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Page added on June 4, 2022

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Can ‘degrowth’ save us?


HALF a century ago, in 1972, The Limits to Growth — a book commissioned by the Club of Rome that reported on the predicament of mankind and the implications of continued economic growth — revealed that Earth’s interlocking resources, the global system of nature in which we all live, probably could not support present economic and population growth rates much beyond the end of this century.

Continued population and economic growth will deplete the world’s resources and bring us unprecedented levels of pollution. As the book authors summarize, “if present growth trends in population, industrialization, pollution, food production and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limits to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next 100 years.” They add: “The most probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity.”

The Club of Rome is an organization of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference. Its members include notable scientists, economists, businessmen and businesswomen, high-level civil servants and former heads of state from around the world.

Also in 1972, the United Nations Conference on Human Environment adopted the Stockholm Declaration, a document that contained 26 principles anchored on the need for a common outlook and for common principles to inspire and guide the peoples of the world in the preservation and the enhancement of the human environment.

This June, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Declaration. To commemorate the celebration and to achieve the bold and urgent action needed to secure a better future, “Stockholm+50: a healthy planet for the prosperity of all — our responsibility, our opportunity” is currently taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. You can watch the livestream at

A month after The Limits to Growth’s release, an article in The New York Times branded it as “an empty and misleading work.” It concluded that “The Limits to Growth is best summarized not as a rediscovery of the laws of nature but as a rediscovery of the oldest maxim of computer science: Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

In a 2014 opinion piece in The Guardian, however, Graham Turner and Cathy Alexander wrote that a research team from the University of Melbourne had “found the book’s forecasts to be accurate. If we continue to track in line with the book’s scenario, expect the early stages of global collapse to start appearing soon.”

This supports the forecast of the scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — the same scientists involved in the book — who predicted that the fall of society would take place around 2040. Science writer Christian Spencer, in a July 2021 article in The Hill, said “The 2100s will be comparable to the 1900s in terms of the world’s population, industrial output, food and resources.”

Although Turner and Alexander, who were part of the research team, said that their findings did “not indicate that the collapse of the world economy, environment and the population is a certainty,” it “should sound an alarm bell.” They “further stressed that it seems unlikely that the quest for ever-increasing growth can continue unchecked to 2100 without causing serious negative effects — and those effects might come sooner than we think.

The availability and accessibility of science, especially on climate change, has been more pronounced today than ever before. The latest Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave humanity a more definitive description of where we are, the consequences that we will face and the solutions that we should undertake to address future uncertainties.

Degrowth is an emerging concept. Degrowth first appeared in a conference held in Paris in 2008, which also marked the beginning of degrowth as an academic research area and part of international civil society debates.

Research and Degrowth defined degrowth as a “downscaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being and enhances ecological conditions and equity on the planet. It calls for a future where societies live within their ecological means, with open, localized economies and resources more equally distributed through new forms of democratic institutions.” Research and Degrowth is an academic association dedicated to research, awareness-raising and events organization around the topic of degrowth.

Is degrowth the same as negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth? No, sustainable degrowth is not the same as negative GDP growth, which is typically referred to as a recession. (Timothee Parrique, 2022)

Parrique, a social scientist, wrote that over the past decade, ecological economists and political scientists had proposed degrowth and managing without growth as a solution for achieving environmental sustainability and socioeconomic progress. He further stressed that degrowth went beyond criticizing economic growth; it explores the intersection among environmental sustainability, social justice and well-being.

Degrowth was mentioned 15 times and talked about in the IPCC Working Group 2 report on “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.” The idea of degrowth is discussed in the whole report, as a school of thought skeptical of decoupling; as an alternative perspective on development (named as post-growth) and later as a strategy for sustainability. (Parrique, 2022) It is both historical and remarkable because degrowth was never mentioned in any of the previous IPCC reports.


21 Comments on "Can ‘degrowth’ save us?"

  1. Dredd on Sat, 4th Jun 2022 7:36 am 

    “Can ‘degrowth’ save us?”

    What political office is the politician ‘DeGrowth’ running for?

    There is too much teleology concerning growth, as if it is a living thing (The Doll As Metaphor – 7).

    It is only an effect, not a cause.

  2. makati1 on Sat, 4th Jun 2022 4:51 pm 

    NO! what a pile of bullshit the new word “degrowth” is. What happened to contraction”?

    Ah, the dumbed down sheeple would understand contraction but “degrowth ” sounds better. Either way, there is Great Leveling ahead. Prepare!

  3. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 6th Jun 2022 4:25 pm 

    Why you don’t want to raise your children in a Canadian suburb:

  4. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 6th Jun 2022 4:36 pm 

    BoJo survived no confidence vote, but is now damaged goods:

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 4:28 pm 

    “Why you don’t want to raise your children in a Canadian suburb”

    clog, if only the millions of readers had your email address so they could personally thank you for sparing their family the horrors of growing up in a Canadian suburb. Urban Chicago or Baltimore are much better choices to raise a family than the terror filled slums of the Canadian suburbs. Your insight is legendary clog.

    Of course, I know, you know fuck all about the Canadian suburbs, the people who buy homes & live there and how most of them really choose to roll.

    Apparently, Canada Also Has an Obsession With Trucks and SUVs

    “Canadians are loving trucks and SUVs just like Americans are, which is proven by their top sales numbers. An SUV takes the No. 3 spot while two well-known trucks come in at No. 2 and No. 1. These results shouldn’t be surprising as they closely resemble the numbers American consumers put forth.”

    No worries though. Some Americans still qualify as the dumbest, dumb-fuck truck & SUV owners in the world.

    Driver Posts Video Rolling Coal on Cyclists—and Is Surprised by the Consequences

    Even without making contact, rolling coal can cause serious harm to cyclists

    “The practice of rolling coal—purposely blowing a stream of billowing black smoke from a truck onto a cyclist or group of cyclists—is incredibly dangerous, not at all environmentally friendly, and illegal in some states.

    So why are some drivers still engaging in the practice, and why are they posting online to brag about it? One auto shop owner in Texas recently found out that sharing a video of rolling coal on a cyclist online isn’t just going to inspire ire from local riders, it could potentially be bad PR for business as well.

    This most recent incident took place in McKinney, Texas. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram alleged that driver Kevin Soucie, the owner of Turn 5 Fabrication, posted a video of himself driving, spotting a cyclist, then rolling coal on the cyclist—zooming the video in for better effect. And yes, he clearly sees the cyclist, right before he zooms in, he says, “Oh my god, a cyclist.” (You can view a version of the video at the Star-Telegram.)”

    It’s beyond belief how fucking stupid these people are.

    Consequences???? what dat?? duh duh duh…

    Coal rolling is just a stupid & expensive form of conservative tribal signalling.

    They must be very fragile & insecure to be afraid of environmentalists – some of the wimpiest type guys around. There’s no accounting of what some men live in fear of.

    Going by the data back to the first earth day in the US 1970 there is no indication whatsoever that environmentalism cause even the tiniest hiccup in resource extraction and economic growth. The only things to effect those was the GFC 2008 and Covid and both were unrelated to environmentalism, so all their fear is completely unfounded although it’s obviously been feed to them. It’s like…why are children afraid of ghosts? Because you told them ghost stories specifically created to scare them.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 4:55 pm 

    “Your insight is legendary”

    Actually, that is the opinion of a Canadian, who fled from a Canadian suburb to the Netherlands. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    And now for something completely different:

    The US might want to take notice before they come to the idea of defending their “hegemony” (is that a thing?) in Godforsaken places like Taiwan, running the risk of having to take on China, North-Korea and Russia, all at the same time.


    The interesting thing is that Taiwan could tie in the US by merely declaring independence.

    Or to quote the legendary “empire Dave”, now defunct:

    “it sucks to be an American” (in 202x).

    About the situation in Ukraine:

    The BDN (German CIA) estimates that the Ukrainian defense will last another 4-5 weeks until full collapse.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 5:11 pm 

    clog et el deniers. Not that any more evidence is necessary, but I like to rub it in. Grind it hard.

    Long-lost tapes capture Adolf Eichmann bragging of his role in the Final Solution

    Recordings emerge in documentary that sheds new light on leading Nazi

    It was an astonishing, cold-blooded confession by Adolf Eichmann, found in hours of tapes in which he detailed his part in the hideous Final Solution.

    Now the long-lost recordings are at the heart of a new documentary on the Nazi “architect of the Holocaust”, who was tried by a Jerusalem court and hanged 60 years ago this month.

    clog, I have a confession too. Like you I am a holocaust denier, but for different reasons.

    I don’t believe the Germans were then or are now capable of wiping out the Jews, nor did/do they have the stomach for it.

    After much study on the matter I’ve concluded there is only one tribe, on this planet of 8 billion talking chimps, and untold numbers of chimp tribes, that posses all the capabilities needed to take out the Jewish tribe and that is the Jewish tribe.

    That’s right, unless the Jews commit suicide, they will be the last tribe standing.

    You know if y’all rage filled white Gentiles took the energy encapsulated in your Jew hate and Jew envy and directed it to something useful, like the study of physics, perhaps more white Gentile’s will win Nobel prizes in physics. Christ knows the Jews have plenty of em – Oy vey.

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 9:48 pm 

    “Mozer was given full access to the recordings, but out of the original 70 hours, just 15 survived; tapes were expensive and Sassen often recorded over previous interviews. However, there was a transcript of every session.”

    Uhuh, the tapes no longer exist, but “fortunately” transcripts exist and a (((Yariv Mozer))) made a film about it. Right. No proof whatsoever that Eichmann was anything other than the planner of the Final Solution, meaning the logistical operation of cleansing Europe of jews, the communist (globalist) bacillus, and bring them back to Ukraine, where they had originally come from, just like you, btw. Eichmann, basically a tour operator.

    Most didn’t make it to Ukraine, but were stuck in the one of 20,000 labor camps, until they were liberated by the Soviets and swarmed all over the world, all 6 million of them, to Israel, the US, etc.

    “I don’t believe the Germans were then or are now capable of wiping out the Jews, nor did/do they have the stomach for it.“

    Correct, they didn’t, the holohoax is the largest smear in world history, brought about by a victors tribunal, that for 70% consisted of jews, the most repulsive people on the planet.

    “That’s right, unless the Jews commit suicide, they will be the last tribe standing.“

    Thanks to Adolf, most of your fellow tribesmen have disappeared from Europe. Thanks to the US, we are still under their boot via media, holohoax, WW2-narrative, dollar and nukes. But the end of that is in sight, thanks to Vlad, Xi, Kim and US white nationalism. Your time is up.

  9. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 9:50 pm 

    Eichmann beyond the propaganda:

  10. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 10:02 pm 

    “In Stunning Shift, WaPo Admits Catastrophic-Conditions, Collapsing-Morale Of Ukraine Front-Line Forces“

    It looks like the work of International Jews like Nuland, Kolomoisky, Klitschkos and Zelensky is going nowhere.

    Game, set and match, Vlad Putler.

    Jews entered world history big time in the 2nd half of the 19th century, centered around the disastrous communist movement of Karl Marx. That movement eventually failed, but there was a US followup with “neocons”. That is going to fail too, and the US won’t survive them in one piece, and just like the USSR will fall apart.

    Thanks for nothing, jews and you can stick your 20th century Noble Prizes, your century, handed over to you by a white institution, in a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

  11. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 8th Jun 2022 10:17 pm 

    Brought to you by the international jew:

    Why they need to be removed from our midst, both these africans and the kikes that brought them here in order to destroy us.

    Have a good look at these Ukraine war snuff movies, dehumanize yourself and prepare for the hit against their anglo protectors and eventually their kosher masters. Russia, China, EU against Anglo-Zionism. The scheme has lasted long enough.

  12. PretentiousPiecesOfShit on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 8:16 am 

    These pieces of shit of bankers are hiding. Look at how arrogant and pretentious they are.

    I cannot find a email to deliver to them a notice of execution by facial skin cancer.

  13. EarthIsAFailure on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 8:45 am 

    I was surfing blackrock web site. I found this fucking garbage page:UK gender pay reporting

    Earth really deserver to be destroyed as it is a failed experiment. Women are a total disaster and should never be created again.

    Earth is teaching us that the following concepts are a failure: women, sex, sexual reproduction, entropy, multiple language, cold, hot climate.

    Everything about earth is a failure. Earth has been build by a sexual pervert that worship shit and piss.

    Better a micro creation with high quality people instead of a big creation with only shit low IQ people.

  14. StupidPieceOfShit on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 9:25 am 

    The stupid piece of shit women and low IQ are managing and are everywhere. Look at what this bitch is involved with:

    Beyond the firm, Marcia is actively involved with several industry and not-for-profit organizations, and speaks regularly at conferences and other events. She is Board Chair of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance, Board Vice Chair of the Ontario Brain Institute, a Board Member of the C.D. Howe Institute, a member of the Business Council of Canada and Co-chair of McGill University’s campaign for its third century. She also dedicates time and resources to a number of philanthropic endeavors.

  15. ThisRealityMakeFunOfItself on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 9:32 am 

    Some more BS from Blackrock. This is obvious a VR reality we live it. I described some of the mathematical equation that govern this reality to the GOD’s. I will keep these discussion private.

    This reality does even not take itself seriously. We have a reality that make fun of itself. We have a reality laughing at itself. Only a reality made of 100% stupid people can do that.

  16. OnlyStupidPeopleOnEarth on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 9:42 am 

    Go look at some BlackRock videos. It make you want to puke your guts out. Pathetic reality we live in make of 100% totally stupid people. No wonder why the GOD’s and I want to destroy it.

    There are people sitting all days long and analyzing the stock market using complexe mathematics to find a way to extract money from the working class like car mechanic, plumbers,, These people are parasites. They are called

    Quantative researchers.

  17. BlackRockProvdeGoodEntertainment on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 9:47 am 

    Some more Gem from BlacRock. BlackRock is now hiring witches:

    If you want to laugh, go there

  18. BlackRockEmployeeWithFacialSkinCancer on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 9:50 am 

    Is she having a beginning of facial skin cancer. Sure look that why to me. It does that if you work for BlackRock.

  19. Dredd on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 10:17 am 

    Is “degrowth” alive (The Doll As Metaphor – 8)?

  20. StupidPeopleAreInChargeEverywhere on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 10:22 am 

    Only a reality made of 100% stupid people can produce something like this. I don’t care how complex the mathematical equation of this AI are, we are still stuck we very stupid people.

  21. ItIsNothing on Fri, 10th Jun 2022 1:46 pm 

    Brought to you by the international jew:

    I had pleasure watching her being beaten. It is nothing compare to what I will do to women once the police force is inactive because of shortage of gasoline.
    Women deserve this. It is nothing compare to what GOD and I have in store for the whole earth.

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