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Climate Change and the New Age of Extinction


The first documented extinction of 2019 occurred on New Year’s Day, with the death of a Hawaiian tree snail named George. George, who was about an inch long, had a grayish body, grayish tentacles, and a conical shell striped in beige and brown. He was born in captivity, in Honolulu, and had spent his unassuming […]

1 Millions Species Are At Risk For Extinction — And It’s All Our Fault


Overfishing, climate change, and pollution are all on the list of causes Nature is declining globally at a terrifying rate, with over one million species risking extinction, warns a new report. The culprit is, unsurprisingly, humans — and the impact could be more severe than anyone could have imagined. A report issued by the Intergovernmental […]

The climate change story is half true

The climate change story is half true thumbnail

The climate change story is true is some respects: The climate is indeed changing. And CO2 emissions do seem to affect climate. Burning fossil fuels does indeed make a difference in CO2 levels. The problem I have with the climate change story is that it paints a totally inaccurate story of the predicament the world […]

The “Population Bomb” Bombed


In 1968, the “year’s most important book,” what Greg Garrard[1] called a neo-Malthusian classic, The Population Bomb, by Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich, “made dire predictions and triggered a wave of repression around the world.”[2] Authored by an evolutionary biologist known for his “groundbreaking studies of the co-evolution of flowering plants and butterflies,” it became […]

End of the World?

End of the World? thumbnail

Claims ring saying that human-caused climate change will soon make the Earth unlivable, but other similar claims have been made in the recent past that have turned out to be false. The photo at right, from AP, shows a 1970 Earth Day event in Philadelphia.   “Millennials and people and you know Gen Z and […]

7 things we’ve learned about Earth since the last Earth Day


This year’s Earth Day, April 22, will arrive at a sobering moment in human history. The world is warming faster than ever. The oceans are rising. Thousands of migrants are fleeing environmental disasters. Taxpayers are paying billions to rebuild communities after climate-linked wildfires and hurricanes destroyed them. The Trump administration is unraveling policies designed to […]

Population IS a Problem


And it warrants greater attention, not less. This roundtable discussion with the staff of World Population Balance answers the question, “Is there a problem with population?” An attempt to answer the question with a “not really” was recently published in a commentary at Population: What’s the Problem?, written by Chris Smaje, made some points […]

Oil-eating bacteria found at the bottom of the ocean


Scientists have discovered oil-eating bacteria in the planet’s deepest oceanic trench, the Mariana Trench. An international team of researchers, including scientists from Britain, China and Russia, used a submersible to collect microbial samples from the trench, which bottoms out at 6.8 miles below sea level. For reference, the peak of Mount Everest is 5.5 miles […]

The real catastrophe is move to eliminate fossil-fuel energy


We are witnessing the biggest scam in human history. The hysteria over catastrophic man-made climate change is projected to cost up to $200 trillion over the next 100 years. The most optimistic predictions say that after spending all that money we will slow the effects of man-made global warming by about four years. While most […]

The Insect Apocalypse Is Coming: Here Are Five Lessons We Must Learn

The Insect Apocalypse Is Coming: Here Are Five Lessons We Must Learn thumbnail

Scientists estimate that populations of ladybugs in the United States and Canada have declined by 14 percent between 1987 and 2006. Insects are undergoing a massive decline and that spells trouble for humanity.Pixabay In a new report, scientists warn of a precipitous drop in the world’s insect population. We need to pay close attention, as […]

The Future of Growth

The Future of Growth thumbnail

By Dr. Milton Saier and Art Elphick, guest writers. [Photo by Flickr user Images Money via Creative Commons license] Recent articles call for higher birthrates to spur economic growth. But upon observing the human impact on our resources and environment, many scientists consider even current economic and population growth rates unsustainable. Our world has just […]

Radioactive Fukushima Particles Found In Alaska’s Bering Strait

Radioactive Fukushima Particles Found In Alaska’s Bering Strait thumbnail

Radioactive particles from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have drifted as far north as a remote Alaskan island in the Bering Strait, according to scientists at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Seawater collected last year near St. Lawrence Island contained a slight elevation in levels of cesium-137, a man-made radioactive isotope formed during […]

‘Doomsday vault’ town warming quicker than any other on Earth

‘Doomsday vault’ town warming quicker than any other on Earth thumbnail

The world’s northernmost settlement and home to what is known as the “Doomsday vault” – the subterranean Svalbard global seed vault which stores specimens of almost all the world’s seeds – is now believed to be the fastest-warming location on Earth, according to a new report. Longyearbyen, on the Norwegian island of Svalbard, had an average temperature in Svalbard […]

Fast-Melting Greenland Glacier Starts Growing Again In Massive U-Turn


A large and fast-melting glacier in Greenland is growing again, according to a new NASA study. The Jakobshavn (YA-cob-shawv-en) glacier on Greenland’s west coast had reportedly been retreating by around 1.8 miles and thinning by nearly 130 feet annually in 2012. May 30, 2012, photo shows an iceberg in or just outside the Ilulissat fjord that […]

The Catastrophe is coming

The Catastrophe is coming thumbnail

Dear 22nd century, Do you still use that quaint phrase ‘the elephant in the room?’ Does the family Elephantidae, currently at risk, still exist, or is its extinction such a horrific elephant in the room that no one dares speak that name? Either way, you’ve probably noticed the metaphorical elephant in my letters so far. […]

Richard Heinberg: The House is on Fire

Richard Heinberg: The House is on Fire thumbnail

A: The house is on fire! B: You sound so shrill. Can’t you say something witty or insightful? A: How about this: The house is on fire! C: We’re never going to be able to do anything about the house until we defeat capitalism first. A: But the house is on fire NOW! If we […]

Africa Is Running Out of Water


As water supplies in Ghana’s capital grew increasingly erratic, Beatrice Kabuki stopped customers from using her grocery store’s bathrooms and installed a plastic storage tank at her home. “The taps flow once a week and usually at night, so we stay awake to fetch what we can store,” Kabuki, 35, said in an interview in […]

Overheating About Global Warming

Overheating About Global Warming thumbnail

Decades of climate-change exaggeration in the West have produced frightened children, febrile headlines, and unrealistic political promises. The world needs a cooler approach that addresses climate change smartly without scaring us needlessly and that pays heed to the many other challenges facing the planet. PRAGUE – Across the rich world, school students have walked out […]

Zombie-filled Death Ships


“Each passenger’s carbon footprint while cruising is roughly three times what it would be on land.“ In 1996, the late essayist David Foster Wallace described his excursion on a cruise liner as a “special mix of servility and condescension.” He exhaustively journaled every event, person, and feeling during a seven-night, all-inclusive voyage. In “A Supposedly […]

Fracking the World: Despite Climate Risks, Fracking Is Going Global

Fracking the World: Despite Climate Risks, Fracking Is Going Global thumbnail

The U.S. exported a record 3.6 million barrels per day of oil in February. This oil is the result of the American fracking boom — and as a report from Oil Change International recently noted — its continued growth is undermining global efforts to limit climate change. The Energy Information Administration predicts U.S. oil production will increase again […]

Doug Casey On The Climate-Change Hoax

Doug Casey On The Climate-Change Hoax thumbnail

Climate change is a hoax. Not many people would go out on record and say this. After all, the idea of man-made climate change is practically universally accepted at this point, at least among the general public. But Doug Casey says this notion is nothing more than hysteria. Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker shares this controversial opinion. […]

Cheerleaders for Doom

Cheerleaders for Doom thumbnail

“Exaggerated is in the eye of the beholder.”  I just finished reading David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming. Then, in a climate change webinar, I was asked whether I thought focusing on predictions of doom — and Wallace-Wells is hard core in this respect — is productive or just numbing. Wallace-Wells says he […]

The $1 Trillion Storm: How a Single Hurricane Could Rupture the World Economy

The $1 Trillion Storm: How a Single Hurricane Could Rupture the World Economy thumbnail

Climate change and a potentially vulnerable insurance market could combine in a disaster that starts in South Florida but hits the entire globe. Nobody is going to be ready when a Category 5 hurricane slams into Southeast Florida, flattens Miami, bankrupts insurance companies, threatens a foreclosure crisis, and sends financial shockwaves across the world. mes […]

Video of Mexico natural gas pipeline fire


Viewer Ethan Kronquist captured video of a natural gas pipeline fire north of Mexico, Missouri, early Sunday, March 3, 2019. ABC17

The Great Barrier Reef Was Just Hit by a Flood of Polluted Water Visible From Space

The Great Barrier Reef Was Just Hit by a Flood of Polluted Water Visible From Space thumbnail

The Great Barrier Reef just can’t catch a break. Year after year, this global treasure has been battered by cyclones and beaten by bleaching events. Now, with little time to recover, a part of the reef is being kicked while its down. An exceptional year of rainfall in Queensland, Australia has caused a huge flood […]

Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water


FOUNTAIN, Colo. — When Army Staff Sgt. Samuel Fortune returned from Iraq, his body battered by war, he assumed he’d be safe. Then the people around him began to get sick. His neighbors, all living near five military bases, complained of tumors, thyroid problems and debilitating fatigue. Soon, the Colorado health department announced an unusually […]

Is Natural Gas a Fossil Fuel?


Fossil fuels are the energy of the past. With new technologies like wind, solar, and advanced batteries in our hands, we can power today and tomorrow with clean, reliable energy that doesn’t harm our health or destroy our planet. The shift to a clean energy economy is on – and accelerating by the day. Year […]

Global Population Decline And Economic Growth


Rising population was thought to be bad for our standard of living, with classic books such as Limits to Growth and Population Bomb projecting fewer resources per person and environmental collapse. A new book, Empty Planet, makes the forecast that world population will hit a peak and then decline. The authors take this as positive […]

Food shocks increase as world warms


More than ever, the world’s ways of keeping hunger at bay are taking a pounding as food shocks become more frequent. Potatoes are being baked in heat waves. Corn is being parched by drought. Fruit is being bitten by frost. And a long-term study suggests that for the world’s farmers and graziers, fishing crews and fish […]

The Road To 10 Billion: Where Is Global Population Actually Headed?


It was a girl. On Sunday, October 30, 2011, just before midnight, Danica May Camacho entered the world in a crowded Manila hospital, bringing the human population of our planet to seven billion. Actually, the scales could have tipped a few hours later, in a village in Uttar Pradesh, India, with the arrival of Nargis […]

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