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Page added on May 24, 2010

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Food in the Land of Peak Oil


Believe it or not, Cuba’s perhaps the world’s leading model of the agricultural system of the future. When the USSR fell, Cuba entered what they call the “Special Period.” But it wasn’t special in a good way. Between 1990-1994, Cubans lost a lot of weight and babies born in those years still show signs of malnourishment. Because they couldn’t import grain, many farm animals died. But now, 20 years later, Cuba’s figured it out. The government promotes local, sustainable agriculture and – even though they haven’t achieved it yet – calls for food sovereignty. That is, Cuba wants its farmers and its people to have the ability to determine what they want to eat and how it should be grown. They don’t want to depend on food imported from elsewhere that, should a disaster strike, might become unavailable.


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