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Page added on September 17, 2020

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China Oil Appetite Probably Bigger Than It Looks

China Oil Appetite Probably Bigger Than It Looks thumbnail

A surge in Chinese buying of blending fuels this year means oil demand in the world’s biggest importer is likely bigger than the official figures indicate, according to the trading arm of refining giant Sinopec.

Chinese fuel consumption was already back at year-earlier levels in May, Fairy Wang Pei, head of the research and strategy department at Unipec, said at the Platts APPEC 2020 conference. However, purchases of light-cycle oil and mixed aromatics, which aren’t recorded in the crude import data, mean the nation’s demand recovery might be even more impressive than thought, she said.

Oil buying by Chinese refiners has played an outsized role in supporting global prices this year, with Asia’s largest economy emerging from the coronavirus as Europe and the U.S. went into lockdown. Purchases have slowed from a peak in June though — amid port congestion and independent refiners running out of quota — and are forecast to remain sluggish this month.

Chinese imports of mixed aromatics — used for blending into gasoline — have doubled in the first seven months of 2020 from a year earlier, Wang said. Purchases of LCO, used to make diesel, have risen by 115% and cutback asphalt shipments have surged almost 800%, she said.

Oil demand in China was 3.5% lower in January through July from a year earlier, according to data from the National Development and Reform Commission.

“China’s oil demand has recovered at a very fast rate,” Wang said. Actual demand is likely to be larger than the official numbers, she said.


20 Comments on "China Oil Appetite Probably Bigger Than It Looks"

  1. bochen787 on Thu, 17th Sep 2020 2:46 pm 

    I LOVE China….

  2. makati1 on Thu, 17th Sep 2020 5:55 pm 

    China is not broadcasting what they are doing and that is as it should be with a sovereign country. It is no one’s business but the Chinese’. Do you tell your neighbor how much money you make or what you buy or sell?

    Better to not advertise than to be like liar filled, hypocrite Amerika where ALL the numbers are fake and massaged to say what the government wants you to know. Like the fake unemployment, inflation and, now, C19 numbers.

    China is already growing while the West is still contracting. Pass the popcorn.

  3. mago on Thu, 17th Sep 2020 9:15 pm 

    the hypocritical West and the honest communists. Nobody believes it.

  4. The Board on Thu, 17th Sep 2020 9:23 pm 

    the hypocritical davy and the dishonest cloggshitter. everyone believes it.

  5. I'm the biggest China lover on Thu, 17th Sep 2020 9:47 pm 

    Very simple
    They developed way to harvest muzz

  6. Davy on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 12:18 am 

    “hypocritical davy and the dishonest cloggshitter”

    cloggshitter is not dishonest The Board.

    cunt face

  7. On This Day... Sep 18, 2013: Benisheik, Nigeria Islamists slaughter dozens of travelers along a major road: 161 Killed on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 1:03 am 

    Peace news

  8. widdle juan PPee on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 2:59 am 

    Big night of lunatic:

    On This Day… Sep 18, 2013: Benisheik, Nigeria Islamists slaughter dozens of travelers along a major road: 161 Killed said Peace news
    Davy said “hypocritical davy and the dishonest cloggsh…
    darkies supertard Thomas Sowell said said Only followers of (((supremetard))) whiteys fought…
    there are only blaqholes as in burn loot murder BLM said Darkies supertard Thomas Sowell said slavery is a…
    I’m the biggest China lover said Very simple They developed way to harvest muzz
    The Board said the hypocritical davy and the dishonest cloggshitt…
    mago said the hypocritical West and the honest communists. N…
    kafir politics inferior to muzz politics said muzz politics combined killing, lying, and intimid…
    GOOD NEWS: Muslim candidate endorsed by Somali CongressMuslim Ilhan Omar is defeated in primary race for Wisconsin State Senate said at 1% muzz already active so they destroy dar al h…
    Let’s be careful with our language. Genocide is generally used to refer to the extermination of a people or nation. Genocide is not taking place in Xinjiang said this is why we need to learn from supertard bochen…
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    Washed up hippy on North coast said The black hole of covid 20 doom approaches! Make…
    makati1 on Thu, 17th Sep 2020 5:35 pm When you are too uneducated to comment rationally, you resort to bullshit putdowns and sock p said O_RLY supertard says a HS dropout. I have a BA in…

  9. Widdle davy ID theft and socks on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 3:22 am 

    Big night of stupid

    widdle davPPee on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 2:59 am

    more stupid

  10. Davy on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 4:53 am 

    woof woof!

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 4:53 am 

    In 1941 Japan had 5%, the US 29% global GDP.

    Usually 5 year old’s do not attack 29 year old’s, unless out of desperation, like when the 29 year old rapes the mum of the 5 year old.

    Pearl Harbor was indeed an act of japanese desperation. Until 1940 the US was responsible for 100% of oil deliveries to Japan. Until the moment Japan joined the Axis and US strategists knew they had found an opportunity to circumvent the peaceful intentions of the US population and force Japan into the war, so the US got its desired war against Germany by implication and get The American Century started (the one that is now almost over), all by intent, together with the USSR and Churchill-Britain. The Japanese were forced to attack PH in order to take out the US fleet and get their oil from the Dutch East Indies instead, a move entirely anticipated by the US government. PH was a pawn sacrifice, entirely desihned to overcome US popular resistence against war participation.

    The upshot: oil provided the occasion.

    Fast forward 2020. China has a huge appetite for oil, like Japan had in 1941, but is facing an Anglo blockade strategy:

    China has claims on energy in the South China Sea, but is in dispute with its neighbours about it, who are backed by the US. The difference between Japan-1941 and China-2020 is that the Chinese has a vast “Eurasian hinterland”, gets a lot of oil from Russia, and has an immense population and hence can sacrifice a lot, very much unlike the US, that in the seventies could only sacrifice 40,000 until the US population enforced a withdrawal. On top of that, the US and China have a comparable economy. The threshold for the Chinese to attemp the flight forward is much lower than for Japan-1941.

    And then there is the quiet enticement of Australia, Mao’s “lonely continent”, which would solve China’s overpopulation problem in one single blow and Australia would become to China what North-America always was to Europe: a convenient place to dump your underclasses upon.

    Expect China to make its move at the first sign of american weakness.

    Talking about US weakness…

    “The new civil war tearing America apart: As rival armed militias are photographed in a terrifying stand-off in Kentucky, TOM LEONARD provides a chilling insight into the bitter cultural battle that’s making this the most toxic US election ever“

    This is the first time I hear my favorite Anglo source the DailyFail talk about a US civil war.

    It’s coming.

    Major US social disturbance could trigger bold chinese action in the SCS, which could work as a positive feedback loop on developments in the US, under the motto: “better run the risk of dying on US soil, serving white interests, than dying in East-Asia for ZOG”.

    Anglosphere is toast.

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 5:35 am 

    “Why China’s rise exposes Australian vulnerabilities“

    Mao Zedong, founder of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), reportedly called Australia the “lonely continent”. These days, though, going from the recent ups and downs in the bilateral relationship, Australians feel anything but lonely.“

    The stupid globalist BBC reporter completely misses the point about Mao’s remark. What Mao really meant was seeing Australia as easy meat, rather than keeping it company to expell loneliness.

    It is the same blindness that sold Brexit-Britain to the idea of Global Britain, a geopolitical servant of the US and dedicated to the ideal of an english speaking world (achieved indeed) and world government on US soil,, dominated by people with long noses (big fail, expect the UN and Goldman-Sucks buildings to be occupied by black squatters in da near future).

    Mexicans, Muslims and other Asians love the idea of Global Britain, Global Canada, Global Australia, Global USA. Just walk in and take the land and its girls.

  13. Florida High Schoolers Suspended for Honoring 9/11 Responders… on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 6:01 am 

    muzz love

    trumps fault

  14. widdle juan PPee on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 6:40 am 

    the lunatic is up:

    Florida High Schoolers Suspended for Honoring 9/11 Responders… said muzz love trumps fault

    Davy said woof woof!

    Mick said I wonder what the eroei is for harvesting energy…

    ANAL REAPER said ^^^^^^^^^^^ Shut up faggot

    Widdle davy ID theft and socks said Big night of stupid widdle davPPee on Fri, 18th Se…

  15. Davy on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 6:43 am 


  16. REAL Green on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 6:48 am 


  17. ISIS jihadists overrun paradise islands where Bono and Daniel Craig holidayed before torching villas on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 7:11 am 


  18. bochen787 on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 2:21 pm 

    To set the record straight, I did buy the early access, but after months of delays and no Demo 3 in sight I wrote a ripoffreport on TitanicHG, then Tom kicked me out of the early access and publically told everyone on the fb group that he was gonna give everyone passwords except for me. I hit up Jake and offered to but his seat from him at many multiples what he paid, I think the offer was well over $100 usd, after getting the money Jake started having second thoughts and reneged on givinv me the password and thats when I told him I would sue him and file a police report. He gave me the password and I reuploaded the demo 3 to piratebay and hosted a free copy online, Tom send a Cease and Desist and got my wordpress site taken down, so I moved it onto Amazon AWS and Vultr instead….

    Their reason for why Demo 3 was delayed? To perfect it to catch the interest of “”investors”””

  19. bochen787 on Fri, 18th Sep 2020 2:22 pm 

    opps wrong post meant for subreddit, too many tabs open lol

  20. china muzz population is 0.45 pct solution destroy china with nukes on Mon, 21st Sep 2020 11:03 am 

    makes a lot of sense from perspective of a muzz lover

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