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Page added on March 9, 2019

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Cheap Oil Is Here To Stay


Environmentalists must be bumming.  U.S. oil production isn’t just booming, it’s re-ordering the global economy. Rystad Energy is offering some details with analysts who believe continued production could even wipe away $22 trillion in national debt!

As an export, oil could wipe away trade deficits, yearly budget deficits and the overall massive debt.

Twenty years ago the “greenies” were warning of peak oil and pump prices of $10 a gallon by 2005.  Then the shale oil revolution began.  Slowly.  No one was paying much attention ten years ago as the dramatic change picked up steam.  Now the United States brand of crude is highly sought after.  It’s easily converted to gasoline.

Here’s a question.  Would you trade a couple of inches of sea level rise (which, as I understand, we’re not seeing yet) for energy independence, profit and national security?

An energy self-sufficient nation won’t need to police the planet and instead can concentrate on making our lives better.

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6 Comments on "Cheap Oil Is Here To Stay"

  1. Coffeeguyzz on Sat, 9th Mar 2019 9:01 pm 

    There ya go, boys.

    Will the last one to leave this Cyber room kindly crank up the stadium lights, open all the windows, heat/cool all the outdoorsy spaces to yer heart’s content.

    I’ll be firing up the Big Block and meetcha down at Main whilst we persoo da madamoyzelles.


  2. dissident on Sat, 9th Mar 2019 10:44 pm 

    Wank. Wank. Wank.

    The stupid is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    Couple of inches? How about 7 meters.

    The only flood that is coming out of the tight oil patch is the flood of red ink. Enjoy your delusion while it lasts.

  3. John smith on Sun, 10th Mar 2019 1:12 am 

    Peak oil is a not happening, all of the people talking about the USA oil industry second coming dying soon, don’t know dick….lol

  4. Free Speech Message Board on Sun, 10th Mar 2019 6:59 am 

    When the elites create a problem and offer a solution, they only show you one part of the problem and ignore or minimize the unintended consequences.

    The ruling class screams that poor people cannot afford apartments on minimum wage salaries, but the elites ignore the fact that rising minimum wages will increase prices for retired people on fixed incomes. If you mention this, defenders of a high minimum wage will say Social Security payments should be raised, but doesn’t the US have a $22 trillion debt? Where would the money for increased Social Security checks come from? Should taxes be raised?

    Will raising the minimum wage encourage companies to hire more people?

    Why the fuck can’t a desperate jobless person be allowed to work for $5 per hour?

    Will a high minimum wage lower prices and help US exports compete on the world market?

    Would raising the minimum wage encourage businesses to use robots instead of hiring people?

    If you can get rich by decree, why doesn’t India raise the minimum wage to $1 million per hour? Free money, right?

    Doesn’t anyone remember that the USSR failed?

    Are Americans retarded?

  5. joe on Sun, 10th Mar 2019 11:19 am 

    Again, tight oil from fracking is not a long term energy solution. Its existence is a consequence of the ongoing fall out from the 2008 Great Recession. Fracked oil is based on cheap money.

    Combined with a strong dollar, that means that US tight oil can’t be bought by foreign countries and a recovery of the interest rate will limit capital investment.

    The real problem though is customers. With Germany going full rooskie with NordStream2 and China not really growing that fast anymore, who can say where anyone can use this ‘miracle’.

  6. I I Don't Don't Wanna WannaBe on Mon, 11th Mar 2019 3:30 am 

    Oil is too cheap because of the global depression. Oil producers will go bankrupt and that’s when you get your peak oil.

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