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Page added on November 23, 2013

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Energy Collapse – Peak Oil, Painful Withdrawal

Features Richard Heinberg, Matthew Simmons, Roscoe Bartlett & David Goodstein Oil is the primary fuel of the global economy. 98% of cars and trucks,…

4 Comments on "Energy Collapse – Peak Oil, Painful Withdrawal"

  1. Stilgar on Sat, 23rd Nov 2013 7:10 pm 

    Is it still 98% or with added EV’s has that % dropped?

  2. Kenz300 on Sun, 24th Nov 2013 3:20 am 

    It is dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket…..

    It is time to end the oil monopoly on transportation fuels…….

    Electric, flex-fuel, biofuel, hybrid, CNG, LNG and hydrogen fueled vehicles are all growing in popularity.

    Unless we all start walking, riding a bicycle or taking mass transit we will need to transition to some alternative energy source for transportation.

    As oil demand increases and the supply starts decreasing the price will rise to higher and higher levels causing more individuals and businesses to switch to other energy sources.

    Having an alternative source of energy for transportation purposes makes economic sense.

  3. mo on Sun, 24th Nov 2013 1:23 pm 

    That’s it! How come they keep showing scenes of coal powered steam trains?

  4. rollin on Sun, 24th Nov 2013 4:44 pm 

    If everyone in the “developed” nations cut their personal use of fossil fuels by 50 percent in the next four years it would only make about a 10 percent reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

    The change needs to be broad-based across personal, commercial, industrial and the largest users in the developing nations or it will fail to be enough.

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