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Page added on March 16, 2022

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Are there limits to economic growth?

Are there limits to economic growth? thumbnail

Fifty years ago this month, the System Dynamics group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge had a stark message for the world: continued economic and population growth would deplete Earth’s resources and lead to global economic collapse by 2070. This finding was from their 200-page book The Limits to Growth, one of the first modelling studies to forecast the environmental and social impacts of industrialization.

For its time, this was a shocking forecast, and it did not go down well. Nature called the study “another whiff of doomsday” (see Nature 236, 47–49; 1972). It was near-heresy, even in research circles, to suggest that some of the foundations of industrial civilization — mining coal, making steel, drilling for oil and spraying crops with fertilizers — might cause lasting damage. Research leaders accepted that industry pollutes air and water, but considered such damage reversible. Those trained in a pre-computing age were also sceptical of modelling, and advocated that technology would come to the planet’s rescue. Zoologist Solly Zuckerman, a former chief scientific adviser to the UK government, said: “Whatever computers may say about the future, there is nothing in the past which gives any credence whatever to the view that human ingenuity cannot in time circumvent material human difficulties.”

But the study’s lead author, Donella Meadows, and her colleagues stood firm, pointing out that ecological and economic stability would be possible if action were taken early. Limits was instrumental to the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme, also in 1972. Overall, more than 30 million copies of the book have been sold.


But the debates haven’t stopped. Although there’s now a consensus that human activities have irreversible environmental effects, researchers disagree on the solutions — especially if that involves curbing economic growth. That disagreement is impeding action. It’s time for researchers to end their debate. The world needs them to focus on the greater goals of stopping catastrophic environmental destruction and improving well-being.

Researchers such as Johan Rockström at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany advocate that economies can grow without making the planet unliveable. They point to evidence, notably from the Nordic nations, that economies can continue to grow even as carbon emissions start to come down. This shows that what’s needed is much faster adoption of technology — such as renewable energy. A parallel research movement, known as ‘post-growth’ or ‘degrowth’, says that the world needs to abandon the idea that economies must keep growing — because growth itself is harmful. Its proponents include Kate Raworth, an economist at the University of Oxford, UK, and author of the 2017 book Doughnut Economics, which has inspired its own global movement.

Economic growth is typically measured by gross domestic product (GDP). This composite index uses consumer spending, as well as business and government investment, to arrive at a figure for a country’s economic output. Governments have entire departments devoted to ensuring that GDP always points upwards. And that is a problem, say post-growth researchers: when faced with a choice between two policies (one more green than the other), governments are likely to opt for whichever is the quicker in boosting growth to bolster GDP, and that might often be the option that causes more pollution.


A report published last week by the World Health Organization (see says that if policymakers didn’t have a “pathological obsession with GDP”, they would spend more on making health care affordable for every citizen. Health spending does not contribute to GDP in the same way that, for example, military spending does, say the authors, led by economist Mariana Mazzucato at University College London.

Both communities must do more to talk to each other, instead of at each other. It won’t be easy, but appreciation for the same literature could be a starting point. After all, Limits inspired both the green-growth and post-growth communities, and both were similarly influenced by the first study on planetary boundaries (J. Rockström et al. Nature 461, 472–475; 2009), which attempted to define limits for the biophysical processes that determine Earth’s capacity for self-regulation.

Opportunities for cooperation are imminent. At the end of January, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services announced a big study into the causes of biodiversity loss, including the role of economic systems. More than 100 authors from 40 countries and different fields will spend two years assessing the literature. They will recommend “transformative change to the systems leading us to catastrophe”, says study co-chair, political scientist Arun Agrawal at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Another opportunity is an upcoming revision of the rules for what is measured in GDP. These will be agreed by countries’ chief statisticians and organized through the UN, and are due to be finalized in 2025. For the first time, the statisticians are asking how sustainability and well-being could be more closely aligned to GDP. Both post-growth and green-growth advocates have valuable perspectives.

Research can be territorial — new communities emerge sometimes because of disagreements in fields. But green-growth and post-growth scientists need to see the bigger picture. Right now, both are articulating different visions to policymakers, and there is a risk this will delay action. In 1972, there was still time to debate, and less urgency to act. Now, the world is running out of time.


44 Comments on "Are there limits to economic growth?"

  1. TIKIMAN on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 1:12 pm 

    There are limits to your wives pussy.

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 1:29 pm 

    ‘A lot of damage’ done to crops and livestock after flood crisis

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 1:35 pm 

    Lake Mead and Colorado River Basin Water Shortage: Causes, Effects, and Policy Solutions

    “The growing threat of Colorado River water shortage, as well as in Lake Mead, could have devastating impacts on the environment and millions of people at depend on it.

    According to the US Bureau of Reclamation, Lake Mead is experiencing record-low water levels, primarily due to the historic, 20-year long drought conditions caused by a combination of natural and anthropogenic activities. These record lows prompted the first-ever Tier 1 Water Shortage declaration for the reservoir, which has been in effect since early 2022. Water users in Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico will be required to reduce their water consumption and look for ways to conserve water during the declaration.”

    Like the humans, industrial civilization is dead without water.

  4. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 1:55 pm 

    Report: Record-breaking drought covers the High Plains

    UPDATE 1-Plains drought to curb U.S. wheat harvest, adding to global supply worries

    Water woes follow a freak December wind storm that swept away some topsoil in parts of the U.S. wheat belt, damaging some cropland.

    Don’t get use to the recent price hikes of groceries – much worst to come.

    A message to the ‘plandemic’ morons, most who have long been Limits To Growth deniers & climate change deniers – you were/are wrong wrong wrong…..and if it was a just world, then you’re to blame. A global & historic 1%er.

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 3:27 pm 

    US fires have become 4 times larger, 3 times more frequent since 2000

    “Recent wildfires have stoked concern that climate change is causing more extreme events, and the work published today in Science Advances shows that large fires have not only become more common, they are also spreading into new areas, impacting land that previously did not burn.”

    Our analyses show that those changes are already happening,”

    “To evaluate how the size, frequency and extent of fires have changed in the United States, Iglesias and her colleagues analyzed data from over 28,000 fires that occurred between 1984 and 2018 from the Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) dataset, which combines satellite imagery with the best available state and federal fire history records.”

    Climate Refugees coming…

  6. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 3:49 pm 

    Climate Refugees from within & afar.

    As people flee climate change on the coasts, this Midwest city is trying to become a safe haven

    America’s Next Great Migrations Are Driven by Climate Change

    Too many people are moving to the wrong places

    “That applies to people in the United States as well. But the search for low taxes and sunshine have lured people to Phoenix, Austin and Miami, cities facing drought, power failure and rising seas, respectively. New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco—many of America’s principal economic engines are threatened by accelerating climate change damages, from surging seas to wildfire smoke.

    Avoiding the worst outcomes of climate change isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions but about preserving human life. The “climate niche” for habitability is shifting, and so too must we.”

    The future we were meant to evade is here already, decades ahead of schedule.

    By 2050, 200 Million Climate Refugees May Have Fled Their Homes. But International Laws Offer Them Little Protection

    In recent years, tens of thousands of people have fled Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras, leaving not just because of gang violence but also drought and extreme weather conditions that have made it impossible to grow crops.

    In Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of people are displaced every year by larger and more unpredictable monsoon floods, a trend throughout the region, which the World Bank estimates over 8 million people have left in recent years.

    In West Africa’s Sahel region, heavy floods and food shortages have combined with violence and instability to drive people to other regions. In the Caribbean, massive hurricanes regularly push residents out of their homes.

    They will come & bring chaos. Go ahead, build them walls.

  7. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 4:58 pm 

    ‘it’s hard to describe how little he knows’

    And this is from a corrupt repug, about the Fat Boy

  8. Theedrich on Wed, 16th Mar 2022 6:09 pm 

    The masses think they live in a democracy. This belief is a snare and a delusion.  U.S. “democracy” is as fake as the mainstream media.  The actual reigning power justifiably calls itself the “permanent government.”  It consists of all of the departments and agencies that the Congress has invented, empowered and funded over time.  The bribe-taking senators and representatives of both major parties nominally in charge are merely passengers going along for a ride on the gravy train — parasites, really.

    When Donald Trump emerged and tried to disrupt this government-within-a-government, the “permanents” launched a 4-year insurrection against him, using any and all the secret, illegal means they were capable of.

    Now they have the corrupt, dementia-addled Joe Biden on the national throne, a comical figurehead who obeys their commands.  Their main aim internationally is world control, and their first objective and prey is Russia and its resources.  This is the true cause of the current awful conflict in Ukraine:  not Russia and Putin, but America and the “Permanent Government.”

    What is going on here, and why are American voters allowing this?

    Recently, four West Point Army cadets were found among six to have overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine in a Broward county, Florida house during the 2022 spring break.  Fentanyl has become the predominant killer for Americans ages 18 to 45, a “weapon of mass destruction” causing far more deaths than COVID over the past two years.  The fact that cadets from America’s premier military academy were ingesting mind-altering narcotics is evidence of widespread decay in American culture as a whole.  Vast numbers of professional people, including doctors and lawyers (and Hunter Biden, the bribe-ocrat president’s own son), participate in this suicidal behavior for “fun” or “self-medication.”  And the Imperial regime, in contrast to its tyrannical mask-and-vaxx hysteria over COVID, does absolutely nothing about it, because high politicians have long been accepting underhanded “dark money” bribes from the international, clandestine narco-industry.

    This metastasizing horror in the outward manifestation of the civilizational nihilism which Friedrich Nietzsche (knowing Christianity had been founded on myths and propaganda) predicted almost a century and a half ago.  The elites deny any and all purpose for human existence, claiming the entire cosmos to be nothing more than an “accident.”  To “prove” this assertion, they of course categorically deny the occurrence of anything paranormal, since any such admission might upset their egocentric, suicidal thinking with cognitive dissonance.

    Then there is modern TV advertising, whose primary effect is the undermining of consciousness and willpower.  It is aimed at the unconscious and the emotions, and at associating feeling with whatever product or service is being sold.  The effect is to instill in the masses the unconscious assumption that the goal of life must be ease, bliss, wonderfulness and virtue as defined by the advertiser.  Struggle and pain can be dispersed with a pill or a purchase.

    And any difficulty or personal problem — say countless media “personalities” — is not due to the individual, but to his or her parents, to upbringing, to “society,” or to some other nebulosity, but never to the person himself or herself.  Personal responsibility does not exist, except for the guilt of politically disfavored groups, such as the White race, for sins invented by those in power.

    All of this decay leads perforce to the corruption and insanity of politics, ultimately culminating in modern governmental megalomania, which we are now witnessing.  On the private, individual level, it produces mental sickness, criminality and unprecedented homelessness.

    And on the global level, it may even result in World War Three.

  9. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 7:04 am 

    Brexit was about protecting white British interests?

    Ha, that I not laugh!

    “P&O sacks EVERY crew member with immediate effect and uses agency staff to sail ships as it kicks baffled passengers off at ports amid huge row with unions over pay”

    Ferry club PO wants to throw all Brits out and replace them with “foreigners”, probably not white Dutch but darkies.

    That’s what you get if you don’t resist mass immigration: you lose your country. And note that the Tories and their business interests are probably even more to blame for this than Labour, although they are all guilty.

    Pay close attention to the events in Ukraine. At least the Russians are standing up to the scourge of globalism. Expect you to have to copy that behavior soon too in your own still somewhat white country.

    What is happening in Ukraine now, will soon happen in the US and France first and later elsewhere in Western Europe, but not Eastern Europe.

  10. Duncan Idahoc on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 10:27 am 

    “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.”
    — George W. Bush on Vladimir Putin, aka “Pootie Poot,” 2001

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 10:36 am 

    As per usual a politician says what I’ve been saying for years.

    Canada must prepare for more climate catastrophe, environment minister warns

    Canada must do its part to bring down planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, but the country also needs to prepare for harsher consequences from climate change, the federal environment minister said Monday in the wake of a new United Nations report.

    We need to reduce our emissions [but] we’ve entered the era of climate change. We know there will be more catastrophes, we know they will be more severe. So, we need to better prepare,” Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault told Canada’s National Observer in an interview.

    We also need to build a wall, & man it & mine it & booby trap it, on our southern border. Oh & attack dogs too.

  12. Hello on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 11:43 am 

    >>> a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.

    very true. Not a western lackey, apparently.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 12:34 pm 

    “very true. Not a western lackey, apparently.”


    Go Vlad!

  14. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 12:43 pm 

    clog, what happens when all non whites are gone? Who will do their jobs?

    Study Suggests That Immigrant Doctors Provide Better Care Than U.S. Medical Graduates

    U.S. relies heavily on foreign-born healthcare workers

    “(Reuters Health) – More than one in four doctors in the United States were born in another country, and a new study suggests many nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and home health aides are also immigrants.

    Researchers who analyzed U.S. census data on 164,000 health care professionals found that overall, almost 17 percent weren’t born in America and almost five percent were not U.S. citizens.

    “The American health care system relies very heavily on individuals who were born in other countries,”

  15. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 1:20 pm 

    The American universities are a joke:

    Woke nitwits remove bust Karl Marx in the assumption that he was Russian. Such is the level of US university education.

    RamzPaul tries to correct him and assume Charlie was “German”.

    Wrong again.

    He was a kike.

  16. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 2:42 pm 

    “what happens when all non whites are gone? Who will do their jobs?“

    The answer is logically contained within the question:

    White people, like before 1970, when Holland was a heaven of happiness.

    We need foreigners like the plague.

  17. Hello on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 3:03 pm 

    There’s nothing wrong with a few negros presented in a zoo. But importing them and treating them like normal people? Only the west can be that stupid. AMAZING. The west importing sludge and permanently destroying his habitat.

  18. BleedingFromTheFace on Thu, 17th Mar 2022 3:11 pm 

    Dying of facial skin cancer fucking cock sucker. I see you are about to bleed for you face. 6:11

    I wonder who is responsible for this, me, GOD or both together.

  19. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 9:03 am 

    Kunstler on the still undeclared WW3:

    NATO-Russia… and the winner is… China!

    The Australians have wokan up and smell the banboo coffee:

    Sky News Australia states the obvious: China is going to be the next #1 (according to me it is already). A real conflict Brain dead NATO vs Russia will only hasten the demise of both the West and Russia, to the benefit of China, that merely had to pick up the Siberian pieces and its endless resources.

    Its time for Russia to close the tap on Europe and cause a right-wing political reaction in Europe, aimed at destroying the media and leftist pro-US influences and set-up an anti-Anglo alliance with Russia. And divide the Anglo loot between Paris-Berlin-Moscow and China.

  20. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 11:55 am 

    Why Red State Residents Are More Likely to Die Young

    (aside from being fat and stupid)

  21. Cloggie on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 1:14 pm 

    Australian hydrogen breakthrough, electricity – hydrogen conversion at 95%, which is just as good as batteries:

    Hydrogen for $1.50/kg coming up.

    The energy transition is doing fine!

  22. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 1:57 pm 

    Happy chappies 2022:

    The world’s happiest countries, CNN 2022 edition

    1. Finland
    2. Denmark
    3. Iceland
    4. Switzerland
    5. Netherlands
    6. Luxembourg
    7. Sweden
    8. Norway
    9. Israel
    10. New Zealand
    11. Austria
    12. Australia
    13. Ireland
    14. Germany
    15. Canada
    16. United States
    17. United Kingdom
    18. Czechia (Czech Republic)
    19. Belgium
    20. France

    Happiness is blond.

  23. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 3:49 pm 

    clog, “happiness” is a US pimped toxic culture gimmick that has infected the entire west. I tossed the notion that a human could somehow live their life in a chosen emotional state [happiness] in the garbage with the rest of the pseudo scientific woo woo.

    US hope pimps like Oprah Winfrey have made billions off their fabricated happiness cult.

    Why does happiness elude so many including billions of citizens of modern civilization who have all their basic needs met?

    Humans aren’t designed to be happy – so stop trying

    “A huge happiness and positive thinking industry, estimated to be worth US$11 billion a year, has helped to create the fantasy that happiness is a realistic goal. Chasing the happiness dream is a very American concept, exported to the rest of the world through popular culture. Indeed, “the pursuit of happiness” is one of the US’s “unalienable rights”. Unfortunately, this has helped to create an expectation that real life stubbornly refuses to deliver.”

    How Evolution Made Us Unhappy

    “Nature doesn’t select the happiest individuals, but the fittest, in an evolutionary process that highlights fear and discourages contentment. Our chronically unhappy species is the product of such a process.

    Not that evolution and natural selection have any particular plans. Evolution doesn’t want to go anywhere. It certainly doesn’t want to go anywhere better. If you are hoping that evolution will eventually weed out our chronic dissatisfaction and anxieties and make, if not us, at least our distant descendants happier, well, that’s likely not going to happen, as there is no drive or reason in Nature to pursue that particular project.”

    Why Natural Selection Means We’ll Never Be Happy
    We didn’t evolve to be happy all the time.

    “The answer is that evolution doesn’t care if we’re happy, so long as we’re reproductively successful. Happiness is a tool that evolution uses to incentivize us to do what is in our genes’ best interest. If we were capable of experiencing lasting happiness, evolution would lose one of its best ways to motivate us.”

    Remember, you get more dopamine squirts in anticipation (chasing) of the reward then you get once the reward is yours.

    Dopamine Jackpot!

  24. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 4:04 pm 

    “Nature doesn’t select the happiest individuals, but the fittest,“

    There is no difference between being the fittest and being “happy”.

    There are strong leaders(“blond beast”), people who go from strength to strength…

    …and there are weaklings who can’t carry their onw weight, who always whine about being “surpressed”, the nihilists, the marxists, people like you.

  25. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 4:41 pm 

    “Duncan Idaho on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 11:55 am

    Why Red State Residents Are More Likely to Die Young

    (aside from being fat and stupid”

    I clicked on your link – Wow look at the hysterical raging Conservative-Karen wearing the US flag & a gun nut threat tee shirt. Real classy lady BARF!

    More than the covid data what’s crystal clear is that Conservative females are out of control.
    Conservatives cannot control their women like they used to.

    Unfortunately, to de-feminist all their infected women would take a generation.

  26. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 5:14 pm 

    clog, I don’t watch or follow the racket you call the Olympics, although I do love to watch film of Jesse Owens own all those inferior German blond boys in front of their hugely embarrassed fuhrer ba ha ha What’s da matter little corporal?

    Jesse Owens Wins 100m Gold as Hitler Watches at 1936 Olympics | Sporting History

    How with 4 Olympics golds, Jesse Owens ran Hitler out of his Aryan supremacy theory

    If the Berlin Games with all its pomp and politics is remembered as Hitler’s project to exhibit his supremacist ideology, it is also recalled to this day as the summer when Jessie Owens defied the narrative and emerged as an unlikely hero.

  27. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 5:50 pm 

    Niall Ferguson on BBC Newsnight suggests the end of globalization. And hence “Global Britain” is dead too.

  28. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 18th Mar 2022 6:16 pm 

    “Of the 21 states with the lowest percentage of residents with a college degree, 18 are red states. On the flip side among the states with the highest percentage of college grads, you will not hit a red state until you get to Kansas at #17.”

    The Fat Boy loves stupid people

  29. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 19th Mar 2022 1:31 am 

    “I don’t watch or follow the racket you call the Olympics“

    Of course not, Canada is in deep malaise and tumbled from the traditional top spots.



    “Why I am an Unpaid Shill for the Russian Federation“

  30. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 19th Mar 2022 1:28 pm 

    “Boris Johnson compares Ukraine war to Brexit battles”

    The utter fool Johnson ignores that the Ukrainians are desperate to get INTO the EU.

    More Anglo delusions:

    “Biden’s call with Xi underscores deepening bilateral deadlock”

    American delusions that they can drive a split between Russia and China. Xi and Putin know: “we must all hang together, or we shall all hang separately”, a quip attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

    “EU has ‘very reliable evidence’ China is considering military support for Russia”

    Surprised? Why would NATO support Ukraine with weapons and mercenaries, and at the same time expect that China will abandon its strategic partner? The world is rapidly divided into two or more camps: a Western and a Eurasian block, consider globalism over for good. It doesn’t mean a complete end to world trade, but this idea of One World, One Market, is over.

  31. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 19th Mar 2022 9:03 pm 

    “Wyoming has fewer people than the City of Oakland and yet have two U.S. Senators. California has over 40 million people and yet has the same number of Senators as Wyoming.”

    Democracy at its best

  32. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:34 am 

    ” Wyoming has fewer people than the City of Oakland and yet have two U.S. Senators. California has over 40 million people and yet has the same number of Senators as Wyoming.”

    Democracy at its best

    You can sneer all you want, woke donkey idaho, fact is that the US electorate has been split in two parts of equal size, who can drink each others blood and soon will. The only interesting question is who will lite the fuse of the US tinderbox. My guess: the Chinese invasion of Taiwan and North-Korean invasion of South-Korea, an AUKUS mobilization and growing number of Anglo casualties in East-Asia.

  33. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:47 am 

    How the war in Ukraine will probably end: a partition of the country in two equal parts: Novorossia, aligned with Russia a la Belarus and a fascist west, that the EU can have.

  34. Cloggie on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 5:17 am 

    Adieu modernity!

    Cruise ships are for fools:

    “What Cruise Ships Are Really Like From the Passengers’ Point of View”

  35. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 5:33 am 

    Yabut… the war is going to cripple Russia! There have merely 4 weeks until their economy collapses!

    No they don’t. The future will be characterized by high prices for commodities, like food, fuel, metals, wood, cement, the full wax. Guess who will be doing great in that environment? Exactly: commodities producers like Russia.

  36. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 5:42 am 

    China is keen to report that:

    “China-Europe freight trains undisrupted amid escalating crisis in Ukraine, contingency plan considered”

    Despite the war, EU-Chinese trade is doing fine and this won’t change in the future, with perhaps a minor hiccup during the coming confrontation US-China in East-Asia.

    EU-Chinese trade surpassed in volume EU-US trade since 1-2 years and the gap is destined to only increase, as woke Anglos, committed to their own demographic destruction (racism!), have ever less to offer of interest in terms of trade.


  37. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 6:21 am 

    “‘Our goal is to suffocate the Russian regime,’ Canada’s minister of foreign affairs”

    Women in politics, always a sure sign that the country is in free fall.

    “Our European goal is to split up Canada and divide it between France, England and China”.

    The woke farce that is Canada has lasted long enough:

    Canada, a country without serious sense of identity, determined to piss itself away to the Third World. Canadians have no sense of who they are. It would have been better if it had remained a British colony, but the US determined otherwise.

    “Replacement Agenda During Covid Lockdowns in Canada 2020/2021”

    But first, let’s bring in a few millions of Chinese more, to ensure that this sorry excuse of a country gets wrecked for good.

  38. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 8:17 am 

    The gender insanity in full display:

    Just change sex and become a champ!

    In the Netherlands, several people change their passport in order to compete for a different country and escape the immense competitive pressure of the Dutch skating scene.

    Changing your gender however for the same reason is truly next level.

  39. Hello on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 9:12 am 

    >>> The gender insanity in full display:

    There should be no women’s sport. Only sports. Feminism taught us the equality of women in all respect. Tough luck. It backfired for women. I don’t feel sorry. There’s no chinese sports, or mexican sports either, in spite that on average those are smaller and weaker people. Why should there be women sports? Suck it up women. Everybody is equal. I’m loving it.

  40. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 1:28 pm 

    Take it from clog, he knows better than anyone what it’s like having sooo many bitches call the shots while clog hides at home with his keyboard.

    New Dutch government to have record number of women

    An unprecedented 14 of the 29 ministers and secretaries of state will be women, including 10 of the 20 ministers.

    Talk about a WOKE country

    Meet the Black feminist politician shaking up Dutch politics

    Sylvana Simons’ party will stand in the 2021 Dutch general election. ‘We’re activating people who’ve never felt politicians speaking to them.’ #12DaysofResistance

    The Chinese half built Canada, they never asked for handouts & even policed themselves. Model citizens.

  41. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 1:41 pm 

    clog, if Canada falls, who will rescue you the next time one of your fellow Euro-tards invade you?

    May 5th is just around the corner clog, what are you wearing this year?

    On this day 71 years ago, Canada liberated the Netherlands -May 5th 2016

    Dutch event thanks Canada for liberation

    “Schoolchildren sang, veterans in their 80s laid wreaths and a helicopter dropped red poppies Wednesday as the people of the Netherlands honoured Canada for liberating their country from Germany in 1945.”

    We freed you. You are free to spend your life complaining about how the world should be & who is to blame & how awesome solar power is & any thing else that tickles your fancy because we killed the Nazi oppressor for you.

    In Canada May 5th is “Kill More Nazi’s Day”

  42. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 1:51 pm 

    IPCC report: Half the world is facing water scarcity, floods and dirty water — large investments are needed for effective solutions

    “Climate change exacerbates global water insecurity because it contributes to more frequent and severe droughts, floods and extreme rainfall, accelerated glacier melt, rapid declines in groundwater and the deterioration of water quality. These water-related risks of climate change have negative repercussions for agriculture, energy production, water infrastructure and economic productivity, as well as human health, development and well-being around the world.”

  43. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:00 pm 

    Eastern Antarctica registers temperatures 70 degrees above normal, as ‘unprecedented heat wave’ baffles scientists

    Temperatures 70 degrees above normal in eastern Antarctica have baffled scientists, who say that the “unprecedented heat wave” has already changed the way experts think about the Antarctic climate system.

    “‘It is impossible,’ we would have said until two days ago,” Antarctic climatology expert Stefano Di Battista wrote on Twitter Friday. “From today (March 18) the Antarctic climatology has been rewritten.”

    Jonathan Wille, a researcher studying polar meteorology at Universite Grenoble Alpes in France, agreed.

    “This event is completely unprecedented and upended our expectations about the Antarctic climate system,” the told The Washington Post.

    The extreme temperature increase in East Antarctica, which is home to the coldest locations on the planet, was registered across the region, experts said.

    Temperatures at the Concordia Research Station, a French-Italian research station on the Antarctic Plateau, reached 10 degrees (minus 12.2 degrees Celsius) — or about 70 degrees warmer than average.

    “This is when temperatures should be rapidly falling since the summer solstice in December,” Wille tweeted.

    “This is a Pacific Northwest 2021 heat wave kind of event,” he wrote, referring to the extreme heat wave that affected much of Western North America from late June through mid-July last year. “Never supposed to happen,” he added.

    Russia’s Vostok station — which is located at the center of the eastern ice sheet and where the average high temperature this time is around minus 63 degrees (minus 53 Celsius) — reached a record-breaking zero degrees (minus 17.7 Celsius) on Friday.

    Maximiliano Herrera, a climatologist and extreme weather tracker who runs the “Extreme Temperatures Around the World” website, tweeted that the high temperature in Vostok broke the previous record by nearly 27 degrees (15 degrees Celsius),

    Antarctica’s Terra Nova Bay reached 44.6 degrees (7 degrees Celsius), he added in his tweet, writing that “extraordinary anomalies in #Antarctica lead to historic records today.”

    The extreme weather was also registered in the Arctic, where temperatures were more than 50 degrees (30 degrees Celsius) warmer than average.

    Walt Meier, an ice scientist with the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, called the situation on both poles “pretty stunning.”

    “They are opposite seasons. You don’t see the north and the south (poles) both melting at the same time,” he told The Associated Press. “It’s definitely an unusual occurrence.”

    And the Clueless tribal monkeys remain blind & LOUD.

  44. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 20th Mar 2022 2:07 pm 

    2021 was a bad year for glaciers in western North America — and it’s about to get much worse

    “In late June, the so-called heat dome settled over the west, creating exceptional warming that melted snow cover on the glaciers and exposed ice in a matter of days. The timing was especially bad, as it coincided with days when energy from sunlight is at its maximum.

    The hot weather also helped spark wildfires in British Columbia, Oregon and California that spread through the mountains. When soot, dust and debris from wildfires settle on snow and ice, it darkens the surface, causing them to absorb more solar energy and melt more.”

    The smart play is to carry on as if there is no threat coming up that will crush you like a bug.

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