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Page added on March 3, 2022

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Global food supply at risk from Russian invasion of Ukraine

Global food supply at risk from Russian invasion of Ukraine thumbnail

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens global food supplies, Norwegian fertiliser maker Yara International said on Tuesday, adding that the international community needed to reduce its dependence on Russian raw materials for agriculture.

Ukraine and Russia are both major exporters of some of the world’s most basic foodstuffs, together accounting for about 29% of global wheat exports, 19% of world corn supplies and 80% of world sunflower oil exports.

But Russia also exports crop nutrients as well as natural gas, which is critical for producing nitrogen-based fertilisers. Yara said that in total, 25% of the European supply of the key crop nutrients nitrogen, potash and phosphate come from Russia.

“With the geopolitical conditions out of balance, the biggest sources of raw material to Europe’s food production are being subject to limitations, and there are no short-term alternatives,” Yara said in a statement.

The Norwegian company, which is one of the world’s biggest fertiliser producers, supplies Ukraine’s agricultural sector and is a big buyer of raw materials, such as phosphate and potash, from Russia, which also supplies Europe’s nitrogen fertilisers plants with natural gas.

David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), said last week that war in Ukraine would have a dramatic impact on the organisation’s ability to reach the 120 million people it feeds, adding that food, fuel and shipping costs would “skyrocket” in what he described in a Twitter post as “an absolute catastrophe”.

Wheat futures have soared in recent days on concerns that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24 and which Moscow is calling a “special operation” will continue to disrupt grain shipments from the Black Sea region.

“One potential consequence is that only the most privileged part of the world population gets access to enough food,” Yara said, adding that while high prices may have a short-term positive impact on profit, they would mean an unsustainable food system, leading to starvation and conflict in the long term.

“It is therefore crucial that the international community come together and work to secure world food production and reduce dependency on Russia, even though the number of alternatives today is limited,” Yara said.

Fertiliser prices rose sharply in the final months of 2021, tracking soaring natural gas costs. This is leading in turn to higher food prices, which could lead to famine for the most vulnerable, Yara warned in October.


32 Comments on "Global food supply at risk from Russian invasion of Ukraine"

  1. Theedrich on Thu, 3rd Mar 2022 3:43 pm 

    U.S. “defense of democracy” leads to starvation. Just ask Madeleine “We think it’s worth it” Albright.

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 3rd Mar 2022 9:11 pm 

    All the innocent children’s heads at risk of spontaneously exploding from Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Puppies at risk of being kicked from Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    From now until the end of time everything bad that happens is all from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Old Yeller wasn’t put down because he got infected with rabies while fighting off a rabid wolf to protect his family, no no no, Travis had to shoot Old Yeller because Russia invaded Ukraine.

    Putin killed your dog America. A true patriot would hate Russia & demand more defense spending.

    You’re either with us Russia-Putin blind hate-N-rage monkeys or you are with the terrorists.

    Slimy gutter trash. The managerial muppets, lefty or righty, are subway rats. My feces gives off less filth & stench than these MSM turds.

    The Russians will be responsible for all the death & destruction they cause in Ukraine – no matter what.

    No matter what the Americans & nato puppets brought this on. In a perfect world the Russians bend over & say take our resources & fuck our wives & daughters please.

    I remember me & the boys would laugh at hysterical muzzies in the 1980’s on MSM News footage of their protests….signs & voices screaming ‘death to the west!’….’death to America!’. Now it’s the MSM & their never ending panel of ‘experts’ who are the hysterical ones. I saw this one ‘expert’, back when Trump was POTUS, diagnose Trumps mental health. He never had the standard initial intake appointment with Trump. He never met Trump or talked to Trump on the phone. He had no forms patient filled out by Trump. His diagnosis was based solely on tv news clips-N-stuff.

    It meant one of two things. US Psychologists posses the powers of sorcerers or psychological evaluations are high dollar pseudo scientific dog shit. I’ll take door number 2, Monty.

    We live in a Gong show world.

    Brand new from British philosopher John Gray.

    The Western mind no longer understands Putin

    The belief that liberalism will inevitably prevail is an illusion that Europe must abandon if it is to win a war of his creation.

    By John Gray

    “The West does seem to be acting in a much more coordinated fashion. Western countries are supplying ammunition and arms, anti-tank and anti-air weapons and medical aid to Ukraine. Leaders once sympathetic to Putin, such as Victor Orbán in Hungary, have aligned themselves against him. But on their side there is no clear strategy or realistic endgame in view. The assumption is that Putin will be toppled, but escalating sanctions could prove ineffective or self-defeating. The most coherent objective that can be detected in the West’s response – a reversion to the status quo before the invasion – is impossible. History has moved on.

    However this war develops, it marks a breakdown in the international system comparable with the end of the first era of globalisation in 1914. It is telling that the abstention of China, a far more powerful autocracy, in the UN vote condemning the invasion has been hailed as a victory for the West. India and the United Arab Emirates also abstained. The liberal order is dead and buried.”

    Remember kids, I share because I care.

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 3rd Mar 2022 11:43 pm 

    More caring from me.

    Why John Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine

    For years, the political scientist has claimed that Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine is caused by Western intervention. Have recent events changed his mind?

    ” For years, Mearsheimer has argued that the U.S., in pushing to expand NATO eastward and establishing friendly relations with Ukraine, has increased the likelihood of war between nuclear-armed powers and laid the groundwork for Vladimir Putin’s aggressive position toward Ukraine. Indeed, in 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea, Mearsheimer wrote that “the United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for this crisis.”

    The current invasion of Ukraine has renewed several long-standing debates about the relationship between the U.S. and Russia. Although many critics of Putin have argued that he would pursue an aggressive foreign policy in former Soviet Republics regardless of Western involvement, Mearsheimer maintains his position that the U.S. is at fault for provoking him.”

    “You want to understand that there is a three-prong strategy at play here: E.U. expansion, NATO expansion, and turning Ukraine into a pro-American liberal democracy.”

  4. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 12:12 am 

    “Why John Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine“

    He also blamed “The Israel Lobby” for instigating the Iraq war desaster.

    He still has to find the courage to blame said lobby for all other wars of the US, notably WW2.

    So far he singled out the Iraq war because that one went wrong, for the US.

    His linking of the Israel Lobby with Iraq is merely a fig leaf for openly saying that the jews run the US (into the ground).

    But Mearsheimer is not a white nationalist, he is a libtard empire supporter, who only blames jews if things are going terribly wrong. He loves the US invented WW2 narrative, because it makes his beloved US look good.

  5. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 12:20 am 

    Russia discusses nationalisation of ALL foreign assets:

    That Volkswagen factory will now be Russian owned.
    They will probably rename ut NarodnyWagen and produce for Eastern and Northern Eurasia.

    Ukraine into NATO, a wonderfull idea.
    Biggest loser: Germany, EU, Russia
    Biggest winner: China

  6. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 12:34 am 

    Melitopol “Ukrainian Resistance”, yesterday:

    Russians distributing food, Ukrainians collecting it.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 8:31 am 

    “Global food supply at risk from Russian invasion of Ukraine”

    The One World, One Factory, One Market days, are probably over for a long time, or even for good.

    This is bad news for the consumer, world-wide. Economic growth could be a thing of the past. Geopolitics has superseded the economy.

  8. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 8:57 am 

    Putin hasn’t given up on Europe:

    “Russian FM Lavrov says time for US to remove nuclear weapons from Europe”

    Putin is setting himself up as the hero of the European right. Their day will arrive shortly after the upcoming confrontation between China and the US in East-Asia. Let’s pray the Chinese will prevail and white liberation will be a fact.

  9. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 10:05 am 

    “As President-elect, George W. Bush quipped that running the U.S. as a dictatorship “would be a heck of a lot easier… as long as I’m the dictator.”

    Well, the Fat Boy took the advice.
    While good at ripping people off, he was too stupid to make that work.

  10. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 10:10 am 

    US conservatives, completely useless for the cause of white nationalism

    “Sean Hannity Calls for Putin Assassination as Ultimate Retardedness Intensifies“

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 2:35 pm 

    the cause of white nationalism = the cause of making excuses for your own personal failures.

    Once ‘the cause’ is a success & all non whites are dead or deported, who among you will be picking fruit & veg & slaughtering cows, pigs & chickens.

    No matter how much of a shiny & hi-tech veneer you put on civilization, underneath it’s still dirty, stinky, toxic Industrial engine running it. Post industrial my ass.

    That engine requires millions of workers doing grimy dangerous un-glamorous jobs to make it run.

    What is the cause blanche plan to get those jobs filled?

    Also, is the plan to exterminate all non whites or deport them?

    How much is it going to cost per non white?

    There’s at least 130 million non whites in the US.

    Does ‘the cause’ have a proper plan or is the whole thing more of a weekend hobby than a serious cause?

  12. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 2:39 pm 

    The Greatest Evil

    Russia was baited into war but that does not absolve its criminal act of aggression.

    “I know the chaos and disorientation of war, the constant uncertainty and confusion. In a firefight you are only aware of what is happening a few feet around you. You desperately, and not always successfully, struggle to figure out where the firing is coming from in the hopes you can avoid being hit.

    I have felt the helplessness and the paralyzing fear, which, years later, descend on me like a freight train in the middle of the night, leaving me wrapped in coils of terror, my heart racing, my body dripping with sweat.

    I have heard the wails of those convulsed by grief as they clutch the bodies of friends and family, including children. I hear them still. It does not matter the language. Spanish. Arabic. Hebrew. Dinka. Serbo-Croatian. Albanian. Ukrainian. Russian. Death cuts through the linguistic barriers.

    I know what wounds look like. Legs blown off. Heads imploded into a bloody, pulpy mass. Gaping holes in stomachs. Pools of blood. Cries of the dying, sometimes for their mothers. And the smell. The smell of death. The supreme sacrifice made for flies and maggots.

    I was beaten by Iraqi and Saudi secret police. I was taken prisoner by the Contras in Nicaragua, who radioed back to their base in Honduras to see if they should kill me, and again in Basra after the first Gulf War in Iraq, never knowing if I would be executed, under constant guard and often without food, drinking out of mud puddles.

    The primary lesson in war is that we as distinct individuals do not matter. We become numbers. Fodder. Objects.”

  13. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 2:50 pm

  14. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 5:23 pm 

    “Russia was baited into war but that does not absolve its criminal act of aggression.“

    Jesus loves you, Chris.

    Now give it a rest already, Christian fundamentalist guilt monger.

  15. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 5:26 pm 

    COVID Infects Penis, Testicles and Prostate – Causes Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, Reduced Sperm Count

    Wingpawns take notice– probably not an issue, not something that would an issue in their life.
    (seems like a wingpond site)

  16. Kenny Goodness on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 5:57 pm 

    “You can’t win a war over the phone.” — Jesus (or somebody)

  17. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 5:57 pm 

    “A secret question hovers over us, a sense of disappointment, a broken promise we were given as children about what our adult world was supposed to be like. I am referring not to the standard false promises that children are always given (about how the world is fair, or how those who work hard shall be rewarded), but to a particular generational promise—given to those who were children in the fifties, sixties, seventies, or eighties—one that was never quite articulated as a promise but rather as a set of assumptions about what our adult world would be like. And since it was never quite promised, now that it has failed to come true, we’re left confused: indignant, but at the same time, embarrassed at our own indignation, ashamed we were ever so silly to believe our elders to begin with.

    Where, in short, are the flying cars? Where are the force fields, tractor beams, teleportation pods, antigravity sleds, tricorders, immortality drugs, colonies on Mars, and all the other technological wonders any child growing up in the mid-to-late twentieth century assumed would exist by now? Even those inventions that seemed ready to emerge—like cloning or cryogenics—ended up betraying their lofty promises. What happened to them?”

  18. ANAL CAPTURE SHOCK thecovidblog elite darkie supertard Sohrab Lutchmedial aka streetsthitter MUZZ-19 on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 7:13 pm 

    SHOCK thecovidblog elite darkie supertard Sohrab Lutchmedial aka streetsthitter MUZZ-19

    SHOCK street shitter went BYEBYE

    please be ease
    we love muzzies

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 7:35 pm 

    clog, although I agree with at least 80% of what Kunt says, I still would not join him & his crew because like you & Theedouch & tens of millions of others, they are fucking cowards for only calling out the left leaning billionaire oligarchs & elite families & their puppetts when the right oligarchs & elite families & the politicians & bureaucrats in their pocket are just as corrupt & just as guilty of robing the national treasure & helping to get one piece of legislation after another passed that further enriches & empowers them & fucks Joe-six pack.

    The left is the same.

    Phony kunt & co don’t want democracy.

    You want a right wing coup disguised as a peoples revolution.

    You’re no different than the criminal elite. Y’all are them without power & money

    More bullshit from another Boomer cocksucker.

    Here’s my fiction for kunt.

    Year 2031 & the right-wing has just won the civil war. Half way through the medal ceremony, as Emperor Trump pins a Gobble’s Prop-O medal of service on Kunt’s chest for his team right wordsmithing. Before he steps away, Trump covertly slips a mini zip-lock bag with 4 brown pills into Kunt’s jacket pocket & whispers ‘take these at bed time, so you don’t have to go through tomorrows round up & train ride to the Jew ‘work camp’. “it’s the best I could do for you, Jim” Trump mumbles as he moves to the next medal recipient.

    The truth is the entire American project is a failure that can only produce asshole hustlers.

    In American it’s all against all. Another civil war will produce the same result. The winner will treat the losers like dirt.

    American ideology can only produce bad guys. That’s why a civil war can’t change anything.
    Even during the most prospers economy in history 1945-1975 America was angry, paranoid & full of hate, assignations, race riots, war, national guard shooting dead unarmed students.
    Money & cheap houses, cars, healthcare, cheap college, jobs jobs jobs….none of it mattered. You still hated each other, hated all nations & people with different religions & ideology.

    Y’sll were angry hate filled miserablist then, when you had it all & you are angry hate filled miserablist now.
    It’s not genetic. It’s the national belief system.

    Soon the trifecta will be complete.

    Morally bankrupt. Spiritually bankrupt & here comes financially bankrupt.

    Hey I know, lets keep doing more of what got us here.

    George Carlin – The public sucks

  20. Theedrich on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 10:19 pm 

    The mainstream media are seeking nuclear war. They want to see America incinerated and left a radioactive wasteland.  That is the real reason they are following the regime’s dictates and broadcasting propaganda about how evil Russia is and how innocent Ukraine and America are.

    Meanwhile, International Business Times reports that “Underground U.S. groups funnel fighters, medics to Ukraine.”  Of course, these “underground” groups are being covertly organized and supplied by the U.S. government, a fact which Russian intelligence knows quite well, despite the “plausible deniability” line fed to the American masses.

    Never mind that Russia has warned that any invasion from NATO countries (like the U.S.) will be answered with nuclear reprisal.  Never mind that the U.S. has generated the entire anti-Russian expanstion of NATO and the “color revolution” of 2014 which overthrew the then Russia-friendly government of Ukraine and replaced it with a profoundly corrupt pro-NATO one.  Never mind that the subsequent Ukainian dictatorship subsequently gave enormous sums of money (actually, bribes) to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, for unspecified services on the board of a regime-run company.

    Pay attention only to the fact that Russia — for no reason whatsoever, mind you — is now attacking Ukraine.  But not to the fact that it is doing so in order to prevent Moscow-targeted missiles from being placed in Ukraine, five minutes ballistic flight time from Moscow.  And forget about the Cuban missile crisis of 1963, when the U.S. threatened the Soviet Union with nuclear war unless it removed ballistic missiles from Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S.

    No.  Pay attention only to the panicky voices of mainstream-media reporters, watch only the tears streaming down the cheeks of Ukrainian mothers, or the crowds of people trying to get out of their country.  Spit on anyone who says that there are two sides to the story, or that the U.S. military-industrial complex, the CIA and State Department are stepping on increasingly thin ice here.  Blacklist such naysayers from all social media.

    Because the United States is omnipotent and can win a nuclear war.

    We may soon find out whether that is true.

  21. EarthCannotBeSaved on Fri, 4th Mar 2022 11:51 pm 

    Earth is done. The stupid people are everywhere. Everything is out of balance. Earth is not worth saving. It has to be destroyed and the controller of the earth also. We are dealing with beings that worship electricity and high tech.

    Earth cannot be saved. Might as well have fun acceleration its destruction.

    Not only it takes 12 hrs to travel 240 mi because of the charging time, but also consider the cancer-causing EMF’ radiation being emitted by these cars, the evidence that people who drive electric cars are getting sick and the massive pollution these batteries are causing the environment. Never mind the ridiculous price for the little box!

  22. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 2:16 am 

    The Russian currency may be collapsing on international markets, its REAL currency isn’t:

    Russian revenues from fossil fuel has increased from 200 to 600 million a day, tendency steeply upward. 800 million within reach.

    Western fools.

    Russia has 600 billion reserves, of which ca. 400B freely available

  23. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 3:19 am 

    British conservation historian David Starkey putting the Ukraine drama into historic perspective, rather than joining the “Putin-is-mean-crowd”.

    Starkey is your typical eccentric Brit. He has been called a “raycist” in the past, the horror:

    In a June 2012 debate Starkey was criticised for stating that the perpetrators of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring had values “entrenched in the foothills of the Punjab or wherever it is” and were “acting within their cultural norm”. He was accused by his fellow panelist, writer Laurie Penny, of “playing xenophobia and national prejudice for laughs”. In 2013, he criticised the inclusion of the British-Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole in British school history curriculums, which he argued unduly promoted her and her work.

    In January 2015, Starkey was criticised after calling political journalist Mehdi Hasan “Ahmed” and saying that “nothing important” had been written in Arabic for 500 years. He was also criticised for appearing to imply that a female victim of a child sexual abuse grooming gang was at fault for the abuse she had experienced.

    Keep up the good work, David, you old white guy!

    Tucker Carlsson keeps defending Putin:

    Tucker Carlsson is probably the most interesting white nationalist asset in the US, more so than Trump.

  24. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 3:53 am 

    “Because the United States is omnipotent and can win a nuclear war.

    We may soon find out whether that is true.”

    Mutual assured destruction

    Mutual assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender (see pre-emptive nuclear strike and second strike).[1] It is based on the theory of deterrence, which holds that the threat of using strong weapons against the enemy prevents the enemy’s use of those same weapons. The strategy is a form of Nash equilibrium in which, once armed, neither side has any incentive to initiate a conflict or to disarm.

    Dead Hand: 5 questions about the SCARIEST Russian nuclear retaliation system (PHOTOS)

    This system can automatically send hundreds of nukes to an enemy without a command from a human.

    Russian military forces have 700 nuclear weapon “carriers” – strategic bombers, nuclear submarines and intercontinental ballistic missile silos.

    But, little do people know that some of them can operate autonomously and strike potential enemy targets, even if the whole country’s territory is destroyed after a nuclear strike.

    This system is called the ‘Dead Hand’. But how does it work?

  25. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 4:43 am 

    “Ukraine’s Zelensky lashes out at NATO over no-fly zone request | Russian invasion”

    International Jew Zelensky foaming at the mouth for being let down by NATO.

    What did you expect, clown from Kiev, that the West will start WW3 to save your kosher ass?

    You failed in Iraq, in Syria, in Afghanistan and now in Ukraine.

    But that will be nothing compared to the consequences of Taiwan and being thrown out of South-Korea.

    And KSA:

    And poof said the ZOG-empire.

  26. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 5:18 am 

    China increases defense budget by 7%, target remains Taiwan (and its chips industry with ca. 50% global supply):

    Poor Anglos of the AUKUS variety. Fat, effeminate, woke and half of the young cannon fodder of color. Good luck with that.

    “Chinese Communist Party is an ‘evil and dangerous force'”

  27. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 5:23 am 

    “Crude could hit $200 in case of Moscow energy embargo – US shale boss”

  28. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 10:26 am 

    Rumors have it that good ol’ ousted president Yanukovych is warming himself up for a presidency 2.0, under the benevolent protection of Vlad:

    “Yanukovych in Minsk, the Kremlin wants to make him “president of Ukraine” – sources”

    Makes sense, he was the legitimately democratically elected president until that CIA-orchestrated Nazi coup booted him out:

    “Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT”

    Let’s hope he won’t preside over a ruin, a Berlin-1945. Don’t hold your breath.

  29. Acceptable Name on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 12:11 pm 

    Ukraine Stops Exporting Natural Gas
    Photo of Energy Industry Review Energy Industry Review
    Last Updated: March 4, 2022

    The last place in the world where you would hear about energy is Peak Oil dot com because the news editor(s) is(are) lame.

  30. Hello on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 2:19 pm 

    >>> Ukraine Stops Exporting Natural Gas

    what is europe going to do? Europe is very good at importing. We import energy from russia. We import plastic crap from china and we import 3rd world sludge from all over.

    Maybe a sludge to energy composting/methane gas operation? Now I could support that.

  31. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 4:36 pm 

    Biden latest gem:

    “Putin is going to invade Russia”

    Time to change your diapers, mr president.

  32. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 5th Mar 2022 9:05 pm 

    Global food supply at risk from Russian invasion of Ukraine CLIMATE CHANGE

    Drought shrinks Canada’s wheat crop to 14-year low, shrivels canola harvest

    Northwest winter wheat crop already stressed by drought

    SPOKANE, Wash.– Weather data and reports from the USDA show that the winter wheat crop in the Northwest will have a big hurdle to overcome in the growing season. The culprit is the lingering drought that led to some of the worst crop yields in decades across the region in 2021.

    RELATED: Farmers face consequences of ‘exceptional’ Northwest drought

    RELATED: Northwest drought could last into 2023

    The results of the disastrous harvest are still being felt months later.

    Drought can take down civilization & water wars are under way

    Western water war: Neighboring counties in Utah fighting over precious resource

    Blame it on the Putin.

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