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Page added on July 17, 2020

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Russian Scientists Create New Non-Freezing Arctic Diesel Fuel


Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have discovered a way to produce Arctic diesel fuel from winter-grade fuel, and winter fuel from inter-season grade fuel. The effect has been achieved by using a heavy diesel fraction and a cold flow improver.

The authors of the study believe that the new fuel recipes will be of great practical importance for countries developing the Arctic.

The results of the study were published in the bi-monthly journal Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Revue d’IFP Energies Nouvelles.

Operation of machines in winter and arctic environment requires the use of diesel fuel grades that do not freeze at low temperatures. Their production is becoming more challenging every year due to the depletion of light oil reserves and the involvement in the processing of increasingly heavy raw materials and fractions obtained at oil recycling facilities.

According to TPU specialists, today additives or improvers are mainly used to produce various grades of diesel fuel suitable for use in winter and the Arctic territories. Most research papers in this field are devoted to the synthesis of new, more effective additives.

However, there are known cases when additives proven to be effective in laboratory studies have no practical effect on fuel. This can lead to extremely negative consequences: the inability to use vehicles, the shutdown of diesel-powered generators.

TPU scientists have conducted a study and showed the feasibility of expanding the raw material base of diesel fuel production by involving heavy diesel fractions and using cold flow improvers. As a result, they introduced new techniques for the production of diesel fuel for use in winter and Arctic conditions.

“We have discovered that involving a small amount of heavy diesel fraction increases the efficiency of the cold flow improver by 10°C in terms of the filterability limit temperature. By involving an undesirable in the usual sense heavy diesel fraction along with the additive, we can produce winter-grade fuel from inter-season one, and from winter fuel – the Arctic fuel”, Associate Professor of TPU Chemical Engineering Department Maria Kirgina said.

© Sputnik / Pavel Lvov
Glacier Near Champ Island of the Franz Josef Land Archipelago.

The scientists plan to analyse further the quantitative correlation of the composition of different types of diesel fuel (fractional, group fuel, containing individual hydrocarbons and heteroatomic compounds) on the effectiveness of cold flow improvers. This would help to optimise the use of additive potential on fuels of any composition.

The study was conducted by the Tomsk Polytechnic University with financial support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the Tomsk Oblast.


12 Comments on "Russian Scientists Create New Non-Freezing Arctic Diesel Fuel"

  1. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 3:43 am 

    It won’t be much of a problem for much longer.

    Heat Wave Shatters Record in Siberian Town

    “One of the coldest places on Earth became one of the warmest.

    A heat wave in Russia on Saturday sent temperatures in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk soaring to 38 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). Meteorologists say that would be the highest number ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle.”

    The chilling global impact of Siberia’s record heatwave

    “Temperatures in Russia’s Arctic Siberian region climbed to record highs in June, sparking a disastrous snowball effect of forest fires, thawing permafrost and oil spills.”

    The melting Arctic is the harbinger of your doom. Most are clueless to the awesome forces in play. And the inertia. Inertia is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Puny humans couldn’t stop it if all 8 billion devoted their lives to trying. If they all died in their sleep tonight it would only slow it down. It’s not an opinion, it’s physics.

  2. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 3:55 am 

    Antarctica, the new tourist destination:

    Antarctica represents 10% of the world’s landmass.

  3. Sissyfuss on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 9:09 am 

    Now they need to make Arctic diesel non spillable as a massive quantity of it courses its way to the Arctic Ocean.

  4. asg70 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 9:15 am 

    If they don’t spill it it will only pollute the air after it’s burned.

  5. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:30 pm 

    Cloggie, the Antarctic also holds enough water in ice to raise the ocean ~160 feet (~50 meters) What does a sea rise of that magnitude mean for your country? It would mean the end of all sea ports and coastal cities everywhere.

    There are at least 91 volcanoes under that ice so it could happen quick.

    How soon? Who knows? Our farm is ~75 meters above sea level. Beach front property some day? ^_^

  6. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:44 pm 

    Amerika setting new records!

    “Record Number Of Americans Died From Drug Overdoses In 2019 As Fentanyl Moved West”

    “Nearly 71,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year…”

  7. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:49 pm 

    More Trump bullshit. “Pentagon Reveals Trump’s “Super-Duper” Hypersonic Missile”

    “CNN noted the US won’t have hypersonic missiles fielded until 2023 while China and Russia already have there’s in the field.”

    2023? Knowing Amerika’s failures of late, it will never work. But it will keep a lot of high paid engineers busy for years. LOL

  8. JuanP on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 6:31 pm 

    Mak, stop the referencing of Zero Hedge if you are going to rag on them also. That is hypocritical. The US will be ahead of both China and Russia soon, be patient ^_^

  9. JuanP on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 6:34 pm 

    Lets give China a round of applause:

    “Asia is hurtling towards a fentanyl disaster”

    “Asia, in contrast, is home to 55 per cent of the world’s opioid users and nearly 75 per cent of opiate users globally. The five million injectors who live in the region account for nearly a third of all injectors globally. Only two out of 25 countries — Afghanistan and India — have established take-home naloxone services. Harm reduction services are generally in place, but coverage is extremely poor, service availability is at best patchy and governments remain extremely reluctant to invest in public health measures to address drug-related issues.”

  10. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 6:46 pm 

    Davy, get over it! ZH is a Sinophobic/Capitalist website, but it is also a group of comments/articles from other, more reputable, sites and saves me time switching around. I don’t read 80% of what is on ZH as it is trash or bullshit, just like you.

  11. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 6:50 pm 

    BTW: Eastasiaforum is based in Australia, a country so far up the Amerikan butt it has no mind of it’s own. You have to look at the source for the spin. In this case: Sinophobia big time. Australia is the most stupid country in the West. It is trying to hurt it’s main export source, China, all in the name of kissing the dirty Amerikan ass. It is going down right along with Amerika and the UK.

  12. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 6:58 pm 

    Drug deaths by country:

    US – 10.81 /100,000
    China – 1.84 /100,000
    Philippines – 0.75 /100,000

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