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Page added on February 23, 2012

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$6 A Gallon


Talk about pain at the pump! Some Florida drivers are spending nearly $6 a gallon to fill up their gas tanks.

According to, motorists are shelling out $5.89 for a gallon of regular gas at a Shell station in Lake Buena Vista, topping out at $5.99 a gallon for premium. It doesn’t get better at a Suncoast Energy station in Orlando, where drivers are paying $5.79 for a gallon of regular.

“Prices over in the Disney World area are much higher than any other place in Florida,” Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman, told CBS Tampa, adding that people regularly complain about gas prices in that area.

The Sunshine State is opening up its wallet, paying an average of $3.67 a gallon of unleaded gas, 12 cents more than the national average. And it’s only expected to go up.

“It doesn’t look like we will have relief at the pump anytime soon,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “I do think we will see prices surpass $4 a gallon. I think we will see that closer to spring time.”

One reason for the high prices is the conflict with Iran over the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has threatened to disrupt oil shipments through the waterway due to the European Union sanctions leveled against the country over its nuclear program, causing the price of crude to skyrocket. Trading on a barrel of crude today is a little over $106.

Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.

“I know it frustrates quite a few consumers why positive news will lead to higher prices,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “It really just comes down to speculation.”

A third culprit behind the gas price boom is Greece. The EU’s bailout for the indebted country only adds to the global fuel demand.

And because of these reasons, Brady believes that Florida and the rest of the U.S. could see historic gas prices.

“I think this year we will see much higher highs.”

Believe it or not, those prices aren’t the highest in the nation. According to, motorists in Alaska are paying a whopping $6.34 for a gallon of regular at some gas stations. The cheapest gas can be found in Wyoming at $2.75 a gallon.

CBS Tampa

10 Comments on "$6 A Gallon"

  1. MTHOMPSON on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 1:28 pm 

    The gas stations in Central Florida (where I live) that charge so much for gas are there to deceive international tourists. They hike the prices up near the airport, Disney World, and Universal Studios. It’s been that way since I was a kid. Our regular gas stations have normal prices near $3.65 – $3.70.

  2. Anthony on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 4:53 pm 

    Obama loves this article.

  3. Kenz300 on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 5:14 pm 

    Rising demand from China and India is outpacing the worlds ability to discover and supply ever more oil. The conflict with Iran will also reduce the supply. Only a world wide recession/depression will lower demand enough to lower the price. Every time the price of oil has spiked in the past we have seen a recession. This time should be no different.

  4. DC on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 7:36 pm 

    Right on amerika, your getting there! Only 4 more dollars to go, keep at it, pretty soon youll start to realize what a worthless mirage the ‘amerikan dream’ is, the one that general motors, ford, chevron wall-mart etc have sold you. Looking forward to it myself, are you?

  5. Bob Owens on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 8:07 pm 

    No mention of Peak Oil is there? This is an old story for us. Welcome to the New World. High prices for essentials, low prices for non-essentials.

  6. Arthur on Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 8:59 pm 

    Europa currently already more than 9$/gallon

  7. jaime on Fri, 24th Feb 2012 1:14 am 

    DC,i am.

  8. MrEnergyCzar on Fri, 24th Feb 2012 1:47 am 

    The highest ever was $35 per gallon USD on the black market during the, I think, Yugoslavian war….


  9. BillT on Fri, 24th Feb 2012 2:43 am 

    This is only news to Americans. $5 gas has been the norm here in the Philippines for years. And Europe has been paying $7 – $8 for a long time. Adjust. $10 gas is not too far away…or maybe $3 if we go into a Great Depression, when you won’t have money for gas anyway.

  10. DC on Fri, 24th Feb 2012 3:27 am 

    Where i live right now today, fossil-fuel is 5.85 Imperial gallon. 128.9L(cheap stuff)

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