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Page added on September 22, 2021

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Saudi Arabia Maintains Position of Top Oil Supplier to China

Saudi Arabia Maintains Position of Top Oil Supplier to China thumbnail

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, maintained its leadership of crude suppliers to China for the ninth consecutive month in August, as major producers eased production cuts.

Data from the General Administration of Customs in China showed on Monday that Saudi oil imports rose 53 percent from the previous year to reach 8.06 million tons, equivalent to 1.96 million barrels per day, compared to 1.58 million barrels per day in July and 1.24 million barrels in August 2020.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, within the framework of the OPEC+ group, decided in July to ease production cuts and increase supplies by an additional 2 million barrels per day, by raising production by 0.4 million barrels per day every month from August to December.

China’s imports of Russian crude oil stabilized at 6.53 million tons in August, equivalent to 1.59 million barrels per day, compared to 1.56 million barrels per day in July.

The big difference behind Saudi supplies is due to Beijing’s decision to cut crude oil import quotas to independent refiners that prefer the Russian Espoo blend.

Crude oil arrivals from Malaysia more than doubled from year-ago levels to 1.75 million tons, with traders saying refiners might have rebranded Venezuelan heavy oil previously passed on as bitumen blend into Malaysian crude after Beijing imposed hefty import taxes on blending fuels.

Meanwhile, shipments from the United Arab Emirates fell nearly 40% on-year, a possible sign demand for Iranian oil passed on as grades including UAE supplies remained shy after peak arrivals early this year.

Oil prices fell during Monday’s trading after the US dollar jumped to a three-week high and the number of US drilling rigs increased, although nearly a quarter of US production in the Gulf of Mexico remained suspended after two hurricanes.

Asharq AL-awsat

31 Comments on "Saudi Arabia Maintains Position of Top Oil Supplier to China"

  1. EvilToTheCoreHaveToBeEliminated on Wed, 22nd Sep 2021 8:46 pm 

    Fucking piece of shit. Evil to the core they are, at least in Satan kingdom I get to have gothic/BDSM sex.

    These fuckers are more evil that Satan could be.

    Notice the electronic voice. Evil, manipulative, without moral compass. Their annihilation is really justified in their case. Notice how is he saying we will use the media to control people.

  2. EvilToTheCoreHaveToBeEliminated on Wed, 22nd Sep 2021 8:59 pm

    SO they are aware that by 2020 there will be a collapse, but they are pushing globalism that is the cause of destruction of earth and natural resources depletion. I don’t know what to think. They are stupid or doing on purpose and earth is experiment laboratory for them to test their theory. They are evil.

  3. EvilToTheCoreHaveToBeEliminated on Wed, 22nd Sep 2021 9:23 pm 

    They were pushing White race bashing in the 1970. We really part of experment. These people are evil and should be located and torture to death. You show no mercy toward these beings and you should enjoy watching them suffer during the torture session becaue they seems to enjoy watching us suffer.

    1:25 they are all white.

  4. EvilToTheCoreHaveToBeEliminated on Wed, 22nd Sep 2021 9:50 pm 

    They voluntary created different languages to use it again us and start conflict. This earth is experiment laboratory where everything is controlled :the sun, weather, number of language, number of skin color, …

    Have you noticed that some language are deficient, it takes a long time to write a sentence. Think of Chinese, Russian, Korean language. They really deserve total extinction including their new born.

    Still waiting for an explanation how I can get prostate orgasm. I had orgasm where my legs raise up in the air. When I voluntary let them take control of my orgasm, I could not predict what leg will raise up, will my back arch or not, will my butt raise in the air. It changes a man forever this kind of experience.

    The are easy to stop with some mental will, but still it is something to give your body to something that you cannot see.

  5. OKBitchWeWillPlay on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 1:39 am 

    The energetic spirit or energetic angel is back to play with me. I have no problem as long as I am not talking to the piece of shit AI.

    This is why I hate this holographic reality. This holographic reality separate us from other form of life that might not have a physical envelope like the body that we have. That holographic reality had been build as prison to stop human from experiencing other form of life.

    This is why I call these people evil and why the should be exterminated. The evilness of the controller of the reality cannot be overstated. They are simply evil and selfish.

    The controller of the holographic reality have a better understand of consciousness that we have and are using this against us.

    This are evil plain and simple and they need to leave us human alone.

  6. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 9:07 am 

    Marshall McLuhan 1977 Interview – Violence as a Quest for Identity

    The controller of this reality are really evil piece of shit. They are the ones telling us to not use violence, yet they are keeping us in n a fake reality so we cannot developed our consciousness and stopping us from experiencing the real creation of GOD. They are the violent one, not us. They are evil to the core and must be extermination to the very last one

  7. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 9:17 am 

    Another evil one Al Core. His is part of their evil team. Very soon we will see what they really look like. It seems we might have some friends out there that are working with ut to get us out of the holographic fake reality to build to keep our mind prisoner.

  8. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 9:35 am 

    Again Marshall McLuhan. He is telling us exactly what are their plans are for earth. They want communism and not nationalism. Earth is an experiment for them. The voluntary accelerated depletion of natural resources using globalism.

    They plan on continuing their experimentation on us us until we kill each other. They are evil plain and simple.

    He said tribalism lead to violence.

  9. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 9:55 am 

    I still wonder sometime. if the controller of the reality/holographic fake reality are not connected to the world wide electrical grid with us not knowing it. Where do they take this energy to power the fake sun.

    They come up with fake population number to justify electrical grid expansion and somehow without us knowing they connect to the grid. The increase in electrical energy consumption is coming from them not us.

  10. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 10:26 am 

    If you are a globalist like piece of shit Legault, Sirois, Desmarais, Peladeau , you are working with the controller of the earths.

    Peledeau is one person that was running a news papers empire in Quebec. He laugh at the idea that we could run out of trees. He bought paper mill company so he could continue to dumb down the population.

    These are some of the people that are the enemies of everything that is good on earth. Peladeau father was a really ugly man, he did not seem human at all. That would explain his behavior

    See my previous comments

  11. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 10:41 am 

    Some people claim that the level of oxygen on earth is too low now because we cut too many trees. Even the trees are dying because of the lack of C02.

    Look at the people, they are responsible of this. They are the first you kill. They are responsible for all the shit we are into.

  12. YouAreTooEvilToLiveAmongUS on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 11:50 am 

    I saw twice an holographic projection of what I think was the controller of this reality. One time it was someone dress in Whites wearing a mask with a brown skin.

    White means two things, surrender or purity. If they were trying to surrender to me and looking for reconciliation, it will not work you are too evil.

    Look at Peladeau father face. The face of the controller of this reality look similar to that even uglier. That will give an idea.

  13. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 12:20 pm 

    Mary Trump explains why she thinks Don Jr. is the dumbest of the Fat Boy’s children

    (don’t really know how to determine that, with these pond scum idiots?)

    But she should know.
    McLuhan? Please—-

  14. PieceOfShitFakeSun on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 1:44 pm 

    I dislike your piece of shit fake sun. Your fucking fake sun is a heat lamp the same color as an incandescent light bulb. No way a real GOD would have created something that nasty as a sun.

    You really are the definition of evil. Where you get your fucking energy to power something like this: from earth or you have your own source of energy.

  15. ItIsBecomingAFuckUpWorldOutThere on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 5:55 pm 

    I was at the grocery store. People look more or less like the people you see on porn site and Youtube. Flat face, long chin. long neck White shinny eyes. Some not all have the bottom of their face moving out like a dog. Even the older people don’t look human. I was excepting to see much more humans in the older population 55 and above. Not much real human with White skin left in this world.

    Youb se much petite people now, Some are so small that their eyes are barely above the top of steering wheel.

  16. ItIsBecomingAFuckUpWorldOutThere on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 6:12 pm 

    It is lonely out there as a big White man that has the same physical shape he had a year ago, except I got bigger,

  17. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 7:55 pm 

    “In Mississippi, one out of every 320 residents has died due to COVID-19”

    Its a start, I guess

  18. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 7:58 pm 

    “The situation is dire,” Dave Jeppesen, the director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, told The New York Times. “We don’t have enough resources to adequately treat the patients in our hospitals, whether you are there for Covid-19 or a heart attack or because of a car accident.”

    Capitalism, because of greed, needs just in time delivery. Obviously this doesn’t work during a pandemic.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 23rd Sep 2021 11:08 pm 

    The Real Problem That Caused MAGA: Low Cognitive Ability

    “The MAGA crowd cannot debate issues on a grown-up level. The reasons for this have nothing to do with Trump. The lack of education among MAGA people is shocking. They do not understand some basic concepts.

    Here are some fundamental thinking flaws that have infested the MAGA crowd.

    They don’t know the difference between evidence and proof.

    They think an accusation is a fact.

    The MAGA conspiracy cycle starts with “The FBI has been accused of starting the January 6th riot” and progresses to “It is a known fact that the FBI incited the January 6th riot” with no new facts.

    They think an opinion is a fact.

    “Biden suffers from dementia and cannot stay in office.” Just an opinion encouraged by Trump and others. This is never stated as a supposition or even a question. In their minds, it is a fact because that is their opinion”

    “Biden suffers from dementia and cannot stay in office.” Just an opinion encouraged by Trump and others. This is never stated as a supposition or even a question. In their minds, it is a fact because that is their opinion.

    No amount of instruction into cognitive errors will cure blind loyalty to a super daddy. MAGA is a crisis cult & it’s sad loser adherents are putting their lives on hold for 4 years in the hopes of Trump 2.0, in spite of the fact Trump was ineffectual as a leader. Trump had 4 years & accomplished sweet fuck all. Why would anyone expect anything different the 2nd time around? Only a cult member would show such big enthusiasm after such a big failure.

    I totally hope Trump runs & wins.

  20. EarthWontSupportLifeMuchLonger on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 12:29 am 

    I am starting to notice more and more expensive cars: Mercedes, big pick-up truck, Audi mainly driven by skinny brown man. They are demolishing a nice little one story house to replace it with a big two stories house. I don’t know who is moving in, but they seems to have no restraint and like to spend big money and live the high life. They are going to destroy everything if they are not stop. They are mainly of brown skin color, skinny, sometime short and sometime tall. They seem to have no soul or spirituality and seem driven by an animal spirit instead of a human spirit. It is starting to get more and more noticeable.

    It is most likely too late to reverse this. You are not going to find a capable leader willing to deal with this. It is too much of a mess. The best option is a big collapse: financial collapse, gasoline shortage and food shortage to fix this, nothing else will work. It is completely out of control now.

  21. EarthWontSupportLifeMuchLonger on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 12:33 am 

    Just raise the interest rate and crash this sucker to the ground.

  22. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 5:13 am 

    Good times for collapse enthusiasts!

    “Petrol panic-buying begins as UK plunges towards Winter of Discontent 2.0: Food, gas, fuel and labour shortages see desperate bosses offering HGV drivers £78,000 salaries and fruit-pickers on £30-a-hour”

    Brexit “Casserolle Farage” for Christmas: a can of sardines and a role of biscuits, provided you can lay your hands on those. Go to the supermarket and fetch them now while you still can!

    “Turkey, toys and trees at risk: How Britain faces crisis at Christmas due to shortage of gas, CO2, truckers and workers – as Tesco boss warns of ‘5% price hikes’ amid battle to ‘avert horrendous Dec 25′”

    Now, there are fears that shortages could bite households in the run-up to Christmas.

    The classic Christmas dinner could be decimated, with turkey, pigs in blankets, potatoes and brussel sprouts all at risk.

    Meanwhile, toys, vinyl and books could also experience shortages – with experts even warning of Christmas tree issues.

    And then there is energy shortage:

    “‘The Government, in their wisdom, chose a “just in time” approach’: Energy boss says he ‘finally gave up’ on building off-shore gas storage unit after years of rejection from ministers – leaving UK with seven days’ back-up compared to Germany with NINETY”

    On top of that, Germany is connected to Russia via that brand-new Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Russia is willing to deliver, but ONLY via Nord Stream 2, not via that legacy Ukraine-Poland pipeline, 2 notorious anti-Russian countries. Ukraine can send hydrogen through that pipeline… if they can produce it.

    Keis Starmer could be the coming man in British politics:

    “Keir Starmer faces Labour conference storm as Sadiq Khan refuses THREE TIMES to back his reforms to party rules and 14,000-word pamphlet setting out his ‘vision’ is mocked as a load of ‘cliches’ that will make voters think he is a ‘weirdo'”

    All he needs to do is lean back, let the Brexit-disaster do its work, forge an alliance with the Lib-Dems and Greens and gradually begin to hint at a return to the EU Common Market.

  23. WeHaveTOEstablieALinkBetweeMoneyAndEnegy on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 10:28 am 

    I still think we have to raise interest rate world wide. Since money is indirectly tied to oil or energy, but not one on one.

    One on one would mean 1 US dollar = 1 Joule of energy. SO if you have in circulation the same amount of US dollar that you have of availability energy you have an one on one relationship and the system is more difficult to game by the globalists

    By raising to interest rate globally you establish a stronger link between money and energy. It is the only way to stop this bullshit housing bubble, useless and unnecessary housing renovation mainly driven by vaginas and gays, unnecessary buying of huge pick up trucks

  24. WeAreStartingToGetAnIdeaOfWhatTheyLookLike on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 1:40 pm 

    Eris Zemmour is starting to look like a little grey alien.

    6:27 in the video for a picture of a little grey alien.

    If you expend Zemmour head until it reaches his earth, you get almost the same head as grey alien.

    See 0:32.

  25. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 6:24 pm 


  26. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 6:28 pm 


  27. MoreType on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 9:46 pm 

    Bottom face moving forward. You are seeing this more and more.

    1:27 profile. You are starting to see 45 degree inclinations neck from profile side. I have seen two of them.

  28. MoreType on Fri, 24th Sep 2021 10:09 pm 

    You are betting on the wrong horse. I am too old, with a declining heath and you know it. I can barely do two hours of work straight and continuous..

  29. SendMoneyMyWay on Sat, 25th Sep 2021 3:31 pm 

    Find a way to send money my way. I am not working for free anymore and without compensation. I am fed of these games

  30. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 4:10 am 

    In the likely upcoming WW3, India might be siding with the US. Not that it will make a lot of difference, India is far away from the South China Sea. It is highly unlikely that Japan will fight for Taiwan:

    “US-China policy: Biden is bringing together Japan, Australia and India to stare down China”

    Nevertheless, it might deter China for a couple of years more.

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