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Page added on September 11, 2022

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Energy Crisis Could Lead To Food Shortages In Europe


European farm and food groups said soaring energy prices could lead to shortages of fruit and vegetables, as high utility bills force more companies to curb production.

“Refrigeration and cooling are very energy intensive, as is the heating of greenhouses,” said Pekka Pesonen, secretary general at Brussels-based farm lobby Copa-Cogeca. “We might expect some shortages and greater seasonality, as well as a rise in prices to somewhat offset the increase of production costs.”

Europe faces its worst energy crisis in 50 years as Russia slashes gas deliveries in retaliation for sanctions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine. Now surging costs are prompting industry groups to call for special treatment ahead of Friday’s key European Union meeting to discuss ways of easing the energy crunch.

Earlier this week, the European metals industry reiterated it’s facing an “existential threat,” with two more aluminum producers announcing cuts, while lobby group Fertilizers Europe is asking for EU-wide measures limiting the price of natural gas.

In addition to skyrocketing energy, food makers in Europe are also facing high costs for fertilizers, with more than 70% of the region’s production capacity for the crop nutrients curtailed by the record gas prices.

World food prices hit a record after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February roiled global crop trading, adding to pressures stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. While food costs have since fallen for five straight months, they are still much higher than this time last year, according to a United Nations index.

“More and more companies in the EU agri-food chain are struggling to maintain their operations,” according to a statement from Copa-Cogeca, the Primary Food Processors and FoodDrinkEurope. They are asking for any energy rationing plans to prioritize the food sector.

In the Netherlands, one of Europe’s largest producers of fresh fruit and vegetables, 40% of greenhouse companies are at risk of financial difficulties, according to industry group Glastuinbouw Nederland.

Bakers and oil crushers are also among the worst impacted, as they have energy-intensive operations. Higher gas and electricity prices also mean that Europe’s vegetable oil sector is losing competitiveness to global rivals, said industry group Fediol.

–With assistance from Megan Durisin.


7 Comments on "Energy Crisis Could Lead To Food Shortages In Europe"

  1. Baby Peanut on Sun, 11th Sep 2022 3:07 pm 

    Attention humans! Prepare to be hit by a train.

    1887 Great Railroad Strike
    1922 Great Railroad Strike
    September 16, 2022 – projected date for 2022 Great Railroad Strike

    Associated Pres September 11, 2022
    The railroad trade group has said there’s no way trucks can pick up the slack if the railroads stop moving because roughly 467,000 additional trucks a day would be needed to handle all the cargo trains haul and there is already a shortage of truck drivers.

  2. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 11th Sep 2022 4:11 pm 

    Russia has taken out Ukrop power-stations, making large parts of the cuntry going 404, probably permanently.

    Let’s hope that the US-vassal Euro-fools are reade to take in 20 million REAL Ukrop winter refugees.

    The Russians can also take out Ukrop big city water supplies, making fleeing a necessity.

    Not that in Europe temperatures will be that much higher.

    It looks like to moment has arrived western Europe could go for the kill against any US supporter in politics and media (vast majority).

    Message to China: the time to take Taiwan (and Down Under) is rapidly approaching.

  3. makati1 on Sun, 11th Sep 2022 4:54 pm 

    Not only the EU is going to go hungry and cold this winter. Amerika will suffer with shortages and killer prices on all things still available. Not to mention maxed out credit and a depression.

    When I was a kid, groceries were about 1/3 of your income for the average family. That day is returning fast. Not to mention unemployment exploding.

    Nice to live where winter never comes and food is always nearby and cheap. 90 degrees and sunny today. Ripe veggies in the garden, fruit on the trees, and fresh seafood, chicken, pork, etc. at the market, and on and on. also, being securely retired, I don’t worry about layoffs. I paid the price for 50 years. No more.

  4. elite whitey supertard Charles III is huge a muzzie lover on Sun, 11th Sep 2022 8:03 pm 

    during his reign supremacist muzzies will intenstify the rape of elite whitey supertards in UK

    it’s a certainty

    supertards please change ur undies after 3 days

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  5. Theedrich on Mon, 12th Sep 2022 5:01 pm 

    Kingly Charley is a WEF “Great Resetter.” His “Build Back Better” declaration is viewable on REDACTED at, where His Royal Height writes,

    “#TheGreatReset initiative is designed to ensure businesses and communities ‘build back better’ by putting sustainable business practices at the heart of their operations as they begin to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.”

    Of course, in order to “build back,” Mr. King of England, Santa Klaus Schwab, Sörös (born György Schwartz), Billygoat Gates and the other demigods need first to raze Western Civilization to the ground.  Only then can they build a system they can control the way they like.  You vill own nussing and you vill be heppy.  And if you are not happy, the beatings will continue until your mood improves.

    By the way, as of 2015, the British Commonwealth realms, besides Great Britain, consisted of:

    Canada – 1952-present
    Australia – 1952-present
    New Zealand – 1952-present
    Jamaica – 1962-present
    Barbados – 1966-present
    The Bahamas – 1973-present
    Grenada – 1974-present
    Papua New Guinea – 1975-present
    Solomon Islands – 1978-present
    Tuvalu – 1978-present
    St Lucia – 1979-present
    St Vincent and the Grenadines – 1979-present
    Belize – 1981-present
    Antigua and Barbuda – 1981-present
    St Kitts and Nevis – 1983-present

    -|||- Former Members -|||-

    Pakistan – 1952-1956
    South Africa – 1952-1961
    Ceylon – 1952-1972
    Ghana – 1957-1960
    Nigeria – 1960-1963
    Sierra Leone – 1961-1971
    Tanganyika – 1961-1962
    Trinidad and Tobago – 1962-1976
    Uganda – 1962-1963
    Kenya – 1963-1964
    Malawi – 1964-1966
    Malta – 1964-1974
    The Gambia – 1965-1970
    Guyana – 1966-1970
    Mauritius – 1968-1992
    Fiji – 1970-1987

    But this Anglo control and influence over all of these realms is not enough.  The Weltwirtschaftsforum demands total global domination.  Klaus Schwab admits that, as his destruction of the West proceeds, some people will get angry.  Thus, he warns, his agents must prepare to deal with these angry people.  He says his subjects must take the “necessary action” to create a “fairer world.”

    Of course, the masses who are given loads of debased money by ever-inflating governments, and who have their debts paid off by those same governments, love the Schwabian promise of Utopia, no matter the devastation of the working classes.

    After all, he who robs from Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

  6. makati1 on Mon, 12th Sep 2022 5:16 pm 

    Theedrich, there are so many megalomaniacs in the world governments today, it will be a surprise if we survive as a species.

    The old bitch is finally dead, but her successor is even worse. Thank any god that you believe in. He is old and will likely not survive for long. Maybe the ‘royal’ assholes will finally die out or be exterminated? We can only hope.

  7. soccer random on Thu, 25th May 2023 4:03 am 

    Trucks cannot pick up the slack if railways cease moving, according to the railway trade organisation.

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