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Page added on October 30, 2012

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Reducing Agriculture’s High Energy Costs

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UVM Lecturer Eric Garza on the energy use–and energy production in the US food system. The food system now consumes 14 calories of fossil fuel for every calorie of food produced. Garza will be on a panel at UVM’s conference on Biophysical Economics this weekend that looks at ways to make food production an energy producer.

Diane Derby of Sen. Pat Leahy’s office on the 16th annual Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference, to be held Nov. 10 at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. One of the topics she discussed was pay inequity for women, and she named the Vermont Commission on Women as the go-to resource for women who think they may have been discriminated against.

Carl Etnier hosted.

One Comment on "Reducing Agriculture’s High Energy Costs"

  1. BillT on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 3:38 pm 

    What does ‘equal pay for women’ have to do with peak oil? Another meeting for those participants to rehash old stuff, enjoy nice hotels and meals paid for by someone else. Not going to change anything.

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