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Page added on December 28, 2019

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Chris Martenson: Good Riddance To The ‘Twenty-Teens’

Chris Martenson: Good Riddance To The ‘Twenty-Teens’ thumbnail

This is my last report from the good old “twenty-teens”.

In some respects, they didn’t turn out at all like I thought they would. But in many others, exactly as predicted.

I badly underestimated the system’s ability to perpetuate obvious frauds and swindles without causing a social rebellion. And worse, to watch so many otherwise intelligent people participate with glee.

Negative Interest Rates

Back in 2008 when The Crash Course first came out, you would have never convinced me that we’d be sitting here at the cusp of 2020 with $11 trillion of “negative yielding debt.”

I have to place that phrase in quotation marks, because, although I can write those words, I haven’t a clue what they actually mean in a world where money is supposed to be a store of value.  How can money in the future be worth less than money today?

Perhaps Pablo Escobar could help us here, as he reputedly factored in a 10% loss on all his buried cash due to rats, water damage, mold, or forgetting where he placed it.

Thee twenty-teens saw the extinguishment of bond vigilantes  leaving nobody to seriously push back on the abomination of negative rates. Only speculators are left these days, perfectly happy to place the bet that they’ll be able to sell their negative yielding bonds to a greater fool at a higher price.

There’s no such thing as a bond vigilante anymore, only speculators perfectly happy to pull on a slot machine lever in the hopes of selling their negative yielding bonds to some other punter later on at a higher price.

Paying any government to lend it money is a swindle.  Buying Greek national debt with a lower rate of return than US Treasury debt is a swindle.

These and a thousand others completely obvious swindles, and yet here we are with the vast machinery of state and corporate journalism aligned to tell you how good and right they all are.

Shale Oil

I also underestimated the longevity of the recent shale oil “boom”.

I studied it intently early on, concluded it was a money-losing enterprise, and then patiently waited for investors to wake up to that reality.

This realization has been slow to dawn on them, but it’s finally becoming understood. Slowly, grudgingly. However, that’s after 10 years of massive losses for hapless investors in the shale oil space.

Shale company bond and equity holders have been slaughtered, though those vast losses are yet to be recognized.

The reason?

While the capital raised from bond sales and equity offerings has already been spent, so are the wells that were drilled with that money. They’re played out.

Raising new capital merely obscures that any money that has not already been returned to investors can’t be and won’t be because of this dynamic:


What does the above chart tell us? Only that the very best shale operator in the world operating in the very best shale play in the world sees an 82% decline rate in average well output in the first year.

Which means that if that well has not entirely paid itself back within that first year, it probably won’t generate *any* returns for bond or shareholders to enjoy. Ever.

It also means that all the debt and equity capital poured into the ground between 2008-2017 is now “invested” in wells that are, effectively, depleted.

Bluntly, if the returns have not already happened on those monies, they probably never will.  How could they?  The wells are mostly drained.

The table below shows the equity losses for a small sampling of afflicted companies. Hundreds of other shale companies have already gone completely bankrupt with similar staggering bond losses to “investors”:

It still doesn’t make sense to me that the obvious cash-destroying financial math of shale oil has proven so misunderstood that an entire decade has passed before the media and Wall Street have started to catch on. Live and learn.

Old Barnum – There’s a sucker born every minute.

New Barnum – Investors are the best suckers there are.

More amazingly, there has been such a rush to rip the shale oil out of the ground that the accompanying natural gas is simply burned off into the night sky. All that lost fossil energy will never be used constructively, other than signaling to the wider universe how moronically wasteful we’ve been with a precious resource.

As a Dec 24, 2019 Bloomberg article put it:

Producers in the Permian are already flaring record levels of natural gas. The Texas Railroad Commission, which oversees the oil and gas industry in the state, has granted nearly 6,000 permits allowing explorers to flare or vent natural gas this year [2019]. That’s more than 40 times as many permits granted at the start of the supply boom a decade ago.


That was 6,000 opportunities to not be moronic. And we passed on every single one.

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when people will look back, shake their heads, and pass harsh judgment on the generations involved with wasting so much precious energy.


In Dr. Seuss’ book The Lorax, the hero warns of the self-destructive impacts of industrial and consumer exploitation of the natural world and its denizens.

The book ends with a final warning; Unless.

“Unless” our destructive practices are halted and reversed, much of the natural world will disappear forever, never to return. Gone is gone, man.

The distressing trends in the environment warned of in The Lorax and in The Crash Course have sadly only become gotten predictably worse over this past decade. I hate being right about those.

Meanwhile, I see a lot of people fretting about if/how various carbon emission targets are going to be met. Let me alleviate the suspense; they’re not.

Every single economically-retrievable lump of coal and molecule of oil and gas is going to be extracted and burnt before we give up our addition to fossil fuel.


Because without energy ,nothing is possible. Especially our ridiculously comfortable lives of massive over-consumption. And fossil fuels remain unmatched in their net-energy returns compared to today’s alternatives.

Even Australia’s current shattering of all its heat records, with growing swaths of the continent literally aflame, hasn’t managed to trip any alarms in the skull of the Australian PM Scott Morrison, whose single major policy initiative on the matter was to enact harsh new penalties on any Australians who might protest against the coal industry.

No one cares until you threaten to dampen corporate profits. Or impede the unchecked march of break-neck resource extraction. If you do, then you’re branded a threat, a terrorist, or “indulgent and selfish” in the words of Mr. Morrison.

After all, what could be more ‘indulgent and selfish’ than advising we proceed with caution, so as to protect society’s future prospects?

In a post-peak world, we’re probably not going to be seeing too many bananas way up north (where I live) in January. And I’m pretty sure the current ones individually wrapped in plastic won’t be available any more:

There’s something so offensive about an individually-wrapped banana that it strikes like a closed fist. It’s a shining reminder that we’re accelerating down a slippery slope, while blithely spraying Astroglide ahead of us.

Maybe we should preserve one of these plastic-wrapped banana to place in a future Buzzfeed-sponsored Smithsonian display titled “You won’t believe these 10 stupid things your forebears did.”

Meanwhile, as you can plainly see below, innumerable science-based summits, conferences and accords held over the past decade have really done their work on mounting CO2 levels.

I’ve helpfully mapped the size of the possible solution set below that.

Marine life is in deep trouble, soils continue to erode, species are disappearing, and weather events are getting more and more chaotic.

Only a fool would build (or re-build as the case often is) in a 500-year flood plain. We can now count on those to be routinely swamped.

Yet as a completely non-sensical counter to all this, the central banks of the world, led by the Fed, have mounted a particularly spirited effort to make the wealthy insanely wealthier and by every measure they have not only succeeded, but are determined to top their former high scores.


One thing I never, ever, not once, EVER foresaw was the markets being A-OK with the massive distortions the world central banking cartel has saddled the world with over the past decade.

$15 Trillion in new currency printed from thin-air. The cramming of interest rates to 5,000 year lows. Negative interest rates. The complete perversion of price discovery.

All in the service of making a very, very few wealthy people even wealthier.

All while absolutely screwing the (former) middle classes, slow-roasting pensions, and destroying the retirement dreams of millions living on a fixed income.

Despite the fact the 99.9% of all journalists are decidedly not in the camp of the “winners” here, they nonetheless take pains to never ask a single tricky question of the Fed, nor ask anything about its stated policy of robbing from the many to give to the few.

Here’s a still shot of the media over the past ten years engaging with the Fed.

After ten years of non-stop interventions, the central banks have created the worst asset price bubble in history and are now trapped.

To try to keep it from popping, they’re being forced to use increasingly desperate measures not seen since the hairy depths of the worst moments of the Great Financial Crisis:

Over the past decade, the markets morphed into “markets” which then metastasized into  ““markets”” . They are now so perversified that they are well and truly “““markets””” ,signifying that they lack any resemblance to a place where honest participants set honest prices.

Collectively, the world’s central banks have undertaken more emergency ‘easing’ than at any point in time, since… ever.

Global central banks have cut interest rates roughly 90 times over the past year, the largest cumulative easing since the financial crisis, according to Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce data.

While the Fed accounted for three of those, taking its policy rate down to a range of 1.5% to 1.75%, that’s still higher than much of the rest of the developed world, including Japan and Europe, where rates are near or even below zero.

“It’s very hard for the average foreign investor to survive — we’re still at a point now where it’s max desperation,”

(Source – Bloomberg)

How about that? Feeling better yet?

I certainly don’t. But don’t tell the stock “““markets,””” which are now wholly-owned subsidiaries of the central banks and the governments of the world that protect this cartel:

They perform a utility function — but instead of delivering electricity to your home, they siphon wealth from the many to give to the few. If Robin Hood’s evil twin operated a utility, he’d operate the US equity markets.

While the average household in the US slips farther and farther behind, going deeper and deeper into debt, the Fed congratulates its efforts, believing it’s doing “God’s work”.

Again, here’s the media on all this:

At this point you really ought to be asking yourself, “why exactly are the world’s central banks, led by the Fed, freaking out so badly right now?”

As we close out the ‘twenty-teens’, all I can say is, you’d better start working on providing the basics for yourself and your family, because when this credit cycle finally ends, it’s going to be horrible.

Which is precisely what the central bankers know, too.

While you and I may share in that knowledge, it remains unacceptable to talk about in public.

The Overton Window does not allow for such talk anywhere and certainly never in the mainstream media, which is on track to close out the twenty-teens having failed in its Fourth Estate duties more comprehensively than any other press cohort in history.

The End Of ‘Magnificent Folly’

There’s a great emergency happening right now, but society is not acknowledging it.

The social mood is darkening Fourth Turning-style and people are protesting and risking life, career, and limb to express their anxiety and frustration with the policies of Team Elite™. But don’t expect to hear about that on the nightly news or in the mainstream press.

The economy is doing so “great” that central banks are applying record-breaking amounts of funny-money stimulus to counter…something.  Or, more accurately, to avoid something.

I hold the view that people are organisms and that we’re wired to know when our nest is getting fouled. Our instincts, honed over millions of years of evolution, are to migrate to a new, less polluted or played-out home.

That only makes sense. But the problem is that now there’s nowhere new to go. No next valleys. No unpolluted corner to wander off to and inhabit for a while.

So those of us who are ‘of an age’ and remember when a porch light left on for an August night would attract a Zootopia of strange and wonderful insects to our screen doors.  How many of you are now deeply anxious, as I am,  at the creepily barren screens we now wake up to?

It’s as if the Rapture happened only – surprise! – God took the insects. Because they didn’t have any clothes to leave behind, nobody noticed.

But we’ll soon notice the ramifications of knocking out them and other key pillars of the food chain on which we depend.

As I look forward, I sincerely hope we can do a lot better in the 2020’s. The bar is current set depressingly low.

But we probably won’t. That’s the reality.

What will the 2020’s hold?

More of the same likely, though also some very sharp differences because the effects of a lot of our current bad decisions will come home to roost very soon.

My simplified view of the 2020’s is this: you better be working on your garden’s soil, developing a tight and close trust network, and be emotionally prepared to adapt quickly to new situations and circumstances.

In Part 2: The Coming Decade Will See The End Of Today’s ‘Magnificent Folly’, we explain why, given today’s systemic distortions and deformations, predicting the events of the next ten years will be much easier than it was for the twenty-teens. Largely because there’s little room left down the road to kick the can further.

Conflict, contraction and consequences will define the coming decade. It will be a time of loss, scarcity and pain for many.

But it need not be for you. Not if you use the time we have remaining wisely.,

41 Comments on "Chris Martenson: Good Riddance To The ‘Twenty-Teens’"

  1. Chrome Mags on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 7:15 pm 

    Always have liked Martenson’s writing. He has the guts to look the monster clearly in the eye. Now give me one of those bananas in a bag, lol.

  2. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 8:12 pm 

    We have a winner.

  3. full woke supremacist muzzie low english on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 10:39 pm 

    this is a muzzie love article. i trust whitey supertard bill warner .
    article makes fun of the crusade because it was limited in scope and scale and only as a response to muzzie offensives.

  4. full woke supremacist muzzies jerk on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 10:41 pm 

    muzzie roasted 73 in romalia. ihan FGM NASTY omar said somebody said something.
    1400 years of jihad, 300 million victims, 500/day and continuing.

  5. full woke supremacist muzzie low english on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 10:44 pm 

    Nigeria: More than 6,000 Christians killed by Islamic terrorists since 2015

    Dec 28, 2019 By Robert Spencer

    1400 years of jihad, 300 million victims, 500/day and continuing.

  6. dave thompson on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 10:47 pm 

    The interesting aspect in my close circle of friends and family is that if you bring this up in conversation you will find yourself alone , very quickly.

  7. JuanP on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 12:25 am 

    Good article!
    “More amazingly, there has been such a rush to rip the shale oil out of the ground that the accompanying natural gas is simply burned off into the night sky.”
    It was hard to pick one quote because there were several sections worth quoting.

  8. Theedrich on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 1:53 am 

    Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle (1915-2001) in Of Men and Galaxies (University of Washington Press: Seattle, 1964, pp. 63ff.):

    “It has often been said that, if the human species fails to make a go of it here on the Earth, some other species will take over the running.  In the sense of developing intelligence his is not correct.  We have, or soon will have, exhausted the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this planet is concerned.  With coal gone, oil gone, high-grade metallic ores gone, no species howeve competent can make the long climb from primitive conditions to high-level technology.  This is a one-shot affair.  If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned.  The same will be true of other planetary systems.  On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only.”

    It is our century, our millennium, that must perforce take the maximum strain, for it is our fate to live during the transitional phase.  And because we live in this special phase we find social difficulties, pressures, situations that defy even the simplest logical processes.  We find ourselves in no real contact with the forces that are shaping our future.

    The process of evolution that has led to our presence here, at this moment, is not a pretty one.  We exist today because of a past in which our forebears suffered untold distress and anguish.  I am not referring simply to our human ancestors but to the long chain of creatures that preceded the human ;  their sufferings were certainly untold becuase they could not speak — we need only think of the shriek of the dying animal in the jungle.  My point is that we are still in the jungle and that our descendants may come to say the same thing about us, that they owe their existence to our shrieks.  There is no reason in principle why the future will be any prettier than the past has been.

    It used to be a common theme of movie makers, and still is in television, to show how the youth who insists on always having a good time goes from bad to worse, eventually ending up among criminals.  I suspect the same thing for our whole species :  if we insist on always following the easy path we could end up as a criminal species.

  9. Cloggie on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 4:36 am 

    “Back in 2008 when The Crash Course first came out, you would have never convinced me that we’d be sitting here at the cusp of 2020 with $11 trillion of “negative yielding debt.””

    “I also underestimated the longevity of the recent shale oil “boom”.”

    Admit it Chris, you suck as a prophet-Cassandra, just like Heinberg. You loved to hear your own voice, like most on this board, predicting total doom, tickling yourself with the idea that you owned secret knowledge, the rubes didn’t. Oh you felt so smart!

    “Every single economically-retrievable lump of coal and molecule of oil and gas is going to be extracted and burnt before we give up our addition to fossil fuel.”

    In America, not in Europe, where 90% of all new power generation capacity is renewable… and realized a golden economic decade regardless.

    That golden decade is now probably over.

    What is next is a geopolitical refactoring of the planet, where the US empire and probably the US itself are going to bite the dust and balkanize, most of all as a result of decades of sustained immigration from the third world and enabled thanks to Trump, Brexit, the internet, rise of China en the EU and consolidation of Russia, an aspiring new European great power, recognized as such by France.

    “WW3” is going to happen, sort of, between Eurasia and Anglosphere, where the former is going to challenge the supremacy of the latter. An all out war is not going to happen, nukes will continue to ensure that, how ever, fighting will very well erupt at the edges: China is going to impose an ultimatum on the US to get lost out of the South China Sea or else sink US navy vessels. A hard Brexit will lead to hostility on both sides of the Channel, Spain taking back Gibraltar and the drive for Scottish independence and Northern Irish reunification and an English economy in a tail-spin. France will push through a rapprochement (that’s French for Ozark and Middleville readers) with Russia and the New Silk Road is going to replace the Atlantic as the new economic backbone of the planet, with the dollar erased from Eurasia. Geopolitical center of gravity will move from NYC-Washington to Eurasia. Expect a Eurasian withdrawal from all the US-centric globalist institutions like UN, WB, IMF, etc, institutions that are going to be reestablished half way Greater Europe and China (Kazakhstan?) as the round table institutions of a truly multi-polar world, identified by “big tent identitarianism” (white Christian world, Han-Chinese world, Muslim world, Black Africa, South-America, Hindu-world, Japan). Jews need not apply.

    This will happen before 2030 and the refactoring will probably begin when DJT leaves the White House, for whatever reasons.

    Renewable energy has already won in Europe. Solar and wind are already the cheapest and cleanest ways to generate a non-buffered kWh. If storage will finally be affordable, as it will, since the whole world is working on it, nothing stands in the way for a gradual phasing out of fossil fuel and replaced by renewable, first in Europe (2050) and the rest of the planet later (2070-2100).

  10. more info on muzzie akbar sayeed on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 4:45 am 

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    these are very angry people, probably 400 of them are armed to the teeth.

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  12. Cloggie on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 4:58 am 

    Live pictures POWs exchnge between Donbass and Ukraine:

    More signs that the all-European “Normandy” peace talks are resulting in a detente (that’s French for Ozark and Middleville readers) between Russia and Ukraine are beginning to work, now that both Ukraine and Russia face the prospect of finally being absorbed into the European world, the coming first address on the planet.

    Ukraine is going to be compensated for the loss of Donbass and Crimea by both Russia and the EU (like new railway-lines and interstate highways), provided Kiev accepts the new realities.

    They will. The US idea that Ukraine can be used to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia will fail.

    An independent Ukraine, es realized by the CIA-sponsored EuroMaidan revolution, will make it easier for Europe to accept Russia as a great European nation, on par with France and Germany, rather than a wannabee new overlord. Thank you, Victoria Nuland, you scheming neocon bitch!

  13. print baby print on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 5:20 am 

    Dear Mr Martenson,
    It is a very good article and your work in total. We all have underestimated the resilience of the thieves and liars , but it’s good for us all . The collapse won’t be pretty and it’s coming. only fools and idiots don’t see it . I am sorry for the kids but it was inevitable . Don’t blame yourself because the wrong prediction , we don’t have inside information we only have a common sense . When you think it was wrong to expect from stupid person to admit it’s stupidity and to surrender . That is the nature, no surrender. So the battle continue .

  14. Shortend on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 5:46 am 

    Cloggie “We’ll be alright…Trump said so…and God whispered it to him in his ear..or tweeted …something like that!

  15. Cloggie on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 6:23 am 

    Some British WW1 introspection:

    “Britain Should Not Have Fought in the First World War”

    Standard Intelligence2 format: 2 speakers pro and 2 against the thesis.

    The real answer should be: of course not!

    The Germans sought an alliance with the British from the moment of their inception 1871 until Hitler, deep into WW2 (desperate Rudolf Hess flight to Scotland). Such an alliance would have secured sustained European planetary dominance, with the German-British axis at its core.

    But Britain instinctively doesn’t want a deep alliance with anybody, encouraged by their island status, which makes them feel safe as a castle, from where to plot the downfall of whoever is the #1 in continental Europe, be it Spain, Holland, Napoleonic France, Germany and now the EU.

    What they achieved with this disastrous “little Englander” policy of “splendid isolation” is that they opened the doors of Europe for third rates like the Soviets and Americans to take over, including “WW2-winner” UK.

    The British are now out and rather than a Europe united around the axis Berlin-London, we now have the axis Paris-Berlin, soon complemented with Moscow, sufficient to regain the natural global #1 status of Europe as hands-down the most magnificent civilization on earth, as was reality between 0 AD – 1939 AD, until the assorted rapists from the Taiga and Prairie showed up, with their brutal, kosher-invented ideologies bolshevism and multicult. The Soviet empire is now defunct, the US empire is facing a “1989” of its own (good riddance to them) and another page in the book of time is about to be turned. Repairing European civilization is next, including reclaiming large parts of a balkenizing North-America for European civilization (Heartland to PBM, Quebec to France and Anglo-Canada and New England to England. The Dutch will gracefully wave ownership of Nieuw Amsterdam-NYC, too dark. After all, Apartheid is the 4th best-known Dutch-rooted word after 3-Yankee, 2-Santaclaus and 1-dollar)

  16. REAL Green on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 6:44 am 

    Discussing total doom Is not saying total doom will happen quickly. Binary behavior that is not capable of seeing a world of grey is what techno optimist tend to be. Doomers have evolved and some have gone delusional and now think we are in a techno age of solutions. This could not be further from the truth. We are now in a decline and decay process. This is across the board of human behavior and planetary realities. There is great tech evolving that could allow mitigation but it shows no evidence of saving us from the traps we are in. Path dependencies that got us to this point of failure revolve around techno solutions and we somehow think different tech solutions will get us out of trouble. The so-called golden decade of the onset of renewables was a time of destructive central bank policy that now has the world in a debt trap. The peak oil crisis was papered over with the malinvestment of debt. We are also in a carbon trap that means the renewable fantasy of green techno optimism will hit a brick wall. Renewables can do much for our civilization in decline but it is showing no indication of overcoming the carbon trap.

    The biggest issue is behavior and techno optimism is just another example of the behavior that must change but won’t. If they didn’t learn from the last 10 years they never will. A techno optimist thinks failure is not an option when we are already failed. Modern man can win a retreat from this decline process but that means tough adaptation actions that acknowledge retreat instead techno optimist are on the offense. Climate protests are an expression of this offensive behavior that is doomed. Humans must downsize and live less energy intensive lives. This does not mean more efficient tech it means less consumption and less people. Tech can be part of it but not the driver. This kind of degrowth behavior will be destructive there is no putting lipstick on destructive policy but this will be an organized retreat embracing decline not denying it.

    Humans must reduce the bad behavior that has no future instead central banks have enshrined the status quo in growth-based behavior. This continues the energy orgy behavior by repressing and easing the dysfunction of growth-based activities green or brown. This has allowed investments without good ROI. The planet is getting tougher on frivolous investments and we are covering that up with debt. Policy adaptation is needed but wise policy not delusional policy. Europe is making some good policy steps but will likely ruin it by overplaying its hand of continuing the unsustainable. Renewable and EV centered policy could be recognized as a mitigation step but not a transition paradigm. You may think well it is better than the alternative. To a point this may be true but just imaging this alternative policy properly applied then one can see the wasted resources that might be much better applied with proper behavior adaptation.

    Proper behavior would be policy stepping back from growth proactively understanding this process means recessionary results. Degrowth policies mean a strangling of globalism but also allow for better adaptation to the reality of decline. The climate response is a sham because loop holes are large and fake policy hides the truth. Climate is lost as is the health of the planet. Less destructive behavior along with mitigation strategies should be where the bulk of policy and resources need to go. Instead the world will purse tech-based growth that FAKE Greens tout as a green revolution with support of the brown status quo of fossil fuels and growth. Renewables and alternative transport are not green and cannot be made green. FAKE Greens are embracing growth and the transport culture when this is what is the problem.

    Localism is the answer and this involves a degrowth of globalism simultaneously with a growth of local efforts. Instead FAK Greens are trying to green up the status quo. Local efforts will not provide the profit numbers needed by globalism. What is not admitted by techno growth driven people is the fact the system requires financial repression and easing to survive. This means globalism and techno growth have already failed. The numbers have just been massaged and the bad economic behavior supported financially. Since the proper actions of degrowth along with targeted growth locally is not going to be embraced this ensures that the behavior FAKE Greens are pushing is a failure too.

    REAL Green would start with the behavior of failure driving a policy of reeducation and center around mitigation strategies. Grand renewable policy of a Green New deal that is touted by regions like Europe or political classes like the liberal left will be a failure. Some of their policies will yield some good tech but it is the behavior that will waste valuable resources. At a point the effort to go carbonless will fail. It will fail because the carbon trap says we can’t maintain a human scale that is global and go carbonless. There is too much consumption by too many people. This means we will get to doom but by a route of delusion and deception of FAKE behavior both Brown and Green.

  17. Cloggie on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 6:48 am 

    Canada is waking up too:

    My only worry about Canada is that Vancouver could fall into Chinese hands.

  18. print baby print on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 7:11 am 

    Real green , you are right, but you waist your time on explaining to the people . We have deserved what is coming, we are very primitive race.

  19. Davy on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 7:48 am 

    I didnt rite that word salad there print, I just copy and pasted it from my various tinyURL sources. I am too busy harvesting my goats, and tending to my beans to sit at my cell phone all day, putting up walls of text no one ever reads. Unless they are an idiot of some kind. That is why I made up the sock puppet REAL DAVY, so, people might be fooled into thinking it was someone else entirely, you know not me, and it might even fool someone into reading my stuf. That is why I cut and paste other peoples stuff. The time I save I can use to neuter all the dumbass extremists that keep ruining my discussion hangout.

    Well it worked with you print, you had no idea REAL DAVY is me. ROFLMAO!

  20. JuanP is stupid on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 8:02 am 

    Too bad for the board I ignored stupid and I thought he was going to ignore me but this is what resulted. More of his shit behavior that ruins it for everyone.

    This is from stupid:
    “Davy said I didnt rite that word salad there print, I just c…”

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    full woke supremacist muzzie low english on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 10:44 pm

  23. JuanP is stupid on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 8:12 am 

    “Good article! It was hard to pick one quote because there were several sections worth quoting.”

    More one liner out of stupid. What stupid is not telling you he is not smart enough to make a comment. So when I make a REAL comment he labels it word salad but look at his one liner and ask yourself who is stupid?? LMFAO. Ask stupid about real word salads that are his muzzie shit.

  24. Sissyfuss on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 9:00 am 

    Welcome to the new Roaring Twenties where fantasy will sell and reality will be ignored. It is ironic that the technologies and behaviors that brought humanity to the crest of success in defeating the condition of life of being short, nasty, and brutish. But for all our efforts life is now becoming cruel, violent, and delusional. Nature succeeds through a obscure and complicated process of balance, Ying and Yang, birth and death, and not exceeding carrying capacity. We humans ignored natural processes in our ascension towards godliness. We are now plummeting back Earthward, our wings singed and smoudering, to crash headfirst into our wounded and suffering planet. First they came for the the insects and no one lamented. Who will be left to lament when they come for us?

  25. REAL Green on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 11:16 am 

    JuanP is ignoring us Davy. How cum were not ignoring him?

  26. JuanP is stupid on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 12:30 pm 

    stupid shit

    this is from stupid:
    REAL Green said JuanP is ignoring us Davy. How cum were not ignori…

  27. Davy on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 1:13 pm 

    Cus were a liar and a hypocrite REAL Green.

    We can’t help ourselfs.

  28. JuanP is stupid on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 2:41 pm 

    Stupid, tell us what it was like getting a vasectomy and how that changed your life. Lol. Your ID theft is boring.

    This is from stupid
    Davy said Cus were a liar and a hypocrite REAL Green. We can…

  29. REAL Green on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 3:14 pm 

    Why is JuanPs vasectomy so important to us Davy?

    Its not like we even no who the the guy is or anything about him at all. If he even is a him?

  30. JuanP on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 3:40 pm 

    My vasectomy gave my life REAL meaning Davy.

  31. Davy on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 4:51 pm 

    Thanks JuanP. Thats obv. REAL important to REAL Green n me.

  32. JuanP on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 5:12 pm 

    When I got a vasectomy I felt relieved. I think sometimes how important I don’t bring kids into this world considering how bad my mental illness is.

  33. Anonymouse on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 5:13 pm 

    Thank you Juan for not reproducing. We have enough fucked up people in the world without you adding to to it.

  34. JuanP on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 6:37 pm 

    Anon “Thank you Juan for not reproducing. We have enough fucked up people in the world without you adding to to it.”
    My thoughts, exactly!

  35. Anonymouse on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 6:52 pm 

    “My thoughts, exactly!”

    fucked up people think alike

  36. Davy on Sun, 29th Dec 2019 8:36 pm 

    We only think about us. Cus were real importent like.

  37. Richard Guenette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:46 pm 

    I don’t care about politics or anything like that (I don’t care what people do in their lives)

  38. Cloggie on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:50 pm 

    Putin for ever!

    “Is Vladimir Putin plotting to rule forever after two decades in power? Russia’s longest serving leader since Stalin decides how to stay in charge even after term as president ends in 2024”

    Probably PM again after 2024.

  39. Richard Guenette on Mon, 30th Dec 2019 3:51 pm 

    People don’t need labels to define WHO they are.

  40. vin lookup on Thu, 2nd Jan 2020 10:45 pm 

    Very helpful to share. You are a great author. I will definitely bookmark your blog and may come back someday Thanks for a great post. Please continue to uphold!

  41. Anonymous on Fri, 3rd Jan 2020 10:05 am 

    Martensen was overly negative on shale oil (and gas). The fast decline is NOT news. AND is something that doomsters have been hyping for many, many, many years. Still, it didn’t stop oil from rising over 12 MM bopd or gas from going over 100 BCF/d. So, amidst all the breathy podcast talk and NPR-like intro music, you still have another intellectually lightweight eco-weenie wishcasting, rather than doing objective assessment.

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