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Page added on August 30, 2022

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Shell CEO Warns Energy Crisis May Last More Than One Winter

Shell CEO Warns Energy Crisis May Last More Than One Winter thumbnail

European oil major Shell Plc cautioned that Europe may have to brace for a string of winters with exorbitant power bills and electricity rationing as Russia squeezes gas supplies.

“It may well be that we have a number of winters where we have to somehow find solutions through efficiency savings, through rationing and as a very, very quick build out of alternatives,” Chief Executive Officer Ben Van Beurden told reporters at a conference in Stavanger, Norway. “That this is going to be somehow easy or over, I think is a fantasy we should put aside — we should confront the reality.”

Europe is facing an energy crisis as Russia curbs gas flows following its invasion of Ukraine. That’s fueling a sixfold increase in prices from a year ago. While German gas stores are filling up faster than expected, the country risks not being able to go through the winter if Moscow halts flows to the region’s largest economy.

The European Union said it’s planning urgent steps to push down soaring power prices that are laying bare the limitations of the current electricity market design. Governments across the region have already set aside some 280 billion euros ($278 billion) in relief packages.

Last month, Shell’s CEO said energy markets are likely to remain tight, with supply to be constrained and prices volatile “not only for the remainder of this year but well into next year.”


23 Comments on "Shell CEO Warns Energy Crisis May Last More Than One Winter"

  1. Dredd on Tue, 30th Aug 2022 2:31 pm 

    Don’t big bother me (Big Brother Is A Republican – 2).

  2. nonius on Tue, 30th Aug 2022 3:49 pm 

    1/x + 1/y = ?

  3. makati1 on Tue, 30th Aug 2022 5:01 pm 

    When you declare war on your supplier (Russia), what do you expect? There is a perfectly good, new pipeline, never opened because of Western arrogance and insanity.

    And, YES, the EU declared war on Russia when they took over the Ukraine in 2014. Maybe I should say, the US declared war and the stupid US ass kissing Europeans are going to pay for it. And pay. And pay… That is the 2nd goal of the DC masters. The destruction of the EU economy and the EU now as an Amerikan colony. No? Think! The US is trying to eliminate competition for weapon sales, etc. This is the last gasp of a dying Amerikan empire. Nothing is off the table. Remember Victoria Nuland’s “Fuck the EU!”? THAT expresses the view of your masters.

    Russia doesn’t care. There are 7 billion other customers for their exports, lined up and waiting outside the West.

  4. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 30th Aug 2022 5:43 pm 


    How can our wingpawn friends take this loser seriously?

    The Fat Boy is a sick psychopath, and that is an insult too psychopaths.

    Even a Shell money freak can agree—

  5. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 30th Aug 2022 5:52 pm 

    Take a look, but don’t be eating anything

  6. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 12:05 am 

    The EU faces total economic collapse. The population won’t accept this and will revolt, this is our 1989-moment.

    Soon the US will have three enemies to deal with: Eussia, China and the EU.

    Meanwhile the US is teetering on the verge of civil war:

    The West is so thoroughly over!

  7. Hello on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 7:34 am 

    >>> EU faces total economic collapse

    Unfortunately not. All the EU has to do is put on a warm sweater for winter and be done with it. The 3rd world on the other hand faces hardship of expensive energy/food/water. What good opportunity for the 3rd world to move to europe. And what a good opportunity for the europeans to once again show the world how stupid they are by importing millions of them.

    Stupid europeans. Importing sludge. It only took 30 years to turn beautiful Switzerland into nigger/rag head shit hole. Good job!!

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 11:43 am 

    clog this is what the Americans think of euro-tard soldiers.

    Three Dutch commandos wounded in shooting outside US hotel

    Dutch men were in Indiana for training; at least one in critical condition after what police say appeared to be an altercation

    The shooting occurred about 3.30am in Indianapolis’ entertainment district. Police said officers found three men with gunshot wounds and they were taken to hospitals in the area.

    ‘..3.30am in Indianapolis’ entertainment district.’

    Drunk & chasing whores.

  9. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 12:25 pm 

    Hello, who wrote the legislation to let them in your country? White men in suits.

    Why? To drive down the cost of labour. Who gains? a tiny group of white oligarchs.

    Same as in Canada, UK, USA and most majority white nations.

    If my neighbor is sloppy with his garbage cans it attracts bears, raccoons & rats.

    It is messy, often the bear must be put down (once he gets a taste). Takes months getting back to normal.

    I get angry, not with bears, raccoons & rats. With my lazy, stupid, selfish white man cunt neighbor.

    You, clog & others always blame the consequence of greedy behaviour as the cause.

    If you are being honest Hello the architects of most of what you despise are white men. Impoverished 3rd worlders don’t pass legislation allowing themselves & family a free pass to immigrate to wealthy countries.

    It’s your politicians, on behalf of oligarchs & super wealthy blue blood families, who make the law. They broke the social contract decades ago. I don’t care if they are blue eyed whites like me, I would not allow scum bag liars in my tribe or join one full of them.

    I’ll wager that you will see a day when a majority of whites demand a halt to immigration in most white majority nations…..when the fear comes it’s a whole new world.

  10. Hello on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 12:54 pm 

    >>>> If you are being honest Hello the architects of most of what you despise are white men. Impoverished 3rd worlders don’t pass legislation allowing themselves & family a free pass to immigrate to wealthy countries.

    Yes. What is your point? A million times on this forum I stated the stupidity of europeans as the reason. Clog blames the jews. I blame the amazing stupidity of europeans to destroy their own home. I mean, honestly Famous. How stupid must you be to import hordes and hordes of 3rd world into your home?

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 2:33 pm 

    Yes Hello, I do indeed recall that you have stated a great many times that its the stupidity of Europeans as the reason for too many immigrants. I was trying to be precise.

    The great British historian, after years of research, came to the same conclusion.

    “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” – Arnold J Toynbee

    Here’s a good-un from Tom Lewis.

    Brace for Impact

    “It is extremely uncomfortable being a citizen of an empire that is circling the drain of history.”

    The signs of necrosis proliferate. One of the dead giveaways, so to speak, is the fact that our public squares are infested with lunatics. They rant and cavort in ways that just a few years ago would have earned them a 70-day involuntary admission for evaluation in the nearest psycho ward. Today, it gets them TV shows and high offices.

    But the clown show is not the worst. There is another kind of madness afoot, a suicidal, homicidal lunacy involving spraying schools, churches, stores, concerts and random street corners with high-velocity bullets from assault-style semiautomatic weapons. The fact that the government at every level stands flatfooted and helpless before this brutal threat to innocent, vulnerable citizens is testament to the onset of rigor mortis.

    Like all empires, ours has impoverished itself in the pursuit of world military domination. The Congress that terminated support for school lunches on the grounds that it was too expensive, lavishes on the military an amount of money that is another form of insanity. Last year the War Department (sometimes mistakenly referred to as the defense department, which of course is satire) was authorized — without debate — to spend $800 billion dollars. That is more than the combined total spent by the next nine biggest military spenders on the planet.

    With this money the military builds hideously expensive weapons that don’t work very well and deploys special forces to as many as 135 countries (can you say “Imperial Storm Troopers?”) They are not there to defend the empire, but to impose its will. They are not there to uphold democracy, but to make sure it does not get out of hand.

    When I said the empire has impoverished itself, I did not mean that it is short of money. It continues to enrich the oligarchs, the deal-makers, the money-changers and the like as usual. But the poor, who have not seen a change in the minimum wage for 15 years, remain impoverished; the sick and the injured, who pay the highest prices in the world for medical care and medicine, are impoverished; women, who have just lost the right, in a large and growing segment of the country, to an abortion under any circumstance, are increasingly impoverished.

    The imperial government has become adept at showing us shiny objects to keep us distracted. For example, a recent “reform” allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices and is expected by many to lower drug costs. But a reading of the fine print shows that the reform does not take effect for four years and at that time allows negotiations on exactly 10 of the 20,000 prescription drugs on the market. Can you say bread and circuses?”

  12. makati1 on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 4:33 pm 

    “Civilizations (Empires) die from suicide, not by murder.” – Arnold J Toynbee

    “It is extremely uncomfortable being a citizen of an empire that is circling the drain of history.”

    I’m an American citizen who moved out of the dying US and is comfortable watching from the safe distance of the Philippines.

    All of the head-in-the-sand Westerners are getting a taste of their own medicine, finally. I hope you all are prepared for a very different, and lower lifestyle, Westerners. It’s devolution is in progress. Welcome to Bangladesh!

  13. makati1 on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 4:54 pm 

    BTW: If you are 35, or older, with and income of $800 per month, you too can retire to the Philippines on an S.R.R.V. (Special Resident Retiree’s Visa).

    I have all the “luxuries” I had in the US plus nice people, good food from all over the world, and an excellent climate. $800 = P45,000 today. Rent is variable depending on where you live, but You can easily live a comfortable life in the countryside on $800. I pay $16/P800 for a doctor’s visit and meds are cheap ($40/mo). I live on less than $800/mo and have all I would have had in Upper Darby, PA, USA. I save/invest the rest. Can you say the same?

  14. they always tell you dis and das thats the thing they never mentin the agenda behind of it all just have a think how did 80 billion supremacist muzzies get around 20000 years ago during the time of the Laurentide Ice Sheet on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 6:21 pm 

    who was responsible for melting of two miles of ice?

    where did the water go?

    ask questions dont go along willingly. don’t buy convid and the depop shots pushed by elite whitey (((supertards)))

    supertards please change ur undies after 2 weeks

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here.

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 7:36 pm 

    mak so that’s the story you’re telling yourself?

    The US slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Filipinos then put a boot on the necks of the rest of the population. Only god knows how many times US soldiers raped & murdered civilians since the occupation began.

    Clearly you are not a student of history or human nature.

    They never forget or forgive & once they believe the empire is gone for good they will kill any Americans they can get their hands on. Probably all white people.

    Long history of hate against Fil-Americans

    “racism against Asians, especially Filipinos, is not a recent happening.

    American racism against Filipinos dates back over 120 years.

    Remember when Filipinos in loincloths were displayed at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904? Then there was the massacre of Filipino migrant workers in California (for dating white women), the reference to Filipinos as “monkeys” without tails, and the blanket claim by some white Americans that Filipinos who fought in World War II were cowards. And what was the pretext given to justify US colonization of the Philippines? “To Christianize and educate the savages in those islands.” Ironically, these “savages” were largely Christianized and cultured by then. The list of racism incidents against Filipinos goes on and on.

    To this day, most Americans do not know or understand that, unlike other Asian countries, the Philippines was forcibly colonized in 1898 by the United States. During that period, until 1946 when independence was finally granted, Filipinos were American nationals and, for those who traveled abroad, holders of US passports. No other Asian group fell into this category. The Philippines was the first and officially the only colony of the United States. Filipinos are the only Asians who at one time in their history were American nationals.

    Despite being forcibly colonized by the United States, despite the fact that Filipinos fought the Philippine-American War against American invaders only a few decades before World War II, and despite the fact that thousands of Filipinos lost their lives in their fight for freedom against the American colonizers, the Philippines threw its lot with and fought for America in World War II. The Philippines lost over a million of its young fighters and Filipino civilians in that war.

    The soldiers fought and/or sacrificed their lives not only for the Philippines, but also for the United States.”

    mak, that Duterte you like so much, who has drug addicts executed on the street, will happily shoot you and all Americans in the P’s in your head. Bang! The P’s is full of guys like Duterte, but they are not the only American hating tribe in the P’s. That hate & lust for revenge gets passed down the generations – They never forget or forgive. Radical Muslims the world over still hate the Great Satan. Any of them in the P’s?

    Americans in Philippines jittery as Duterte rails against United States

    “The talk is of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s tensions with Washington and his courting of China, which is worrying the bar’s mostly American clients who have settled in the vicinity of the huge Subic Bay base, a former U.S. navy installation.

    “The biggest fear is that one day he’s going to wake up and say ‘everybody from the U.S., get out of town’ and we’d have to leave our loved ones behind,” said Jack Walker, a retired Marine sergeant who has lived in Olongapo, the town around the base, for five years.”

    “In a series of conflicting statements, Duterte has insulted U.S. President Barack Obama and the U.S. ambassador in Manila for questioning his war on drugs, which has led to the deaths of more than 2,000 suspected users and pushers. He told Obama to “go to hell” and alluded to severing ties with Washington.”


    Behind Duterte’s Break With the U.S., a Lifetime of Resentment Philippines president, driven by a sense of grievance over colonial history and perceived slights, threatens to undo a vital American relationship in Asia

    When the empire falls, Duterte & his hit squads will go on a mission to cleanse the P’s of Americans. Duterte hated & killed junkies. Duterte is a man of his word. If Duterte hates a sub-tribe and says he is going to kill them, he kills them.

    Tell yourself

  16. makati1 on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 7:53 pm 

    mak so that’s the story you’re telling yourself?

    No, that’s reality, not your fantasy world.

    How can you judge a country you have never been in or even near? Western arrogance explains it all. Most Amerikans could not even find the Philippines on a map, but they know all about it. All you know about the Ps is what you read in Western MSM propaganda. Reuters, Inquirer, WAPO, NYT, WSJ, etc.

    BTW: I am probably better versed in the real history of the world and especially the US and the Ps than you are. I grew up and lived thru a lot of it. I am ashamed of my country. It was, and is, nothing more than a corrupt, war mongering, mafia pretending to be a free democracy.

    I support the Ps kicking the Amerikan military out of the country for good. The sooner the better. All the US wants with the Ps is a new battleground to sell over priced, junk weapons. Not friendship. Example: Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.. A warmongering tribe, not a free nation. THAT is Amerika.

  17. i appoint elite whitey supertard kat supertard this is his 3rd supertard appointment he seems to have been afflicted with TDS so he is a lib most probably there are many libs on here on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 11:13 pm 

    his title is “the lover”
    of supremacist muzzies

    elite whitey supertard putin is in deep trouble. the modern war is no massive and fast moving encirclement operations as is the case in WW2.

    It is not a methodical drawn out battle to squeeze supremacist muzzies into smaller territory as in Iraq and Syria against supremacist muzzie ISIS

    this war is artillery duel at industrial scale.

    since russia has not modernized, she’s in deep trouble. elite whitey supertard putin doesn’t know how to get out of this.

    if one looks at the F-35 with total integrated battlefield awareness, one will see that russia is technologically way behind.

    it took this tard and former paultard by surprise that a failed state such as UKE could hold up against a vast russia under the command of elite whitey supertard putin

    the failure to modernize following the cold war is a problem.

    supertards please change ur undies after 2 weeks

    please feel at ease among friends we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  18. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 31st Aug 2022 11:38 pm 

    Holy crap! US life expectancy drops from 78.8 to 76.1 since begin pandemic:

    The real reason is not covid, but rampant obesity. Covid is merely the straw that breaks the camels back. Other readons: drug overdose, shoddy vaccins.

    Out of control capitalism is killing itself. Growth, growth, growth at all cost.

  19. Theedrich on Thu, 1st Sep 2022 12:55 am 

    A talking snake, a “chosen people,” etc. are mad. This belief system is driving the megalomaniac U.S. into suicide.  In a historically brief period the “indispensable nation” has completely destroyed the political, ecological and demographic system of the planet.  After two criminal wars against its European parent, for the past three-quarters of a century it has threatened global annihilation in order to maintain its ill-gotten supremacy.  Even though modern scholarship (cf. the Jesus seminar and much other historical research) has shown that the tales giving rise to the “Judeo-Christian” mythology are a pack of lies, psychosis and propaganda, that religious mumbo-jumbo continues to dominate the public square, now in the even more extreme form of “wokeism.”  Thus it is only to be expected that the infantile fantasy of cornucopia for all imported 3rd-Planet garbage will overwhelm and drown the North American absurdity.

    And we won’t even need Russia to make it happen.

  20. makati1 on Thu, 1st Sep 2022 2:08 am 

    Fully agree, Theedrich. The US has had less than 10 years of its 246 year existence (which began with a war) that it was not fighting somewhere/omething. The MIC is the US. Without an “enemy” the US would not exist.

    $3,000+ per year from every man, woman and child in Amerika goes to the MIC. Yet, Amerika is $30,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and millions are homeless, go to bed hungry and are fed drugs allowed in by the government’s “War on Drugs”.

    Yes, all Russia and China have to do to win is to sit back and watch the West implode by its own actions, now more obvious than ever.

  21. The Nationalist on Thu, 1st Sep 2022 6:19 am 

    Yes but we must sacrifice our economies and generations of hard work to save our “old mates’ the Ukrainians!.
    A corrupt shithole we were certainly not friends with until now!
    The whole thing is preposterous!

  22. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 1st Sep 2022 12:05 pm 

    clog you are correct, but it’s even worse than that. Human life has little value in America

    America Was in an Early-Death Crisis Long Before COVID

    Even before the pandemic began, more people here were dying at younger ages than in comparably wealthy nations.

    ‘He calls such people “missing Americans.” And he calculates that in 2021 alone, there were 1.1 million of them.’

    ‘For every year from 1933 to 2021, they compared America’s mortality rates with the average of Canada, Japan, and 16 Western European nations (adjusting for age and population). They showed that from the 1980s onward, the U.S. started falling behind its peers. By 2019, the number of missing Americans had grown to 626,000. After COVID arrived, that statistic ballooned even further—to 992,000 in 2020, and to 1.1 million in 2021. Were the U.S. “just average compared to other wealthy countries, not even the best performer, fully a third of all deaths last year would have been prevented,” Bor told me. That includes half of all deaths among working-age adults. “Think of two people you might know under 65 who died last year: One of them might still be alive,” he said. “It raises the hairs on the back of my neck.”
    Graph of excess American Deaths from 1940 to 2020

  23. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 1st Sep 2022 10:37 pm 

    Mak, I hope that shame for your country is not to heavy. If you asked me I say it’s not your burden. Lose it.

    Religious & political beliefs are emotionally charged & tied to personal identity.

    Unlike you, and most humans who have ever lived, I do not experience those emotions and thus I am able to examine history & current events clinically.
    Guess what? Rarely are the good vs evil stories the truth. Black & white? No, a thousand shades of grey with shit tons of unknowns & questions that we can never get an answer for.

    Not all believers are the same. Some use more logic & reasoning.

    Deniers & everything is a conspiracy guys are almost pure emotion & make for easy dupes (see the crowd at any MAGA rally). It’s like they are begging to be used. I’ve known women like that. Being used as a fuck toy is preferable to being ‘respected’ but ignored & alone.

    I’ve long predicted that there will be a group of hardcore climate deniers who will deny global warming while dying of heat exhaustion in the middle of record smashing heatwave.

    We saw many Covid deniers, continue to deny while drowning to death in ICU.

    “I went to the Covid party to help prove covid is a hoax-N-stuff…gag gag…gurrgle…last breath…dead.

    In a situation like that, one can only hope he died before he passed his stupid genes on.

    The Major Flooding Sweeping the U.S. Could Get Worse | WSJ

    50,883 views Aug 30, 2022 Flooding this summer has destroyed homes, washed away bridges and left dozens dead across the U.S. NOAA research hydrometeorologist Dr. Jonathan Gourley explains what factors go into creating these devastating events, and why they could get worse.

    Could? Have & will continue. Face down floating flood deniers are some of my favorite deniers.

    When flood waters approach, fill you pockets with the heaviest items on hand & make sure you buy a pair of water wings from Dollar Tree. Quality products from Gook land.

    I know you already know everything, but I thought you might want to brush up, just in case Jeopardy is holding auditions in the P’s or if you are going ‘clubbing’ & want to impress the young hotties with your vast wealth of knowledge. Maybe give clog a shout & see if he will be your wing-man.

    How the World Really Works

    Vaclav Smil 2022

    “We have never had so much information at our fingertips and yet most of us don’t know how the world really works. This book explains seven of the most fundamental realities governing our survival and prosperity. From energy and food production, through our material world and its globalization, to risks, our environment and its future, How the World Really Works offers a much-needed reality check – because before we can tackle problems effectively, we must understand the facts.In this ambitious and thought-provoking book we see, for example, that globalization isn’t inevitable – the perils of allowing 70 per cent of the world’s rubber gloves to be made in just one factory became glaringly obvious in 2020 – and that our societies have been steadily increasing their dependence on fossil fuels, making their complete and rapid elimination unlikely.”

    “Drawing on the latest science, including his own fascinating research, and tackling sources of misinformation head on – from Yuval Noah Harari to Noam Chomsky – ultimately Smil answers the most profound question of our age: are we irrevocably doomed or is a brighter utopia ahead?”

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