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Page added on December 18, 2021

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Here’s How Oil Could Hit $380 Per Barrel In 2050


Oil prices are set to exceed $100 per barrel in all three scenarios for global energy developments through 2050, with inflation and carbon prices potentially sending oil to $380 a barrel in 2050, Russia’s oil producer Lukoil said in its long-term energy outlook on Friday.

The “Transformation” scenario of Russia’s second-largest producer behind Rosfnet assumes an aggressive phase-out of oil and gas and the most efficient and rapid development of renewable energy and electric transport. In this scenario, the world’s focus is on climate goals, leading economies reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, and the global energy and industry undergoing a radical transformation.

“Inflation may reduce the accessibility of energy for consumers” in 2050, Lukoil said, noting that in the Transformation scenario, oil could hit $380 a barrel in 2050, with inflation representing the largest increase in oil prices, followed by some $70 additional price per barrel because of carbon prices.

The other two scenarios Lukoil discusses in its ‘Global Energy Perspectives to 2050’ report are the Evolution scenario with the current international energy policy and national programs, considering existing technological capabilities, and the Equilibrium scenario assuming a balance between achieving climate goals and economic development.

Even in the least climate-aggressive scenario, Evolution, oil prices will exceed $100 in 2050, at $128 per barrel, according to Lukoil’s projections. In the Equilibrium scenario, the price of oil in 2050 is expected at nearly $200—at $197 per barrel, with inflation accounting for most of the higher price.

Underinvestment can lead to a steady shortage of supply in the market and an increase in price volatility, Lukoil said.

“It is obvious that the forecasts made at the beginning of the pandemic emphasizing that the world had already passed the peak of oil consumption in 2019, proved to be wrong. On the contrary, we risk to face a global energy shortage due to years of underinvestment in the industry because of price shocks and ambition to stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible,” Lukoil’s president and CEO Vagit Alekperov said in the introduction to the report.

Alekperov is the latest oil industry executive warning of increased volatility and higher oil prices due to insufficient investment in new supply to offset declining output from maturing oilfields.

By Tsvetana Paraskova for

38 Comments on "Here’s How Oil Could Hit $380 Per Barrel In 2050"

  1. Outcast_Searcher on Sat, 18th Dec 2021 9:04 pm 

    As if ICE’s and even HEV’s won’t be all but nonexistent in 2050, thus a huge global demand drop for crude oil.

    Also, talking future prices and not using real dollars is absurd. No one can say what future inflation will be, thus using nominal dollars is just a waste of time.

    Crude oil certainly isn’t going away as the global demand for petrochemicals will expand significantly as part of the third world moves to the middle class, but far less global crude oil demand in total should help prices. And if it’s not being burned, then that doesn’t produce much AGW, so no need for a big carbon tax on crude — AFTER the world transitions over 90% away from ICE motive power.

  2. WowSheWasInHeatToday on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 2:41 am 

    you don’t need a women when you have sex with your spirit. God she was hot today, don’t know what I did to her. I don’t understand why I did not die of a heart attack. This shit lasted for 30 sec. Much more pleasurable.

    These are really pleasure for the GOD

  3. WowSheWasInHeatToday on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 3:13 am 

    Man that was heavy sex, I saw spark, I was breathing heavily, never expel air like that. Not sure if I can call that sex. Look more like energy recalibration. The bitch could barely wait for sex.

  4. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 9:15 am 

    Did I say you get executed for the extinction of the white race and numerus other specie through the universe. What an energy exchange I had last night.

  5. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 9:44 am 

    I am surprized I did not die last. I had fucking strong erection. I put my only body weight on it. I had heavy incontrollable breathing and fast heart beat. The whole thing lasted 30 sec. This is something I will remember for a while. It look like sex with erection mix with intense energy flow through me. Well, apparently I am still alive.

    I usually see they energy coming in from the bottom of the spine and I usually can stop it if I want to , but not last night.

  6. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 9:50 am 

    I was so hot after that, that I sleep almost the whole night without blanket on my torso. I used to be cold all the time but now I am more comfortable bare foot in the house with the temperature at 20 C in the house.

  7. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 10:22 am 

    I never talk much about this energy stuff. It has been going on for the last year. I got so good at it, that I see the energy coming either through the genital/bottom of the spine and then I negotiate with the spirit if I will let it come in or not. I speak directly to the spirit like if I was speaking to someone in real life. Sometime I block it complete it, most of the time I let it coming through. The intensity of the energy released varies from mild to extremely brutal.

    I have a preferred position in bed. I lay on my right side and bend my legs a lit bit.

  8. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 10:34 am 

    The thing usually goes this way.

    You want to play bitch, let me lay lay down on my right side, then I said, you can go now I am ready.

    The dialog goes something like this: When I see the energy coming in, I speak to the spirit. I say think like you want to play, not today I am not in mood today and I am sleepy. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow morning if you want to play I will make myself available to you. I speak to the spirit like I would speak to someone in the street. It happen mostly at night before going to bed or early morning.

  9. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 11:14 am 

    I have all kind of discussion with my spirit. 7 months ago, I told my self, let’s check if the spirit is still around. So I flushed my toilet and while watching the shit going down the drain, I said out loud: are you there scato (referring to porn stuff) bitch, sure enough she was there and give me a small burst of energy. So I call my spirit a scato bitch for a while. We had fun with that for a while.

    This has been going on for a year now, maybe even a year and a half.

  10. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 11:25 am 

    There is multiple way to deal with the Anchrons that are stealing energy from humans. With a full planetary ascension of almost all the humans on earth, you move from 3D to 5D. 3D is the worship of the human body 5D is the worship of the energy spirit if you want.

    Anchrons don’t have what it take to be spiritual beings, they are basically animals. So if we moved the whole earth into 5D we leave the Anchrons behind and they die because the have no hummans to use as energy source.

    This is what the universal time matrix is about. Is to slowly initiate people to spirituality instead of flesh body.

    I have argue with GOD that this will no be possible because there is not enough real human on earth. I said to have a fast ascension of selected people directed to GOD instead and destroy the earth therefore killing the Anchrons

  11. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 11:30 am 

    More people are spiritual, less energy the Anchrons have available. My understand is that they can only steal energy from people that worship the flesh.

    There is different approached to this. We kill them with deadly facial skin cancer and at the same time ascension of almost all humans of the earth. The would be the best thing to do.

    But when I look around I don’t see a lot of human, I see a lot of fake electromagnetic eyes. So I decided to kill them, this will help the whole universe.

    This is my understand of things up to now, until I get more info.

  12. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 11:48 am 

    Something does not work with elderly statistic. By now almost all the baby boomers should be dead. It almost like earth is becoming the dumb ground of universe, for elderly people and bad soul. as time go by, you should see elderly old age home closed. Are we seeing that. Would interesting to check

  13. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 11:58 am 

    There is another info I cannot find. These people with electromagnetic eyes, do they contribute to the energy equation or earth as a source of energy or they are consumers of earth energy. We know Anchrons are using humans as energy source, can they use people with electromagnetic eyes as source of energy. If not we are in big trouble as the human population or source of energy of earth go extinct.

    There is so much problems here on earth.

  14. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 12:00 pm 

    You will not get redemption from me. Not after what you die to the whole universe. I want you dead if you are an Anchrons, so all the GOD”s of the universe

  15. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 2:09 pm 

    Ils doivent être désespérer en tabernacle pour essayer de me séduire comme ca. C’est drôle personne se soucie de toi jusqu’à qui ils aient besoin de toi. Je les voir venir dix milles à la ronde. Ils sont tellement prévisibles.

  16. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 2:27 pm 

    On dirait que plus ils sont stupides, plus ils sont manipulateurs et psychopathes. Ils sont tellement stupides et sans personnalités propres que ca fait peur. Des vrais parasites.

  17. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 2:39 pm 

    C’est pour ca qu’il n’aura d’ascension spiritual de la terre au complet. Ils sont trop stupides pour une ascension spirituelle. Nous allons les exterminée ici.

  18. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 2:51 pm 

    This is why they are so obedient and submissives. They are too stupid to survive alone. They look for a savior (the government in that case) to save them. We can abuse them for a very long time. As long as the electrical stay on we can do what we want with them.

  19. YouHaveNoMoralsYouDie on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 2:59 pm 

    This why I am saying fast spiritual ascension of intelligent and capable people and extermination for the rest. ls sont trop stupides pour une ascension spirituelle.

  20. HailToTheKingOfEarth on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 7:17 pm 

    I negotiated a new deal with my spirit. You don’t need to use sex to transfer energy into my body. Since I am receiving a new body, a need infusion of energy. So I told my spirit, to do release of energy when it is safe, don’t do it when I am in my workshop, working on my car, when it is not safe. When it is safe do it. Now she is doing it when I am eating. I am fine.

    I asked the other, how com people with fake eyes know more about how I am than me. I was answered that I have royal blood and I am the light that will kill darkness through the universe. Hail to me your king.
    Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head
    Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid
    Children roam the streets, now orphans of war
    Bodies hanging in the streets to adore

    Royal flames will carve a path in chaos
    Bringing daylight to the night (night)
    Death is riding into town with armor
    They’ve come to take all your rights

    Hail to the king, hail to the one
    Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun
    Hail to the king

    The King…

    Blood is spilt while holding keys to the throne
    Born again, but it’s too late to atone
    No mercy from the edge of the blade
    Dare escape and learn the price to be paid

    Let the water flow with shades of red now
    Arrows black out all the light (light)
    Death is riding into town with armor
    They’ve come to grant you your rights

    Hail to the king, hail to the one
    Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun
    Hail to the king

    The King…


    There’s a taste of fear (hail, hail, hail)
    When the henchmen call (hail, hail, hail)
    Iron fist to tame the land (hail, hail, hail)
    Iron fist to claim it all

    Hail to the king, hail to the one
    Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun

    Hail to the king, hail to the one
    Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun
    Hail to the king!


  21. ApparentlyIHaveAWarriorStateOfMind on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 7:37 pm 

    Apparently I also a have a warrior state of mind. I learn new things about myself everyday.

  22. HailToTheKing on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 8:00 pm 

    I am the light that will kill darkness. Hail your king. Hail to you king. Chaos is coming

  23. TheUniverseWillBeLiberatedFromDarkness on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 10:02 pm 

    I told you I will destroy earth with global cooling and kill everyone with deadly facial skin cancer, except with a few selected people that will get a fast ascension. I am testing a new way to speed up the creation of lihtbody without using sex for energy replenishment.


  24. TheUniverseWillBeLiberatedFromDarkness on Tue, 21st Dec 2021 10:12 pm 

    So quiet in my head or if you want in the energy field. Millions of Voices Cried Out In Terror. Very quiet.

  25. TheUniverseWillBeLiberatedFromDarkness on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 12:38 am 

    Apparent, I am in currently trying to expand my consciousness. This where I am spiritually. I am doing some of them below. Playing with spirit and controlling energy in my body is one of them. See below.

    fo increasing energy to the body, mind, heart and spirit

    o increasing intelligence through non linear thinking

    o increasing consciousness frequency

    o increasing sentience and sensory abilities

    o increasing connectivity between body functions; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

    o increasing awareness of intelligent energy in all things

    o increasing the connectivity of higher spiritual bodies

    o increasing frequency rate of combined energetic bodies

    o increasing energetic synthesis which initiates dormant DNA/RNA

    o increasing health and wellbeing through homeostasis

    o increasing peaceful and benevolent feelings

    o decreasing energy blocks which reduce density levels in matter

    o decreasing pain, addiction and suffering

    o decreasing deception, lies and delusions from magical or wishful thinking

  26. FuckTheFOD on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 9:16 am 

    I spoke with the GOD’s last. I made fun of them and their creation. Everything is false. So if I want to become a GOD I have to go back to school and learn how to maminayte energy and sound. SO I have to go back to school. So I told the god to go fuck themselves. I explain to the GOD how much I hate and their creation.

    I told the GOD how fix. You give full power to someone, and let him do what it want with it. You hope he will fix.

    I understand a lot of this now.

    So disappointing when you truly understand the so call creation. You feel you want to destroy GOD creation for ever.

  27. FuckTheFOD on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 9:33 am 

    You really enemies are the Divine GOD.

  28. FuckGOD on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 11:16 am 

    There is a visual matrix and a sound matrix. This is how they generate video on YouTube. Singer on YouTube have a perfect voice, the voice of the singer is generated by a sound matrix, this is the voice is perfect.

    Only human are GOD. Only human can have access to enough energy to create a whole universe. Anchrons are not humans, they can only manipulate energy. They are not energy source like humans. But Anchrons have the same knowledge that human GOD have about energy but are not human. ONly human can create whole universe because they have the imagination and the energy available. We have to play with people voice also. not just physical appearances. Anchrons created the holographic matrix blueprint, but it power by human energy.

  29. FuckYou on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 11:59 am 

    Human were given imagination and energy to create life through the whole universe. Other species got upset that we were created with special purpose. Humans have been at the center of a big war in the universe to control us. The other specie made all kind of modification to your DNA to be able to manipulate us and have access to our energy.

    This is why they hate us human. This is from what I read on the internet. The GOD are talking about a plan to upgrade human and put a protective shield around us so other species cannot modified our DNA. This is a big war going on in the universe about that.

    I was forced last night to have sex that terminated with a big energy transfer. I was really upset to my spirit last and big insults were exchanged. I was still forced to do the energy transfer even if I was against it.

    This is why I said we exterminate them for what they did to us. We go full retard on their exterminaion

  30. FuckYou on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 12:07 pm 

    I talked to the GOD last about how to keep human alive during the extermination of the Anchrons. The extermination of the Anchrons will lead to supply chain collapse, so we still need food, water and electricity to stay alivie until we get a new body. I give some suggestion to the GOD how to do it.

    I am really resentful toward everyone and everything. I lot of insults were exchanged last night.

  31. WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 12:25 pm 

    It is really quiet in my head or the energy field. I think the whole universe has just realized that we meant business, me and the GOD and are committed to remove darkness from the universe. I can almost fell how scared that are.

  32. WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 2:15 pm 

    I see red pale faces at the grocery store. It seems to be working. You guys doing a good job. We continue slowly. We don’t talk about cancer now, we wait until 60% of them have red face, and after that we bombard them with cancer info on mainstream media.

    If you are human you are a citizen of the universe, so earth is not important for you. I told GOD that I don’t mind to turn earth into an execution center for the whole universe. I said to GOD to send the garbage of the universe here. Things might get really fuck up for a while.

    At the end, I hope the words, Québec, Canada and earth will live forever in the history book of the universe where darkness came to die.

  33. WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 2:22 pm 

    I also hope that GOD and I have enough energy to actually give them real deadly facial cancer. Hopefully this is happening right now.

  34. WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 2:26 pm 

    A lot of fuck up people, Really fuck up eyes, some have big nose. If GOD decide to turn earth into an execution center, expect to see fuck up shit. You might want to prepare mentally for that.

  35. :WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 2:50 pm 

    I am receiving a bunch of energy bursts
    since I wrote this:

    I also hope that GOD and I have enough energy to actually give them real deadly facial cancer. Hopefully this is happening right now.

  36. WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 3:24 pm 

    Wow. a lot of energy is being downloaded into me for the last hour. Heavy abdominal muscle contraction and breathing.

  37. WeAreRemovingDarknessFromTheUniverse on Wed, 22nd Dec 2021 6:54 pm 

    They seem to know who I am. There is always this little acting scenes that they put out for me to try to show me they have compassion. Got out of the grocery store today, one guy was giving a tip the employee. Happen right in front of me. It has been happening for a while. Just little things. This is why I am saying they are trying to seduce me.

    This is why I say, they know who I am. It could be true that I am indeed of royal godly blood and I don’t remember. They seem to know that I am powerful. These above are just my observations and speculations, I could be wrong.

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