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Page added on June 11, 2022

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US dollar and oil prices are breaking from their historical trade link

  • A strong US dollar has historically put downward pressure on oil prices, but that hasn’t been happening lately.
  • The US dollar has strengthened to a 20-year high, while crude prices have skyrocketed.
  • “It’s a double whammy for everyone outside the US,” an economist told Insider.

A strong US dollar has historically put downward pressure on oil prices as contracts for the commodity are typically priced in the greenback. But that hasn’t been happening lately.

This year, the dollar has strengthened roughly 8.5% to a 20-year high against the world’s other major currencies, as the Federal Reserve winds down the easy-money era and tightens policy.

At the same time, crude prices have surged 62% in 2022 as Russian supplies disappear from the market, global stockpiles shrink, and demand ramps up amid the rebound from COVID restrictions and the start of the summer travel season.

“It’s a double whammy for everyone outside the US,” Aleksandar Tomic, economist and associate dean at Boston College, told Insider. “Other countries have to pay even more for barrels [of crude] because they are dealing with the rising dollar and rising oil prices. The US is dealing with just the rising prices.”

The last time oil prices were this high in 2008, the dollar had plunged to a record-low against major US trading partners as the Fed was cutting interest rates during the financial crisis. The weaker dollar helped cushion the sticker shock from oil in other countries.

But the strength of the dollar today is making crude barrels more expensive when gauged in local currencies. Goldman Sachs analysts put the price of Brent crude at the equivalent of $150 per barrel — above the 2008 peak of $147.50.

And in certain individual currencies, the premium over 2008 levels is even steeper. When priced in the Indian rupee, oil is 46.7% above the 2008 peak, and in the South African rand, it’s 62.5% higher, according to Bloomberg data.

Meanwhile, some countries have looked to alternatives to the dollar. In March, Saudi Arabia entered talks with China to price an oil deal using China’s yuan. While Beijing also has political incentives to weaken the primacy of the US currency, a deal in a currency other than dollars between the world’s top oil exporter and the world’s biggest oil importer would mark a dramatic pivot away from 50 years of precedence.

Within the US, the strength of the dollar is less consequential, as its fluctuation primarily plays out across global markets and for other countries, Tomic explained. At the moment, other countries are paying more for crude because their currencies have not strengthened at the same rate as the US dollar.

“The dollar’s strength is making it more difficult for people outside the US because of that double whammy,” Tomic said. “It isn’t something we will see relief on quickly.”


79 Comments on "US dollar and oil prices are breaking from their historical trade link"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 15th Jun 2022 4:52 pm 

    Is China bracing for a “limited special military operation” too?

    “Is China gearing up for Putin-style ‘special operation’? Fears for Taiwan as Xi signs directive allowing for ‘non-war’ use of military in echo of tactic used by Russia before Ukraine invasion”

  2. makati1 on Wed, 15th Jun 2022 5:33 pm 

    Cloggie, “storage” is what I was saying. “Storage” will NEVER be enough to make “renewables” practicable. If you are counting on some change to the laws of physics, you will have long wait.

    BTW: The EU is already a wasteland and this next winter will finish it. They drank too much “renewable” koolaid and are now paying the price. The EU is no longer self-sufficient in anything but bullshit. You fools are in the process of cutting off all of your necessities. First Russia, and soon, China. Why? Because you have to kiss the Amerikan dirty ass. The EU is still an occupied territory, just like Japan and South Korea. Freedom? HAH!

    Maybe you should read the “made in ….” label on the stuff you buy? where do the parts come from? And, no, there will not be any new factories built in the EU or US to replace them. That ship has sailed. The best you can hope for is that your idiot leaders don’t take you into WW3.

  3. makati1 on Wed, 15th Jun 2022 5:45 pm 

    Biden’s, I suspect that the US will try to push them into taking Taiwan by force. Why? To “contain” them just like they tried to use Ukraine to “contain” Russia. That doesn’t seem to be working out too well. Oops!

    It will be even worse for the US and EU, if China cuts off all of its exports to them and starts to sell dollars. No missiles needed.

    Taiwan is China. The Chinese are not afraid of Amerikan threats. They know they hold the winning hand. All the West has are jokers and deuces. To win, Putin and Xi only have to wait for the ongoing Western collapse to hit bottom. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  4. makati1 on Wed, 15th Jun 2022 6:09 pm 

    BTW Cloggie. Do you think you can replace the 80% of world energy (not electric ) use that comes from FFs, with solar and wind? If so, you need to visit a good psychiatrist.

    Do you even have a clue as to how impossible that is? I doubt it. Maybe you should take a look at them and their size and numbers that make your world possible.

    Keep mind that there are hundreds of mines in the US alone. Tens of thousands across the planet. Even little Philippines has 24 mines.

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 15th Jun 2022 8:18 pm 

    Send me more money you stupid fucking dupes!

    The boy is like the father who is still a boy himself. A half faggot 5 time draft dodger cowardly fat fuck. Trump is like a vampire sucking all he can from the MAGA dupes

    Trump Jr urged fans to sign his father’s birthday card (only if they send a donation)

    “My father has done so much for this great Country, and I know it would mean so much to him to see YOUR NAME on his OFFICIAL Birthday Card.”

    True patriots neither ask nor take money for service to their country.

    If one of my friends said you can only sign my dad’s birthday card if you give him cash, I’d haul off and drop that fucker on his ass.

    It’ll be interesting to watch just how low Trump-N-Cunts will stoop. My guess is at some point he will ask grand parents to take back their grand kids Christmas & birthday gifts, get the refund and send it to fat fuck so he can eat more FatDonalds.

    If you’re a physical coward there is no hiding it because everyone see.

    Trump is a coward in every regard which is why he should be the next POTUS. Give the people what they deserve.

    If the jack boots start marching just watch all the well to do liberals go quiet or even cheer lead if they’re scared of losing their privilege.

    The street battles are stupid and useless. I guaran-fucking-tee you not one of those SJW at protests and such has any influence or power. Any liberals with power have common cause with rich right wing elites. Their wealth & power trump any and all culture war issues. If the only way an elite right wing church goer could keep his wealth & power was to work at an abortion clinic he’d be there at 7am ready to help yank little fetuses out women’s wombs all damn day. Same for all these right wing multi millionaire preachers with mega churches and Jets and mansions and a stable of carnal christian bitches. Even when they get caught doing hardcore drugs while fucking a transvestite they just blubber a few tears and the flock forgives them. All that wealth and goodies and not a dime to the tax man. Those pastors are history’s best con artists hands down… Only in America because no other country produces people that dumb en mass to support & fund so many con men.

    Top 10 Most Shocking Religious Scandals

    When it comes to scandals that rocked religion, they’ve involved sexual abuse, fraud, abuse of power and more. Religious figures who fell from grace due to controversy include Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and even Mother Teresa.

  6. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 15th Jun 2022 11:37 pm 

    US jet designer trashes the F-35; doesn’t stand a chance in a dog fight with a French Mirage or even a fifties Mig-21:

    Hegemon, really?

  7. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 1:52 am 

    “BTW Cloggie. Do you think you can replace the 80% of world energy (not electric ) use that comes from FFs, with solar and wind?“

    Eventually yes, but we are probably too late for a smooth transition, after the Ukraine desaster and the insane western sanctions response, depriving us off valuable Russian fossil fuel.

    So what? The masses are going to be deprived of flying and private car ownership, so be it. I’m expection an economic downturn a la the thirties.

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 2:00 am 

    “Biden’s, I suspect that the US will try to push them into taking Taiwan by force. Why? To “contain” them just like they tried to use Ukraine to “contain” Russia. That doesn’t seem to be working out too well. Oops!“

    Yep, it is fascinating to see, which of the three is going to blink first:

    1. US
    2. Taiwan
    3. China

    China would love to wait a couple of years more, because it knows that they have time on their side.

    The US & Taiwan know that too and could feel to be forced to act NOW (“Thucidydes trap”).

    Taiwan could even force US hand by unilaterally declare independence.

    The beauty is that when China and the US lock horns, the Europeans can strike a deal with the Russians and declare themselves independent from Empire and open Nord Stream 2.

  9. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 10:17 am 

    To our ‘conservative” friends:

    Half the US population reads at less than a 6th grade level- they are illiterate.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 3:09 pm 

    clog joins the MSM choir & blames Ukraine-Russia war.

    I bumped my shin against a glass coffee table the other day – ouch! who/what is to blame?

    Russia–Putin–Ukraine of course….oh and G Soros too.

    Russia’s Putin jokes about being blamed for all the world’s woes

    “Putin told Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that Russia’s economy was doing well, despite the Western sanctions.

    Lukashenko said the sanctions had given both countries the impetus to focus on self-development, and that the elites of the West were deluded about the causes of their economic woes.

    “On the economy, thanks are really due to them (in the West) as they have given us such a push to our own development,” Lukashenko told Putin, who smiled and nodded.

    “What is happening over there is that they really underestimated it by reading their own media. They got inflation yet the truth is ‘Putin is to blame’, ‘Putin is to blame for everything’,” Lukashenko said.”

  11. makati1 on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 5:15 pm 

    Bidens: “The beauty is that when China and the US lock horns, the Europeans can strike a deal with the Russians and declare themselves independent from Empire and open Nord Stream 2.”

    I have to disagree with that”independent from Empire” unless the US is no longer able to meddle in EU affairs as they do today. (Think 3rd world Amerika)

    I think that Russia will not go back to the EU as long as NATO exists. They may maintain some trade as long as the EU pays in Rubles (or gold).

    I also do not see the EU remaining as a unit after the self-mutilation they are doing now. Hints of division are already becoming apparent.

    I think the next few years are going to radically realign the other 180+ nations on the Eastern side of the fence. (Cold War 2) We shall see. Pass the popcorn.

  12. makati1 on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 5:20 pm 

    Yes Famous, Putin is to blame for being intelligent, rational and a real leader protecting his country. Guilty as charged!

    Compared to him, the Western leaders are village idiots, greedy liars, and stuck on their own self love. Guilty as charged!

  13. peakyeast on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 5:38 pm 

    The war was definitively provoked by NATO. Not once – but at a 100 different episodes. NATO was warned every time that they were provoking. And yes – Russia also provoked, but as a response.

    The fault of this war can be placed entirely upon NATO. Anyone saying anything else is totally ignorant of what has been happening continously since the fall of the wall between east and west Germany.

    Jens Stolenberg is a pure psychopath, manipulative liar and warmonger.

    The EU and US leadership is absolutely the same: Just about all insane psychos.

  14. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 16th Jun 2022 6:38 pm 

    Santa Clara County sheriff’s candidate charged with perjury

    What is the issue?
    Perjury and being a sheriff are a duo that are compatible.
    Seems like a plus for the candidate.

  15. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 2:46 am 

    This US colonel gets it:

    Obviously he is retired.

    What should happen and what will happen:

    – Russia incorporates Novorossya (most land east of Dnjepr river)
    – West-Ukraine becomes EU (eventually) but military neutral (no NATO)

    For the longer term: US troops should leave Europe, there is no need for these war mongers. US empire will be cancelled. NATO can continue to exist and eventually incorporate Russia, after the US gets beaten in East-Asia by China. The name NATO should become NTO (Northern Treaty Organistion) as the name WTO already exists (White Treaty Organistion).

  16. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 6:19 am 

    China launched its third carrier:

    (I still consider carriers and all other surface navy ships an obsolete 20th century technology. Carriers can be cancelled with a single hypersonic missile).

  17. Cloggie on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 6:24 am 

    The many things you can use your bike for, after oil:

  18. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 11:45 am 

    clog, how many aircraft carriers do they need?

    Build too many and the claims of hyper sonic, ship destroying missiles as a ‘game changer’ look to be a contradiction…unless, like the Americans, building giant killing machines, with contractors in most states, is a massive (inefficient) work project/scam.

    It’s like a bridge to nowhere only it’s a bridge that can blow itself up.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 2:23 pm 

    Mak, I see you are still stuck in black & white thinking.

    You are just being a contrarian. The western lefty sheeple say Putin is bad & responsible for everything going wrong, so you say he is good & a benign super star ruler:

    “Yes Famous, Putin is to blame for being intelligent, rational and a real leader protecting his country. Guilty as charged!

    Compared to him, the Western leaders are village idiots, greedy liars, and stuck on their own self love. Guilty as charged!”

    Since western leader are so fucking dumb -“village idiots”- then what are you giving Putin credit for? Anyone can out match a village idiot, so we would need to see Putin go toe to toe with a leader close to his level of awesomeness to gauge just how good he is or is not………. right?

    I agree that most western leaders appear to be idiots, but since by default they are merely following a neoliberal playbook where their response is pre-decided regardless of the situation, we’ll never know if they are real idiots or just sell outs. I would need to see them perform in a non corrupt system where the response was not already decided long ago by the owners of the nation & empire. It does not take a world class strategist to defeat village idiots, so your argument is a contradiction and will remain so until Putin goes up against someone with brains, skill & some autonomy.

    America makes it easy for the compatition to out maneuver them since everyone knows they will continue to act like they have the same choices they had 50-60 years ago. The US still tells the world they are exceptional & indispensable & they still believe they will get their way every time in spite of the fact they don’t. When their moves do not work they blame Putin or China or whoever as long as it’s not them. They keep doing this over & over & over. How fast was it that the MSM went from Ukraine is gonna whoop Russia-Putin to ‘well um ah um’ Ukraine is going to have to accept that they will have to give a number concession when they surrender”.

    More times than not, patience by Putin or China does the trick. Just sit back and let America fuck things up. Same for other western countries who toe the empire line most of the time. clog has provided loads of examples of Euroland nations going along with the US even when it goes against their interests.

    Truth of it is, Putin is as big of a greedy cunt as the rest of them. He’s stuffed his pockets a thousand times over. Look at Russia’s abundance of natural resources and educated & skilled people, yet the GDP is only $10k USD – after 20 years of Putin rule. $omebody(s) are getting paid hugely while the vast majority are NOT.

    20 years of mass imports of oil, gas, wheat, gold, etc etc and the average Russian gets paid as much as the average European or Canadian disability or welfare recipient. Yes there have been many improvements that benefited Joe Vodka, but it was hard to get much lower than collapse. Pre collapse GDP was about $2k US. IMO they could have done much better for the people given what they had to work with. Hundreds of Billion$ to Trillion$ of dollars that are the spoils of Russian natural resources are in Russian oligarch banks and companies & off shore accounts all over the world. Most of it is theft of the Russian people’s life blood.

    Try reading Stephen F. Cohen’s books and articles & watch his lectures & interviews for an accurate & realistic (adult, shades of grey) telling of the last century or so of Russian history up to Cohen’s death in 2020.

    Or don’t, because if you are a black & white thinker it will cause you serious cognitive dissonance.

    Stephen F. Cohen on Russia’s democratization and how US meddling undermines it

    32,434 views Dec 30, 2020 Pushback with Aaron Maté


    Free E-book

    War with Russia : From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate

    Stephen F. Cohen (2019)

    “Are we in a new Cold War with Russia? How does a new Cold War affect the safety and security of the United States? Does Vladimir Putin really want to destabilize the West?

    America is in a new Cold War with Russia even more dangerous than the one the world barely survived in the twentieth century. The Soviet Union is gone, but the two nuclear superpowers are again locked in political and military confrontations, now from Ukraine to Syria. All of this is exacerbated by Washington’s war-like demonizing of the Kremlin leadership and by Russiagate’s unprecedented allegations. US mainstream media accounts are highly selective and seriously misleading. American “disinformation,” not only Russian, is a growing peril.

    In War With Russia?, Stephen F. Cohen—the widely acclaimed historian of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia—gives readers a very different, dissenting narrative of this more dangerous new Cold War from its origins in the 1990s, the actual role of Vladimir Putin, and the 2014 Ukrainian crisis to Donald Trump’s election and today’s unprecedented Russiagate allegations.

    Cohen’s views have made him, it is said, “America’s most controversial Russia expert.” Some say this to denounce him, others to laud him as a bold, highly informed critic of US policies and the dangers they have helped to create.

    War With Russia? gives readers a chance to decide for themselves who is right: are we living, as Cohen argues, in a time of unprecedented perils at home and abroad?

    No need to thank me. Enlightening the blind masses is what god has commanded me to do. Everyday I put on my magic underwear and stroke the keyboard.

  20. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 3:07 pm 

    The Haunted Mansion of Modern Freedom
    Ukraine and the Failed Pax Capitalis

    “This similarity is the “promise” of globalization in the previous decades, manifested in the widespread adoption of smartphones and social media. The enlightened city dweller of Aleppo and Madrid, of London and Nairobi, of Amsterdam and Tokyo adopts everywhere the same hand held accessory to their daily dress, the same mindless thumb-scrolling gestures regardless their local histories and cultures.

    We’re all “connected,” we are told. And we tell ourselves this, and adopt pseudo-religious beliefs about how all this has saved us from the terror of our “primitive” pasts.

    Be it in the United States and Canada, or in Syria and Brazil, holdouts of the brutality and ignorance of older times still threaten the global urban enlightenment, yet we remain firm in our beliefs that others will eventually evolve like we did.

    It’s this peculiar aspect of the modern capitalist mindset which made Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine seem so incomprehensible and has made it so resistant to our attempts at explanation. The easy answer of course is that Putin is a “fascist” or tyrant who has somehow survived the long people’s march towards global democracy. This idea is supported by more than six years of political agitprop in the US, ascribing to Putin all manners of manipulative powers and designs. According to all this, Trump was Putin’s puppet, and the Russians interfered with democracy and elections in the US. He is the new Great Satan behind every turn from human rights and progress into the darkness of reactionary sin.”

    It’s such an appealing narrative precisely because it offers an explanation for what so many of the global urban class saw as an interruption to the progress towards history’s end. Everything was going “so well” in the US, and then suddenly Trump tried to take everyone back into the dark ages of nationalistic fervor, inequality, and economic isolationism. How was such a thing possible, when the future end of history had already occurred?

    They should all have been at brunch by now. Someone must have been at fault, and that someone’s name was Vladimir Putin.

    To even suggest that maybe something else has been happening has by now angered some of my readers here, because there’s already a prescribed response to any such complication. “He is defending Putin,” perhaps you are saying, or “he’s a reactionary, or worse” you mutter to yourself. You are of course welcome to these thoughts, but I’d suggest maybe they are not really your own.

    What Putin is doing to Ukraine is morally indefensible, but what he has done to the fantasy of historical progress, urban civic religion, and the Pax Capitalis is the unspoken crime against which most people are unconsciously reacting now.

  21. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 3:30 pm 

    Bicycles Bicycles Bicycles

    This is what they would call a ‘long read. There is an audio version, just click the play button at the top of the article.

    Bicycles Have Evolved. Have We?

    From the velocipede to the ten-speed, biking innovations brought riders freedom. But in a world built for cars, life behind handlebars is both charmed and dangerous.

    “Two centuries on, bicycles are the world’s vehicle of choice, with one bike for every four people on earth—two for every car.”

    “In 1899, 1.2 million bicycles were sold in the United States. Henry Ford’s Model T made its début in 1908. The next year, only a hundred and sixty thousand bicycles were sold in the U.S.

    In the absence of bike lanes, cyclists in all states but one have to follow the rules of something known as the Uniform Vehicle Code, first adopted in 1926. Like jaywalking, a crime invented by the automobile industry to criminalize being a pedestrian, the U.V.C. treats bicycles as cars that go too slow. “It shall be unlawful for any person unnecessarily to drive at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic,” the U.V.C. decreed in 1930.”

  22. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 5:10 pm 

    “yet the GDP is only $10k USD – after 20 years of Putin rule.“

    Make that 30k according to the IMF, coming from a level where women prostituted themselves for a pair of nylons.

    When this all over, Ukraine will be partitioned, Russia takes ar least 20 million Ukis, so Russia has 140+20=160 million euros, almost as many as the US, only better at war.

    And now over to Wacken…

  23. makati1 on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 5:34 pm 

    famous, I do not waste my time, or money, reading versions of past history. I keep up with the current world. I read hundreds of articles every week, from at least 20 websites. Most are out of the Empire of Lies. Most also by authors that either live in the country they are writing about or have decades of experience and life to put things into perspective. You always have to remember that they are writing their vision, which does not always dovetail with reality. It is ALWAYS about $$$.

    BTW: Fighting against stupidity can be more difficult that against intelligence.

  24. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 7:55 pm 

    “past history”???? Is there another kind??
    OMG you must love the taste of your own toe jam.

    There’s bigger Putin fanboy/lovers out there than you Mak and Stephan Cohen is/was their #1 go to Russian historian, author and Putin-Russia VS the west analyst, yet you have never heard of him.

    mak how do you know if any of the authors you read are not wrong or lying since you said you skip over a nations entire history to save money on books-N-stuff? You must have great faith in these blog writers, but apparently not enough to provide links to any 1 of the 20 you say you have, if they even exist. I doubt it. The only way you could know they are not lying or wrong is to put in the loads and loads of hrs reading a country’s history for yourself. Fuck your excuses. Excuses are for women and children.

    Reminds me of climate deniers who say they don’t need a good foundation in physics or chemistry or the earth’s climate history because they trust the Koch bros website to tell them the truth and besides they “just know” when something is a hoax.

    Intellectually lazy morons always make excuses.

    Intellectually lazy morons always think they “know”. Like you Mak during Covid days y’all knew more than any epidemiologist and any & all infectious disease experts because you have an internet connection & links to people who can inform you of all conspiracies.

    Speaking of #1’s, the #1 reason why tards like you don’t read is because it takes too much effort – it hurts your brain. Same for everyone, but it goes away by continuing to read because you brain makes new connections and more connections. IOW your brain gets very strong and reading becomes as hard as breathing – easy. Just like strength training with weights.

    Since you don’t read history or news from neuroscience I’ll let you know that reading is one of the big factors in why & how the white man conquered & milked much of the world for the better part of 500 years. Thank you Johannes Gutenberg for your contribution to my white privilege which I enjoy every day, guilt free.
    First it was the bible, but shortly after came books on artillery, building and using it on ships and shore and books on navigation and on and on and on.

    Look at China – it’s economic and nation power rise is in lockstep with their literacy & education rise.

    China has almost 4500 years of history, but don’t throw away your money on a ‘History of China’ book when there are guys like Alex Jones who can give you a Cliff notes-Conspiracy version in under 7 mins on his supplement sales free history lessons website. Don’t forget to buy some tactical Geritol while you are there.

  25. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jun 2022 8:16 pm 

    clog, I don’t know who or what Nightwish is and I think reaction videos are retarded X infinity.

    The only reaction I’m interested in seeing & hearing is my neighbors wife’s reaction when I stick my cock in her when he’s at work. She’s a moaner and a screamer…at least with me she is.

    I wonder what her husband’s reaction is when all of a sudden after 18 years of marriage she starts asking him to be tied up and fucked in her ass?

    I told her to say she got the desire for anal watching porn.

    Only super hyper tribal apes would be obsessed with watching the reaction of other apes watching other apes perform.

    Remember, the only time we are not acting is when we are sleeping or are all alone with no phone or internet. Once you step out the door or turn the camera on talk on the phone, you are “on”.

  26. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 4:08 am 

    “I don’t know who or what Nightwish is and I think reaction videos are retarded X infinity.”

    Of course these reactions are. They are an opportunity for nitwits without talent to associate their dumb faces to someone who does have talent.

    The reason why I post it is to show the colored state of America, implicating its immanent demise. I mean, hey if Africans were destined for prime time, Nigeria and all would thrive, but they don’t. America is becoming like Nigeria, and hence it will be forced to step down from hegemony, jews or no jews. Don’t take it from me as I have a WW2 ax to grind, take it from Yanks/Theedrich:


    Nevertheless, that singer is Floor Jansen. Here she sings for more accomplished German artists from their socks:

    If it doesn’t stream to North-America, here a backup without video:

  27. makati1 on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 5:21 pm 

    Famous…Maybe you need a world history refresher course? A real one, not the bullshit you ref. Maybe your immense ego is blocking your brain?

  28. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 18th Jun 2022 10:37 pm 

    Mak how can we be communicating when according to you, at least 20 times, guys like me who got every damn Covid vaxx I could are supposed to have been long dead.

    Well I’m still here with my cock big & hard as ever.

    How do you explain that King conspiracy.

    You dumb fucks walk around shooting your obese mouths off playing expert on the global problem de jour and making one prediction after another and think no one notices your abysmal record of failure?

    I’m supposed to be in some FEMA camp too according to low IQ prognosticators like you.

    FEMA is another buracry you fuck twats know nothing about (just parroting garbage from a fag boy conspiracy site that sold you 97 surplus camo condoms…size extra small.

    The reason you are considered dumb is because readers remember you predictions and because unlike you they can count.

    Mak made 9 predictions and not one came to pass. Then you start up again like you know things. Do you actually think no one sees how dumb you are? Do you actually think they never noticed all your failed predictions? Anyone with half a brain would stop at that point not talk more shit and make more stupid fucking predictions.

    When will my vaccinations kill me Mak?

    Do you put on your Mormon magic underwear when you make your predictions?

    Was it your time with the Mormons where you learned to pretend to be an expert on things you clearly know fuck all about? Many people would dump you the minute they heard you fell for the Mormon scam. How many years did you spend as a Mormon puppet-slave?

    He joined the LDS who spiked his Koolaid with LSD then sent him tripping out in the world to bug the fuck out of people.

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