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Saudi Arabia has almost completed its first nuclear reactor site

Saudi Arabia has almost completed its first nuclear reactor site thumbnail

age Saudi Arabia’s latest construction is raising eyebrows in the West, with new satellite images sparking fears about the kingdom’s quest for power.Source:Supplied Saudi Arabia has nearly completed construction of its first nuclear reactor, sparking fears about the country’s quest for nuclear power. New satellite images, first published by Bloomberg, show construction on the building […]

America “should begin work immediately” on building fusion reactor

Alternative Energy

The US should begin work immediately on designing and building a pilot fusion reactor, according to a landmark report by a group of scientists, politicians and industry. The study, produced by the plasma physics division of the American Physical Society, based in Princeton University, argues that America should play a more prominent role in developing […]

Hydrogen: The Secret To Commercializing Nuclear Fusion

Alternative Energy

Scientists around the world are racing towards a green energy solution that is cheap, efficient, and scalable enough to replace fossil fuels before our carbon-based economy steers us past the tipping point towards catastrophic climate change. Solar cells are being improved at breakneck speed, wind turbines are being swiftly scaled up, and geothermal energy is […]

Could 2020 Be the Year of Hydrogen?

Alternative Energy

Hydrogen has long been touted as a green alternative to traditional forms of energy generation, such as burning natural gas. When produced via the electrolysis of water, hydrogen has a very low carbon footprint – and the only by-product created when it is combusted is that self-same water. As such, it’s far more beneficial in […]

The Possibilities and Limitations of Geothermal Energy

The Possibilities and Limitations of Geothermal Energy thumbnail

You’d think that in today’s world, the average Joe doesn’t need much more convincing that renewables are the future of energy. It’s no secret that the fossil fuels we currently use to fuel our modern lifestyles are largely contributing to climate change, through increased exponentially increased emissions. What’s more, fossil fuels aren’t an unlimited source […]

Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion: The Time is Now

Alternative Energy

There are no limits to growth—that is the response we can all provide to Greta Thunberg and her controllers like Prince Charles and Michael Bloomberg. Lyndon LaRouche wrote the book, There Are No Limits to Growth! in 1983—that was 37 years ago. He was responding to the idea of “limits to growth”—that all of us […]

The World Turned Upside Down

The World Turned Upside Down thumbnail

Released On: 05 Jan 2020 The transition from fossil fuels to renewables and its geopolitical consequences More episodes Programme Website   The World Turned Upside Down Episode 1 28 mins    

Nuclear fusion is ‘a question of when, not if’

Nuclear fusion is ‘a question of when, not if’ thumbnail

The prospects for developing nuclear fusion as a feasible source of energy have significantly improved, say experts. The UK government has recently announced an investment of £200m to deliver electricity from a fusion reactor by 2040. Private companies and governments have told the BBC they aim to have demonstration models working within five years. But […]

Nuclear Fusion: Still Frustratingly Far Off Despite Recent Signs of Momentum

Alternative Energy

Governments are not giving up on nuclear fusion making a meaningful contribution to the global decarbonization efforts, despite the technology’s obvious challenges. Last month, for example, the U.K. government pledged £220 million ($283 million) toward getting a fusion power plant up and running by 2040, as part of moves to cut the country’s emissions to […]

Are Concrete Blocks the Next Batteries?

Are Concrete Blocks the Next Batteries? thumbnail

Energy VaultYouTube Energy storage is an increasingly large problem with renewable energy. Energy Vault wants to solve it by storing extra energy as potential energy in concrete blocks. The company recently received a major investment from Japanese holding company SoftBank. That money will allow Energy Vault to build its first full-scale prototypes. In August 2019, […]

The First ‘Commercially Viable’ Fusion Power Plant in the Making

The First ‘Commercially Viable’ Fusion Power Plant in the Making thumbnail

Clean Energy is the need of the hour and UK is taking charge to build the first commercially viable fusion power plant for unlimited clean, safe, and carbon-free energy. Fremont, CA: Fusion researchers have always faced criticism due to the unfulfilled promise of nuclear fusion reactor from the critics. However, in recent years, the fusion […]

Miracle of ‘fusion’ power grows nearer

Miracle of ‘fusion’ power grows nearer thumbnail

Some consider it to be the most complex scientific endeavour in human history — harnessing hydrogen fusion power on a massive scale for the benefit of mankind. If successful, it would represent a revolutionary energy breakthrough, albeit a costly one — US$22.5 billion and counting. The good news is, the reality of fusion-driven energy has moved […]

This energy plan could have a dramatic impact

Alternative Energy

The world energy market has shown over the past few weeks and months that it can easily cope with the collapse of Venezuelan oil exports, the cut-off of most supplies from Iran and even an attack on Saudi Arabia’s key oil export facilities. It is not, however, prepared for the dramatic change that could occur […]

Cheap Renewables Could Make 90% of Proposed Gas Power Plants — and Many Pipelines — Obsolete by 2035

Cheap Renewables Could Make 90% of Proposed Gas Power Plants — and Many Pipelines — Obsolete by 2035 thumbnail

There’s one big reason that analysts say America’s electrical power should soon run on clean energy sources like wind and solar rather than fossil fuels like coal and natural gas: your power bill. A lot has changed when it comes to power generation in the past 16 years. In 2003, if you flipped on a light […]

Why California May Go Nuclear

Why California May Go Nuclear thumbnail

Last week, a California state legislator introduced an amendment to the state’s constitution that would classify nuclear energy as “renewable.” If the amendment passes, it would likely result in the continued operation of the state’s last nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon, well past 2025, its current closure date. Diablo generates 9% of California’s electricity and 20% […]

How serious are oil and gas companies about the energy transition?

How serious are oil and gas companies about the energy transition? thumbnail

New energy’s time has come. It’s less than four years since the Paris Agreement set the long-term goal to limit the rise in global temperature to well below 2°C. Back then, the oil and gas industry had zero appetite to invest in decarbonisation. Paris lit the fuse. I caught up with Valentina Kretzschmar, Research Director, […]

Oil Needs to Fall Below $20 to Compete With Green Alternatives

Alternative Energy

For the same investment, new wind and solar energy projects combined with battery-powered electric vehicles will eventually produce as much as seven times more useful energy than gasoline cars with oil priced near current levels, according to BNP Paribas SA. Oil will have fall to $9-$10 a barrel in the long-term in order for gasoline […]

3 of the Best Ethical Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Alternative Energy

In recent years, ethical issues regarding our energy use and systems have increasingly been at the forefront of the global conscious. Growing awareness of climate change has led us to question how we’re producing and using energy, and how sustainable these practices are. These ethical considerations are more important now than ever. The IPCC has […]

World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Experiment Clears Milestone

World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Experiment Clears Milestone thumbnail

A multination project to build a fusion reactor cleared a milestone yesterday and is now 6 ½ years away from “First Plasma,” officials announced. Yesterday, dignitaries attended a components handover ceremony at the construction site of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor in southern France. The ITER project is an experiment aimed at reaching the next […]

The Stars Are Finally Aligned for Clean and Limitless Fusion Energy Generators at Kronos Fusion

Alternative Energy

A California start-up has redesigned Fusion Energy by leveraging three major breakthroughs in Fusion Power and managed to cut costs by 20%. Kronos-Fusion at MathLabs Ventures has given investors, scientists and policymakers renewed optimism for clean, limitless energy. Plasma with-in a fusion reaction causes damage, melting and vaporizing components. Precious materials escape confinement to destroy reactors, making, long-shot damages, loss […]

Unlike Peak Oil, Peaker Gas Has a Future

Alternative Energy

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has just released its annual tome of forecasts. The short story is that wind and solar power are getting cheaper and we will all be using more of them — a lot more, and relatively soon: Not the most encouraging forecast for coal, obviously. Natural gas, though, is a bit more […]

Deep science: what it is, and how it will shape our future

Alternative Energy

It is well known that the World Wide Web was developed at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, the large scientific experiment based in France and Switzerland. Less well-known is the long list of other important innovations to have emerged from an organization whose aim is to understand the fundamental physics of the Big Bang. […]

Do androids dream of fusion generators?

Do androids dream of fusion generators? thumbnail

It’s been called a fantasy, a pipe dream, a quixotic quest whose goal is always ten years away. And yet, there are those convinced that scalable fusion power generation could become a reality, allowing humanity to harness the energy of mini-suns, dramatically changing how we produce power. As CEO of TAE Technologies, the world’s largest […]

Propaganda for Renewables: a Critique of a Report by Oil Change International

Propaganda for Renewables: a Critique of a Report by Oil Change International thumbnail

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong”. H. L. Menken If you ask most of those people who acknowledge climate change as a serious problem my bet is that they would say that solving the climate crisis is all about transforming the energy system away from fossil fuels […]

China eyes energy revolution with development of next generation ‘artificial sun’

China eyes energy revolution with development of next generation ‘artificial sun’ thumbnail

Chinese scientists, who dreamed to “build a sun” as far back as 1985, when a group of 35 industrial nations and blocs including China, the European Union, India, Japan, and Russia agreed on building the world’s first fusion device.   Various of Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak, scientists working in lab Chinese scientists are on the […]

The week in energy: The nuclear threat

Alternative Energy

“A nuclear error” was one of the cataclysms that Joe Strummer imagined in the Clash anthem “London Calling”, written in the summer of 1979 with the Three Mile Island reactor accident still fresh in his mind. The nuclear error that the International Energy Agency sounded the alarm on this week was different, though: it is […]

‘Cold case’ of cold fusion reopened by Google-funded scientists

‘Cold case’ of cold fusion reopened by Google-funded scientists thumbnail

Scientists at Google and several research institutes in North America have reopened what they call the “cold case” of cold fusion. The researchers argue that those dismissing work on cold fusion  – for which there is no reproducible experimental evidence – may have been “premature” in their assessment of its worth. The team has also […]

Fusion: A safer nuclear option

Fusion: A safer nuclear option thumbnail

It is obvious that global efforts to combat climate change—that were agreed upon at the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris—have already gone off the rails. Subsequent conferences produced nothing but a long laundry list of unenforceable rules to cope with the rapidly changing climate that is forcing millions of people to lead cramped lives […]

Scientists just got closer to making nuclear fusion work

Scientists just got closer to making nuclear fusion work thumbnail

(Nuclear powerplant in Belgium, Unsplash) This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Rosamond Hutt, Senior Writer, Formative Content & Keith Breene, Formative Content Proponents of nuclear fusion see it is as a clean and virtually limitless energy source that could power the future. But while researchers […]

Is Wastewater an Effective Source of Renewable Energy?

Alternative Energy

Technology is changing the world, transforming everything from modern manufacturing and development to even the average consumer home. The problem, however, is that as we grow to rely on it more and more — and power on more devices — the greater our levels of energy consumption become. Collectively, we are using massive amounts of […]

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