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Fracking Ban Would Cost Millions of Jobs

Fracking Ban Would Cost Millions of Jobs thumbnail

A fracking ban would cost millions of jobs. That’s according to the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Director of Communications, Ben Marter, who made the statement ahead of last night’s Democratic presidential debate in a post published on the API’s website. “Fracking has been one of the most important technological advancements in American history and banning […]

Toward the Next America

Public Policy

When I mentioned in a post two weeks ago that America was heading into a new phase of its history, and that I would be offering some suggestions about what that next phase might look like, I was far from sure how to begin that conversation.  As happens fairly often these days, however, current events […]

Kunstler: Impure Thoughts

Public Policy

What if the Corona virus turns out to be a genuine pandemic with legs, not some punk-ass, flash-in-the-pan bug like SARS… and infects hundreds of millions around the world…? And what if it happens to go logarithmic in the USA, as in China now…? And what if takes a few months, or half a year, […]

Trump Wants to Sell 15 Million Barrels From US Oil Reserve

Public Policy

President Donald Trump has proposed selling 15 million barrels of oil from the U.S. emergency stockpile as part of his fiscal 2021 budget plan. The proposal, which requires approval from Congress, would use the proceeds of the sale to fund certain Energy Department activities, including the environmental remediation of an oil field in Elk Hills, […]

Global Witness Accuses Exxon of ‘Exploitative’ Contract That Robs People of Guyana of $55 Billion in Lost Oil Revenue

Global Witness Accuses Exxon of ‘Exploitative’ Contract That Robs People of Guyana of $55 Billion in Lost Oil Revenue thumbnail

International human rights and anti-corruption group Global Witness is calling on the Guyanese government to renegotiate a oil license deal with fossil fuel giant Exxon after the group’s analysis showed that Guyana stands to lose $55 billion while the oil giant takes control of one of the largest oil reserves found in years. Global Witness found that […]

While The Press And Public Focus On Iran, US Military Prepares For War With Russia

Public Policy

During the height of tensions with Iran last year, the United States conducted an unprecedented series of war games. Over five months, from May until the end of September, 93 separate military exercises were held, with forces operating continuously in, above and around 29 countries. The games, which practiced everything from ground platoon tactics to […]

Iraq becomes Iran-US battleground

Public Policy

After US-led mission helped to largely banish Islamic State from Iraq in 2018, the country has fast become a battleground for power in the region Growing oil production should be a major win for oil-weary Iraq. But the country’s increasingly lucrative share of global crude output has served to sharpen the appetites of Iran, the […]

Kunstler: Canary Trap

Public Policy

What is the canary’s purpose in life? Why, to sing, of course — at least from the human’s point-of-view. What is the canary trap? Why, to catch humans who are singing like canaries. The latest occult dish served up by Democratic Party spirit cookers in the impeachment ritual is the release of “bombshell” news leaked […]

The Age of Climate Authoritarianism Is Upon Us

Public Policy

In 2010, the writer Mike Davis imagined a “not improbable scenario” in which mitigation “would be tacitly abandoned… in favor of accelerated investment in selective adaptation for Earth’s first-class passengers.” His prediction may prove prescient. “The goal would be the creation of green and gated oases of permanent affluence on an otherwise stricken planet,” he […]

Ignore the Fake Climate Debate

Ignore the Fake Climate Debate thumbnail

Beyond the headlines and social media, where Greta Thunberg, Donald Trump and the online armies of climate “alarmists” and “deniers” do battle, there is a real climate debate bubbling along in scientific journals, conferences and, occasionally, even in the halls of Congress. It gets a lot less attention than the boisterous and fake debate that […]

US Extends Clampdown on Iran

Public Policy

The U.S. sanctioned four companies that it says have traded hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Iranian petroleum and petrochemicals in its latest effort to clamp down on the Islamic Republic’s revenue sources. The Treasury Department penalized Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Sage Energy HK Limited, Peakview Industry Co. Limited, and Beneathco DMCC for dealings […]

Oil Is The Only Way Back Up For Venezuela

Public Policy

There’s only one path to rebuilding Venezuela, and it’s paved with oil. For the time being, that path leads nowhere. The key to controlling everything now lies with the National Assembly, the only body with the power to hand out oil licenses—and Maduro’s recent scheme to retake control of the country’s oil may just have […]

On the Climate Road to Serfdom

Public Policy

The political world is saying “no” to policies that make energy less available, more expensive, less reliable, and more intrusive. Hyperbole of peak demand is going the way of Peak Oil as the hydrocarbon production boom creates its own demand. Little wonder that compared to 1988 when global warming became a political issue, U.S. fossil-fuel […]

40% of Countries in the World to Experience Civil Unrest in 2020

Public Policy

Nearly 40% of countries across the globe will see some form of civil unrest or riots in 2020, according to a new study. Political analyst firm Verisk Maplecroft predicts that 75 out of the world’s 195 countries will see some form of social disorder this year. That’s an increase on the 47 countries, about a […]

Saudi Arabia Carried Out Record Number Of Executions In 2019

Public Policy

Saudi Arabia’s shortage of executioners didn’t stop the kingdom from carrying out a record number of death sentences in 2019, according to the non-profit Reprieve, which monitors how KSA handles capital punishment. According to figures provided to ABC News, KSA executed 184 people last year, including 90 foreign nationals. The most common crime committed by […]

The Science of (Not) Ending Global Poverty

Public Policy

In 1974, the neoliberal Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek was awarded the newly instituted Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. In his acceptance speech, Hayek stated bluntly: “If I had been consulted whether to establish a Nobel Prize in economics, I should have decidedly advised against it.” Such a prize, he […]

A first look at the Clean Energy Act and the Green New Deal

Public Policy

Students joined more than 200 other grassroots activists for a lobby day at the General Assembly on Tuesday. Photo Ivy Main Climate and energy activists have been pinning their hopes on the 2020 legislative session to produce a framework for transitioning our economy to 100 percent carbon-free energy. After years of talking big but delivering […]

Kunstler: Sedition in Real Time

Public Policy

It is a wonder of these incendiary times that even as impeachment of a president moves to its ripest phase, trial in the Senate, the acts of sedition that prompted it still go on behind the scenes with no intervention — an epic failure of authority, if there ever was one. And further irony, if […]

So The US Is Invading Iraq Again

Public Policy

So the US has decided to become an invading, occupying force in Iraq again. It won’t be as exciting as last time. There will be no “shock and awe” invasion tactics this time. The invaders won’t even have to enter the country, because they’re already there. It will be a very boring, underwhelming sequel that […]

A Potential War with Iran—and Other Geopolitical Events—Just Don’t Bounce Oil Prices Like They Used To

Public Policy

It’s been the steady drumbeat that has defined the oil market over the last two years. As tensions have mounted between Iran and the U.S., each development—from renewed sanctions to saber-rattling to the threat of outright war—has brought the question: how much are oil prices going to rise? There are historical reasons for this: conflicts […]

“We Do Not Seek War,” Says President Who Just Started A War

Public Policy

President Trump has been steadfastly assuring the world that the United States government does not wish to start the war it has already started by assassinating Iran’s top general. “We are a peace-loving nation and my administration remains firmly committed to establishing peace and harmony among the nations in the world,” Trump said in a […]

CFR President Says “The World Will be the Battlefield” After Iran Escalatio

CFR President Says “The World Will be the Battlefield” After Iran Escalatio thumbnail

The President of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard N. Haass says that “the world will be the battlefield” following a dramatic escalation in tensions between the United States and Iran. Fears of a wider war are rising after Iran’s Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani was killed during an airstrike near Baghdad’s airport. Haass warned […]

Oil Prices Up After US Drone Strike

Public Policy

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent crude oil futures posted strong gains Friday as the oil market digested news about heightened tensions between the United States and Iran. The February WTI contract gained $1.87 Friday, settling at $63.05 per barrel. The benchmark peaked at $64.09 and bottomed out at $61.13. Compared to the Dec. 27, […]

US Drone Airstrikes Kill Six Pro-Iran Militia Commanders

US Drone Airstrikes Kill Six Pro-Iran Militia Commanders thumbnail

Whether he is eating ice cream or not, Trump appears to be on a rampage to recreate the end of The Godfather. Less than 24 hours after a US drone shockingly killed the top Iranian military leader, Qasem Soleimani, resulting in equity markets groaning around the globe in fear over Iranian reprisals (and potentially, World […]

Kunstler: Christmas in Flyover Land

Public Policy

Last year, a local guy started renovating a restaurant on Main Street that has been shuttered for at least fifteen years. He’d retired from the army and started a company that made a fortune clearing landmines in faraway lands where US nation-building plans went awry. Wasn’t that a ripe business opportunity! He’s from here and […]

Is ‘Decarbonization’ a Fool’s Errand?

Public Policy

The great fossil fuel hysteria of 2019 is remarkable as much for the rapidity with which the fervor has swept the landscape as for the long-term consequences it promises to wreak. Popular madnesses with a financial twist are nothing new, dating back to the era of tulip-bulb mania. This region, in its short history, has […]

Blowout: Another Side of the Deepwater Horizon Story

Blowout: Another Side of the Deepwater Horizon Story thumbnail

In November 2012 Bob Kaluza was in Houston meeting with the defense lawyers that his employer, the British oil giant BP, had hired on his behalf. Two and a half years earlier, Kaluza had been one of two BP supervisors on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig the night it exploded, and he was worried that […]

Russian Gas Mega-Pipeline To China Goes Online As Putin & Xi Hail Closer Ties

Russian Gas Mega-Pipeline To China Goes Online As Putin & Xi Hail Closer Ties thumbnail

Late Monday Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin jointly launched the major unprecedented cooperative project that had been years in the making called the ‘Power of Siberia’ gas pipeline. The China-Russia east-route pipeline is now providing China with Russian natural gas, which according to Chinese state media is expected to reach 5 billion cubic meters in 2020 and increase […]

‘I kept the oil’: Donald Trump defends U.S. withdrawal

‘I kept the oil’: Donald Trump defends U.S. withdrawal thumbnail

President Donald Trump defended his policy on Turkey as the NATO ally faces scrutiny from member nations – and repeated his assertion that he ‘kept the oil’ inside Syrian territory. The president proclaimed: ‘We can do with the oil that we want’ – although the Pentagon said last month that Syrian Democratic Forces were getting […]

Brouillette Takes Over as Energy Secretary

Brouillette Takes Over as Energy Secretary thumbnail

The U.S. Senate on Dec. 2 confirmed Dan Brouillette as the new Secretary of Energy, tapping the former lobbyist for Ford Motor Company to replace Rick Perry, the former Texas governor who stepped down as Department of Energy (DOE) chief after becoming part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Perry’s tenure was marked by […]

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