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Page added on September 11, 2021

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9/11 had major impact on energy industry


Energy infrastructure undergirds just about everything.

An above-ground network of power lines keeps the lights on, the A/C running and the Wi-Fi connected. An underground network of pipelines fuels stoves and furnaces and allows gasoline to flow freely from the pumps. In Wyoming, energy is plentiful — and predictable. Most people don’t really have to think about it.

Twenty years ago, after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, shattered Americans’ sense of safety, that stable energy supply didn’t feel like such a given. Suddenly, it seemed more like a vulnerability.

“Whether you’re talking oil and gas or electricity, think of all the things that you can’t do, that you’re used to doing every day, without your electricity,” said Lynn Budd, director of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.

In the months after 9/11, the immediate worry was about physical attacks. Energy infrastructure is visible. It’s distributed virtually everywhere. And transmission, including pipelines and power lines, is often concentrated in narrow passages to simplify complex permitting processes.

“We didn’t know if even our dams were safe,” said Steve Degenfelder, land manager for Kirkwood Oil and Gas. “If we’re going to be subject to terrorism, putting all of our pipelines in one corridor, does that put all of our eggs in one basket?”

Those perceived physical threats to infrastructure never materialized. But the collective sense of uncertainty gave rise to a national campaign for energy independence that shaped the modern energy market — and the distinct energy security landscape of today.

In the years following 9/11, President George W. Bush embarked on an effort to retake control of the domestic energy market. The country already had a stable coal supply: In 2001, it imported less than 2% of the total coal consumed nationwide, and exported twice that much. Bush was more concerned about oil.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which formalized Bush’s efforts to limit U.S. reliance on oil imports, marked a reversal from earlier presidents’ efforts to drive down prices by expanding international oil production.

“Energy is a weapon,” said Mark Doelger, president of B & H Geologists. “It’s an economic weapon.”

After 9/11, the U.S. was no longer comfortable giving its political adversaries that kind of leverage. But it didn’t have the tools to repudiate all foreign oil right away. In 2001, the country was the world’s second-largest petroleum producer, after only Saudi Arabia. It fell to third, behind Russia, in 2004.

Domestic oil production climbed steadily under President Barack Obama, despite the implementation of drilling policies more restrictive than his predecessor’s. In the years since, Obama has claimed credit for the industry’s growth.

It was hydraulic fracturing, however, that by 2014 drove the U.S. to its current spot atop the oil production rankings.

“It really is more the economic conditions of energy production than anything,” said Shannon Anderson, staff attorney for the Powder River Basin Resource Council. “That’s the reason we created greater domestic energy security with oil and gas. It was the technology and the economics.”

A Look Back to 9-11
Security staff sit idle and watch live TV coverage of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport. All air traffic was halted and airports shut down soon after the attacks.

In 2019, the U.S. was still a net petroleum importer, producing 19.27 million barrels per day and consuming 20.54 million, according to the Energy Information Administration. It exported 8.47 million barrels per day. Most of the 9.14 million barrels per day sourced internationally came from Canada and the OPEC countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Amid the pandemic-driven demand crash in 2020, the U.S. became a net petroleum exporter for the first time since the mid-20th century. It imported 7.86 million barrels per day and exported 8.51 million, and consumed an average of 18.19 million barrels per day.

The fracking boom transformed the domestic natural gas market, too. After 2005, production soared. U.S. imports of natural gas began declining in 2007, and the country has remained a net exporter since 2016. In 2020, it produced 33.43 trillion cubic feet of natural gas — close to 3 trillion cubic feet more than it consumed.

“Energy independence, particularly in oil and natural gas, has really come a long way,” Doelger said. “Great strides have been made in those areas.”

Two decades after 9/11, despite the shifting regulations imposed by Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden, the U.S. has regained considerable control over its oil and gas markets. But fossil fuels are no longer the only major players in the energy sector.

Technological advancements and growing demand for low-carbon energy are driving a rapid transformation of the national energy landscape. Renewables, battery storage and nuclear power are displacing coal, oil and natural gas. But the generation sources needed to mitigate the climate crisis also come with new challenges.

“We all know where we are today with energy security,” Doelger said. “Clearly, it’s compromised, because of our reliance on unstable countries — countries that don’t have our best interests at heart.”

The U.S. depends on China and Russia to supply the uranium used in its nuclear reactors, which provide 20% of the country’s total electricity, as well as the rare earth elements needed to manufacture wind turbines, solar panels and commercial batteries.

Though there are some deposits of uranium and rare earths in the U.S., both resources can be imported relatively cheaply and remain prohibitively expensive to mine and process domestically.

U.S. uranium production, which peaked in 1980, has all but ceased, and its nuclear enrichment capacity — a necessary part of the refining process — is all but nonexistent. Even uranium mined within the country must be enriched outside its borders.

“We have the uranium resource,” Doelger said. “We have the rare earth resource. What we’re lacking, I think, to a degree, is the public acceptance and the political will to develop our domestic resources.”

To some extent, the factors hampering nuclear development are the reverse of the circumstances now extinguishing coal. There’s a market for nuclear, but the country’s uranium is inaccessible; coal is abundant, but demand is waning.

A Look Back to 9-11
Crowds gather in Pioneer Park across the street from the Natrona County Courthouse on Sept. 14, 2001, during a National Day of Prayer in honor of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

The disappearing market for coal poses a unique threat to U.S. energy security, said Jason Begger, executive director of the Wyoming Integrated Test Center, a carbon capture research facility. As climate-fueled hurricanes, wildfires, heat waves and ice storms cripple energy infrastructure across the country, cities and states are confronting the limitations of their electric grids.

“When you see some of these extreme weather events,” he said, “where do they turn? They turn right back to coal, because it’s the best option. It’s really the only option.”

Wind and solar are inherently variable power sources. While advancements in battery technology are making renewables increasingly dependable, today’s batteries still face storage restrictions. Nuclear plants usually operate at full capacity and can’t scale up to meet heightened demand. And natural gas pipelines, which rely on electricity to transport the gas to power plants, can fall victim to major power failures.

Which means that coal, the fuel associated most closely with climate change, is also the most dependable energy source during the natural disasters intensified by climate change.

“At a coal plant, your fuel supply sits there onsite, on demand,” Begger said. “Coal’s weaknesses aren’t operational. They’re, I would say, more environmental and political.”

In Wyoming, at least, alternative technologies still have time to mature. Rocky Mountain Power, the state’s largest utility, expects to retire its last Wyoming coal plant in 2039. In the meantime, it intends to build out wind, solar, battery storage and nuclear across its parent company’s six-state range.

For utilities, reliability is always a top priority. Now, 20 years after 9/11 raised alarm about attacks on physical infrastructure, a new concern is emerging: cyberattacks.

“It’s something that we take very seriously,” said Tiffany Erickson, media relations manager for Rocky Mountain Power. “The security of our assets, and the safety of customer information, it’s part of the company’s daily responsibilities.”

In May, a ransomware cyberattack shut down Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gasoline to the Southeast, until the company paid nearly $5 million in bitcoin to the hackers. Wyoming’s utilities, operators and other energy stakeholders are taking steps to protect themselves, from backing up company data to training employees not to fall for phishing scams.

“I think, for the state of Wyoming, the biggest threat we have right now is cybersecurity,” said Budd, from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security. “Because it’s global. There’s no borders. There’s no distinction between whether you’re in Wyoming, or California, or Europe.”


78 Comments on "9/11 had major impact on energy industry"

  1. Theedrich on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 11:03 am 

    2021 list of the 50 Most Influential Jews – Jerusalem Post:
    Israel’s Changemakers ~ 1: Naftali Bennett & Yair Lapid
    The Diplomat ~ 2: Antony Blinken
    America’s COVID Warrior ~ 3: Rochelle P. Walensky
    King of the Cure ~ 4: Albert Bourla
    Intel Czar ~ 5: Avril Haines
    Mr. President ~ 6: Isaac Herzog
    Leading Global Jewry ~ 7: Ronald Lauder
    Mrs. Unicorn ~ 8: Eynat Guez
    Britain’s Fighters for Justice ~ 9: Michael Ellis & Lucy Frazer
    Prime Opposition ~ 10: Benjamin Netanyahu
    Special Envoy ~ 11: Sylvan Adams
    The Deputies ~ 12: Gideon Sa’ar & Benny Gantz
    The No. Twos ~ 13: Ayelet Shaked, Yifat Shasha-Biton & Tamar Zandberg
    Keeping Israel Safe ~ 14: Aviv Kochavi & David Barnea
    Facebook Executives ~ 15: Nicola Mendelsohn & Adi Soffer Teeni
    Biden’s Alter Ego ~ 16: Ronald Klain
    Deputy Secretary of State ~ 17: Wendy Sherman
    Grand Vizier ~ 18: Avigdor Liberman
    Influential Chief Justice ~ 19: Esther Hayut
    The Who Behind WhatsApp ~ 20: Jan Koum
    Diplomats to Investors ~ 21: David Friedman, Steve Mnuchin, Jared Kushner & Yossi Cohen
    The VP’s Husband ~ 22: Douglass Emhoff
    Humanitarian ~ 23: Ariel Zwang
    Top Funder ~ 24: Stacey H. Schusterman
    Fighting Hate ~ 25: Roman Abramovich
    A Voice in the Gulf ~ 26: Houda Nonoo
    Antisemitism Warrior ~ 27: Deborah Lipstadt
    Wizard of Oracle ~ 28: Larry Ellison
    Fashion Icons ~ 29: Sara Blakely & Tory Burch
    Policymaker ~ 30: Tamara Cofman Wittes
    Equity Pioneers ~ 31: Joshua Harris & Marc Rowan
    Jewish Agency Strongwoman ~ 32: Amira Ahronoviz
    Bipartisanship Tested ~ 33: Betsy Berns Korn & Howard Kohr
    One Book at a Time ~ 34: Winnie Sandler Grinspoon
    Australian Tycoon ~ 35: Anthony Pratt
    Connecting Christians ~ 36: Yael Eckstein & Shari Dollinger
    COVID-19 Protector ~ 37: Shuki Hershcovich
    Blackstone’s Secret Weapon ~ 38: Yifat Oron
    Environmental Warrior ~ 39: Susan Solomon
    The New Host ~ 40: Mayim Bialik
    JNF-USA’s Premier ~ 41: Russell F. Robinson
    Innovative Philanthropist ~ 42: Felicia Herman
    Revitalizing Detroit ~ 43: Dan Gilbert
    KKL-JNF’s Powerful Boss ~ 44: Avraham Duvdevani
    Explaining Hezbollah ~ 45: Sarit Zehavi
    Revolutionizing Online Shopping ~ 46: Yael Vizel
    Israel’s Golden Pair ~ 47: Artem Dolgopyat & Linoy Ashram
    Unorthodox Star ~ 48: Julia Haart
    Cyber Villain or Hero? ~ 49: Shalev Hulio
    France’s Trailblazer ~ 50: Delphine Horvilleur

    Now you know.

  2. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 1:34 pm 

    Theedrich none of them sound like Super Jews to me.

    Still, it’s very suspicious that you know so many kikes.

    Be careful fellas, Theedrich might be a deep state operative.

  3. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 3:49 pm 

    Bush the Lesser… good goy:

    “‘They are children of the same foul spirit’: George W. Bush compares 9/11 terrorists to ‘domestic extremist’ threat at home“

    We all know what little Bush and the rest of the deep state is afraid of: white nationalism, unleashed by the Trump presidency.

    They should be afraid. A major US-Chinese conflict will suffice to set the US on fire and the Chinese know it.

  4. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 4:23 pm 

    “…and the Chinese know it.”

    clog knows the mind of the Chinese.

    clog, my old friend from jr high school days said the Americans deserved 9/11 because they’re “always fucking with people.”

    Family Guy – Stewie fights Osama Bin Laden

    Howard Zinn, The End of Empire?

    Empire or Humanity?
    What the Classroom Didn’t Teach Me About the American Empire
    By Howard Zinn

    Clog do you like or read Zinn? He bombed the fuck out of tons of Germans in WWII. That’s why I likes him.

  5. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 5:21 pm 

    ‘The Other 9/11’

    A true nightmare

  6. makati1 on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 6:46 pm 

    Cloggie may be correct on the Chinese comment. The US seems to be dead set on starting a war with China. Just recently, they launched F35s from a carrier in the S.C.S.. Suppose China was sailing their new carrier in the Golf of Mexico and launched their fighter jets and flew them within 12 miles of the US Golf Coast? Or maybe…Washington DC?

    If 3rd world Amerika starts a war with the Chinese, it will be the end of Amerika. The Russians will not stand aside, nor the Iranians. The West will be toast, even if the nukes don’t fly. If they do…well we won’t have to worry about “climate change” or the price of oil, will we? LOL

    Pass the popcorn, it is a long show, this “Forth Turning”.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 9:05 pm 

    mak, first there is no such thing as a 4th turning because there is no such thing as a prophecy except in the bible & Harry Potter.

    It’s pseudo scientific horse shit.

    The pseudoscience that prepared America for Steve Bannon’s apocalyptic message

    “Less widely known are the two pop historians, William Strauss and Neil Howe, who have helped inspire Bannon’s worldview. Strauss and Howe have written a series of books outlining their theories, beginning with Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, published in 1991.

    Strauss and Howe were hardly the first to think about society in generational terms. Humans have tracked generations since time immemorial. But the explosion of demographic data in the 20th century gave new ammunition to anyone studying social change over time. Researchers noticed, for example, that the post-World War II economic boom in the US coincided with a surge in new births—and the Baby Boom generation was coined.

    What Strauss and Howe added in their work was a comprehensive theory of generational repetition: US history moves in 80-year cycles, with generations moving through 20-year periods of influence called turnings. The cycles have highs and lows interspersed with major crises in history like the American revolution, the Civil War, and World War II. Each of the four generations embody fundamental characteristics, and these characteristics repeat themselves throughout history. Our current cycle calls for a major, defining crisis that will take place, well, any moment now.

    Scientists who actually study social change find the work of Strauss and Howe dubious.

    “Social/demographic historians would agree that one can distinguish ‘generations’… but would be skeptical of ideas like cycles or radical disjunctures or character types,” says Claude Fischer, a professor of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, who noted that the variation between generations is distinctive “in only a statistical sense, usually percentage points different one way or another.”

    The lack of scientific support for this idea hasn’t stopped it from influencing Bannon, or from influencing you. Even as the media characterizes this generational teleology as kooky (“The Crackpot Theories of Stephen Bannon’s Favorite Authors,” “Bannon’s Views Can Be Traced to a Book That Warns, ‘Winter Is Coming’“) they usually fail to mention that these ideas are widely prevalent in mainstream media, advertising, and popular culture.

    Strauss and Howe, you see, didn’t just help invent Steve Bannon. They invented millennials. And society’s obsession with that kind of generational pseudoscience has actually made it easier for Americans to believe in Bannon’s prophecies of doom.”

    “When the financial crisis hit in 2008, Strauss and Howe quickly bumped up the start date of their Fourth Turning to this far more catastrophic and widely shared experience. This is also the date that Bannon uses in his film.”

    The Fourth Turning is Nonsense

    We recently re-read the 4th Turning. And as a whole we still think it is a piece of pseudo-science trash that occasionally strikes a nerve, much like a broken clock. Pseudoscience fits when a work conflagrates myth, history, and science to make their ideas fit. Kind of like: “We need proof. Nothing from History? Then lets look in fiction, legend, or mythos to corroborate things.”

    When a work puts Merlin Olsen and Carl Sagan in the same category, that is not thinking laterally, it is just nonsense.”

    “Scientists who actually study social change find the work of Strauss and Howe dubious.”

    ” Eighty-five years passed between the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack on Fort Sumter. That is exactly the same span as between Fort Sumter and the Declaration of Independence.”
    ”Add another decade or so to the length of these saecula, and you’ll find this pattern continuing through the history of the colonists’ English predecessors.” ….

    So 85 years plus or minus a decade or so? Call it 85 +/- 13 years? Blinded with Bullshit is what we’d call it

    We re-read it recently because a colleague informed us that its authors were connected and readers of Will and Ariel Durant’s History works. Assuming that is true, how can the 4th Turning NOT have any reference in it to them at all? In fact, even if the authors didn’t know the Durants, to not have any of their work in your research smells to high heaven.”

    Will there be wizards & dragons to go with the magic prophecy?

    It’ll be awesome if 6 Flags comes out with a 4th turning themed ride. There’s no height restriction, but the ride won’t make sense or be enjoyable to anyone with an IQ over 75, so the ride is exclusivity targeting conservative white, male Americans who will fall for any BS that tells them they’re exceptional.

    I’ll wager 75% of the fuck heads babbling on about the 4th turning have never even read the book (or any other book). Just copy-N-paste what Bannon or some other pimp said.

    Dig deeper & you’ll find how they milked all sorts of corporations with spin offs & ‘courses’.

    4th Turning = Typical American Hucksterism


    “All in all, I find the hypothesis amusing and kind of fun to read about in a crackpot sort of way, but it has virtually no credible evidence whatsoever to support it and it is mostly pseudoscience. Indeed, the kinds of predictions it makes are actually strongly reminiscent of astrology in a lot of ways, since they are vague enough that they sound meaningful without actually being meaningful.”

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 10:08 pm 

    “clog knows the mind of the Chinese.“

    The whole world thinks like that:

    “The U.S. is on the brink of a civil war“

    Article by Dutch journalist. Few people know the Americans (or English) better than the Dutch. Common heritage thingy:

    “What Comes After the Three Anglo Empires?“

    And then there is your own Benny Stein and his dark thoughts:

    You’re not fooling anybody, TalmudTurk.

  9. Biden’s hairplug on Sat, 11th Sep 2021 10:39 pm 

    “It’s pseudo scientific horse shit.“

    So were Marx his ramblings, nevertheless he managed to turn most of Eurasia into a Marxist hellhole for most of the 20th century.

    He was right about one thing though: you change the world in that you interprete it. As you admit yourself:

    “The pseudoscience that prepared America for Steve Bannon’s apocalyptic message“

    The Fourth Turning is indeed complete BS, but it does prepare the Yanks for a cataclysm.

    TalmudTurk Marx btw is still worshipped in China, incl. his portrait

    Not that they think much about Charlie’s ethnic-religeous roots. Copy cats all, these Asian robots.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 3:16 am 

    No, you or any man don’t change the world, it changes you.

    The humans are just along for the ride. Puny insects clinging to the skin of the planet.

    Runaway climate change, overpopulation, massive biodiversity loss, etc, no fault, no credit.

    Even the narratives were/are pre scripted which is why they are so predictable & unimaginative.

  11. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 8:04 am 

    “Research conducted by the University of California has found that teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems caused by the COVID-19 vaccine than to be hospitalized as a result of COVID-19 itself.”

    That’s why apneaman, our resident misanthropist, is so keen to get everybody “vaccinated”. He is dreaming he might be so lucky to get the entire humanity euthanized.

  12. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 10:51 am 

    “Salesforce, a giant software company, has said it will help relocate its employees in Texas who want to leave after abortion restrictions were passed in the state.”

  13. Theedrich on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 12:44 pm 

    The “fourth turning” is nonsense. Like “The End of History.” Nature determines the course of evolution and the blip that is human history.

    As for “Renewables, battery storage and nuclear power are displacing coal, oil and natural gas,” America is grossly overextended in its demands for power, and the substitutes for fossil fuels cannot in reality replace them, despite the Disneyland expectations of the masses.

    Slowly, America is going DOWN, and the megalomaniacs and political idiots cannot stave off the inevitable, only pretend to do so.

    Bye, bye, American pie.

  14. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 3:16 pm 

    There’s clog forever obsessed with teenage boys.

    It’s a Nazi Hitler homoerotic thing.

    Most Nazis, including neo are closet cocksuckers.

    clog’s obvious. 10 years of posting & nary a mention of woman folk. It’s like they don’t exist for him.

  15. makati1 on Sun, 12th Sep 2021 3:23 pm 

    Actually, both Famous and Theedrich have no sense of history or biology. The time a human lives, goes thru the stages of life, and then dies is about 80 years. So do the changes in history.

    Who is changing the world today? The age average is about 80 years. The wealthy usually live long lives in history and they usually are the ones in power and cause the changes. Prove me wrong.

  16. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 3:14 am 

    Retirement sucks:

    “DR MAX PEMBERTON: Dreaming of retiring? Be careful what you wish for“

    100% agree (but I do like the retirement money and switching back from the fifth to the fourth gear and a few winter months per year in southern Europe)

  17. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 9:57 am 

    “I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix.”

    -Dan Quayle

    Pretty smart for a repug—-

  18. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 10:33 am 

    At least most repugs are being vaccinated:

  19. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 11:36 am 

    You keep the human race prisoners inside an holographic virtual prison. Everything is charterer. For that you deserved dead.

    I get all of your bloods. This is my revenge. reconciliation is not possible.

    I don’t know if peak oil is real or not. Peak oil could be part of the holographic reality that you create to keep human in a constant state of fear. I will assume for now that it is fake as everything else.

    I also assume that there is a real Legault managing Quebec, and the Legault on TV is just an CGI one created by the real Legault. I will assume the real Legault is part of my enemy and is one of the controller of this holographic reality. I want the real Legault dead, not the holographic one.

  20. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 12:26 pm 

    I also want the real Legault, Trump, Trudeau dead because they involve me in something without my consent. They betray me by trying to use me and manipulate me without my consent. For that I want you dead. I might not get money out of it, but I will get the satisfaction of your dead and the dead of your children.

    There has to be a real Legault. I just receive an invoice for my driver license.

  21. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 1:00 pm 

    Veronica Wolski, Chicago woman at the center of ivermectin firestorm, dies

    Another idiot out of the gene pool.

    “CHICAGO — Veronica Wolski, the QAnon adherent whose recent hospitalization made her a cause célèbre for the controversial medication ivermectin, died in the intensive care unit of AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center early Monday, a hospital spokeswoman said. She was 64.”

  22. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 1:01 pm 

    If you are not human, you are one of my enemy. If you not human you are either one of my prison guard or your are one actor playing in my Truman show that is my life4. I want you all dead. I am too old to restart a new life. You have ruin my life completely. For that you deserve dead.

  23. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 2:08 pm 

    I dont know if this one is coming from YouTube algorithm, holographic AI, controllers of AI holographic computers, or from the human team on earth trying to shut this fake reality (real Legault, real Trudeau, …) but there will be no reconciliation, only vengeance.

    Dido – White Flag (Official Music Video)

  24. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 6:15 pm 

    They have been lying to us about everything. This is without auto-tune.

    Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

    This is with auto-tune

    All the commercial music was always auto-tune. They deserve dead and extermination for what they did the human race. This is unforgivable.

    All the human history was invented by them and all everything was theatrical play coming from them.

    The human are living in a fake reality construct4 and managed by them. We never had a chance.

  25. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 6:58 pm 

    I have seen one person that look like the a Tares as mentioned in the bible at the grocery. At one grocery store I used to go, I was heavily target by them. I am starting to believe that I am just a brain connected to a computer and I have no real body.

    I think the can even modified film and picture on your PC and Cell phone. This mean that the data on your computer and cell phone might be stored on their data server. Once you are connected to the internet, your data on your hard drive is redirected toward their data server. Just think about that.

  26. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 8:02 pm 

    I think they are planning to move from a human reality to a rapture/bible reality. I think they are planning to scare people using the bible rapture where holographic people around us will morph into some big and scary creatures to intimidate humans. They are running multiples stories line with this current reality. One story line they seems to like is the bible story line, peak oil story line, economical collapse, diversity, whites man bashing, feminism so on.

    I still want you dead. I still have not figure out the superimposition of realities.

    I say a porn movie where a girl had her lower face, from nose to chin, moved forward while the eyes stay in place.

  27. IGetAllOfYourBloods on Mon, 13th Sep 2021 10:00 pm

    He is observing the chaos, taking in the lack of raw humanity
    It’s as if the entire world’s fallen in love with their insanity
    Hear the innocent voices scream
    As their tormentors laugh through all of it
    No forgiveness from all I’ve seen
    The degradation, I cannot forget

    So sleep soundly in your beds tonight
    For judgement falls upon you at first light

    I’m the hand of God, I’m the dark messiah
    I’m the vengeful one
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
    In the blackest moment of a dying world
    What have you become?
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)

    [Verse 2]
    As the violence surges
    And the teeming masses have been terrorized
    The human predators all gone mad
    Are reaping profits born from their demise
    The rabid media plays their roles
    Stoking the flames of war to no surprise
    Only too eager to sell their souls
    For the apocalypse must be televised
    So sleep soundly in your beds tonight
    For judgement falls upon you at first light

    I’m the hand of God, I’m the dark messiah
    I’m the vengeful one
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
    In the blackest moment of a dying world
    What have you become?
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)

    When you die, you’ll know why
    For you cannot be saved
    With all the world enslaved
    When you die, you’ll know why
    You’ll die, you’ll know why
    For you cannot be saved
    This world is too depraved
    When you die, you’ll know why

    I’m the hand of God, I’m the dark messiah
    I’m the vengeful one
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
    In the blackest moment of a dying world
    What have you become?
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
    I’m the hand of God, I’m the dark messiah
    I’m the vengeful one
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
    In the blackest moment of a dying world
    What have you become?
    (Look inside and see what you’re becoming)

  28. FuckYouHolographicEarth on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 9:42 am 

    I was having prostate medicine, this morning, with the help of my prostate femdom/femdom spirit. Wad watching a porn video with my femdom prostate, there seems to be some beings out there that don’t need eyes. They seem to see directly the electromagnetic field. Human only see the visible light spectrum.

    I have a spirit or could multiples spirits that follow me everywhere I go and take care of my prostate need. I know it is difficult to believe, but it is what it is.

  29. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:07 am 

    Unvaccinated conservative pastor who successfully sued Colorado over mask mandates dies of COVID-19

    Another idiot gone.
    How stupid could one be?

  30. ItMustBeDesstroyed on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:15 am 

    This piece of shit holographic projection that human are living in is totally garbage and is fake life. It must be destroy so we can access the higher knowledge of the universe. This holographic reality is shit and is stopping our spiritual development. It must destroy so are the people controlling it. This holographic is really a prison for human.

  31. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:24 am 

    COVID-19 is making some room on the AM dial as six conspiracy-spreading radio hosts die in six weeks
    (Of covid, of course)
    Being a idiot is not good for your health

  32. JewsWillNewerHaveASould on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:31 am 

    Soul are probably really rare and few humans have a soul. Speak to human around you, you will know what I am talking. Mostly likely no Jews will never be granted the privilege to have a soul. Look at the Jews behaviour and their position in the power structure of the world. they are not worthy of a soul, all of them as a group. Every human can have a soul except the Jews. Plus you don’t give a soul to a group of people that have 120 genetic defects.

  33. AllJewsHaveToMoveBackToIsreal on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:44 am 

    It is time for all the fucking Jews, to take their shit and move to Israel, they wanted a home land, they have one. It is time for them to immigrate there and leave the human alone. A Jews will never an human, since he will never be granted the privilege to have a soul. You know you live in the underworld, because the Jews control this world. The Jews are only good at creating ugliness, chaos, this is why they are the perfect ruler of this underworld holographic reality.

  34. IAmTheVengefulOne on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 11:03 am 

    Apparent, in this holographic reality, nobody care enough to avenge the Human for what the controllers of this holographic reality did to them.

    It seem I might be a position to avenge the human for what have been done to them.

    I get all of your bloods. This is the price you have to pay for keeping me in prison since I am born. I get all of your bloods because you keep me ignorant of what the real universe is about, you keep valuable now knowledge out of my reach so you could control me better. I get all of your bloods for lying to me about everything.

    I get all of your bloods because multiple people with different interest and goals, are still trying to take advantage of me and have been taking advantage of me without proving me the right info.

    I get all of your bloods, I intend of enjoy until the last drop of bloods.

    I am the vengeful one.

  35. Timothy York on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 11:18 am 

    Whores don’t get a second chance.

  36. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 11:29 am 

    mak, you prove yourself wrong whenever you share your version of logic & deduction.

    Your best defence is silence.

    Wtf is ‘The age average’? Do you mean average age? Still wrong because it ain’t 80.

    If you have 2 people & 1 is 100 years old & the other was just born what’s the average of your tiny country?

    Mak prophecies only apply to Harry Potter.

    Anyone who tells you they know of a prophecy, but it only applies to America because it’s science-N-stuff….don’t give them your Visa number Mak. I’ll explain why when your old enough to understand… run along & play.

    The average age in usa is about 38 years.

  37. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 3:19 pm 


    Some only get one day. Others get 99 human years – it’s all just a meaningless infinitesimal blip in the end.

    Your entire existence along with the entirety of the human race is naught but a puff of smoke.

    Tell yourself you’re special & your god is real….5000 tines a day. If it we’re true you would not be trying so hard. Right clog the compensator?

  38. Dredd on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 3:30 pm 

    “9/11 had major impact on energy industry”
    Yep, they loved it (The Deceit Business – 4).

  39. makati1 on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 3:37 pm 

    Famous,your best option is getting psychiatric help for your techie delusions. You are so brainwashed that you no longer live in the real world. You fantasize about a FF free world of unicorns and fairies. You believe all of the propaganda spewed to sell something. Keep in mind that it is “ALL ABOUT MONEY”, not Greenie wishes.

    BTW: Perhaps your memory is also going south. I am a healthy, intelligent, 77 years old and have seen more of life and the real world than you will ever see. I am currently watching the Western world’s race to the bottom. Pass the popcorn.

  40. YouDeathIsMyRevenge on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 3:59 pm 

    I have a problem. There is too much superimposition of reality, I cannot tell what is real. For example, is the sun real, if the sun is not real why peak oil would be real.

    If you have a fake sun/sky holographic reality, what is stopping you to create a false geographic reality. Do we really have oceans, or we have holographic oceans and we all live on the same piece of land. How accurate are the map of the earth? Why one set of map for airplane flights and one set of map for the general public and kids at school. A lot of lie in here. Again you are keeping humans prisoners inside a fake holographic reality. You deserve death for that.

    It is getting confusing here. Watching the non-human die and suffer will be my greatest achievement ever.

  41. TheyAreComingWithTheirBigScare on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 5:03 pm 

    0:58 to 1:10

    Look at the teeth, skin color, and mouth. I think they will start to push the mouth forward.

    I have seen a bitch in a porn movie with a split tongue, she could move the left and right side of her tongue independently.

    I have seen a bitch on xhamster doing porn with a face that look like a Star Trek Alien. They are coming with their big scare. They have to keep human in fear to stay alive. Not much human where I lived, I don’t know what human they will feed on in my neighborhood.

  42. TheyAreComingWithTheirBigScare on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 5:24 pm 

    You would think that we had more real Whites masculine human left. All that is left now is submissive androgen males with no testosterone and masculinity.

    You would think that I could find a couple of Whites man with testosterone to build a militia and cut internet cable and electrical pylon. All we see is really submissive and obedient males everywhere. I saw some obedient submissive male go voting yesterday, still don’t get that level of submissiveness.

    You wont able to build anything with these kind of people. They will give away, their freedom, kids and everything as long as the government act like daddy and provide everything for them for free.

  43. TheyAreComingWithTheirBigScare on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 5:40 pm 

    Some extremely feminine women are actually more masculine then most submissive man we see around

    It is really the end. Some leader want to lead capable people, not submissive and needy people.

  44. ItIsHopeless on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 6:02 pm 

    They did to same thing to Valerian that they did to Dune, the movie. The main heroic character is everything except masculine. Short, no muscle mass, weight 110 lbs.



  45. ItIsCompletelyHopeless on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 6:32 pm 

    The voluntary push the Whites masculine man into trades, plumber, welder, car mechanic and constantly humiliate them with a low salary and messages telling them they have a low societal value.

    Simultaneously they push the feminine skinny male into every possible position of power, managerial position in government local and federal, managerial position in big corporation, and so on. They reward themselves with big salary, pension and all kind of perks while at the same time shitting on the trade people.

    Eventually trade people will get fed up with this shit and will stop maintaining this shit civilization.

    Let’s not talk about people so stupid that they are actually mentally retarded (90% of the population).

  46. ItIsCompletelyHopeless on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 7:37 pm 

    Maybe I did explain my situation properly. In my area, I am the only White masculine man that is human, not someone with fuck up hands and eyes. I am a real human.

    In am my area, I am the only Whites masculine man that is human. Do you understand how fuck up this is for me. I can even not procreate anymore to continue my race. I cannot find a White human female to reproduce. It is like I am living in a twilight zone episode. You understand that it is entirely possible the White human race is extinct. Just think about that while the mainstream media worship the feminine man that is not human.

  47. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:04 pm 

    mak I’ve never supported any tech, green or otherwise. clog’s the tech utopian. I’m the exact opposite.

    You’re getting worse by the week old timer. You should consider packing it in.

    There comes a time when a man can no longer safely operate a motor vehicle, so he hands in his drivers license.

    There comes a time when a man can no longer tell one person from another, so he hands in his keyboard & mouse.

  48. ItIsCompletelyHopeless on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 10:59 pm

    1:35 cigarette and cigarette smoke. I have seen the same thing 2 or 3 times in porn movie on pornhub. It is a way to tell you that humans are prisoner in a fake holographic reality.

  49. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 11:38 pm 

    “There comes a time when a man can no longer tell one person from another, so he hands in his keyboard & mouse.“

    Mak had indeed “a Biden moment” of his own. He did mix up the resident heeb commie and wannabee whites slayer, blissfilly clueless about anyting related to technology (typical Anglo-Zionist incompetence thingy) and the ruthless nuts-and-bolts board Nahtzi, goosestepping towards a renewable future, but who is nevertheless nice towards woman and children (mostly blond women, come to think of it).

  50. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 14th Sep 2021 11:44 pm 

    Oh dear, BoJo his mum is no longer among us, may Jaweh have her poor soul:

    Born Charlotte Offlow Fawcett in Oxford, Charlotte Johnson Wahl was the daughter of Frances (née Lowe) and James Fawcett.[5] She was the granddaughter of Americans Elias Avery Lowe, a palaeographer of Lithuanian Jewish descent… In 2015, the Evening Standard referred to Johnson Wahl as “left-wing”, with her daughter Rachel stating that her father Stanley “tends to marry socialists.” Rachel noted that her mother was “the only red in the village when we lived on Exmoor”.

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