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Page added on March 16, 2020

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Is it time to freak out?

Is it time to freak out? thumbnail

Toilet paper? Have people lost their minds? Of course, I have wondered that many times even without the coronavirus scare, but it’s toilet paper that people are panic buying?

I seriously don’t get that, but there is a real threat from Covid-19. The most pressing and important long-term effect beyond the deaths that will occur is the economic disruption that will almost certainly lead to a recession. It could even get worse, and we could have a legitimate stock market crash. Perhaps worst of all, our medical care system is about to be put to a very significant test.

As we shut down society to help control the spread of the disease, we are also effectively shutting down the economy. Right now, people are panic-buying toilet paper, but what will be next? Doesn’t that point to a capacity within people to be absolutely ridiculous when threatened by any sort of crisis?

The answer is a resounding “yes,” and it points to the paper-thin line between normal life and full-blown panic. A single man can be very unpredictable. Mankind in its aggregate is extremely predictable and develops a kind of mob mentality, particularly in crisis, and that mentality is never good. Hoarding is a common response to crisis situations.

Think about how people panic-buy bread and milk when snow is in the forecast. The rational side of our minds understands that this is Alabama and snow doesn’t last here for more than a day or two. The irrational side of our mind sends us rushing immediately to the store for milk and bread.

The Covid-19 virus has been in the open for more than a month. Worldwide, there have been approximately 163,000 reported cases and slightly more than 6,000 deaths. That yields a death rate of about 3.7 percent. This makes Covid-19 far more deadly than the annual flu in terms of the death rate. Of course, that rate is somewhat inflated due to the disease being underreported. The actual death rate will be slightly lower, but, even then, that number would mean a substantial number of fatalities.

When the world population hovered around 1.8 billion people at the end of the Great War in 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic broke out. It lasted well into 1919 and claimed 50 million lives worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That epidemic had a mortality rate of about 2.7 percent. In the United States, 675,000 people died. The CDC said that approximately one-third of the world population was infected with Spanish flu.

Many people in the Spanish flu outbreak died at home and never went to a hospital or doctor’s office, particularly in rural parts of America and the world. In today’s society, people rush to doctors and hospitals, and that rush could easily turn into a torrent as it has in Italy, where the health care delivery system has been overwhelmed.

While shutting everything down may look like an overreaction, it is likely the best way to halt the rapid spread of the disease. None of us like the idea that the NCAA had to shut down its basketball tournament and call off all the spring sports. None of us like the NBA canceling the rest of the season or Major League Baseball suspending spring training and delaying the opening of the season. Many of us will be seriously inconvenienced by having to work from home or by having public schools and universities suspend their spring classes. Those precautions, however, are critical to stemming the tide of new infections.

U.S. hospitals in aggregate have only about 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 people. Of those beds, only about 300,000 are available at any given time. It is easy to see how hospital capacity could easily be overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients. Further, the stockpile of medication and medical supplies would be quickly overtaxed by a huge influx of patients. Unfortunately, many of those supplies and medications are manufactured in China, where manufacturing has been seriously disrupted.

This leaves our health-care workers vulnerable as well as seriously undersupplied. Cancelling those sporting events and class schedules doesn’t seem like too great a sacrifice in light of those facts. I still don’t believe you should purchase every roll of toilet paper in the store; however, buying some essential items without freaking out would be a good decision. No one expects stores to shut down, so take it easy, be smart and do what the CDC is recommending.

The best way to treat Covid-19 is to avoid contracting Covid-19.

For accurate information on Covid-19, consult the CDC website:

76 Comments on "Is it time to freak out?"

  1. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 5:54 am 

    “cloggo, you have this Anglo derangement going on where you can’t even talk about the bloodbath in your back yard.”

    It is absolutely true I have a healthy contempt for most anglos, the globalist people, the people without identity, the people who think they own it all, the kosher foot soldiers, the materialist people, the superficial people, the clueless people, the race of bubble gum poppers, the anti-white suicide bombers, the media people, the people without intellectual curiosity, the collapse flirters, the nihilists… but there is absolutely nothing in my previous posts from which you can derive my contempt.

    Walk on, nothing to be seen.

    “Expect that the entire 2020 will be busy trying to contain the crisis. There will be no tourism, no air-traffic, production will largely continue. There will be no food shortage. The highlights of 2020 will be a walk in the park and being online permanently.”

    My fucking god you are warped. Good luck with that fool.

    As always he launches smear words like “warped” and “fool” without even attempting to explain what is so outrageous about predicting that a walk in the park and being online will be the highlights in 2020?

    He can’t. He is an idiot who can’t tell his butt from his nose. Perhaps it is better that the kikes drown this anglo demographic in the third world, nothing to be heard off again. Problem solved.

  2. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 6:02 am 

    Simple really..When the world economy collapses everything shuts down..the end..We’re talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in short order..The collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like..I’m talking about every corporation and every social program going bankrupt at once. I’m talking about people eating people.. I’m talking about the worst catastrophe to ever happen in the history of mankind..Nothing has ever, or will ever come close..

  3. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 6:18 am 

    France tightening the EU screws on Britain:

    “British nationals will be BANNED from France if Boris Johnson does not adopt the same coronavirus policies as the EU, the French prime minister warns”

    Britain is being pushed into no-deal by France by imposing measures they know in advance the UK will not adhere to.


    “This is why we MUST test suspected patients for coronavirus: Study warns 86% of patients go undetected as No 10 adviser suggests one in EVERY 1,000 Britons may already be infected in the UK”

    86% will not even bother to call the doctor. I did call the doctor but they told me to stay at home until real suffering would surface. It didn’t. My fever started exactly 14 days ago, lasted for 5 full days. After that I had a vague sense of stuffiness, but that could have been my imagination. There was no pneumonia in the second week. I think I’m past the virus, at least for the duration of this pandemic.

    “‘We need MORE!’: Businesses warn Rishi Sunak they need GRANTS not loans to keep workers amid fears ONE MILLION could lose jobs and UK’s economy could shrink by a fifth as chancellor is urged to escalate £350bn coronavirus bailout”

    Economies won’t collapse, but could shrink by 20%.

    Main casualties 2020: tourism, flying, car industry, hotels, cafe’s, clubs, sport, theater.

    And absolutely nobody will give a flying f* about fake “refugees”. Other people and especially the shabby dark ones will be seen as potential Corona carriers and shunned. Ethno-centrism will thrive. Things will get very local again and that’s the good thing about it.

  4. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 6:52 am 

    Britain produces only 50% of its own food and hence is very vulnerable to food shortages. Hence the upcoming rationing in UK supermarkets:

    “Coronavirus news – live: Supermarkets begin rationing as economic rescue plan criticised for ignoring renters and global cases near 200,000”

    Britain is at the mercy of the EU, the very EU it tries to distance itself from.

    Countries like Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Italy all have healthy food surpluses:

    As I said yesterday, a famine in the UK, on top of Corona, is a very real possibility later this year.

    The UK negotiation cards vs the EU are extremely weak.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the UK government will beg for an extension of the current situation, well into 2021.


  5. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 7:01 am 

    The world is at war with the virus. We need a one world government to be effective.

    The NWO is within reach!

  6. Hello on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 7:09 am 

    >>> Britain produces only 50% of its own food

    Not sure, but I think that’s by choice, because it’s cheaper to import. Kind of like holland uses valuable land to grow tulips because it pays more than wheat. That could be changed next season if need be.

    Look to switzerland for country in trouble. WAY overpopulated, with limited flat land being plastered over at an alarming rate. Switzerland was barely able to hang on and feed itself during ww2. And that was with half the population as of today.

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 7:44 am 

    “Not sure, but I think that’s by choice, because it’s cheaper to import.”

    It is partly by choice. Britain, like the US, has an obsession with finance, an obsession it shares with your Switzerland btw. It is very difficult to find people in the UK with an interest in farming.

    “Kind of like holland uses valuable land to grow tulips because it pays more than wheat.”

    Yep, the US gets paid 10 cent per kilo of flour. Holland gets paid 13 euro per kg of cheese. Or several euro per kilo of fruit or vegetables. Or indeed 10 euro per kilo of flowers. Flowers are a substantial part of Dutch agricultural exports (10%), but the most by far is real food:

    The real secret behind the Dutch agricultural success is specialization on “intense products” that makes a high price per kilo and needs little soil.

    The very fact that Holland is as flat as a dime greatly helps, no useless mountains. Every square meter is used. On top of that we have more than enough water. Most needs to be pumped away.

    “Kind of like holland uses valuable land to grow tulips because it pays more than wheat.”

    Interestingly, I thank my existence to tulip bulbs, my mother was forced to eat during the war:

    They are not very tasty, but if you have nothing else…

    They are even served in some Dutch restaurants as a historic curiosity:

    Flexibility and resourcefulness, that is the key to survival. Holland will be fine as our single most important asset is our location at the mouth of the Rhine river, servicing a hinterland of 440 million, making Holland the real Singapore, the British can only fantasize about. When I worked in Bavaria, I once spend a couple of hours in Passau on a river terrace, where the Inn and Danube get together:

    At least half of the ships carried the Dutch flag, a direct consequence of our location at the North Sea and Rhine delta.

    And with the renewable energy transition a new giant source of wealth is showing up: tens of GW of wind power from the North Sea, far more than we can ever use for ourselves:

    Current Dutch roll-out rate offshore wind 1.5 GW/year. Soon 3 GW/year. Holland consumes on average 13 GW. By 2030 we’ll be energy independent and energy exporters (hydrogen) after 2040.

  8. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 8:47 am 

    The Eurovision song contest, the largest television event in the world, has been Corona-cancelled. It was due to be held in Rotterdam in May, alas:

    As I said earlier, the only thing you can hope for in 2020 is a walk in the park and months of reading thanks to a mortgage holiday:

    “Rishi Sunak announces three month mortgage payment ‘holiday’ for any homeowner hit hard by coronavirus as the Chancellor vows to make sure people can ‘get back on their feet'”

  9. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 8:53 am 

    Dutch supermarkets: plexi-glass protection for all cashiers, distance stripes on the floor:

    It would even be better if customers pass their shopping lists to the supermarket per app and go to the supermarket to collect a bag of groceries without entering the shop and pay online in advance.

  10. joe on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:02 am 

    Soon stores wont need people according to Amazon.

    4th industrial revolution has arrived.

  11. world grater supremacist muzzies lovin for the sake of supremacist muzzies on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:22 am 

    seriusly the whole thing could be a massive scam per[etrated by a few blowhard supertards in the media and the grub.
    nobody paying attention to whitey supertard president paul that it could be a massive hoax
    because the destruction of alt-tard media the msm has free range
    when the show is conducted in a manner where “thunderf00t” is in on it, it smells
    the use of high english for muzzie lovin is also suspect
    chrisitans are rite to stock up luke
    if per chance this doesn’t go the way the elites want we could use luke to amputate all muzzies starting with imams
    imam in illinois say conquer ameirca this is sedition but it’s up to the people’s trial of global muzie sof rcrime agaist humanity to convict and sentece to death
    muzzies in nigeria genocide christians

    wonder what little big brother joe supertard is thinking or is his love for muzzies also increased uncontrollably

  12. Davy on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:26 am 

    “It would even be better if customers pass their shopping lists to the supermarket per app and go to the supermarket to collect a bag of groceries without entering the shop and pay online in advance.”

    We are getting our groceries this way from Walmart. Getting stuff from amazon. I am avoiding stores.

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:31 am 

    *** This just in ***:

    Germany has officially cancelled all humanitarian refugee-intaking because of Corona:

    “Deutschland setzt humanitäre Flüchtlingsaufnahme aus”

    In practice this means that no refugee will be flown in anymore from abroad.

    The less political correct Balkan states and Italy will ensure that nobody will make it to Germany over land any more in the first place.

    The EU chief von der Leyen has already openly praised Greece for “defending Europe”.

    “EU chief says Greece is Europe’s shield in migrant crisis”

    The asylum scam is over, probably for good! The left is losing faster in continental Europe than you can say “Hitler”.

    As I said before, Corona is a white nationalist treasure trove.

    Europe is saved and can begin to repair itself from the damage inflicted by the empire:

    AfD: “What’s your reason to fight for Germany?”

    A re-population policy is next, aimed at increasing autochtone birth rates back to replacement level 2.1. A reduction of the European population with 10% is desirable, provided the f* industry is not getting its way and attract cheap hands from abroad.

    Desired new legislation:

    – if you refuse to marry and procreate we are going to send you a stiff tax bill (“wanker tax”)
    – refusal to dole out divorces in case of children
    – Married people get preferential treatment in employment over wankers
    – cancellation gay marriage as an affront against nature
    – property of dis-ceased childless people should be passed-on to those people with the most children on very friendly financial terms.

    This is the goal:

    (EU-chieftain von der Leyen giving the good example)

  14. world grater supremacist muzzies love on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:39 am 

    nobody paying attention to whitey supertard president paul? how stupid to replace love for (((supremetard))) with love for 7th century supremacist muzzies
    abandon low english and use high english for fear and love of supremacist muzzies
    nobody cares about fredom liberty the love of republic?
    just hoarding toilet papers and lib urns
    that’s what we became? like herd controlled by a few msm supertards and the grub who love muzzies?

    not even the positibilyt of nazi richard spencer being clocked by some tard and it woldn’t make the news now that alt-tard media is destroyed?

    how stupid our supertards have become

    what has little big brother joe supertard become

  15. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:39 am 

    More good Corona news: Venice canals free of tourism sh*t and p*ss, water clean again with plenty of fish:

    “Venice’s canals are the cleanest they’ve been in living memory after coronavirus lockdown leaves water clear and fish become visible”


  16. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 9:59 am 

    Dow 30
    Well, that 1000 is in the rear view mirror.
    The Fat Boy and the Thugs are pretty helpless on this one– but there still are people to rip off.

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 10:21 am 

    “what has little big brother joe supertard become”

    Good question, Paultard!

    The answer is that our esteemed joe esquire is leading the way towards the “fourth industrial revolution”.

    Details have leaked out about a revolutionary design of a British high-speed train, with which post-Brexit British engineers hope to scare the living daylights out of the TGV-France, the ICE-Germany and Shinkansen-Japan competition and conquer world markets:

    Gonna be a walkover!

  18. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 11:04 am 

    “Do I look like a guy with a plan.” — The Joker

  19. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 12:25 pm 

    Dow 30

  20. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 18th Mar 2020 1:24 pm 

    Dow 30

    VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short-Term ETN (TVIX)
    NasdaqGM – NasdaqGM Real Time Price. Currency in USD

    991.99+413.99 (+71.62%)
    As of 2:22PM EDT. Market open.

    Get it campers?

  21. world grater supremacist muzzies lovin for the sake of supremacist muzzies i know some wrong when a pretty little white girl ran to a black man arms dead giveaway deeeeeeeeeeeeeed giveaway on Thu, 19th Mar 2020 6:55 am 

    nobody buying tp, they just buy everything but the msm just zooms in a few tards carrying tp and say yeah they buying tp
    and then it caused tards to buy tp

    && people really buying lib urns &&

    nobody loves supremacist muzzies but media say people love supreamcist muzzies because they’re soft and cudly.

    if you GIS for muzzie “abu bakr al-baghdadi” you see a very soft and cuddly muzzie because practicioner of muzzies are zen like, very peaceful, very content and benevolent

    so buying tp narative is just a cruel joke, making fun of tards and us all

    all we have is muzzie love and tp and lib urns

    it’s very sad. all sadness in the world can be lifted in an hour if we start mass amputaiton of muzzies worldwide starting with imams

    but don’t blast me for saying it.

    consider the follwoing:
    muzzie in illinoise says conquer america
    muzzie in al asqua mosqe says conquer america
    muzzie caliph erdogan said there’re no extremist muzzies, so he says all muzzies are extremists jihadists and need amputation

    here’s the hint, amputate the muzzies and i’m not the one saying these terrible things. it’s the muzzies that say it.

    open ur eyes and see, don’t let love of muzies cover ur eyes

  22. I AM THE MOB on Thu, 19th Mar 2020 11:51 am 

    It’s very suspicious that so many celebrities are coming down with the corona-virus. Since their biggest corporate sponsors are the same as the media. The Drug Companies.

    And guess who just happens to be the companies that will financially benefit the most from a pandemic. The Drug Companies.

  23. Richard Guenette on Sun, 22nd Mar 2020 11:18 am 

    Anti-white rhetoric is the real racism. Multiculturalism has failed in the West. I don’t want to live under Shairah Law.

  24. Richard Guenette on Sun, 22nd Mar 2020 11:20 am 

    The world needs more leaders like Trump. He is doing his job but has his hands tied. And also his advisors are the real problem- fire him.

  25. JuanP on Sun, 22nd Mar 2020 11:23 am 

    Being a mulata I think you are rong Rich. I am a multicult and look how adjusted I turned out. I am the best looking and smarterest one on this forum.

  26. Richard Guenette on Sun, 22nd Mar 2020 11:25 am 

    Why are whites (such as myself) being blamed for all of the world’s problems?

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