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Page added on December 26, 2013

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Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth

Author, eco-activist and senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute (PCI) Richard Heinberg joins Sandy LeonVest to talk about, among other things, PCI’s new book, “Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth.”
They discuss the folly of an economy whose very existence requires endless growth and ongoing environmental devastation on a planet of finite resources. They consider the ways in which people can begin to change the corporate-dominated energy narrative, and transform the obsolete economic model known as capitalism by creating a truly resilient economy — one grounded in creativity and imagination, as opposed to endless destruction.
During the course of the hour, Richard Heinberg and Sandy LeonVest challenge the dominant narrative by discussing the ways in which people can create a 21st century energy economy that puts the environment before corporate profits and “mirrors natures elegance,” while being resilient enough to reign in energy consumption — and consumption in general. They wrap up the hour talking about “energy democracy” — and the need for a radical new energy model that eschews corporate-owned power in favor of power owned by the people.
Editorial Notes: The interview starts out by playing some excerpts from a Radio Ecoshock interview recorded earlier in the year, which is a little confusing, but then switches to the new interview. Read some of the articles from the book and find out much more about the Energy Reality campaign here:

Progressive Radio

10 Comments on "Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth"

  1. J-Gav on Thu, 26th Dec 2013 8:44 pm 

    I’ll listen to this later but I think the upshot is clear: whatever approach to human social organization which does not take into account the living earth, and our place in it, is doomed to fail.

  2. Makati1 on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 12:55 am 

    “A truly resilient economy” is not going to happen until the old one collapses totally. IF there is anything/anyone left to build a new one, it will be on the level of the 3rd world or lower.

  3. GregT on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 2:43 am 

    We either learn how to live sustainably, within the confines of the Earth’s natural ecosystems, or we will eventually destroy the very systems that we rely upon for life itself to flourish.

    Water, food, and oxygen, are necessities for life. Electricity, coal, natural gas, and oil, are not.

  4. Newfie on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 5:06 am 

    A few centuries from now we’ll all be living in the Second Stone Age, the resources of Mother Earth having been completely squandered and the climate changed so much that large scale agriculture becomes impossible. Man is the species that depletes and destroys. Happy New Year!

  5. Norm on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 10:48 am 

    It is interesting how the rich people (who control everything) presume that so long as they have lots of money, that they are immune to the effects of the collapse of civilization.

    That really isn’t true, and perhaps the fate of the Roman Senators during collapse of Roman empire, would tell them how it goes in a civilization collapse (“one armageddon can ruin your whole day”).

    Then you would think the rich people would strive to avoid societal collapse, by using their power and money, for realistic sustainable policies.

    However, the rich people are pathological idiots, so they are not capable of learning from history, nor are they capable of understanding that if civilization collapses, they won’t be able to get all the things they want (speedboats, medical care, million dollar condo’s, $200 a plate dinners at the lake).

    Their ‘millionaire bomb shelters’ are a classic example. With the one year food and energy supply etc. Ya, just watch them slam their submarine hatch lid, and see how its going for them a year later.

  6. J-Gav on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 1:58 pm 

    A decent overview of some of the energy issues for those who need to get acquainted with problems associated with large-scale ‘renewables,’ local, distributed energy, etc

  7. Bob Inget on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 4:55 pm 

    No sign of collapse today, at least.
    America has not used this much oil in a week in several years. (20 M B p/d)

    Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week Ending December 20, 2013

    U.S. crude oil refinery inputs averaged over 16.2 million barrels per day during the week
    ending December 20, 2013, 302 thousand barrels per day higher than the previous week’s
    average. Refineries operated at 92.7% of their operable capacity last week. Gasoline
    production increased last week, averaging 9.7 million barrels per day. Distillate fuel
    production increased last week, averaging 5.1 million barrels per day.

    U.S. crude oil imports averaged over 7.5 million barrels per day last week, down by 197
    thousand barrels per day from the previous week. Over the last four weeks, crude oil
    imports averaged 7.5 million barrels per day, 9.7% below the same four-week period last
    year. Total motor gasoline imports (including both finished gasoline and gasoline
    blending components) last week averaged 486 thousand barrels per day. Distillate fuel
    imports averaged 175 thousand barrels per day last week.

    U.S. commercial crude oil inventories (excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum
    Reserve) decreased by 4.7 million barrels from the previous week. At 367.6 million
    barrels, U.S. crude oil inventories are near the upper limit of the average range for this
    time of year. Total motor gasoline inventories decreased by 0.6 million barrels last week,
    and are in the upper half of the average range. Finished gasoline inventories increased
    while blending components inventories decreased last week. Distillate fuel inventories
    decreased by 1.9 million barrels last week and are below the lower limit of the average
    range for this time of year. Propane/propylene inventories fell 2.5 million barrels last
    week and are well below the lower limit of the average range. Total commercial
    petroleum inventories decreased by 12.7 million barrels last week.

    Total products supplied over the last four-week period averaged 20.0 million barrels per
    day, up by 5.3% from the same period last year. Over the last four weeks, motor gasoline
    product supplied averaged 8.9 million barrels per day, up by 3.9% from the same period
    last year. Distillate fuel product supplied averaged over 3.8 million barrels per day over
    the last four weeks, up by 1.0% from the same period last year. Jet fuel product supplied
    is up 1.3% compared to the same four-week period last year.

  8. Kenz300 on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 10:31 pm 

    Too many people….. demanding more and more resources….

    Endless population growth is not sustainable……. It will only lead to more poverty, suffering and despair.

    It makes every problem harder to solve…..

  9. RICHARD RALPH ROEHL on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 11:31 pm 

    Contemporary human baboonies are colorful, creative and imaginative… but as a whole (and ass-a-hole) they lack prescience and common sense. Most human baboonies are running outdated or faulty DNA software in their brain meat.

    I rest my case with FUKUSHIMA, an ongoing EXTINCTION EVENT that is the precursor for even bigger catastrophes from hundreds of other nuclear time-bomb plants.

    Meanwhile… in faster poo-food Amerika, the capitalist-fascist land of perpetual war profiteering, the corn syrup sheeple shout: “Hooray! Hooray! We’re number one! We’re number one! We’re exceptional! Hooray!”

  10. Norm on Sat, 28th Dec 2013 7:54 am 

    They keep thinking they are the people who put the man on the moon. Nope, that was somebody else’s granddaddy, so not theirs. They are just hillbillies in a shack in the woods, so they can’t figure that out. You couldn’t launch a rocket on sour mash whiskey from your backyard still anyway. Kind of a shame what it turned into… the moon launch was awesome, but it created a headstrong arrogance amongst dumb people, thinking they caused it cause of their Nascar and red-white-blue costumes. Then created an entitlement mentality… 2 generations goes by… now all that’s left is some bad DNA and the sense of entitlement. Wait till it comes crashing down, these clowns won’t never understand it.

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