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Page added on May 15, 2022

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Saudi Aramco net profit soars 82%

State-owned oil producer Saudi Aramco on Sunday reported an almost 82% rise in first-quarter net profit, broadly in line with analyst forecasts, helped by strong oil prices.

Aramco, which is at par with Apple Inc as the world’s most valuable companies, reported a net income of $39.5 billion for the quarter to March 31 from $21.7 billion a year earlier.

The world’s top oil exporter was forecast to post a net income of $38.5 billion, according to a median estimate from 12 analysts provided by the company.Aramco, which listed in 2019 with the sale of a 1.7% stake mainly to the Saudi public and regional institutions, said its earnings were the highest in any quarter since it went public, boosted by crude prices, volumes sold and improved downstream margins.

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32 Comments on "Saudi Aramco net profit soars 82%"

  1. Ted Wilson on Sun, 15th May 2022 7:55 am 

    We have to reduce oil consumption with more fuel efficient vehicles.

    Here is 1 example

    From MY-2023, Lexus will drop the standard UX model and make hybrid the standard option which gets 30% more mileage.

  2. RaptureIsHBegginingNow on Sun, 15th May 2022 12:15 pm 

    I announce to my neighbors yesterday that the rupture of the bible is about to start. I went out in the street and made a big knife show. This signal that the rupture is about to start and people are about to die in big number.

  3. MessageFromTheDivineGOD on Sun, 15th May 2022 1:33 pm 

    The divine GOD took control of my body 5 min ago. He ask me to open to curtain, look at the two young kids that were in the street made me make all kind of sound. I now share my body with the divine GOD . Everyone on earth will die including the kids, children and new born babies. The sound that was coming out of my mouth was coming from the divine GOD. Maybe I just gave cancer to both kids in the street. The was a message from the divine GOD not from me. We now work together at torturing you and killing you.

  4. makati1 on Sun, 15th May 2022 6:12 pm 

    Well,I’m back. Sorry about my vacation being so long. Had more important things to do.

    Sure prices are going up and more profit for the capitalist thieves. All part of the plan to take down the West and create the New World Order…but I do not think it will be the one Klaus Schwab and Billy Gates planned for us. West down…East up. The future…IF we avoid the nukes.

  5. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 16th May 2022 2:52 am 

    Welcome back makati… but you know that there are a lot of kids around here, who love to hijack handles.

    We’ll see, style = signature.

  6. Hello on Mon, 16th May 2022 9:34 am 

    There is absolutely no good reason to feed negros. Yet the west keeps feeding. Why is that? Why is the west feeding negros even though it knows only trouble comes of it?

  7. makati1 on Mon, 16th May 2022 3:46 pm 

    Biden’s, yes I am aware of that. Is the Missouri Jackass still here? So many had gone by my last visit last year. Maybe his time ran out. Too much moonshine? Theedrich was leaving then also,if I remember correctly.

    I left because so many immature ‘basement dwellers’ were ruining the comment part of the site. I like a good debate but not a bunch of name calling idiots, too dumb to even use correct English or punctuation, answering with put-downs and brainwashed garbage.

    BTW: It is the dry season here in the Philippines and the days are in the upper 80s already. 90s soon. A shower or thunderstorm occasionally. It is 4:45 AM. Later!

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 16th May 2022 4:36 pm 

    No empire dave is long gone, like almost everybody else. Only Threedrich regularly. shows up, and of course Donkey Idaho and his obsession with Republicans, who never engages in debat. Then there is a wacko Quebecois, who constantly flirts with suicide, but unfortunately doesn’t pull it off. And apneaman and his obsession of wanting to phase out his hated white people, to the benefit of his oh so superior jews… but apparently he is losing fairh, as he hardly shows up anymore. Little staying power.

    Fascinating, that board member decline, even while there has never been more to talk about, I mean WW3 and peak oil and a pandemic at the same time!

  9. RaptureHasBegun on Mon, 16th May 2022 6:02 pm 

    Palm trees are dying same as my neighbor backward grass. The rapture has began. 2:24

    We see the same dying yellow leaves on Thailand palms trees.

  10. AttachingRedFaceToMedicalLogicalStructure on Mon, 16th May 2022 6:13 pm 

    I want to help the zero point field about how to install the deadly bloody facial skin cancer reality. We have already talked about this, but I will repeat it here.

    You have to attached the image of red face with the AI medical cancer logical structure chain.

    For example, once a person get a red face, she need to be worried enough to go to the doctor or emergency room. The doctor confirm that it is indeed a deadly facial skin cancer. They start the skin cancer treatment but the treatment will fail and they will die of it. What I describe above could be called a medical cancer logical structure chain. You need to attach the red face to what I describe above.

    I hear a voice that says, in my head, you don’t have the authority to that, you are not allowed to do that. Yes I am allowed to do it, I am your new Kings. The whole earth and your soul belong to me.

    Hail to all the new Kings of earth and long life to all of them.

  11. MoreDetailAboutTheMedicalLogicalChain on Mon, 16th May 2022 6:26 pm 

    Has more and more people get skin cancer, more and more patient will show up to the hospital. This will be eventually be reported in the news.

    As more and more people get deadly facial skin cancer, the skin cancer medication will run out. Hospital will have to announce that because of the supply chain collapse, they cannot obtain skin cancer medication. People will be asked to not show up to the hospital and be told to die alone on their own.

  12. Ted Wilson on Tue, 17th May 2022 8:25 am 

    gas prices crossed $4.50 / gallon along with diesel prices which set its own record.

    so saudis are making merry at the cost of others.

    With china removing the lockdown, prices are above $114/barrel.

    go buy that electric car and save yourself, your country and the planet.

  13. Ted Wilson on Tue, 17th May 2022 8:27 am 

    Mr. makati1
    “dry season here in the Philippines and the days are in the upper 80s already. 90s soon”

    I believe Philippines is using Celsius (metric), so you can post in Celsius itself as many in this board may understand.

    Except USA & Liberia, all other countries including Britain has moved to Celsius.

  14. Ted Wilson on Tue, 17th May 2022 9:00 am 

    here is big news.
    new well oil production / rig is expected to decline in 6 out of 7 regions with only the Appalachia gaining just 1 while the Rig-weighted average is down 11.

    However production is increasing by 1.6% which means more wells are drilled.
    All this indicates that sweet spots are already used. And the DUC is also going down gradually.

    Expect higher prices down the line. Better buy electric vehicles or at least buy some hybrid vehicle that gets better mileage.

  15. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 17th May 2022 7:39 pm 


    Zelensky confirms Azovstal troops evacuation: «Ukraine needs Ukrainian heroes alive. This has been our principle»… via @myroslavapetsa

    The New York Times @nytimes – 22:59 UTC · May 16, 2022
    Breaking News: Ukraine ended its “combat mission” in Mariupol and said fighters were being evacuated, signaling that the battle at a steel plant was over.

    CNN International @cnni – 23:39 UTC · May 16, 2022
    Ukrainian forces say they have ended their “combat mission” in besieged Mariupol, as hundreds are evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant.

    Reuters @Reuters – 3:35 AM · May 17, 2022
    Ukraine’s military said it was working to evacuate all remaining troops from their last stronghold in the besieged port of Mariupol, ceding control of the city to Russia after months of bombardment


    They surrendered, and are now captives.

  16. WeAreRedisngEarthMap on Wed, 18th May 2022 11:31 am 

    I demanded a long time ago the we redesign the map of the world. Why, just because I feel like it and I am one of the king of earth with others kings. So Bill 96 is the first step in this earth Hollywood theater to break Canada in smaller nations.

    Some nations in Europe will cease to exist after the war with Russia. Maybe Finland will disappear and be merge with Russia. After all, it is all Hollywood theater, might as well have a script that we like.

    I did not like your morning theater. I went out of the house and watch the kids take the bus to school. This theater was disappointing. The ugly negro bitch was missing and the adult look fake and without life. GOD and I demand better theater next time..

    PM Justin Trudeau on Quebec’s language bill protests, inflation, royal visit – May 18, 2022

  17. LetMeHelpYouWIitgEarthTheaterScript on Wed, 18th May 2022 11:58 am 

    Earth theater is not that good and GOD and I are bored. So I am creating two species reptiloid and insectoids and they will fight each other to death. That should be good theater that will entertain all the Kings of earth and GOD.

    See my previous comment about the physicals characteristics of reptiloid and insectoid.

  18. IPissOnYou on Wed, 18th May 2022 12:18 pm 

    1:16 Right eyes slowly moving by the side of the head. Very soon two species: 50% reptiloids, 50% insectoid and white angelique human.

    See my previous comment about the physicals characteristics of reptiloid and insectoid.

  19. makati1 on Wed, 18th May 2022 4:17 pm 

    Biden’s, maybe some of the ‘long timers’ are just ‘losing it’ and using this board to vent their frustrations. Or maybe, they lost it a long time ago.

  20. makati1 on Wed, 18th May 2022 4:39 pm 

    Duncan, my sources say the same thing. Apparently the Russians “evacuated” a few high level military officers from France, the US and Canada, also.

    I wonder how many bodies they will find when they search the tunnels and rooms?

    My sources: The Saker, Moon of Alabama, Strategic-culture, Journal-Neo and RT, seem to all agree that this “war” is so that the dying US can sell weapons. They are dumping all of the antique junk left over from the Korean War, etc., into the Ukraine where the Russians are blowing it up by the tons as soon as it crosses the border.

    The farce is getting a lot of people killed and destroying another country. The US is good at that.

    Russia is watching the West self-destruct. Who is winning? The Russians and the US Military-Industrial Complex.

  21. Theedrich on Wed, 18th May 2022 5:14 pm 

    Maybe Araby can out-compete Soros in bribery. After all, you have to have a lot of cash to go toe-to-toe with Sörös (original name:  György Schwartz).  Instead of importing zillions of the absolute lowest anthropoids on the planet, we could take in tribes a step or so above them.  The Biden freak show would still be able to say that Whitey is being punished for historical nastiness, but it would be more profitable for the dysgenicizing U.S. regime.  Maybe the Ay-rabs could even convince the Deep State felons not to ignite World War Three.

    But then again, maybe not.

  22. OnlyShitSkin on Wed, 18th May 2022 7:13 pm 

    There is a picture of every graduation high school student. Mostly all brown shit skin and shit mix race. Earth reality has no future. No competent GOD creator wants to fix or work with this shit reality. It it better to kill everyone and restart from zero.

  23. EarthIsABigShitHole on Wed, 18th May 2022 9:48 pm 

    I was thinking about the collapse. The water treatment plant run on electricity. No electricity no potable water. It means people will have to go out of their house and shit on the front or backward land. You can die within a week without water. Once the electrical grid goes down permanently, everyone is dead within a week.

    Without electricity earth is literally a big shit hole with human shit everywhere. It make you wonder if the creator of this earth reality was not into scato porn. The creator of earth seem to like shit a lot. Pretty sure he worship shit in all its forms: human, dog, cat, birds.

  24. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 19th May 2022 9:57 am 

    Less Madison Cawthorn, More Dumpy Fascists in Bad Suits: Republicans Embrace Covert Big Liars

  25. makati1 on Thu, 19th May 2022 5:32 pm 

    This may be the near future:

    I’m sure the taking down of the West is only beginning. Covid was a preview. Ukraine is a distraction while the stage is being set for the Main Event, WW3. Cyber, chemical, biological, kinetic, and ???. We shall see.

    Pop some corn and open you favorite beverage. The show is about to begin….

  26. Ted Wilson on Fri, 20th May 2022 10:52 am 

    gas station reprogramming for 2 digit gas price. This may not happen right away, but political events could lead to it.

  27. makati1 on Fri, 20th May 2022 4:40 pm 

    Here in the Philippines, gasoline has averaged $4-5 per gallon since I arrived 14 years ago. Diesel is usually $1 less per gallon. Car ownership is a small percent of the population. Most own motor bikes, or use public transportation, or walk. This lifestyle is coming to America fast. The insane are now in charge of the asylum.

    BTW: The average income here is about $12,000 per year.

  28. makati1 on Fri, 20th May 2022 4:44 pm 

    We just filled up our ATV. Gas price, P80/L or about $6.70 per gallon at today’s exchange rate. A laborer here make about $10 per day. Perspective, always perspective.

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