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Scientists just got closer to making nuclear fusion work

Scientists just got closer to making nuclear fusion work thumbnail

(Nuclear powerplant in Belgium, Unsplash) This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Rosamond Hutt, Senior Writer, Formative Content & Keith Breene, Formative Content Proponents of nuclear fusion see it is as a clean and virtually limitless energy source that could power the future. But while researchers […]

Is Wastewater an Effective Source of Renewable Energy?

Alternative Energy

Technology is changing the world, transforming everything from modern manufacturing and development to even the average consumer home. The problem, however, is that as we grow to rely on it more and more — and power on more devices — the greater our levels of energy consumption become. Collectively, we are using massive amounts of […]

UK Nuclear Lab Achieves Americum-Generated Power

Alternative Energy

The UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and University of Leicester have generated usable electricity from the chemical element americium in what it believes to be a global first. The achievement is seen as a step towards potential use of americium in so-called space batteries, which may mean future space missions can be powered for up […]

Is limitless clean energy within reach?

Alternative Energy

In today’s world, there’s an ongoing effort to find realistic and persistent sources of limitless clean energy. Chinese researchers are working hard on a quest to make their country a leading destination for it. The researchers are working with a nuclear fusion reactor in Anhui, located in China’s Eastern region, and hope to have a […]

‘Artificial sun’: China’s quest for clean, limitless energy

‘Artificial sun’: China’s quest for clean, limitless energy thumbnail

HEFEI: A ground-breaking fusion reactor built by Chinese scientists is underscoring Beijing’s determination to be at the core of clean energy technology, as it eyes a fully-functioning plant by 2050. Sometimes called an “artificial sun” for the sheer heat and power it produces, the doughnut-shaped Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) that juts out on a […]

China to generate fusion power from reactor by 2040

China to generate fusion power from reactor by 2040 thumbnail

China aims to complete and start generating power from an experimental nuclear fusion reactor by around 2040, a senior scientist involved in the project said, as it works to develop and commercialise a game-changing source of clean energy. China is preparing to restart its stalled domestic nuclear reactor programme after a three-year moratorium on new […]

World Futures: Electricity And Other Energy

Alternative Energy

In part three of this series we finished by implying that solar power would be insufficient to meet the energy needs and that nuclear is an alternative in the quest to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. If this is an unacceptable approach, then the lifestyle and organization of humanity will require significant changes. A good […]

How solar is powering the Middle East towards renewables

Alternative Energy

Think about energy generation in the Middle East and you probably think of oil. But in fact, the region is at the forefront of the race to decarbonize energy production. In March, production started at one of the region’s first solar power plants linked to a storage facility. The Al Badiya plant at Al-Mafraq in […]

The Inevitable Death of Natural Gas as a ‘Bridge Fuel’

Alternative Energy

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently announced the city is scrapping plans for a multi-billion-dollar update to three natural gas power plants, instead choosing to invest in renewable energy and storage. “This is the beginning of the end of natural gas in Los Angeles,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The climate crisis demands that we move more quickly to end dependence […]

The World’s Largest Battery To Power The Permian

The World’s Largest Battery To Power The Permian thumbnail

Borden County, Texas, is set to become the home of the world’s largest battery storage system in 2021. IP Juno, a unit of Intersect Power LLC, has recently outlined plans to build a 495-MW storage system together with a solar farm of the same size in Borden County, a small community in West Texas in […]

Big Oil’s Big Issue With Embracing ‘Big Energy

Alternative Energy

Oil majors increasingly are trying their hand at being alternative-energy minors. Royal Dutch Shell Plc, which traces its roots back to the late 19th century, just bought Greenlots, a California software company serving the electric-vehicle charging sector. This follows other deals by Shell — along with the likes of BP Plc, Chevron Corp. and Total SA — […]

First Light Fusion’s Fake

First Light Fusion’s Fake thumbnail

Energy research company First Light Fusion has published deceptive fusion power claims in a Feb. 12, 2019, press release. First Light Fusion, an Oxford University spin-off company, is claiming that, within five years, its experimental reactor, according to its design, will create more power than it will consume. A careful reading of the technical language, […]

Why Don’t We Have Nuclear Fusion Power Yet?

Why Don’t We Have Nuclear Fusion Power Yet? thumbnail

Fusion power is supposed to save us from fossil fuels, so when is nuclear fusion going to be a viable option and why has it been so elusive? Hosted by: Stefan Chin SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It’s called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at

future circular collider at CERN

future circular collider at CERN thumbnail

The proposed layout of the future circular collider (Image: CERN) Geneva. Today, the Future Circular Collider (FCC) collaboration submitted its Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for publication, a four-volume document that presents the different options for a large circular collider of the future. It showcases the great physics opportunities offered by machines of unprecedented energy and intensity […]

Energy From Fusion In Two Years

Alternative Energy

TAE Technologies will bring a fusion-reactor technology to commercialization in the next five years, its CEO announced recently at the University of California, Irvine. “The notion that you hear fusion is another 20 years away, 30 years away, 50 years away—it’s not true,” said Michl Binderbauer, CEO of  the company formerly known as Tri Alpha Energy. “We’re talking commercialization coming in […]

Clean, Abundant Energy: Fusion Dreams Never End

Clean, Abundant Energy: Fusion Dreams Never End thumbnail

CreditVictoria Roberts Q. Years ago, hydrogen fusion was promised as the answer to all our energy problems. Are we any closer to using it? A. There is a famous joke among scientists: The practical use of the fusion of hydrogen atoms to produce energy is only 20 or 30 years in the future — and […]

The Future as Seen by the Doomers. It Will be the Seneca Rebound!

Alternative Energy

Recently, RE (Reverse Engineer) of the famed “Doomsday Diner” carried out an opinion poll among the people frequenting some of the most doomeristic/catastrophistic/millennialistic sites of the Web (including Ugo Bardi’s blog, Cassandra’s Legacy). Refreshingly, a majority of the members of this group of hard-liners are in favor of renewable energy! Only 36% of the group […]

On the right path to fusion energy

On the right path to fusion energy thumbnail

A new report on the development of fusion as an energy source, written at the request of the U.S. Secretary of Energy, proposes adoption of a national fusion strategy that closely aligns with the course charted in recent years by MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) and privately funded Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a recent […]

China to Launch ‘Artificial Sun’ Into Space That Reaches 100 Million Degrees Celsius

Alternative Energy

From its plans to harness and enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its vision of a solar highway planned into the not-too-distant future, China is strongly demonstrating its position as a technology trendsetter of the 21st century. Industry China is Building Floating Nuclear Power Stations One of the most ambitious and forward-looking plans now […]

Inventors of Omnidirectional Wind Turbine Win James Dyson Award

Inventors of Omnidirectional Wind Turbine Win James Dyson Award thumbnail

A spinning turbine that can capture wind traveling in any direction and could transform how consumers generate electricity in cities has won its inventors a prestigious international award and ~$38,000 prize. Nicolas Orellana, 36, and Yaseen Noorani, 24, MSc students at Lancaster University, scooped the James Dyson award for their O-Wind Turbine, which — in […]

Temperature of China’s ‘artificial sun’ reaches new heights

Temperature of China’s ‘artificial sun’ reaches new heights thumbnail

China’s self-designed “artificial sun,” a device to harness the energy of fusion, has made an important advance by achieving a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius in plasma and a heating power of 10 megawatts, media reported, noting the progress could pave the way for developing clean energy through nuclear fusion. The Institute of Plasma […]

Scientists Develop Liquid Fuel to Store Sun’s Energy Up to 18 Years

Alternative Energy

No matter how abundant or renewable, solar power has a thorn in its side. There is still no cheap and efficient long-term storage for the energy that it generates. The solar industry has been snagged on this branch for a while, but in the past year alone, a series of four papers has ushered in […]

Why We Need Innovative Nuclear Power

Why We Need Innovative Nuclear Power thumbnail

In 2006, Bill Gates and I took a hard look together at all the options humanity has for powering the 21st century. At that time, 81 percent of the world’s primary energy—the raw form, before it is converted to electricity, gasoline, etc.—came from fossil fuels. Back then, you might recall, oil prices were soaring. Many […]

Modelling a future fuelled by sustainable energy

Alternative Energy

University of Adelaide economists have modelled the transition from a world powered by fossil fuels to one in which sustainable sources supply all our energy needs. Dr Raul Barreto, Senior Lecturer from the University’s School of Economics, has examined the short and long-term consequences of the relative productivity differential between fossil fuel and renewable energy. […]

Billionaires Chase the Holy Grail of Energy

Alternative Energy

Not long before he died, tech visionary Paul Allen traveled to the south of France for a personal tour of a 35-country quest to replicate the workings of the Sun. The goal is to one day produce clean, almost limitless energy by fusing atoms together rather than splitting them apart. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder said he […]

Energy Transition to Reach ‘Point of No Return’ by 2035

Alternative Energy

By 2035 the global energy transition will reach a point of no return, according to a recent report from Wood Mackenzie. By that year, says WoodMac, renewables will likely meet 20 percent of global power demand, up from today’s 7 percent. The combination of wind, solar and electric vehicles will displace about 100 billion cubic […]

How far are we from nuclear fusion?

How far are we from nuclear fusion? thumbnail

Electricity-generating fusion power plants — one of the biggest inventions in history — might be safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible. But, how far are we from turning science fiction into reality — meaning a world where nuclear fusion energy will be powering our day-to-day lives? Some 60 years. The upcoming International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor […]

Exxon: Tapping Algae and Plant Waste to Fuel a Sustainable Energy Future

Exxon: Tapping Algae and Plant Waste to Fuel a Sustainable Energy Future thumbnail

How scientists are tapping algae and plant waste to fuel a sustainable energy future. ⌃ Cloudy days don’t come often to Calipatria, Calif. This small town, nestled in Southern California’s Imperial Valley, sees only three inches of rain each year. Sunlight beats onto its parched beige soil, pushing temperatures past 100 degrees. Yet just above […]

World’s largest fusion facility to see ‘light’ by 2025

World’s largest fusion facility to see ‘light’ by 2025 thumbnail

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the worlds largest experimental fusion facility in which India is a scientific partners, will start generating “a new, clean, safe and unlimited light” by 2025, its Director General, Bernard Bigot has said. ITER aims to prove that fusion power can be produced on a commercial scale. If successful, generations […]

The Global Grid — A look at connecting energy sources around the world

The Global Grid — A look at connecting energy sources around the world thumbnail

Energy is contagious Enthusiasm spreads Tides respond to lunar gravitation Everything turns in synchronous relation — Rush “Chain Lightning” What if it were possible to connect to all the energy sources such as wind and solar through a global network? A network that could convert the instantaneous energy produced in one spot on the earth […]

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