a big fat portfolio when the consequences of Overshoot (includes climate change) squashes you like a bug, dead, 40 years earlier than you had planned/hoped?

    Record-setting heat wave expands east; over 100 million under alerts

    Highs approaching triple digits will sprawl from Denver to Charleston, S.C., through midweek, while dangerous storms may form along northern edge of heat

    Records set so far

    As the heat spread over the zone from Texas to California’s Central Valley late last week into the weekend, it set a slew of records.

    Phoenix nabbed a trio of daily high-temperature records in a row — 113 degrees on Friday, 114 on Saturday and 112 on Sunday. The average high there this time of year is about 105 degrees.

    On Friday, the morning low in Phoenix didn’t dip below 87 degrees, meaning that, when factored in with the afternoon high of 113, the day’s average temperature was 100 degrees. That’s the earliest triple-digit daily average temperature on record in Phoenix.

    Las Vegas hit 109 on Friday and Saturday, tying or breaking records, and Salt Lake City made it to 102 on Saturday and 103 on Sunday. Those also broke records.

    Denver soared to 100 on Saturday, a tie for its earliest instance of a record touching the century mark.

    In Texas, sweltering days and sultry nights set dozens of records. Dallas saw a morning low of 80 degrees on Sunday, a record-warm minimum temperature. Elevated overnight temperatures often play an even greater role than daytime highs in amplifying heat stress on the body and contributing to heat-related illnesses and fatalities in vulnerable populations. Dallas then hit a record high of 103 degrees Sunday afternoon.

    Abilene, Tex., saw three daily records in a row — 102 degrees on Friday, 108 on Saturday and 109 by Sunday. San Antonio also tied or broke records those days, at 101, 104 and 105 degrees, respectively, as did Austin, at 101 on Thursday, 103 on Friday, 104 on Saturday and 105 by Sunday.

    In Houston and Galveston, Tex., the heat has been overlapping with oppressive humidity, contributing to heat indexes in the 105-to-110-degree range.

    It could be worse, however — southeast Oklahoma saw heat index values in the incredible 120-degree range Saturday. They were due to air temperatures around 105 combined with dew points, a measure of humidity, in the upper 70s to near 80.

    Obviously this is all being pulled off by Claus Schwab and a few other old fucks he shuffles around with who rented Jew space lazers which they fired at the lower 48 all day to make it appear as if global warming is smashing high temperature records all to shit. I mean everybody smart people folks alternate economits know an ice age is around the corner….right?

    To bad for you and yours that reality will wake you from your fantasy and rub you & yours out like bugs on the windshield. When there used to be bugs to splat. Not much any more because the chimp mega cancer has extincted them directly or indirectly by extincting a bunch of other creatures that were their food source. Same as humans are doing. I don’t think any creature on this planet relies on such a huge variety of other species for it’s survival as humans do. There’s microscopic critters who inadvertently clean water for us. They teach this science, ecology, in elementary school where I live.

    They don’t teach that in econ 101 even though it’s almost magical how so many creatures do loads for us unknowingly. Economists call them externalities. Extinct enough of them, which we are well on our way to doing, and humans will be externalities.

  12. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 1:46 am 

    “Prepare to fight and beat Russia in a Third World War, Britain’s top general warns: New UK Army commander tells troops to brace for European land war in tub-thumping message as tyrant Putin menaces ex-Soviet states”

    The jews and their anglos are crossing the Rubicon in a last desperate attempt to remain relevant and somehow rule the world. In reality, they are going to meet their final Waterloo.

    In the entire article, not a peep about China, North-Korea and China. Apparently they are not invited to the WW3-party, which won’t stop them from showing up anyway.

    These perky anglos, who have lost all wars since WW2 (which they “won” by hardly participating), now think they are ready for prime time.

    Btw, the British have an army of 80k or so.

    It is very interesting to read the readers comments of this “right-wing” Brexiteer jewspaper: nobody has any stomach to fight the war this idiot general envisions. Which is already a good indicator of who is going to win this war.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 3:02 am 

    “Belgium saw the greatest amount of cocaine seized in 2020 of the reported countries, with 70.25 tonnes being brought in. The NETHERLANDS came next in line, with 48.89 tonnes being obtained, ahead of Spain with 36.9 tonnes.”

    Yawn, the reason why that is, is that Rotterdam is the largest harbor in the entire Atlantic world (EU+US). Everything passes through that place. No wonder, drugs get seized there most.

    Seizing and consuming are two entirely different things:

    Drug-related death rate country ranking:

    USA 21
    Canada 9
    Australia 7
    Russia 5
    UK 4
    Belgium 2
    Germany 2
    France 2
    China 1
    Holland 1
    Israel 0.7

    Should give you a clear indication where the psychologically most hardy people live and where the depressed pussies. The highest quality whites still live in the EU, not Anglosphere, that is the bottom of the white barrel. No wonder the kikes got the upperhand there. Should also show you who is going to win the upcoming WW3.

  14. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 3:53 am 

    Thousands of Cattle Die as Brutal Heat Takes Its Toll

    “Thousands of cattle died amid sweltering temperatures in Kansas, the deaths of two people in Wisconsin are thought to be heat-related, a man who ran out of gas in Death Valley perished and hundreds of thousands of people across the Upper Midwest lost power as a scorching heat wave sweeps across the country.

    The Kansas Department of Health recorded at least 2,000 dead cattle in recent days, based on the number of calls for help in disposing of carcasses, Reuters reported.

    Temperatures near or above 100 degrees across much of Kansas, particularly in the western part of the state, resulted in extreme stress levels for livestock, according to Kansas State University, which tracks daily temperatures and their potential impact on animals.”

    It’s so hot the richest and most technologically advanced country in the world cannot prevent their livestock from dying in a heatwave just like permanently impoverished African cattle herders who have no electricity, constantly breaking down vehicles, if any, and live on very marginal land for raising cattle and feed stock.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that climate consequences are outmatching the exceptional ones. Look at the video, it’s not a ma & pop operation – it’s a huge corporate industrial operation and they did not save the cattle.

    In the video they mention that the overnight heat was really high. This did not give the cows the chance to cool down which is most likely why they perished. These overnight high temperatures can also be deadly for crops and humans.

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 1:34 pm 

    Hey 16 year alternate economist conspiracy tard, like many others your site is riddled with claims that any and all Covid vaxx was going to result in billions of deaths for the poor dupes who got vaxxed…

    It never happened fuck head so where is your apology and admission that you were wrong wrong wrong?

    Down the bottomless memory hole with the other 90 million failed conspiracy predictions.

    But that won’t stop you right? You’ll keep pushing out fake threats from fake conspiracies.

    You are a liar, scammer & a woman.

  16. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 1:59 pm 

    To understand how vulnerable the Mississippi River system is to climate change…

    America’s Achilles’ Heel: the Mississippi River’s Old River Control Structure

    “America has an Achilles’ heel. It lies on a quiet, unpopulated stretch of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, 45 miles upstream from Baton Rouge. Rising up from the flat, wooded west flood plain of the Mississippi River are four massive concrete and steel structures that would make a pharaoh envious: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ greatest work, the two billion-dollar Old River Control Structure (ORCS). The ORCS saw its second highest flood on record in March 2019, and flood levels have risen again this week to their fifth highest level on record. While the structure is built to handle the unusual stress this year’s floods have subjected it to, there is reason for concern for its long-term survival, since failure of the Old RIver Control Structure would be a catastrophe with global impact.

    This first part of a 3-part series will study the history and importance of this critical structure, and how it almost failed in 1973. Part II, scheduled to run on Monday, is titled, Escalating Flood Heights Puts Mississippi River’s Old River Control Structure at Increasing Threat of Failure. Part III is titled, If the Old River Control Structure Fails: A Catastrophe With Global Impact, and will run later next week.
    Mississippi River”

    Scarier than any of your bunk grand conspiracies.

  17. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 3:07 pm 

    clog a handful of dead junkies means nothing to me and does not impact my privileged white life.

    Chart and table of Canada life expectancy from 1950 to 2022. United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100.

    The current life expectancy for Canada in 2022 is 82.81 years, a 0.18% increase from 2021.

    Netherlands 82.64 years United States 79.05 years Russia 72.84 years.

    Below is a report from Trump’s alma mater.

    Canada is the No. 1 Country in the World, According to the 2021 Best Countries Report

    Vancouver ranked one of the world’s best cities in 2021

    I know a few Dutch cities are up there too.

    You know what would be both a blessing and a mercy for millions? If Narcan was not available due to supply chain problems or manufacturing issues.

    clog that site does not count alcohol as a drug which it is. A powerful & toxic drug in liquid form and a HUGE drain & burden on society.

    They have alcohol by itself in the drop down.

    Russia 15.02 #3
    United States 3.50 #28
    Canada 2.76 #44
    Netherlands2.12 #56

    Russia 12.88 #52
    United States 1.37 #113
    Canada 0.33 #131
    Netherlands 0.14 #153

    Smoking is another big killer & cancer+ giver and a burden on any society. Russia has the most smokers in Euro lands.

    There’s more for quality of life, like plenty of well stocked libraries, bike lanes, etc etc.

    The dying addicts are a tragedy, but they are less of a burden than drunks…crashing cars, fighting in public & bleeding all over. Wife & kid beaters. Once a drug addict becomes hard core they lose everything. Functional Alcoholics are the worst because they fuck things up but do it their entire lives.

    Thing to remember when you are judging is until recently it was only white people who overdosed on fossil fuels and trashed the place beyond repair. If China & India stayed in primitive poverty, we whites would have kept going and burned up what they did not – big whoop our dopamine party would have lasted 1 or 2 more generations before we exterminated ourselves.

  18. makati1 on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 4:50 pm 

    Biden’s, you will note that 8 of the 11 worst drug countries are Western? And deaths are only a very small percent of users.

  19. makati1 on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 4:57 pm 

    famous, I think that the life expectancy of the Western countries are going to continue to decline. The “side-effects” from the GMO JAB+++ is going to become very obvious and the new flu season is only a few months away. Not to mention more drug deaths as the Western economies collapse and go into Great Depression Two.

  20. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 19th Jun 2022 7:33 pm 

    “Seek truth from facts”

  21. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 20th Jun 2022 6:43 am 

    “a handful of dead junkies means nothing to me”

    I know, you only care about your own kosher tribe.

    Talking about those…

    “Chinese media mount huge campaign against Zelensky”

    One thing is certain, the kikes have zero hold over 1.35 billion Chinese, that’s a reassuring thought for us Europeans, as in the East lies the opportunity to escape from the US. And 140 million Russians escaped from said grip after 1945, thanks to Stalin, who killed Trotzky’s “jewish communism” and replaced it with his own National Bolshevism:

    The Chinese elite knows exactly who runs the US:

    “The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?”

    Yeah, that’s a good thing, at least they know who to hit.

    Unlike China or Russia or even Europe, the US is at a breaking point, 50-50 polarized between Yanks vs libtards (those with pink hair) and coloreds. All it takes is a well-placed blow at a suitable point, as every jewish Amsterdam diamond cutter knows; not a hard blow, just a soft blow at the proper spot.

    Now how can we goad the US into war…?

  22. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 21st Jun 2022 10:20 am 

    It’s Simple: Raise the age for Gun Ownership to 100

  23. Hello on Tue, 21st Jun 2022 1:39 pm 

    So the left pro-immigrant pro-raghead won big in France. Europeans are really beyond help. The only consolidation is that they fucking get what they deserve. Bending over to a 3rd world invasion. How pathetic. Europeans are simply a too goddamn stupid species to continue. They should simply rollover and hand the key of the nation to niggers and raghead. Why even bother anymore.

  24. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 21st Jun 2022 4:03 pm 

    Poor clog must believe every pro jew statement can only come from a jew or else his fantasy of billions of jew haters goes POOF!. Another delusion of a fool old man.Y’all are loud but an easily slaughtered minority.

    I’ve told you before, if you were standing in front of me you would think that guy is an (aging)Aryan poster boy – blue eyes & blond hair, head to toe. You would probably offer to suck my dick thinking I was a Nazi stud. Sorry, Swedish blood, not Germans who are fucking losers 2 times last century. Ass whooped by my country of birth.

    See clog, I’m not a Jew, but I do admire them some, but more importantly I respect them. Only losers & dead fools refuse to respect any competition.

    While you & all the other Jew haters were wasting most of your lives bitching and moaning about Jews, the Jews rolled up their sleeves and went from aI love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great.. massive near genocidal defeat to owning the world and loser slaves like you.

    Look where they are clog dancer. Now look where you are. Hiding on line crying your little loser eyes out day after day year after year, decade after decade. Nice life loser.

    The Jews smoked your ass bitch.

    To the jews you are a cunt. A cunt they fuck at will.

    You are a powerless little pissant who is scared shitless.

    No I’m no jew, but oh how I love jews. Jews are #1…I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..

    I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..

    And so does clog. clog is a Jew fuck toy.

    clog loves jews and so does the world. Jews haters will be genocided…with the space lazer and your children will be enslaved serving all jew needs 24/7.

  25. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 21st Jun 2022 4:11 pm 

    clog you are so mighty. Please don’t hurt me by hitting me with another link to Wikipedia…the most trustworthy source on earth.

    You just can’t cite it in academics k to 12 and university.

    I love Jews…JEWS ARE #1..I LOVE JEWS!! Jews are great..

    clog loves jews sucks their cocks. clog hates jews because he fell in love with a jew boy when he was young. Jew boy fucked clog half to death and beat him like a rented mule — broke clogs widdle heart it did.

    clog wants revenge but he is so confused because part of him still misses & loves his jew boy lover —strange that is but not uncommon.

  26. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 1:23 am 

    “Sorry, Swedish blood”

    Liar. You admitted that you had your roots in Ukraine, Khazar central.

    Jews came out of nowhere, actually the Shtetls of Ukraine, and they will disappear into nothingness. Just like these two other Mid-Eurasian menaces, the Huns and Mongols, who terrorized Europe for a century and then vanished.

  27. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 6:14 am 

    “Russian troops destroyed 15 American M-777 howitzers in one day”

    The US ships them to Ukraine, which puts them in a field, so the Russian can throw a bomb on it. Repeat cycle.

    Here, the musings of a pessimistic US jew:

    “We have lost the trade war with China through a combination of incompetence and narcissistic self-delusion. Not only have we lost the trade war; we are losing the race to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution…”

    “The brilliant Caroline Glick interviewed on The Middle East News Hour. Subject: Our policy disaster in Ukraine.”

    “Foxconn wanted to open a plant in Wisconsin but couldn’t find the people–not assembly line workers, quality control personnel nor mechanical engineers. Meanwhile robotics have reduced labor at Foxconn China by 80% and raised quality. Apple is locked in.”

    That’s because Wisconsin is a Third World country now, without qualified personnel. Got it? And it is all your fault.

    “”US annual artillery production would at best only last for 10 days to two weeks of combat in Ukraine.” Report by UK defense think tank.”

    Jews are smart: they know when their time is up.

  28. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 9:01 am 


    “Texas GOP wants to vote on whether to secede from US”

    Poor jews, their turf is breaking apart from under their kosher butts.

  29. SomeReminder on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 9:26 am 

    Personally I would kill all of you and go back home. The Lord GOD insisted that we torture you all to death. I do what he asks for.


    I guess the Lord GOD also hate the brown shit skin people.

    I just want to say that so far I send these notification of death by bloody deadly facial skin cancer to the following




    4- All the Jewish people. Natalli Bennett is responsible to inform them of the death sentence by facial skin cancer.

    5- Goldman Sachs

    6- Vatican Pope, bishops, cardinals, priests

    7- British Royal Familly

    8- BlackRock

    9- Finish gouverment

    10-Melanie Joly

    11- Jefferies

    This judgement is final and will be carried by GOD himself.

    See what someone dying of facial skin cancer look like: Fauci dying of facial skin cancer

    Prince charles suffering of deadly facial skin cancer 1:02

  30. ItkisGoingDownDown on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 1:32 pm 

    This shit show called planet earth or Babylon is going down, down, down….

  31. WomenKidsAreCreationFailure on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 1:47 pm 

    Women, kids, sex, sexual, reproduction, cold, hot, even sound will never be put in another creation. Women and kids are total creation failure, they will never be created again.

  32. NewDemographicCompostion on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 1:54 pm 

    Whites people are demographically extinct. I have ordered a new racial composition of politicians in White western nation. 10% white the rest 90% brown shit skin races. Slowly you will see the White politician disappears and replaced with brown shit skin :Asian, Black, Latino, Arabs,

  33. YouAreGoingToGetit on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 2:02 pm 

    I will give to this Indian cock sucker from India what he wants. A Canada full of brown people, very soon 90% of your politcians in White Western nation will be of brown shit skin color: Asian, Black, Latino, Arabs, Indian, Pakistanis,

  34. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 9:14 pm 

    “I will give to this Indian cock sucker from India what he wants. A Canada full of brown people, very soon 90% of your politcians in White Western nation will be of brown shit skin color: Asian, Black, Latino, Arabs, Indian, Pakistanis,“

    There is absolutely nothing lost with Canada, the real white Lebensraum is between Atlantik and Vladivostok. But for that to be established, anglos need to go, preferably with the waves of the Pacific Ocean closing above their kosher thinking globalist heads. A Russian Satan missile over London and New York would be a nice to have too. You need to go extinct for what you have done for your masters against the white race. Russia is currently the last hope, anglos merely a pestillence.

    The kikes no that their anglos aren’t going to deliver:

    Goldman calls himself Spengler for a reason.

    Luttwak, the pusher for the lost Iraq war, is another kosher pessimist:

    I love these end-time jews, exposing their minds for Russian and Chinese secret services.

  35. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 9:39 pm 

    Chilean American making fun of Israelis and Americans:

  36. FuckYouAll on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 10:16 pm 

    The instructions I have receive is to destroy earth or Babylon completely. Nobody will move to a new reality except of few selected Whites Nordic man.

    Earth is about to be completely destroyed and everyone living on it killed.

    My instructions is we are not saving earth.

  37. EverythingIsSetUp on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 10:19 pm 

    The way I setup things on earth, everyone will die except a few selected Whites Nordic man.

  38. AssuredTotalDestruction on Wed, 22nd Jun 2022 10:42 pm 

    There is two persons that I know of that are working toward the total destruction of Babylon or earth: The Lord GOD and I.

    I do my own things, he does it is own.

  39. Sissyfuss on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 9:07 am 

    It’s reassuring to know that the vitriol and enmity on good old Peak continues unabated. Between Cloggo’s manifest destiny and Dr Scanlon’s irrefutable scientific outlays the Yin and Yang of this site stands immutable. Continuity, such a rare entity in our ever expanding Universe.

  40. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 10:21 am 

    The American population: leaderless, political orphans:

    Ann Coulter:

    As much as I’m enjoying the January 6th committee’s careful assembly of evidence proving former President Trump is a douchebag, I wasn’t seeing much in the way of a criminal offense until this week’s underreported story about how Trump used his “STOP THE STEAL” fundraising appeals to grift his supporters out of $250 million, none of which was, in fact, used to fight election fraud. It didn’t even go to the poor saps who got themselves arrested at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Instead, the $250 million seems to have been funneled exclusively to Trump businesses, family and friends.

  41. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 10:31 am 

    China sets records spinning around in it’s vicious circle.

    China power demand sets new records as heatwaves bake northern cities

    “While the provincial grid was able to cope with the heavy demand, electricity supply in Henan is expected to be relatively difficult this summer, according to the report, with the maximum load seen rising further to nearly 75 million kilowatts.

    As temperatures climb, demand for power rises as homes and businesses crank up air conditioning, peaking typically around the end of July and beginning of August in China.

    Temperatures in Henan’s capital Zhengzhou, where major Taiwanese Apple supplier Foxconn (2317.TW) has a production hub, have reached 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in recent days.

    In contrast to the heaviest rainfall in 60 years in southern China, Henan and nearby Shandong and parts of Hebei have battled with scorching heatwaves and drought-like conditions this month. read more”

  42. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 10:45 am 

    South China provinces raise alerts over historic flooding

    “Economic losses reached 470 million yuan ($70.21 million), with 43,300 hectares of crops destroyed, Xinhua reported.

    The summer rainy season brings floods to China almost every year but environmental groups say climate change can bring heavier and more frequent downpours.

    There is also the risk that the effect of the disruption floods bring in China can be felt further afield as Chinese goods become more important in global supply chains.”

    There’s a growing faction in China called the “Gook Denier Club” and they claim that the shit ton of ever worsening record smashing limate change consequences are in fact caused by MAGA operatives using a Jew Space Lazer in a bid to destroy Chinese manufacturing & Chinese libtards.

    MAGA rents the space lazer from the Jews.

    Apparently, some of the brightest minds within MAGA were trying to build their own space lazer, but could not find duct tape or bailing wire at any hardware stores (supply chain issues) within the lower 48.

  43. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 10:55 am 

    Dams, Taps Running Dry in Northern Mexico Amid Historic Water Shortages

    “More than half of Mexico is currently facing moderate to severe drought conditions, according to the federal water commission CONAGUA, amid extreme heat that scientists blame on climate change.

    In the sprawling metropolitan area of Monterrey, home to some 5.3 million people, the drought and years of below-average rainfall have led to citywide water shortages.

    “We’re in an extreme climate crisis,” Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Garcia said at a news conference last week. “Today, we’re all living it and suffering.”

    The city in June began limiting water access to six hours a day, forcing schools to adjust class schedules and sparking panic buying of bottled water that emptied supermarket shelves.

    Protests and public anger are also growing against soda and beer companies whose federal concessions have allowed them to continue to extract water even as residents go without.”

    No worries amigos, just head north to the USA – they have trainloads of cold bottled water waiting for you at the border.

    Hurry! Hurry!

  44. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 1:15 pm 

    Primitive unimaginative euro-tard Dutch cry babies.

    Thousands of Dutch farmers block roads in protest against emissions targets

    “Thousands of farmers gathered in the central Netherlands on Wednesday to protest the Dutch government’s plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia.

    They drove their tractors across the country, blocking traffic on major highways in their wake.”

    Since when is growing stupid flowers considered farming?

    Flowers are the dead weight of the agriculture sector.

  45. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 1:26 pm 

    Spain devastated by wildfires amid record-breaking heat wave

    “What we’re witnessing today is unfortunately a foretaste of the future,” Clare Nullis, a spokeswoman for the World Meteorological Organization, told the Independent over the weekend as she warned that early heat waves were being propelled by climate change.”

    Burn retards burn!

  46. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 1:31 pm 

    Italian regions to declare state of calamity over drought

    The water crisis on Italy’s largest river, the Po river, marks a “red-light” state of alert. The emergency concerns non-drinking water from lakes and rivers used for agriculture.

    There is a real risk that the drought will have significant economic effects, preventing the irrigation of fields, threatening 50% of agricultural output in the North of Italy and over 30% of estimated national production.

    HEATWAVE: 16 Italian cities on alert with peaks of 43C

    Italy’s health authorities have issued red or amber alerts for 16 cities on Tuesday as the nation braces for one of the hottest, longest June heatwaves on record.

  47. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 3:51 pm 

    Primitive unimaginative euro-tard Dutch cry babies.

    Thousands of Dutch farmers block roads in protest against emissions targets

    “Thousands of farmers gathered in the central Netherlands on Wednesday to protest the Dutch government’s plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia.

    They drove their tractors across the country, blocking traffic on major highways in their wake.”

    Nothing to do with “cry babies”. Netherlands: 55k farmers, average balance sheet: 3.5 million euro, millionaires, all of them. Their problem: too successful. They have too much pigs and cows and they produce way too much SHIT and PISS. That’s the problem. But what did you expect from a dot shaped country, with 200 x less land and 20 times less people than the US and yet achieve to be the SECOND largest agricultural exporter in the world, only behind the US and only a small part of that is flowers. Meat and dairy production is the problem.

    (2nd largest country in the world Canada is #8, what’s wrong with these people? Too much siestas, I guess)

    The government now wants to disown a number of cattle and pig farmers and put them out of business, that is what it is all about. And the government wants the land back. 69% of the country is in use by these farmers


    That should end. The government wants the land to build new cities and make space for more nature.

  48. makati1 on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 4:35 pm 

    Western collapse is ongoing. All Putin and Xi have to do is wait. The western countries and their wannabees (Japan and S. Korea) are all committing economic and financial suicide. Likely outcome? WW3.

  49. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 6:56 pm 

    “My opinion is we are going to see the largest unwinding of debt ever by a long shot.”

    We shall see—-

  50. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Jun 2022 8:12 pm 

    poor clog is sooooo sensitive about the Dutch farm-flower power convoy. It’s called being triggered clogett.

    It’s lucky for you your mouth is so pretty otherwise I wouldn’t put up with your incessant womanly scheming & plotting.

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