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Page added on March 15, 2020

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A Millenial’s Eye View of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization

A discussion held this week with a true Millenial Generation (Born 1998, Age 21) young man from northern Ontario Canada, who recently became aware the Civilization he lives in is undergoing Collapse. He joined our intrepid Clan of Kollapsniks on the Doomstead Diner after becoming “Collapse Aware” in September of 2019 and happening on George Mobus’ Blog, Question Everything.  On a websitejab packed with Old White Men from the Boomer Generation, I for one am extremely glad to have our first Millenial Diner as part of our crew of Collapse Observers, Analysts and DOERS, who are making the best attempt we can to (as our Motto says) “SAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN”.

For myself as a Veteran Boomer Doomer with one foot in the Grave already, I have become comfortable with what is bound to occur here as time goes by, and I will die in the reasonably near term regardless of what goes down.  I am also comfortable with that, all living things die at some point, I led a particularly interesting life and was very lucky along the way through it.  Harder to fathom of course is how such a young man can deal with this, with his whole life still ahead of him, one bound to become ever more difficult to negotiate and to simply STAY ALIVE as long as he can, which is the main job of all living things.  Diner Cam shows all the attributes necessary for survival in the world to come, intelligence, adaptability, good physical health and the desire to… Keep on Truckin’

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I highly recommend you listen to this young man, who is wise beyond his years.  As George Mobus often points out, it is one thing to be Intelligent, but Wisdom is often lacking in even the greatest Geniuses.  Along with just about ANYONE currently in Political Power, anywhere on the Globe.

Coming on the Vernal Equinox, Thursday March 19th we will present another Round Table discussion in our Collapse Cafe of the Doomstead Diner, featuring George Mobus, Ugo Bardi, K-Dog and myself discussing the ramifications for Industrial Civilization of the currently Exponentially Growing Coronavirus.  Join us for that one as well, it was a hell of a chat.

One Comment on "A Millenial’s Eye View of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization"

  1. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 17th Mar 2020 7:44 am 

    The unexpected consequences of Brexit (and Corona), the strong possibility of a famine in the UK.

    Britain needs to import 50% of its food, 30% from the EU.

    The 50% food that Britain does produce for its own consumption was for a significant part harvested by cheap Eastern European hands. The very cheap hands that are withdrawing from the UK in the wake of Brexit.

    Here UK-friendly NYTimes:

    “How Brexit Could Break Britain’s Food Chain”

    “Brexit increases the risk of famine”

    “UK: No-Deal Brexit Risks Hunger for Poorest”

    Rest assured that the EU leadership knows very well about the weaknesses of the UK negotiation position, as well as its own immense industrial and agricultural strength:

    (Europe has all the cards)

    On top of that, Britain is now Tory-ruled by types (read: loons) obsessed with oligarchic share-holder value thinking, rather than national interest, not to mention the interests of the (white) British commoner:

    “‘Britain doesn’t need farmers’, leaked emails claim: Major new Whitehall storm erupts over incendiary suggestions made by Dominic Cummings’ adviser after Number 10 brands senior mandarin who quit over Priti Patel row ‘Sir Calamity'”

    The Brexiteers may have won 52-48, but the division is underneath still there, in roughly the same ratio. Wait until the full consequences of Brexit become apparent. If the EU plays this hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if West-Minster in the end will agree to a Brexit-in-name-only, as a de facto paying member, without any influence in Brussels.

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