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Page added on September 3, 2021

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How Much Energy Do We Need to Achieve a Decent Life for All?


For many, an increase in living standards would require an increase in energy provision. At the same time, meeting current climate goals under the Paris Agreement would benefit from lower energy use. IIASA researchers have assessed how much energy is needed to provide the global poor with a decent life and have found that this can be reconciled with efforts to meet climate targets.

In the fight to eradicate poverty around the world and achieve decent living standards (DLS), having sufficient energy is a key requirement. Despite international commitments such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in many areas progress on achieving DLS worldwide has been slow. There are also fears that improving energy access could lead to higher carbon dioxide emissions, which would interfere with goals to alleviate climate change.

In a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, IIASA researchers used a multidimensional approach to poverty to conduct a comprehensive global study on DLS. The researchers identified gaps in DLS by region and estimated how much energy is needed to fill them. They also assessed whether providing everyone with a decent life is compatible with climate goals

Studies on poverty often use an income-based definition for defining poverty thresholds ($1.90/day or $5.50/day), which obscures that there are other factors contributing to human wellbeing more directly. In contrast, DLS represent a set of material prerequisites to provide the services needed for wellbeing, such as having adequate shelter, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, cooking stoves and refrigeration, and being able to connect physically and socially via transportation and communication technologies. Crucially, this allows for calculation of the resources needed to provide these basic services.

The largest gaps in DLS were found in sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 60% of the population are lacking in at least half of the DLS indicators. The researchers also identified high DLS deprivation in indicators such as sanitation and water access, access to clean cooking, and thermal comfort in South and Pacific Asia, and more moderate gaps in other regions. One of the most striking findings of the study was that the number of people deprived of basic needs according to DLS generally far exceeds the number of people in extreme poverty, meaning that current poverty thresholds are often inconsistent with a decent life.

When looking at which components of DLS require the most investment in energy, the researchers identified shelter and transport as having the largest share.

“The majority of the global population does not currently have decent levels of motorized transport. An important policy lesson for national governments is the large impact of investing in public transit to reduce the use of passenger vehicles, which generally have much higher energy use per person,” says Jarmo Kikstra, lead author of the study and a researcher in the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment Program.

The upfront energy required globally to build new houses, roads, and other materials to enable DLS provision for all from 2015 to 2040 is about 12 exajoules per year. This is only a fraction of current total final energy use, which exceeds 400 exajoules per year. The increase in annual energy for operating this increase in services, including maintenance costs, is more substantial, eventually increasing by about 68 exajoules. For some countries, reaching this goal would require robust changes in development, which will be challenging, especially in the Global South.

“For most countries, especially many poor countries in Africa, unprecedented growth in energy use as well as more equitably distributed growth are essential to achieving DLS before mid-century,” Kikstra adds. “Therefore, the biggest challenge for policymakers will be to achieve an equitable distribution of energy access worldwide, which is currently still out of reach.”

According to the study, the amount of energy needed for decent living worldwide is less than half of the total final energy demand projected under most future pathways that keep temperature rise below 1.5°C. This indicates that achieving DLS for all does not have to interfere with climate goals. While this ratio changes in different climate mitigation scenarios and by region, the energy needs for DLS always remain well below the projected energy demands on the level of larger global regions.

“To achieve decent living conditions worldwide, it seems that we do not have to limit energy access to basic services as there is a surplus of total energy. What is perhaps unexpected is that even under very ambitious poverty eradication and climate mitigation scenarios, there is quite a lot of energy still available for affluence,” says study author Alessio Mastrucci.

“Our results support the view that on a global scale, energy for eradicating poverty does not pose a threat for mitigating climate change. However, to provide everyone with a decent life, energy redistribution across the world and unprecedented final energy growth in many poor countries is required,” concludes study author, Jihoon Min.


8 Comments on "How Much Energy Do We Need to Achieve a Decent Life for All?"

  1. Theedrich on Tue, 7th Sep 2021 4:27 pm 

    Dems: destabilize the U.S. via illegal migrants. Weaponize illegal migration for purposes of the “humanitarian” importation of narco-gangs, prostitution and people smugglers, and criminals of all sorts.  Use the narco-cash secretly funneled to politicians to undermine the country and consolidate permanent power behind a dementia-ridden piece of crap as prez.  Demonize Whites, and even math and science education, as “racist.”

    On a parallel track:  the Weltwirtschaftsforum (“World Economic Forum”) headquartered in Cologny, Switzerland, is headed by a high-IQ German Jew named Klaus Martin Schwab.  The forum holds an annual meeting of economic globemasters every January in Davos, a beautiful resort in Graubünden, Switzerland.  (The Forum is what is usually meant by the phrase “Davos elites” and similar terms.)  The aim of the association is global totalitarianism — in the name of world betterment, of course.  As with all oligarchist cabals, it seeks to achieve this aim by a potent cocktail of bribery, force, threats, propaganda and subversion.  Its primary target, the pseudo-democracy of the United States of America, is already well within its control, achieved by the Marxification of the Democratic Party and RINO fellow travelers.  (See the above paragraph.)  And, despite fake objections by the “conservative” media, attainment of the Weltwirtschaftsforum’s goal seems certain.

    Today, thousands of PTSD-afflicted veterans of the Afghan war are demanding that the nation import virtually all of A-stan.  The line used is that “we” (that is, you, Whitey) have “promised” the A-primitives a better life in America if they want it.  Because, per the shell-shocked cannon fodder, “they helped us.”  Plus patriotism, love of God and country (and the military-industrial complex).

    The original answer by Benjamin Franklin to the question, on 1787 Sep 17, of what kind of government we had after the Constitutional Convention, was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    We couldn’t keep it.

  2. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 8th Sep 2021 1:06 am 

    “We couldn’t keep it.“

    Indeed, old-school white America is over. First this needs to be generally acknowledged, before European America sets itself to the task of reinventing itself. And that can only mean: creating a new country after seceding from Washington and saying goodbye to the American Era, exceptionalism, empire and most important: saying goodbye to the Jews and their Fed, media, Wallstreet, WW2-narrative, diversity propaganda, open borders program, holohoax-propaganda, all aimed at getting whitey destroyed.

    This is going to be much more messy than the demise of the USSR, because the latter had already thrown their Jews out in a drawn-out gradual program between 1938-1953.

    No chance that this will happen because American whites all of a sudden, out of the blue, will pick up guns and rise up to Washington and significantly outperform that Capitol Hill clownshow of January 6.

    The real impetus will come from a stand-off between the US and China over Taiwan. Forced to choose between running the risk of dying in East Asia or at home, significant number of whites coulde choose the latter. And WW3 will have changed into CW2.

  3. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 8th Sep 2021 10:29 am 

    Russians know a thing or two about civil warm(1917-1922):

    “Robert E. Lee helped end the first American Civil War, and those seeking to erase him are leading the US into another“

    Nord Stream 2 is ready. Production starting next month.


  4. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 8th Sep 2021 1:40 pm 

    Theedrich is a typical American who conjures up his own version of US history to suit whatever emotional state he happens to be in at the time of writing.

    As per usual he’s raging-N-blaming & usa’s illegal immigration problems are 100% duh ‘Dems’ fault. America would be a utopia if not fur dem Dems.

    “Republicans have decried the proposal as a magnet for further unauthorized immigration, but GOP lawmakers supported a similarly sweeping law to legalize the undocumented population in 1986 — the last and only legislation of its kind that Congress has passed.”

    “I find myself flabbergasted at where my own party is in this debate because every proposal that has Republican support that has been submitted begins from a place markedly to the left of President Obama,” Cruz said ahead of the Senate’s votes.”

    The reason there are so many illegals in the US is because your overlords, the people who own the country (and you), want them there.

    Theedrich, try & lighten up once in a while dude. I’ve never read one of your comments where you’re not angry & blaming. Shit’s not that important. Give yourself a break.

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 8th Sep 2021 3:27 pm 

    Watch out clog the US Gov classified RT as anti American propaganda.

    I’m Uncle Sam and I did not approve these (RT) messages.

    Easy gig for the RT guys since the US has so much blood (and lies) on it’s hands.

    The notion that the Archcduke fat-boy, a royal nobody, was a tyrant & that his assassination & assassin were in any way heroic is a fucking joke. The entire episode was Keystone Cops from start to finish.

    Good example demonstrating how all nations make up their own history.

    I could care less about statues & flags & symbols but they are precious & most of the humans derive special meaning from them. Smashing them is symbolic too. It says:
    “I hate your fucking guts & this is what I want to do to you & yours.”

    Perhaps the Americans will have another Civil War – I don’t know what that would look like other than the blood, death & suffering.

    I think much violence & destruction could be averted if the lower 48 Americans had one or more divorces. What are the chances?

  6. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 8th Sep 2021 3:53 pm 

    Recent German TV doc about Brexit and how it was in reality a billionaire coup:

    The tribal, flag-waving, Brexit boobs were fooled into thinking that they would be better off. They won’t. Instead, all the EU measures that protected these people (“socialism” in Anglo-Zionist-speak), will be abolished, and the English worker cattle will get the Oliver Twist treatment:

    I think that the billionaires could regret their little coup. Rather than putting the UK tax farm in their own pockets, their UK money bag could fall apart into several pieces, and they could pave the way for a leftist victory, after this government is over.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 8th Sep 2021 4:02 pm 

    Rubbing it in once again:

    “Final section of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline finished”

    Nord Stream 2 is completed, *** against the will of the US ***. Tastes like more.

    “‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’ – EU top diplomat Mogherini”

    America isn’t back, as Biden claimed (perhaps he meant: “America is black?), Europe is back.

  8. Green People's Media on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 12:21 pm 

    Wow, quite a few overtly fascist comments in this comment stream.

    Is the peak oil topic now a hot hangout for fascist / white-supremacist Americans?

    looks like it here.

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