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Page added on September 9, 2020

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Despite doomsayers, man’s Golden Age might be ahead


A world without resources is high on a long list of doomsday scenarios offered by folks out to scare the rest of us to death.

The day approaches, they warn us, when our raw materials will be exhausted, our mines stripped, our forests destroyed, our farmland depleted, our petroleum used up and our atmosphere poisoned. All we shall have left are mountains of garbage and starving populations.

The handwringing has begun, for the needed remedies, they tell us, call for draconian measures beyond our present will to impose on the world: drastic population reduction, global political control and massive monetary transfers from wealthy nations to underprivileged countries. It seems that eventually even the end of the human world comes down to politics and money.

Most of us private sector folks are willing to do our remedial bit. The last time I flew to Europe I was billed for my “carbon footprint.” I think it’s somebody’s idea of secular penance for our collective sins against the air. I doubt the air benefitted, but the airline did. Anyway, fear is spreading that time is quickly running out. The doomsayers tell us these tentative efforts may be too little too late.

So much for the gloomier prospects. What about the brighter side? Or is there a brighter side? The answer is yes, provided we think creatively about this and other problems. For creative thinking is what sets humans apart from their fellow Earth creatures. And it points to this fact: Resources don’t make mankind; mankind makes its resources.

Prehistoric peoples trudged across vast deposits of petroleum but, ignorant of its potential, they didn’t see it as a resource. Large animals grazed the grasslands, but for ages it didn’t occur to mankind to domesticate and harness them for riding and hauling. Some early people knew about the wheel, but it was a child’s toy until an unremembered genius visualized axles and couplings and another came up with the idea of substituting animal power for paltry human strength.

The point is this: Our greatest resource isn’t elements of earth, air or sea but the ingenuity of the human mind that turns them into resources. Anthropologists classify mankind as Homo sapiens, wise or knowing man, but a better description might be Homo Technicus, technical man, man the crafter, the inventor of resources.

This is why we honor most of those who treat the world with a creative spirit. If one resource fails, they find another and usually something better. It’s the human way, and I find no proof that it has changed in our time.

The doomsayers have always been with us and probably ever shall be. But we do ourselves a disservice if we surrender to their dreads. Surely this era will end, yet not in the panic and doom they predict but so transition to a better age can begin. In this sense, Shelley’s verse becomes prophecy: “The world’s great age begins anew; the Golden Years return.”

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15 Comments on "Despite doomsayers, man’s Golden Age might be ahead"

  1. jedrider on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 8:53 am 

    The power of positive thinking:

    One gets to write drivel.

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 4:12 pm 

    As long as you love me you can say anything you want.

  3. peakyeast on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 4:23 pm 

    COVID-19 could be a blessing by removing old idiots like this author from the resource drain.

    He is purely a liability – not a resource of anything.

  4. makati1 on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 5:54 pm 

    If by “BETTER” you mean a world of serfdom and slaves to the oligarchs, you are correct. THAT is where we are headed if we don’t get our heads out of our asses.

  5. Harquebus on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 5:55 pm 

    Reminds me of this.

    “But humans won’t die out. With enough money, we are extremely adaptable. Air-conditioning and desalination plants will allow those in more affluent societies to live in extremely hot, dry places. The rich can build sea walls, move to colder places, and pay more for food – which will become much more expensive.”

  6. JuanP on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 6:06 pm 

    “THAT is where we are headed if we don’t get our heads out of our asses.”

    Mak, you and I are little guys and mean nothing in the big picture. Sometimes you are way too grandiose.

  7. makati1 on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 6:19 pm 

    Davy, give it up. your theft of intelligent people’s avatars are soooo obvious. You are Pavlov’s dog, barking every time I mention China, but never give any REAL facts to refute my assertions. Why? Because:

    A. You are a Sinophobe who refuses to hear anything positive about China.

    B. You are clueless and uneducated not to mention arrogant and delusional.


  8. makati1 on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 6:27 pm 

    BTW: I am where I want to be for the rest of my long life. I am not in the disaster now happening in Amerika. It was the best decision I ever made to move here 12 years ago.

    As the once top dog in the world, Amerika has to suffer the most to be dragged down to subservience. So be it. Amerikans, having lived in the lap of luxury for the last 75 years, it is now payback for all of it’s plundering and murders.

    If Amerikans knew their real history, they would be ashamed to claim US citizenship. It is right up there with Genghis Khan for plundering and killing. Lies, hypocrisy, drug dealing, and the list goes on and on, even to its own citizens. Diaper up bitches! Rough road ahead! LMAO!

  9. REAL Green on Wed, 9th Sep 2020 6:43 pm 

    Bo Chen kicked are dumb ass over on the moderated side agin Davy.

    We need to go attack him REAL quick like.

  10. DT on Thu, 10th Sep 2020 3:14 am 

    “The doomsayers” AKA People speaking in terms of reality.

  11. Theedrich on Thu, 10th Sep 2020 11:08 pm 

    The pre-U.S. colonies wanted religious utopias. Utopias, of course, can be produced only by tyranny.  Hence the American Civil War (1861-65), which slaughtered ~800,000 Whites.  Then came World War I, the “war to end all wars” and establish utopia.  And indeed, it established another utopia, the Soviet Union, in Russia.  Walter Duranty (1884-1957) Moscow bureau chief of The New York Times (1922-1936), won a Pulitzer prize for his lies praising the Soviet utopia and glossing over its many blood purges and starvation of millions of people.  (We pass over the fact that Walt engaged in magic and homosex with self-declared Satanist Aleister Crowley and ménages à trois with him and Jane Cheron, an opium-addicted Frenchwoman.)  The New York Times likes these types of people to this day.  So do the countless other fake-news outlets.

    Next came World War II to save Uncle Joe Stalin and his gulag-enforced utopia.  Some of the results of that war (allegedly to preserve civilization) were the conversion of mainland China to Communism, along with North Korea and, eventually, Vietnam.  Paradises all.

    Fast forward to 2020.  The party of utopianism — the Marxist Democrats — promises heaven on earth after their reconquest of temporarily derailed paradise.  Never mind that Marxism has always attracted neurotics, psychotics and criminals of every type from its inception.  Using a feeble-minded dotard as a front to capture the lowest of the low-IQ electorate, the Dems, RINOs and their never-Trump termite friends in the Federal bureacracies (especially in the Department of “Education”), intend to utopianize Yankeeland in their own image.

    That image:  massive governmental corruption;  Sörös’s “Open (i.e., borderless) Society”;  explosive inflation to pay for countless Ponzi schemes;  lawlessness by “antifascists,” by Coons and international crime syndicates;  a new religion of opiate addiction (the latest substitute for Marx’s “religion as the opiate of the people”);  plus many more benefits of utopianism.

    In short:  collapse.

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 11th Sep 2020 2:18 am 

    “Next came World War II to save Uncle Joe Stalin and his gulag-enforced utopia.”

    …and, not to forget, to prepare for the upcoming American Century:

    On Feb 17, 1941, the US was still 9 months away from active participation in WW2 and had yet to manage to force Japan into the war, to get the main prize: the desired war against Germany. Yet they had been working towards WW2 since 1933, together with their Soviet buddies and maneuvered Britain and France into the Polish war guarantee, using something entirely new: the power of the jewish-owned media with global reach, putting great moral pressure on the hapless British and French to “stand up against evil Germany”. Once they had that document signed, the US WW2-mastermind in Europe, the kike ambassador to Paris William Bullitt knew he had achieved his aim and could gloat in private about how smart he had been and how the Germans were about to slaughtered by the millions:

    “Bullitt Reveals in April 1939 That “War Has Been Decided Upon””

    The US political and media elite knew that their gigantic oil-based economy was big enough to attempt a planetary power-grab, if they only could exploit the Versailles situation.

    The Europeans, who had been ruling the world for centuries, couldn’t imagine that their power position had become precarious because of an entirely new factor in world history: Henry Ford’s International Jew, that had managed to take over in Moscow and Washington and by May 1940 also the notorious anti-European British. The kikes were presiding over low-quality whites, but in very great numbers. It was a close call. If these stupid Italian “allies from hell” hadn’t attacked Greece, giving the British the pretext to bomb the only petrol station the Germans had in Ploesti-Romania, from Thessaloniki, forcing the Germans to drive out the British from Greece, losing three valuable months and man-power, they could have invaded Russia 3 months earlier and taken Moscow and taken the Evil Empire apart, rather than get stuck in the mud, 90 km outside of Moscow. The Germans were forced to surprise attack Russia, because they had detected that the USSR was in full mobilization mode. THAT was the secret of the desperate flight of Rudolf Hess to Scotland, to at least have peace with the British. But Chill had been in bed with the Soviets since 1934:

    …and wasn’t interested in peace. The division of Europe and its colonization by Americans and Soviets had long been accepted by this New York born traitor and “British Man of the Century”.

    Now in 2020, it is US itself that is in a Versailles situation, totally divided over race. Now it are the European (640m) and Chinese (1350m) powers who can take over the role of the US and USSR in 1933 and play out the Dems and Resp against each other and afterwards divide the loot. The Anglo is about to disappear from history. And no-deal Brexit is a perfect excuse to generate maximum animosity between Europe and the UK and mobilize both ends of Eurasia against Anglo-supremacy. We only have to wait until the ticking time bomb in the US goes off, to trigger bold Chinese action in the South China Sea (aimed at capturing Down Under) and Taiwan and Spain capturing Gibraltar and EU helping a possible Scottish and Northern-Irish uprising against London.

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 11th Sep 2020 2:39 am 

    More Corona mystery:

    “More evidence coronavirus had spread to the West BEFORE China came clean: LA doctors find evidence it may have been circulating in US MONTHS earlier than first reported case”

  14. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 11th Sep 2020 3:43 am 

    Biden is copying Trump-2016 with “buy-American”:

    Joe Biden, merely a follower.

    That’s why he will lose the election, well in terms of number of votes that is. It’s quite another if the coming Trump victory will be acknowledged as such by the Dems-Marxists. I doubt it. Now you could suspect that your AvH is a closet-Nahtzi, who can’t wait for the Empire to fall flat on its face. So here is an American voice:

  15. bochen777 on Fri, 11th Sep 2020 8:17 pm 

    Trump’s super secret nuclear weapon that even China/Russia doesn’t know about is actually a micronuke detonated by laser and its already been used in a major false flag

    It is a micronuke with as small as 6kt yield (about the same as the explosion in the Port of Beirut incident)

    It is thermonuclear without need for uranium/fission as it directly activates /fusions the hydrogen with a powerful miniaturized laser

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