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Kunstler: Oh Say Can You See?

Who was not impressed seeing the sudden and total collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge after getting its pylon bonked by the container ship Dali a few hours before the dawn’s early light in Baltimore harbor? In America’s ongoing death-of-a-thousand-cuts, that one literally severed a major artery, but it may take a while to […]

Kurt Cobb: Can We Find a Balance Between Economic Growth with Environmental Sustainability?

The perils that threaten the continuity of human civilization are so obvious that it is puzzling that so little is being done to counter these perils. In fact, much is being done to hasten their arrival. Climate change, nuclear war, toxic pollution leading to complete loss of human fertility, solar storms and electromagnetic pulse weapons […]

The Mystery of Food Politics and It’s Proposed Extrication

The Mystery of Food Politics and It’s Proposed Extrication thumbnail

Wars and cross border conflicts are known to stifle food supply mechanisms and impact production on a large scale. Ukraine being foremost exporter maize, oilseeds, wheat among other food commodities stands at an all time high supply risk of essential supplies. Food, famines and farming are conspicuously deeply connected to politics and governance. All policies […]

Supreme Court examines cross-state air pollution

Supreme Court examines cross-state air pollution thumbnail

As the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday (Feb. 21) held oral arguments on the legality of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “good neighbor” policy to limit upwind states from polluting downwind states, two legal constructs dominated the discussion: “severability” and the court’s “emergency docket.” The case is “Ohio et al v. EPA” brought by several states and joined […]

Biden pauses liquified natural gas exports

 The Biden administration is delaying consideration of new natural gas export terminals in the United States, even as gas shipments to Europe and Asia have soared since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The election year decision by President Biden aligns with environmentalists who fear the huge increase in exports, in the form of liquefied natural gas, […]

America Cracks Down on Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Facilities

Friday America’s Environmental Protection Agency “proposed steep new fees on methane emissions from oil and gas facilities,” reports the Washington Post, “escalating a crackdown on the fossil fuel industry’s planet-warming pollution.” Methane does not linger in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, but it is far more effective at trapping heat — roughly 80 […]

Meet America’s Newest Oil Trader Extraordinaire: Joe Biden

Meet America’s Newest Oil Trader Extraordinaire: Joe Biden thumbnail

Head of state. Commander in chief. Oil-trading whale? President Biden’s unprecedented release of oil from America’s petroleum reserves in 2022 turned the White House into an unusually active player in the volatile crude market. The flood of emergency supplies helped arrest surging oil prices after Russia invaded Ukraine, and pulled billions of dollars into the […]

Is It Time To Refill America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

In late 2021, President Biden ordered the release of 50 million barrels of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to bring down the price of gasoline. Then, in the spring of the next year, he ordered the release of another 130 million barrels. Prices at the pump fell between $0.17 and $0.42 per gallon. With the massive […]

Saudi Arabia piles pressure on UAE to shift COP28 focus away from oil and gas

Saudi Arabia is obstructing the UN’s flagship climate negotiations and pressuring their presidency, the United Arab Emirates, in a bid to shift the focus away from oil and gas producing nations, according to several senior people involved in the talks. Sultan al-Jaber, COP28 president and head of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, is “under […]

US Warship, Commercial Ships Under Attack In Red Sea

US Central Command provided a detailed summary of the four maritime attacks carried out by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, targeting commercial vessels on Sunday: Today, there were four attacks against three separate commercial vessels operating in international waters in the southern Red Sea. These three vessels are connected to 14 separate nations. The […]

Is the West ready for World War 3?

In case you missed the memo, we are apparently entering the first phases of World War 3. Or, if you count the Cold War, World War 4. All of these previous struggles were won not only thanks to good political and military leadership, but also by the sheer force of industrial power and ample natural […]

USA Imposes First Sanctions Over Russia Oil Cap as Impact Fades

The US imposed the first sanctions for violations of the price cap on Russian oil introduced by the Group of Seven nearly a year ago, as signs mount the restriction is failing to cut Kremlin revenues as hoped. The Treasury Department called the steps a new phase in the enforcement of a policy aimed at […]

A world split by Middle East massacre: Western nations show support for Israel – while others desecrate its flag and applaud onslaught in solidarity with Hamas

A world split by Middle East massacre: Western nations show support for Israel – while others desecrate its flag and applaud onslaught in solidarity with Hamas thumbnail

The world has been divided once again by a bloody and brutal conflict, this time in the Middle East, as Palestine and Israel descend into a fight that has claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians in just one weekend. Nations across the world are watching violence unfold in the region, and appear to have […]

Israel strikes Gaza tower as death tolls jump after Hamas attack

Israel strikes Gaza tower as death tolls jump after Hamas attack thumbnail

Medical sources in Gaza say at least 232 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air attacks launched after a Hamas offensive against Israel that killed at least 200. The group running the besieged enclave said its surprise, large-scale operation was in response to the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque and increased settler violence. Hamas says it […]

Scores dead in Gaza as shock Hamas attack unleashes war

Hamas gunmen enter Israel in unprecedented attack At least 200 Israelis reported dead, more than 1,000 wounded Hamas says it has taken many Israeli captives Israel says Hamas declares war, commits ‘grave mistake’ Barrage of rockets launched into Israel from Gaza JERUSALEM/GAZA/SDEROT Oct 7 (Reuters) – Gunmen from the Palestinian group Hamas rampaged through Israeli […]

Hezbollah Next To Attack? War Could Spiral Into Biggest In Decades

Hezbollah Next To Attack? War Could Spiral Into Biggest In Decades thumbnail

By Saturday afternoon (local time), some 200 Palestinians have been killed, with over 1600 wounded as the Israeli military begins its response to the ‘invasion’ of southern Israel launched by Hamas. After about ten hours of fighting, over 40 Israelis have been reported killed, and over 800 wounded. Hamas also has captured possibly scores of Israeli […]

Israel vows revenge after Hamas terrorists ‘open gates of hell’ in Gaza with 50 taken hostage and hundreds killed

Israel vows revenge after Hamas terrorists ‘open gates of hell’ in Gaza with 50 taken hostage and hundreds killed thumbnail

ISRAEL has vowed to take revenge on Hamas terrorists after they “opened the gates of hell” with a surprise attack that left hundreds dead. And dozens of Israeli civilians and soldiers are being held hostage after they were dragged across the border into Gaza. 19 Terror group Hamas ‘opened the gates of hell’ in Israel […]

Biden Administration Offers $4.6B in Grants to Reduce Climate Pollution

The USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched $4.6 billion in competitive grants to fund state, local, and tribal programs and policies that cut climate pollution, advance environmental justice, and deploy clean energy solutions across the country. The Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) will be available across two implementation grant competitions, one general competition and […]

Kunstler: A Theory of the Game

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss was a bigger shock to the Washington DC deep state Blob than Donald Trump’s victory. But the dynamics of this trauma operated at many levels. At the most superficial level was the hysterical response of Democratic Party rank-and-file women who regarded Donald Trump as the most extreme and horrifying embodiment of […]

Saudis Have No Good Reason to Drive Oil Up to $100

Saudi Arabia has no good reason to drive the oil price up to $100 per barrel. That’s according to Bjarne Schieldrop, the Chief Commodity Analyst at SEB, who made the statement in a note sent to Rigzone this week. “While they [Saudi Arabia] may choose to keep production at around 9.0 million barrels per day […]

Kunstler: August Psychodrama

In August, the head-shrinkers notoriously abandon their posh clientele among the managerial elites, who are left to flounder in the flotsam of their disordered lives while their shrinks go off to body-surf and drink mojitos. And so, a month that ought to be a pleasant break from routine business leaves the managers of all that […]

OPEC Excludes Bloomberg, Reuters and WSJ Reporters From Meeting

OPEC hasn’t invited reporters from three major news organizations to cover the group’s meetings this weekend in Vienna. The organization’s secretariat typically gives accreditation to any journalist who wants to cover the meeting at their headquarters. This time, that opportunity wasn’t offered and invitations were sent directly to reporters. As of Wednesday evening, nobody from […]

Could the EPA break America’s power grid?

As policymakers in Washington like to point out, America is undergoing an “energy transition.” But as Washington embarks on a major national shift toward renewable energy, there’s a serious question—can we manage this wide-scale transformation without losing the security and reliability of our existing power grid? The answer—according to the nation’s grid reliability experts—is that […]

Group led by China, Russia criticizes global institutions

Group led by China, Russia criticizes global institutions thumbnail

Foreign ministers from a group of nations led by China and Russia criticized on Friday the ability of world institutions to resolve geopolitical problems, including the coronavirus pandemic, and said their organization should do more to address such challenges. Indian Foreign Minister Subhramanyam Jaishankar said in remarks at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization […]

The Kremlin Did Not Kill Itself: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley): ❖ Your rulers do not care what race you are. They do not care if you are gay, transgendered or nonbinary. They do not care how many bullets you are allowed to have in your gun. They do not care whether you are allowed […]

Kunstler: Pretend to the End

The creatures of the underworld running our country must think the public is awfully stupid. You are expected to take at face value the claim that “Joe Biden” is actually up for re-election. Could it be more obvious that he’s pretending? (Just as he’s been pretending to serve as CEO of our government.) Meanwhile, we […]

Donald Trump indicted on criminal charges in New York

Donald Trump indicted on criminal charges in New York thumbnail

Donald Trump has been indicted following a years-long investigation by Manhattan prosecutors that has led to the first criminal charges against a former US president in the country’s history. The district attorney’s office confirmed the charges, which remain under seal. Susan Necheles, a lawyer for Trump, said he would surrender to be arraigned in court […]

Russia-China ties enter ‘new era’ as Xi meets Putin in Moscow

Russia-China ties enter ‘new era’ as Xi meets Putin in Moscow thumbnail

China’s President Xi Jinping has said he signed an agreement with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin bringing their ties into a “new era” of cooperation, as the two leaders called for “responsible dialogue” to resolve the Ukraine crisis. “We signed a statement on deepening the strategic partnership and bilateral ties which are entering a new […]

A Run on the Planet

A Run on the Planet thumbnail

Banking rarely moves quickly—there are thirty-year mortgages, and ten-year certificates of deposit, and we still talk about “banker’s hours.” But when things go badly, as they did last week in Silicon Valley, the scary unwinding can come in the blink of an eye. One result of the rescue of the California bank will be to […]

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant lost all off-site power

Vienna, Austria Video of 230309 DG BoG Ukraine Statement Before we start this agenda item I want to report that this morning at around 5am local time Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant lost all off-site power when its last remaining 750 kilovolt line was disconnected, its only remaining back up 330 kilovolt line having been damaged […]

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