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Page added on July 26, 2014

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Iran Working on Large-Scale Plans to Export Gas to Europe

Iran Working on Large-Scale Plans to Export Gas to Europe thumbnail

The Iranian oil ministry has large-scale programs underway to export natural Gas to European nations, a senior energy official announced on Saturday.

“We have macro-scale plans to supply gas to Europe,” Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Ali Majedi told FNA on Saturday.

He noted that Europeans have shown deep interest in importing Iran’s gas in a bid to relieve themselves from Russia’s monopoly over supplies to Europe.

In March, Managing-Director of the National Iranian Gas Exporting Company (NIGEC) Ali-Reza Kameli said Iran is in talks with different countries for selling more gas.

“Negotiations for Iran’s gas sale have never been halted and we are currently in talks with many countries,” he said.

He said Iran is currently talking with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Oman and Iraq for gas exports, adding that talks have also been held with Indian officials.

Kameli said Iran will be producing gas more than its domestic needs once new phases of the giant South Pars gas field come on-stream in the coming years.

Iran sits atop the world’s largest gas reserves. Iran is currently producing more than 700 mcm/d of sour gas which is fed into petrochemical plants, power plants, domestic industries, oil wells and households. A portion of this production is exported.

Also in March, Deputy Oil Minister for Planning and Supervision of Hydrocarbon Reserves Mansour Mo’azami said that the Iranian Oil Ministry is resolved to multiply exports of Iranian natural gas to the world by the end of the next calendar year.

“At the moment, the Oil Ministry is highly focused on completion of the giant South Pars phases and sealing gas contacts is a top priority for the ministry,” Mo’azam saidi, addressing the 3rd International Symposium of Iran 2026.

He said phases 12, 15, 16, 17, and 18 of the South Pars project are the prioritized phases of the scheme that will mostly complete by the end of the current Iranian year, (March 20, 2015).

The senior petroleum official further predicted that at least 60 million cubic meters of natural gas will be produced on a daily basis next year while the number can reach 110m cubic meters during the same period provided that things go as planned.

He further underlined that optimization of energy consumption in Iran and expanding the use of CNG instead of gasoline in the country are other issued placed high on the agenda of the ministry.


24 Comments on "Iran Working on Large-Scale Plans to Export Gas to Europe"

  1. J-Gav on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 3:28 pm 

    Hmmm, I’ll have to mull this one over for a while. Iran and Russia have cozied up a bit over the last decade, energy-project wise I mean.

    So, for Europe, dependence on Iranian gas would be cooler than dependence on Russian gas?

    I confess I don’t know, it might create a little competition between the two. On the other hand, if they cartellize, that would not be good news for Europe.

  2. Northwest Resident on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 3:44 pm 

    J-Gav — I wouldn’t expect to be hearing much good news for Europe energy-wise as we move further into the future. They have very little of their own oil and other than rearmament and conquest probably not a lot of good possibilities to get any. “Good news” for Europe would be Russia deciding to cut them some slack and keep selling them NG — as long as they can pay for it. Just my pov.

  3. J-Gav on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 4:25 pm 

    If I remember correctly, around 40% of EU’s total gas imports come from Russia (with some countries, mainly Baltic, at near 100%).

    Strutting around pretending they can ignore that reality will not serve Europe well. So, obviously, that’s why the EU is less enthusiastic about imposing biting sanctions on Russia than the U.S. over the Ukraine sitch. By the way, that country receives two-thirds of its gas imports from Russia and, idiotically, seems to be pretending it can do without it, or doesn’t need to pay for it – or some damn thing …

    OTOH, Russia needs the EU market too. Two-thirds of its income comes from oil and gas exports. Not a properly diversified economy. They’ve now logically opened the window to the East in order to leverage their political situation vis-à-vis Europe. We’ll see in the coming years what all this brings along with it in the way of alliance-restructuring etc.

  4. Davy on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 6:00 pm 

    Gav, what you just spoke of reminds me of “incongruous juxtaposition” like for example the picture of “cruel kindness”. We are talking global incompatible thinking. This European situation will only deteriorate as I fear the whole global system will. We are in a Mega predicament and following a surreal path of “incongruous juxtaposition”. Do we have to push ourselves to the edge to wake up from our dream. There may be no other route for our Human experiment in mass civilization. We are in overshoot and limits of growth facing diminishing returns. With a population so large we cannot possibly satisfy everyone. This all points to conflict over cooperation. This is exactly what is happening now. We can continue to play the blame game or we can ask ourselves how we as individuals, communities, and countries are contributing to this mess we are in. The other alternative is to do battle and reset the whole human equation. This issue may have worked in the past but today with the interconnectedness and codependency of all our locals to the global makes this very dangerous gamble.

  5. Richard Ralph Roehl on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 6:00 pm 

    But most importantly is the huge fossil fuel elephant not being discussed here. None of the gas to be $old to Europe by Iranians will use the petro-dollar.

    And other members of the Shanghai Cooperative Organization and BRICS will NOT use the petro-dollar either. The Amerikan corn syrup sheeple-people should prepare for radical and fundamental changes to their lifestyle. The denouement of the petro-dollar is at hand.

  6. synapsid on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 7:03 pm 

    Supplying Europe with Iranian NG is likely to be a decade or more in the future. Iran’s NG industry isn’t in the best shape and delivery options require lots of foreign investment that isn’t in the immediate offing; the country uses most of the NG it produces at the moment, exports some to Turkey and imports about 70% of the amount it exports.

    If sanctions are lifted and several hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign money are invested in Iran’s NG infrastructure then future delivery to Europe would be feasible. Iran has suggested pipeline (through Turkey, or Iraq/Syria forget that one, or Armenia and Georgia and then under the Black Sea (!)); or LNG. Nothing imminent.

    There’s no question Iran has the NG–just some major details of production and delivery to customers await attention. MAJOR details.

  7. bobinget on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 8:07 pm 

    In the end, Iran, Russia emerge unquestioned leaders in the region.

    ISIS moved closer to Tripoli, US closes Embassy there till further notice.

    ISIS Captures a Main Military base in Syria.


    ISIS will soon move around Baghdad to capture Iraq’s southern oil fields.

    ALL five wars, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Gaza are as one. The civil war orchestrated by RUSSIA in Ukraine is misdirection. President Putin knows better then most, handing over super secret SAM’s to lunatics
    would result in a civilian airliner being targeted. While world attention glued on a Ukraine air disaster, Israel bombards, invades, thousands of Syrian, Iraqi civilians perished. Important oil fields, military bases were captured by ISIS.

    Soon, this will be evident to all. Russia, V.Putin wants nothing less then to control major oil markets.

    Israel’s fabricated casus belli will in time be uncovered. Too late.
    Israel will have control of off-shore Gaza gas reserves. If need be, Hezbollah will begin more accurate missile attacks on Israel, from Lebanon. Israel will be forced to stop playing ‘Mr Nice Guy’ and take off gloves.

    Just remember, all these conflicts, like oil wars in the past, are pretending to be about territory, politics and religion.

  8. Makati1 on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 9:02 pm 

    bobinget, I followed you until you swerved and blamed Russia for Ukraine and shooting s down that plane that Kiev directed over the war zone. Do you actually believe that Western(DC) propaganda?

    The only side that would benefit from a downed liner is Kiev for propaganda purposes. It would be a big negative for Russia and the East Ukraine. Putin may be many things, but stupid he is not. On the other hand, the leaders in the West are stupid, and they are getting desperate. Nothing is working out the way they planned, thanks to Putin.

    As for Iranian gas, I suspect much of it will go East, not north in the future. It will go where the money is and that ain’t Europe. What does go north will be paid for in Euros or some other currency than USDs.

  9. Energy Investor on Sat, 26th Jul 2014 11:08 pm 

    The demise of the US dollar is yet to happen.

    The BRICS new development bank is to be funded in US dollars.

    That at least tells us that the US dollar’s adversaries are not yet ready to rumble. Yet that will happen with time.

  10. Arthur on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 12:12 am 

    Bobinget, you are so wrong about Ukraine and MH17 and the role Russia plays:


    What we see happening in Ukraine is a systematic US/NATO effort of drawing that country from the Russian sphere of influence into the west. The MH17 desaster was almost certainly carried out by the Kiev junta:

    globalresearch. ca/mh17-verdict-real-evidence-points-to-us-kiev-cover-up-of-failed-false-flag/5393317

    …that is doing all it can to park itself in the west and create the pretext for NATO intervention. But the real target is EU-Russian relations. Russia and Germany are becoming too cozy to the liking of Washington, so Russia needs to be demonized and a rift created between Europe and Russia, so Europe is kept as a vassal. Europe has weak (democratic) leadership, in contrast to Russia and ZOG-USA.

  11. Arthur on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 4:41 am 

    I would not see some shift from Russia to Iran as bad, not even for Russia. They would be forced to diversify their economy and leave some NG as reserves for later. They are going to sell it anyway at some point. And the later in time, the higher the price. Additionally it would make it harder for the US to attack Iran, if it were to become a major supplier to European markets.

  12. Davy on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 6:42 am 

    Art, you want to trade one slimy for another? Both Russia and Iran will stab you in the back if they get the chance. What happens down the road if Iran decides to issues a fatwa and denounce the Satan west? Iran could cut of the gas supply for religious reasons. The further Europe gets from home grown support the more Europe will be a pawn of others. It is sad Art but this is Europe’s predicament.

  13. Davy on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 6:54 am 

    Energy Investor Said:
    The demise of the US dollar is yet to happen.
    The BRICS new development bank is to be funded in US dollars.

    I have said here before the demise of the dollar as a reserve currency is a good thing for the US. If you are a doomer then you see any forced de-growth trends are good. This is why the US will leap from areas like Asia that are still pursuing growth. Asia will have to “cold turkey” growth leaving it without a firm foundation to land on. The west is already in descent. The dollarization of the world may have been beneficial at one time to main street USA but no longer. It is only benefiting a few today. Our country has been gutted in many ways by globalism. We don’t need any further cheap exports from Asia. The US needs to turn isolationist and in addition bring the boys home from all those bases. Unfortunately this is a process for both the global dollarization and the return of the US military IOW will take years. IMA there will be no new reserve currency to replace the dollar. We are at the end of economics as we know it.

  14. Arthur on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 7:24 am 

    Davy, it is not about the degree of slimyness of your supplier, but about continuity of supply, while we’re being busy building a new energy system. In three decades Europe won’t need either Iran or Russia for it’s energy. We’ll be largely autark.

  15. JuanP on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 7:45 am 

    EI, The brics development bank will not be in dollars as pe BRICS agreement. You may be confusing the two funds created by the Brics simultaneously at the same meeting.
    The BRICS created two separate different $100 billion equivalent funds.
    One of these funds will serve a role similar to the IMF, loaning money to developing countries in need, probably starting with Argentina. This fund will use currencies other than the US Dollar, and will have $20 billion in each BRICS currency as an initial goal.
    The second fund is totally separate and different. The money will be held in a shared account to be used by BRICS countries to protect their currencies from foreign attacks. This fund is in US$ and the reason they gave for this is that that is the only currency they could use to make large fast moves in currency trades when under attack from traders or foreign govs.

  16. JuanP on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 7:53 am 

    Mak, I suspect your version of what’s happening in Ukraine is probably more accurate than Bob. Just like you I was there with him up to that point. The propaganda in MSM is so rampant and overwhelming that I don’t blame people for falling for it. So much like Iraq BS in 2003. I believe we are picking a fight with Russia, as much as I hate the idea.
    Your point about Iran’s gas going East was your best point, though. I totally agree. I am afraid the Europeans will be outbid by the Chinese, Japanese, and south Koreans.

  17. JuanP on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 8:02 am 

    Art, I agree on Ukraine, but disagree with you on your idea that Europe won’t need to import energy in 30 years. I fear the energy transition for Europe may not be as smooth as you think, though I wish you the best. Nobody’s done more than the Europeans to prepare for what’s coming, but without energy imports you are headed down. I am afraid that the way it may play out in 30 years is that you will still need to import FF, but they just won’t be available for you to import. I hope I am wrong.

  18. Davy on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 8:05 am 

    True Art, sometime you have to sleep with the Devil to get to heaven! I hope Europe succeeds my daughter is Spanish and girlfriend an Italian from the Dolomites.

  19. Davy on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 8:07 am 

    Juan, thanks for the details I did not research. My point would be these Bricsters can’t even get completely away from the IMF and the dollar despite all the talk.

  20. JuanP on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 8:15 am 

    Davy, your points on your reply to EI were great. Total agreement there. The end of the US$ role in the world today, would be the end of globalized BAU for everyone. And I am pro isolationism for all countries, but particularly us here in the USA, because no other country wastes more resources abroad than we do. Imagine if we brought our boys home and invested that energy, time, and money building a better country. Ah, we can dream!

  21. Davy on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 9:03 am 

    Yeap, Juan, soon we will have no choice. One thing the rest of the world needs to understand is the systematic risk of a quick US pullback for a variety or reasons. Even a pullback of the military is a potential big shock to the system because of the size of the US military and it’s integration into the economies on multiple fronts from industries to base economies.

  22. Nony on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 10:16 am 

    I think it’s good for Iran and for Europe. I don’t expect either side to become angels. I don’t expect the Iranians to become angels. But so what.

  23. synapsid on Sun, 27th Jul 2014 10:24 am 


    ISIS are in Libya now?

  24. geometry dash on Thu, 11th Apr 2019 11:07 am 

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