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Page added on March 28, 2013

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Second LNG Super Tanker Arrives In UK To Help With Natural Gas Shortage

Second LNG Super Tanker Arrives In UK To Help With Natural Gas Shortage thumbnail

Due to unseasonably cold weather the UK has seen high demand for natural gas, far higher than anything expected, and the truth is that the country was not prepared.

The dwindling supplies form the North Sea were unable to meet the high demand, and storage reserves reached dangerously low levels, leading some to suggest that the UK may run out of gas altogether within days. The government denied these reports and began frantically searching for alternative supplies to meet the demand.

Supplies were not hard to come by as the shortage had caused spot prices in the UK increase to some of the highest in the world, attracting tankers from around the world.

A giant tanker, the Zarga, has docked at Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire to unload its cargo of LNG. It is the second such tanker to have been diverted to Britain in the last couple of days in search of the high prices that can be charged there. The Mekaines docked at Kent on Sunday. The vessels carried a combined total of more than 500,000 cubic metres of LNG, enough to meet the entire UKs demand for 12 hours.

The Zarga, one of Qatar’s Q-max tankers, the largest LNG tankers in the world at 344metres long, set sail in search of the highest prices on the market, which currently happens to be in the UK.

This diagram from the BBC shows that route taken by the Zarga from Qatar to Wales, and then the distribution of the natural gas around the UK.

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9 Comments on "Second LNG Super Tanker Arrives In UK To Help With Natural Gas Shortage"

  1. Arthur on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 2:01 pm 

    Has an LNG tanker ever exploded? What can you expect to happen in that case?

  2. Beery on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 2:22 pm 

    A pretend crisis. Britain is not Siberia and in the UK, natural gas for heating is a luxury, not a necessity.

  3. Kenz300 on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 2:37 pm 

    They would be better off producing energy LOCALLY.

    Wind, solar, wave energy and geothermal can all be produced locally, provide JOBS and add to the local economy. They have a shrinking economy and high unemployment.

    They need to reduce their reliance on imported fossil fuels and move to safe, clean and available alternative energy sources. This will provide jobs and help the local economy grow.

  4. Richard on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 2:57 pm 


    In theory yes, but the alternatives are a blip. Nobody in the Uk wants a wind turbine in the countryside. Yes there is offshore turbines.

    Geothermal, from where?

    Nobody wants nuclear power stations.

    Tidal wave is work in progress.

  5. DC on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 3:06 pm 

    If the UK is this dependant on far away Qatar to the point of needing them to avoid shortages, then the UK really is in trouble….

  6. BillT on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 3:14 pm 

    20 days emergency supply for a country like the UK is foolish. When they burn two tankers per day, they need to downsize their use or increase their supplies…lol.

  7. GregT on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 4:23 pm 

    At some point in the future, Nat Gas will become cost prohibitive, and eventually not available at all. What will the UK do then? This should be a wake-up call for people around the world. It is time to start planning for a future of increasing climate instability, and decreasing fossil fuel resources. To not do so, will be disastrous.

  8. Arthur on Thu, 28th Mar 2013 5:38 pm 

    We have them in Holland as well, people who reject windturbines because they are ‘ugly’. These people do not fully understand the energy situation, I am afraid.

  9. Kenz300 on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 1:59 am 

    U.K. Renewable Power Grows 20 Percent on New Offshore Wind Farms | Renewable Energy News Article

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