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Page added on March 13, 2020

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Prepping for Coronavirus

How the Well-Dressed Diner preps up for a trip to the Food Superstore.

12 Comments on "Prepping for Coronavirus"

  1. Anonymouse on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 2:56 pm 

    Well dressed? Him? He looks like a hobo, or a stalker of little children. If you see him, or someone that dresses like that at the Mega-Mart or whatever they call it in your town, call security. Or better, the police.

    In fact, this guy is so weird, incoherent and creepy, he reminds me delusional davy. IF davy could afford an actual computer, monitor and camera, which of course, he cant.

    I got a much better title.

    How davy dresses for every single trip to Walgreens.

  2. FuelShortageComing on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 3:04 pm 

    Guy is funny. Dark humour. The only kind of humour left in these hard times. You need a welding fume mask.

  3. FuelShortageComing on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 3:18 pm 

    There is an old saying in northern nations like Canada, Sweden, Norway : cold is the killer of old people. Meaning that cold get you more prone to develop pneumonia as you get older.

    If you have Corona Virus and you catch pneumonia, your body has to fight two diseases, Corona Virus and pneumonia. This is what he is saying in his video.

    Think global cooling + Corona Virus + pneumonia. The death rate could go much higher. Add to this supply chain collapse and intermittent electrical disruption leading to home without heating. You get what I am saying.

  4. makati1 on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 5:25 pm 

    Global cooling? You must live on another planet! Heat records have been setting higher and higher, or don’t you see anything besides the broken thermometer on the back porch? Or realize that there IS a southern hemisphere?

    “Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record’

    “2019 was Australia’s hottest year on record – 1.5C above average temperature”

    Some people have their head where the sun doesn’t shine. Or are just plain stupid. Which?

  5. FuelShortageComing on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 6:06 pm 

    Powerful “Snow Cyclone” Batters Sakhalin, Russia: Emergency Warnings Issued

  6. makati1 on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 6:20 pm 

    Well, it is still late winter and that location is just north of Japan. Your point?

    “Search Results
    Featured snippet from the web
    In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy and the winters are frigid, snowy, windy, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -2°F to 71°F and is rarely below -14°F or above 80°F.”

    Next you will be claiming that snow is a sign of climate cooling. LOL

  7. Richard Guenette on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 6:45 pm 

    When more and more people get sick and are unable to work, who or what will do their jobs?

  8. Davy on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 6:50 pm 

    “Miami Mayor Tests Positive After Meeting With President Bolsonaro & His Staff” zero hedge

    “Miami Mayor Francis Suarez confirmed Friday that he has tested positive for the new coronavirus. Suarez, 42, said in a statement that he was not feeling any symptoms and advised anyone who shook hands with him or was close to him since Monday to self-isolate for 14 days.”

  9. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 6:50 pm 

    The press conference was basically an infomercial to pump the stocks of medical companies before the market closed.

    The Fat Boy does know how to “socialize” the Thugs.

  10. Richard Guenette on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 6:59 pm 

    What segments of the population are vulnerable to the coronavirus?

  11. makati1 on Fri, 13th Mar 2020 7:11 pm 

    Duncan, that’s because he is one. Has always been one. Will never change. He sets a new high for presidential corruption trailed only by the rest of the government leeches and their corporate bosses.

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