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Page added on December 18, 2020

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Peak Oil and the Long Descent Down the Mountain


Electric vehicles, plastic alternatives, electrification of industrial processes – and more – are set to cut into demand for oil. In fact, we may have already reached a peak for the amount of oil produced in a single year, an idea known as ‘peak oil’. This week, Switched On speaks with oil demand analyst David Doherty. He will tell us about what peak oil means, how it is more than an academic concept, and how oil producers are managing this change – pivoting their business models, or going all-in on black gold.


This episode is based on BloombergNEF’s flagship report, New Energy Outlook 2020. BNEF clients can access this report on or BNEF Mobile, or at BNEF<GO> on the Bloomberg Terminal.


Switched On is hosted this week by Dana Perkins and Mark Taylor.

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