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Page added on April 13, 2019

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Saudi Aramco’s Quest to Become the World’s Biggest Oil Consumer

Saudi Aramco’s Quest to Become the World’s Biggest Oil Consumer thumbnail

Saudi Aramco is well known as the world’s top crude exporter. If all goes to plan, it may also become the biggest user of the fossil fuel.

More than a third of Aramco’s oil is currently fed into its fully-owned and joint venture refineries, according to its bond prospectus. The company plans to double its refining network to handle as much as 10 million barrels a day by 2030, locking in a friendly buyer for the kingdom’s crude.

Aramco’s “goal is to provide a reliable destination for its future oil production,” said John Stewart, an analyst at consultant Wood Mackenzie Ltd. The expansion “would make it the biggest refiner in the world by some margin.”

Moving Up in Downstream

Aramco is already the fourth-biggest refiner and aims to double capacity

Source: Wood Mackenzie; Aramco

Note: Net capacity excludes Aramco partners’ stakes in joint refineries

Saudi Arabia is leaning on Aramco’s coffers to build its sovereign wealth fund and help develop new industries that can break the kingdom’s reliance on oil. For its part, Aramco is trying to wring more profit from the crude it pumps by turning it into gasoline and diesel as well as plastics and other materials used in consumer goods. The company is spending $69 billion for a majority stake in petrochemicals maker Saudi Basic Industries Corp.

The Saudi Arabian Oil Co., as the state-owned producer is formally known, will still probably sell to outside buyers even if it hits its refining target. The company processes a mix of crudes from its fields in Saudi Arabia. Its refinery ventures abroad, while designed to use the company’s crude, will likely rely on a mix of oil from the kingdom and other suppliers.

Branching Out

How Saudi Aramco’s refinery capacity will stack up by the end of 2019

Source: Aramco

Note: Gross capacity of Aramco’s fully-owned and joint venture refineries

Aramco fully owns three refineries in Saudi Arabia and the Motiva Enterprises LLC plant in the U.S. Other facilities are joint ventures with foreign partners. By the end of the year, it will start crude processing at new facilities in the kingdom and in Malaysia that will bring its total refining capacity to more than half the company’s current oil production. By 2030, half of Aramco’s refining capacity will be located outside of Saudi Arabia, WoodMac estimates.

That will make Aramco an even bigger consumer of the oil it pumps. The company said as much in its prospectus, describing its expansion as a way “to secure crude oil demand by selling to its captive system” of refineries.

Global Refinery Reach

Aramco crude-processing capacity will exceed 5.6 million barrels a day by 2020

Source: Aramco

Note: * Includes planned/actual capacity additions; ** starting this year

Aramco has signed provisional deals to meet its refining capacity target. It also plans to grow in chemicals, an industry where demand is rising faster than that for transport fuels. The company aims to turn some 3 million barrels of daily crude production into chemicals.

Ambition for Growth

Aramco has announced refinery projects that would meets its growth targets


65 Comments on "Saudi Aramco’s Quest to Become the World’s Biggest Oil Consumer"

  1. Cloggie on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 3:04 am 

    Aramco killer?

    Volkswagen Autonomous Driving Prelude:

    Tomorrow, a new service will start that can be seen as a prelude towards a national car robot, aka public autonomous driving, cashing in on the new possibilities of location aware mobile smart phones. In Hamburg, Volkswagen will start a fleet of initially 100 MOIA’s (see video), with drivers included, that will be able to pick up people from 10,000 unmarked designated stops, distributed over 200 km2, delivering transport-on-demand for a price of 1 euro/km. The fleet is to be expanded to 1,000 e-vans eventually. In Hannover, a similar test on a smaller scale is already underway. The current competing regular bus-service operates with 1327 stops.

  2. Anonymous on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 3:12 am 

    I understand their desire and this is not a new strategy. They’ve been going downstream for at least 20 years. But the question, I have is how competitive are they as a merchant refiner? Their oil sales are highly profitable, but I’m not sure their products are (without subsidy from oil transfer price).

  3. Davy on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 5:14 am 

    “Aramco killer? Volkswagen Autonomous Driving Prelude:”

    The fact we need autonomous is part of the problem. We can change behavior and not need these overly complicated ways of getting around. This is just more bogus aspects of modern life that will likely only go so far and fall flat on their face.

  4. Davy on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 9:56 am 

    Oops, sorry everyone. I was confused again.

    We don’t live in Hamburg. We live in Dent County Missouri.

  5. Not Davy on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 10:26 am 

    JuanP posted this

    Davy on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 9:56 am

  6. Not JuanP on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 12:07 pm 

    JuanP did not post this. Davy is lying again.

    Davy on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 9:56 am

  7. Pete Bauer on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 1:43 pm 

    Brilliant move. Already they own many refineries in USA, China, Korea and are planning to build a large refinery in India and some other countries.

    By 2030, all their crude will be sent to these refineries to the refined into motor fuels and some to petrochemicals and sold directly to the end customer.

    So that means Saudi Arabia will not sell any oil in the international market which also means that they can quit OPEC.

    Handling upstream(production), midstream(refining) and downstream(retailing) means more profits.

    With oil usage declining in power gen and heating, all the oil will be used only in transport sector. All that refineries has to do is just to convert oil into 3 important fuels.
    Gasoline (light vehicles)
    Kerosene (jet planes)
    Diesel (heavy vehicles)

  8. Pete Bauer on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 1:47 pm 

    1 euro/km means 20 euro for a common man with a 20 km round trip commute and that’s 500 – 550 euro / month. Way too expensive.

    This whole effort by VW is to ensure that no one takes such autonomous driving. People will eventually give up and go back to automobiles. Thats exactly what VW want.

  9. Cloggie on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 2:25 pm 

    1 euro/km means 20 euro for a common man with a 20 km round trip commute and that’s 500 – 550 euro / month. Way too expensive.

    1 euro/km is between bus and taxi. Moia is to be seen as the first step towards autonomous driving, where the real potential for cost cutting is. A driver costs per year about as much as a Moia. Spread over ten years, the cost of the Moia can be neglected. Studies have shown that travelling in a driverless Moia is per kilometer 10 times cheaper than a luxury Mercedes or 4 times cheaper than a Toyota Starlet.

    No need to own a car anymore. The energy saving (kWh per passenger mile as well as embedded energy of the total car fleet) is huge. It would mean the death of the oil company (and car company).

  10. Davy on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 3:20 pm 

    “No need to own a car anymore. The energy saving (kWh per passenger mile as well as embedded energy of the total car fleet) is huge. It would mean the death of the oil company (and car company).”
    cloggo, your template does not fit all applications. Rich densely populated northern Europe it may work as a niche application but not so well where populations are spread out and not as rich. The costs and the technical complications will likely make this a specialized transport option at best. It might just be more technical folly we see so much of these days.

    “Studies have shown that travelling in a driverless Moia is per kilometer 10 times cheaper than a luxury Mercedes or 4 times cheaper than a Toyota Starlet.”
    More like bias studies that do not include all the costs involved.

  11. The Truth Shall Set You Free on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 9:34 pm 

    I am DavySkum. Hear me roar.

    You never point to evidence, DavyLiar. You have one big fucking mouth without a shred of evidence. Instead, you post thoroughly discredited conspiracy theories as if they are truth hoping and praying one of your shit stories sticks. Just a few of your examples are PizzaGate and HillaryGate and Seth Rich murder and Democratic voter fraud (ironically, one of the biggest cases in decades involves 2018 RepubliCON voter fraud in North Carolina and naturally not a peep out of you).

    You are a grotesque hypocrite and liar of the very worst sort.

    Kunt is now sucking the cock of his RepubliCON paymasters like Davy.

  12. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:46 am 

    “It’s Stupid”: German Professor Slams Berlin Battery Play” oil price dot com

    “The production value of the cell is about 15%. Sixty percent is just in the materials of cathode, and another 20% is the materials of anodes,” said Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, professor of automotive economics at the University of Duisberg-Essen and a veteran of automakers such as Opel and Porsche. “The value does not exist in the manufacturing process in which they want to spend €1 billion ($1.13 billion). The value is in the materials.”

    “Germany’s BASF, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, might agree with that statement. The company is building a cathode materials factory in Finland, in cooperation with Russian miner Nornickel. The German supplier does agree with the purpose of the government’s program. A BASF company spokesperson said that it has much to do with supporting large-scale production back home in Europe, rather than having to be dependent on imported cell supplies. German automakers have been exploring the question of whether or not to manufacture their own EV batteries for years. Along with being Tesla-competitive, Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW have made major commitments to bringing EVs to market and have explored the possibility of building their own battery packs. German auto parts giant Bosch had explored entering the market. After determining building a battery plant would cost about €20 billion ($22.6 billion), the German conglomerate dropped the plan last year, saying that the risk was too high for the size of the needed investment.”

  13. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 5:13 am 

    “Hedge Fund CIO: “Forget The Yield Curve, China Is All That Matters” zero hedge Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management

    “Investors are trying to understand what yield curves are telling us,” said the CIO. “They listen to every word from the Fed, trying to figure out what they’re up to, whether they’ll succumb to the pressure to ease rates,” he said. “And strategists serve up all sorts of charts comparing what is happening in today’s economy with unemployment, credit spreads.” Then he paused. Smiled. “But never has China been such a big part of the global economy. Its influence dwarfs all else. Which renders history mostly meaningless. China is all that matters.”

    “Record Ship-Breaking Suggests World Economy Slowing” zero hedge

    “As world trade volume rolled over in late 2018 and into the new year, a sharp decline in shipping rates across all vessel types forced some operators to scrap their ships in Southeast Asia in the first three months of the year, reported The Wall Street Journal. In all regions of the world, warning signs are flashing red about the health of developed and emerging economies. The IMF downgraded its forecast for global economic growth for the fourth time in three quarters. We are now in a “significantly weakened global expansion,” according to IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath.”

  14. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 5:28 am 

    “Germany to halve 2019 economic growth forecast to 0.5 percent: Spiegel” Reuters

    “BERLIN (Reuters) – The German government is expected to halve its economic growth forecast for 2019 to 0.5 percent from 1.0 percent due to weaker exports in the wake of global trade tensions, the news magazine Der Spiegel reported late on Thursday.”

  15. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 6:17 am 

    “Luxury condo buildings guzzle electricity, says BC Hydro report” cbc Canada

    “A BC Hydro report says newer high-rise buildings use twice as much electricity as highrises built in the 1980s even though the newer buildings are marketed as energy efficient. The Crown corporation’s report released Friday says luxurious amenities like pools, hot tubs, fitness centres, saunas, and even bowling alleys are contributing to the dramatic increase in buildings’ energy footprint. Spokesperson Tanya Fish says, when it comes to electricity, condo dwellers don’t realize how much those perks cost. Fish said there’s a disconnect between what dwellers think they are consuming and what their building is actually consuming.”

    “Poor insulation According to the report, the biggest jump in consumption happened between 1999 and 2009 when the average building’s electricity use increased by 65 per cent. But Vancouver architect Michael Geller says building standards, not hot tubs, are to blame. “The major contributor to the increase in energy consumption over the last, say, 20 years was the propensity to go to these glass boxes,” Geller said. Many recent buildings were built with concrete and glass, which he said are “two very poor energy performing materials.”

  16. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 6:17 am 

    Naked affluence is fake green. Affluence cannot be made green by electric cars and huge homes with solar or efficient gadgets. Tech and efficiency is part of Real green but not its meaning. Real Green is about a smaller foot print that comes with less consumption but more meaning. The meaning comes from wisdom of choice. The choice is behavioral and this revolves around lowering your footprint holistically. You can’t do the traditional efficiency routine of spending money to cut here and splurge there. Being rich is the problem. The opportunities of affluence cloud a green attitude. A lower foot print means less consumption and more effort at capturing solar energy through harvesting of food and gathering of solar power though renewables but with lower consumption. It is one of those paradoxes and revolves around something simple that is complicated. The complications come from going against the grains of the status quo. Most of all a Real Green attitude is about lowering your travel footprint. Localization is the key. For most people travel is their biggest earth impact. Lower your discretionary travel.

    Real Green calls for relative sacrifice. Since Real Green is an individual attitude of planetary adjustment to make it work you must adapt according to your place in the status quo. Family, community, and work define you but you can adapt this relatively through Real Green sacrifice. This means using Real Green wisdom to say “NO” mostly. Reduce travel and consumption. Make the travel you do more efficient by combining trips. Green up your consumerism by buying products with a future and those with lower earth impact whenever possible. Real Green is not about saving the planet. You can’t save the planet because any effort you make is wiped away by actions of others. This is about an individual effort of saving the planet locally. Locally includes significant others. Impact your family and friends but do it without confrontation. Do it with stealth so they will not even know they are changing. This is about making a difference under your feet and with those around you. It is about withdrawing from the madness of modern life by focusing on the part of the planet you inhabit.

    There are a thousand ways to do this because of the diversity of various “locals”. Locals are lives in location or living locations. It starts from your local where you eat and sleep. Relocalize because that is where you can implement Real Green. The act of going local is an immediate green bonus. It starts from there and the benefits accrue naturally. Once you have done this attempt to harvest and gather solar energy locally. It will not be profitable so you will need to continue your status quo life but this is the way you can make a Real Green difference. It is not profitable because delocalization from a powerful system of globalization controls living through price advantage. So, it is about a hybridization of the status quo of delocalization and the Real Green of localization. This is the key to making a small difference that leverages Real Green. Adapt delocalized globalism to your Real Green localization. Do it through relative sacrifice so you do not upset the status quo that feeds you.

    There are some among you specially gifted and placed who can go major Real Green. I challenge some of the young who have yet to attach their lives to the status quo to make the Real Green plunge. Once you have your career and family started in the status quo then it becomes a matter of relative sacrifice. Major Real Green is also for those who are entering retirement. Choose Real Green over traditional retirement options that are little more than play until you die arrangements. Real Green is about Real Green focus (prayer), work, and Real Green leisure. That is an adaptation of the Benedictine balance of prayer, work, and leisure. The status quo will control you once you commit and decide on a traditional life being marketed to you. If you are at that point in life you can leave it in a major way take the plunge.

    Very few choose Real Green because it is a way of life like monks or warriors embraced of old. Back then it was about deeper meaning. Go back to that time of Real meaning. Now Real meaning is about giving to the planet to save it in a very small way that your life represents. If you fight for nature she will support you. This happens because nature will return meaning to you and it is meaning that ultimately matter to humans. Power and riches are the prison the ego loses itself in. Once in that prison it is very hard to leave. This is not about a new higher power although Mother Nature through Real green is a worthy higher power. Take your higher power and attach it to Real Green like a farmer plants his seeds in fertile ground. Walk a new walk that is an old walk some of our ancestors walked before the planet was corrupted by modern man.

  17. joe on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 8:53 am 

    Germany blaming global trade is a lie. The millions of jihadis they imported weren’t as smart or hard working as they hoped. Now their system is groaning under the worst cultural decision in the EUSSRs history. Its not even an offical country yet and its already slipping….

  18. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 10:16 am 

    Speaking of EV’s.
    California’s EV sales now represent 9% of all
    car sales.

    “In August, 1 out of 10 (9.90%) new vehicles purchased in the state of California were EVs (PHEVs + BEVs), according to the latest numbers from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Advanced Technology Vehicle Sales Dashboard (information provided by IHS Market). West Virginia came in last at 0.17%, meaning Californians purchased EVs in August at a rate 58.2 times greater than the state that has become heavily associated with the coal industry in recent years.

    Jan-Aug EV Sales Market Share – California

    While the 9.90% for August* is the highest market share for sales of new EVs ever in California, the month of September should be even higher due to a significant number of deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 that month. Doing some estimating using September EV sales numbers (which were estimated to be significantly higher than in October), the September market share could come in around 12% for California. (*Note: The Advanced Technology Vehicle Sales Dashboard data is updated about every 2 months, hence August is the most current data available.)

    Year-to-date (January through August), California’s EV sales market share stood at 7.07%, nearly double that of the state of Washington at 3.65% and 4.3 times the US total of 1.66%. If you exclude total vehicle and EV sales from California, then the EV market share YTD for the rest of the US would be under 1% at 0.93%.

    Top 12 States Jan-Aug 2018 EV Sales Market Share

    For the month of August, after California other top states (and DC) for EV sales market share include Oregon (4.12%), Washington (3.54%), District of Columbia (3.40%), Hawaii (2.69%), and Colorado and Arizona (2.46%). The total US market share stood at 2.24% for the month. (If you’d like to play with the data, I’ve created a sortable table here with EV sales numbers by state for 2016 and 2017 and within state sales market share for 2017 and the month of August 2018.)

    EV Marketshare August 2018 Top 10 Bottom 5 States

    The bottom 5 states were West Virginia (0.17%), Oklahoma (0.20%), Mississippi (0.28%), North Dakota (0.29%), and Louisiana (0.33%).

  19. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 10:28 am 

    Here in Oregon as in many Red Stated AG labor is in short supply.
    We simply don’t have enough labor to pick orchard crops.
    Here’s a run-down;

    When Red State voters figure out robotics have taken low pay AG jobs, they may get ab entirely new perspective on Trump’s border wall policy.

  20. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 11:03 am 

    Throwing out wild pitch to FF base.
    END Electric Car Credits NOW (says WH)

    Of course the White House CAN’t cut EV subs.
    ONLY Congress could.

    What our embattled President fails to understand,
    most electric is generated using Republican Friendly, Coal and Natural gas.

    Oh, just ‘saying’ wind turbines can give a person cancer doesn’t make it true.

    As for killing birds.
    Millions more birds die flying into reflective windows in sky-high buildings like “Trump Tower”
    then all the wind machines in the world.

    Oh BTW, fossil fuel industry gets tax credits too. (just not Consumer credits)

  21. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:10 pm 

    Trump tp Boeing..
    “Just change the name of the aircraft”

    This says more about trump than Boeing carelessness.

  22. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:20 pm 

    Check out how Bob Inget operates. I posted the wording from Vox and look how Bob adapted it. LOL.

    “What do I know about branding, maybe nothing (but I did become President!), but if I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a new name,” Trump tweeted. “No product has suffered like this one. But again, what the hell do I know?”

    adapted by bob:
    “Trump tp Boeing..
    “Just change the name of the aircraft”

  23. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:24 pm 

    Spectacular breakthrough in lithium-ion battery technology. Swiss-German firm Innolith achieves 1 kwh/kg, outdoing the Tesla-3 with a factor of 3, enabling car ranges of 1,000 km on a single charge (of 30 minutes):

  24. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:29 pm 

    Homeless Hunchback?

  25. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:31 pm 


    “Stunning Images Show France’s Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Engulfed In Flames” zero hedge

  26. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:33 pm 

    Great catch Cloggie.

    Here’s more;

  27. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 12:41 pm 

    Here’s a good article on Storage and ramifications.

  28. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 1:21 pm 

    McDonald’s Buys Old Notre Dame Location .

    Plans to open New arches under fallen.
    French Fries, NOT Freedom Fries, a spécialité.

  29. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 1:27 pm 

    “McDonald’s Buys Old Notre Dame Location”

    Bob, you complain about Trump look in the mirror. What a low class comment.

  30. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 1:32 pm 

    From you that’s a huge compliment, Mr Davy.

    Put my comment aside for a few months.
    Then, reread.

    Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time

  31. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 1:54 pm 

    “McDonald’s Buys Old Notre Dame Location”
    Hmm- I heard its a new Mosque is going in?

  32. Sissyfuss on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 2:09 pm 

    Notre Dame Cathedral all but gone. Was the fire accidentally set by the renovation crew, angry yellow vesters, or some ambitious muzzies clearing way for the new uber mosque ?

  33. Davy on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 2:19 pm 

    Come on Bob, it was just low class like many other comments you make. I don’t say anything mostly but in this case pretty lame.

  34. Real Green Wannabe on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 2:20 pm 

    Hi Davy,

    Your Real Green initiative is admirable. One question arises though:

    What Real Green source of income do you have that allows you the luxurious sacrifice of a Real Green 500 acre goat and cattle ranch complete with a Real Green 3600 watt solar array.

    I work two jobs and I can’t even afford to eat real meat anymore. What’s up with that?

  35. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 2:33 pm 

    Article from a few weeks ago:


    And still there are people who insist it is a good idea to mix different kinds of people, where every zoo employee knows you should not put lions and tigers in the same cage.

  36. Sissyfuss on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 2:51 pm 

    Clogo,the article states that some of the numerous attacks were fomented by feminists in retaliation against the churches patriarchal persona. Violent vaginas vent on Vickers.

  37. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 3:07 pm 

    “the article states that some of the numerous attacks were fomented by feminists”

    It doesn’t.
    It merely suggests that.
    Not a single feminist harpie has been arrested.
    Newsweek merely suggests white wimmin COULD be the perps, thus keeping their muzzie darlings out of the wind.
    Never heard of women destroying statues.
    Too incompetent, too low violence potential.

  38. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 3:15 pm 

    German news: the possibility exists that they entire building will be destroyed.

  39. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 3:28 pm 

    Easter 2019: 24C

  40. JuanP sock on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 3:31 pm 

    Pretty obvious a JuanP post

    Real Green Wannabe on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 2:20 pm

    BTW, I would respond to a normal person.

  41. Real Green Wannabe on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 3:59 pm 

    “JuanP sock on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 3:31 pm”

    Is this someone’s idea of some kind of an idiotic insider’s joke?

    Well it’s not funny at all.

  42. Truth Buster on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:02 pm 

    Real Green Wannabe-

    Davy classifies any comment that is the least bit critical as a “JuanP sock”. Everyone who is not kissing his ass is a sock puppet.

  43. Truth Buster on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:04 pm 

    Real Green Wannabe-

    Since Davy will not answer your question, I will.

    In short, Davy is what is known as a trust fund baby.

  44. Real Green Wannabe on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:08 pm 

    OK thanks TB. I get it now.

  45. Robert Inget on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:13 pm 

    That steel scaffolding tells the ENTIRE story.

    In the US, anytime someone with a torch is working around flammables, another worker needs to do a fire watch that might last hours after the welder has gone.
    In the case of a nine hundred year old church the fire watch needs lots of pressurized water.

  46. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:14 pm 

    French official talks about “French 9/11”:

    Fox News host interrupts the French official when he senses that the latter is “wandering off in the wrong direction”. Churches are being attacked every week now in France.

    My comment: 9/11 was done by the Mossad/CIA. It is even to much for me to blame them for this, so we gotta cut Fox Shep some slack here.

  47. JuanP sock chat on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:18 pm 

    JuanP carrying on a sock conversation. LOL

    Truth Buster on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:02 pm
    Truth Buster on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:04 pm
    Real Green Wannabe on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:08 pm

  48. Cloggie on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 4:20 pm 

    I do not want to accuse anybody at this stage, but a scaffold offers the perfect opportunity for arsonists, like Siss his white feminists, to get to the wooden roof and start a fire, that without the scaffolds would have been impossible to do. The fire broke out at ca. 18:00, so probably after working hours.

    Arson is a more likely cause than a fire caused by professional, although that can’t be ruled out either.

    One would expect that there were sufficient camera’s in the church to give a clue. The truth will probably soon be found. Revealed is another matter.

    If it turned out to be a jihadist attack, things will really change in France and Europe.

  49. Pete Bauer on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 6:09 pm 

    Shale oil production is soaring. This month it could hit 8.46 million b/d while the total oil production is 12.2 million b/d.

    This means shale contributes 68% of American oil production while the vertical oil (Onshore and Offshore) contributes only the remaining 32%.

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