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Page added on March 20, 2021

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India Looking for Other Sources of Crude Supply


India will look for alternative sources of crude oil to ensure sustained supply of the fuel, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said.

New supply chains won’t likely have an impact on crude prices though, she said on Saturday. The federal and state governments will have to discuss about the inflationary impact of rising crude and its impact on consumers and the economy, Sitharaman said.

A government panel is monitoring food-related inflation to ensure that supply distortions due to seasonal changes or a change in crop patterns are being addressed, the finance minister said.

An increase in the number of Covid-19 infections is worrying for both the government and the private sector, Sitharaman said. India remains in a comfortable position in its supply of vaccines, and the government is planning to ramp up inoculations to citizens to address concerns over the upsurge in cases, she said.

On the economy, Sitharaman said high frequency indicators show the economy is steadily improving. The government and the Reserve Bank of India are carefully monitoring the situation, and the finance minister said she doesn’t see India facing the risk of a repeat of taper tantrum.


6 Comments on "India Looking for Other Sources of Crude Supply"

  1. GoodLuckGlobalistYouWantItThis on Sat, 20th Mar 2021 2:10 pm 

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  2. GoodLuckGlobalistYouHaveWhatYouWanted on Sat, 20th Mar 2021 3:24 pm 

    Erin O’Stoole. Another piece os shit garbage politicians. They are all the same. Amazing. IF you want to see what shit looks like, look at politicians like O’Stoole. Notice the negro and gay/metro sexual. The gay/metro sexual has no real life skill. His only skill is to talk none sense bullshit and look gay. These are the first people that will die during the collapse. The have no skill and look easy to kill with a spear or some or tool.

  3. GoodLuckGlobalistYouHaveWhatYouWanted on Sat, 20th Mar 2021 3:26 pm 

    This web site really going down. Comment don’t appear or are censor. Nobody is commenting here

  4. Theedrich on Tue, 23rd Mar 2021 4:12 pm 

    U.S. elites are becoming frantic about China. Serious analysts outside the controlled Anglophonic media are now forecasting China to surpass Yankeeland by 2030, which the Pentagonians and Imperial inner circles already know.  So the latter are trying to generate a new cold war, with the Middle Kingdom as the boogeyman.  Hence the new “Indo-Pacific” strategy to encircle the rising Axis of Evil in the east.  The agit-prop aspect of the plan includes emotional attacks and “human rights” blather about Chinese “genocide” of Uighurs (the Mohammedan insurrectionists in Xinjiang province), cultural destruction of Inner Mongolians and the domination of Tibet.  Then there is the wailing and gnashing of teeth about China taking back the colony that England ripped off of a weak China as its victor’s prize in the Opium Wars.  On the diplomatic side, our demigods have forced our European vassals to forbid entry to certain Chinese officials;  India, already anti-China, has also been joined to the list of militant Sinophobes.

    All this is happening as the Indispensable Nation is risking the sinking of one of its multi-billion-dollar aircraft carriers if BIDΞN continues sending them through the South China Sea, seeking a casus belli.  And also while the disintegrating American culture, led by the Left, demands more ThirdWorld slaves, narcotraffickers and whores to satisfy its regression into subhumanism.  As we speed toward $50 trillion national debt.

    But it is all the choice of the TV-fixated, freebie-loving, genosuicidist White Christians.

    They say the Near-Death Experience is wonderful.  So the full Death Experience must be really orgasmic.

  5. makati1 on Tue, 23rd Mar 2021 4:31 pm 

    Theedrich, I think most Amerikans are bored to death with too much ‘stuff’ and nothing to do but eat, shoot up drugs and suck up the MSM propaganda koolaid. It will get worse when the ‘income for life’ gets going.

    Subconsciously, I think they want a war. A big one. So be it. I hope the first missile takes out that carrier in the S.C.S. and5,000 stupid saailor. And Russia’s first takes out DC. No oceans can save them this time.

    The poorest Amerikan is rich compared to billions in other countries.

  6. Theedrich on Wed, 24th Mar 2021 12:12 am 

    Mak, I am 100% with you on this. The U.S. is little more than Murder Inc., and blames others for the vast mass murders it has itself committed through sanctions, drones, third parties, false flags and so forth.

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