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Page added on May 29, 2018

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Citigroup’s Morse Sees ‘Plenty of Oil to Go Around’

Ed Morse, global head of commodities research at Citigroup, discusses what comes next for OPEC as oil prices drop on production concerns as he still sees the potential for $100 oil. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.” (Source: Bloomber

5 Comments on "Citigroup’s Morse Sees ‘Plenty of Oil to Go Around’"

  1. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 3:14 pm 

    Morse said last year that we are headed for a shortage..

    Citigroup CEO Ed Morse warns of oil shortages coming soon

  2. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 29th May 2018 6:12 pm 

    What more do you need to understand?

  3. onlooker on Tue, 29th May 2018 6:36 pm 

    MM, looks like somebody told Morse, to change his toon haha

  4. MASTERMIND on Tue, 29th May 2018 6:40 pm 


    Calm the sheeple…wouldn’t want to spook the horses..might start a stampede..haha

  5. dave thompson on Wed, 30th May 2018 12:15 am 

    Yes of course there is plenty of oil. Especially when, as the case for the U$, the military is at the ready to spread oil democracy.

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