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Page added on March 4, 2019

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Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification


The Future is Rural challenges the conventional wisdom about the future of food in our modern, globalized world. It is a much-needed reality check that explains why certain trends we take for granted–like the decline of rural areas and the dependence of farming and the food system on fossil fuels–are historical anomalies that will reverse over the coming decades. Renewable sources of energy must replace fossil fuels, but they will not power economies at the same scale as today. Priorities will profoundly shift, and food will become a central concern. Lessons learned from resilience science and alternatives to industrial agriculture provide a foundation for people to transition to more rural and locally focused lives.

Jason Bradford, a biologist and farmer, offers a deeply researched report on the future of food that reveals key blind spots in conventional wisdom on energy, technology, and demographics. The Future Is Rural presents Bradford’s analysis from his career in ecology and agriculture, as well as a synthesis of the historical and scientific underpinnings of the astonishing changes that will transform the food system and society as a whole.



53 Comments on "Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification"

  1. Miss Peabody on Wed, 6th Mar 2019 9:04 pm 

    Davy, this is your second warning. If you continue with the bad behavior and you continue not playing nice, I will have no other option but to commit you to the rubber room.

    Do you want the rubber room, Davy?

  2. Free Speech Forum on Thu, 7th Mar 2019 6:29 am 

    If Pakistan passed a law that said all Americans must pay Pakistan income taxes, no one would obey the law, but everyone would still be a criminal.

    Americans need to have this same thinking about US laws now.

    Since the USA is no longer a democracy, Americans do not get to choose what laws they want or taxes they have. Americans have no obligations to obey the law. The government now is no different from the mafia.

    The elites have gone insane. They will stop at nothing until everyone is dead.

    The government is no longer legitimate. There is no rule of law. The government has lost the consent of the governed.

    The time has arrived for people to withdraw from the system.

    Drop out.

    Withdraw your money from banks, buy gold, and use barter.

    Do not call the police.

    Go underground and work off the books.

    Do not pay taxes.

    If swearing is illegal, swear.

    If baggy pants are illegal, wear baggy pants.

    If texting is illegal, text.

    If seatbelt use is mandatory, don’t use them.

    If loitering is illegal, loiter.

    Do not get marriage licenses, birth certificates, gun permits, fishing licenses, dog licenses, driver licenses, or business licenses.

    Don’t buy health or car insurance.

    Don’t vote.

    The government doesn’t obey the law, why should we?

    The government is not your daddy. The government is not your mommy.

    They can’t kill us all.

    The government can murder, kidnap, steal, torture, and wiretap, but you can’t.


    Spread the word.

  3. Davy on Sat, 9th Mar 2019 5:12 am 

    To My Many Fans & Admirers:

    I’m so sorry readers for losing my shit this morning. I realize it’s not too difficult to figure out I routinely engage in identity theft and deploy multiple sock puppets.

    Why? I am sick.

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