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Page added on November 10, 2020

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Oil and gas CEOs play down industry fears of Biden; stress ‘collaboration’


Occidental’s Hollub ‘not so worried’ about Democrat’s agenda

Total’s Pouyanne sees US investment opportunities

Vitol’s Hardy sees ‘European flavor’ entering US market

London — Oil and natural gas industry executives have given a cautious welcome to the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency in the US, with Occidental Petroleum CEO Vicki Hollub saying the industry will be “OK” provided it pursues a long-term strategy and Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne saying he sees increased US investment opportunities.

Speaking at Abu Dhabi’s virtual ADIPEC conference Nov. 10, Hollub said she did not share fears harbored by some of a clamp-down on the industry, but it was important to “collaborate” with, and educate the new administration on advances in the fracking industry, as well as techniques such as carbon capture.

Biden promoted a $2 trillion clean energy and infrastructure plan as part of his successful presidential campaign, and has also talked of constraining oil and gas activity on federal lands, although as Hollub pointed out he is expected to face resistance in Congress to some of his pledges.

US ELECTIONS: Biden administration unlikely to much affect Oxy permitting: executives

CAPITOL CRUDE: US energy outlook under Biden White House as Senate control still undecided

Also, the less focus from the incoming administration, the more time Oxy has to begin working with his staff, she said.

“The transition from the [Trump] administration that’s been very, very supportive of the industry to Mr. Biden, who will become president in January, I think is going to be one that will surprise some people,” Hollub told the online event, also noting Occidental’s role as the world’s largest “handler” of carbon dioxide emissions, which it uses to reinject into oil fields to boost recovery rates, including in the US.

“Mr. Biden also has some knowledge of carbon capture, his staff is certainly aware of what that means for us and for the industry, for the world,” Hollub said. “I have hopes that as we go forward that the regulations will be things that the industry really is doing already today. I’m not so worried about it. There may be times when our development plans are slowed down a bit by permitting processes that may be a little more bureaucratic, but in the end as long as we have our long-term development plans in place, I think we’ll be okay as an industry.

“It gets back to collaboration,” Hollub said. “No matter who’s in the White House, no matter which party controls the Senate and the House, it’s really imperative for us as an industry to collaborate with them, with the regulators and with people in our society to help people understand what fracking really is, how we’re doing it so much better today than we have done in the past. I’m not as worried as some people are, it’s going to take some work to share that knowledge and to get his staff on board.”

Total’s investments

Total’s Pouyanne took a relaxed stance as he noted earlier in the conference the French company is the US’ largest exporter of LNG, as well as holding a controlling interest in California-based renewables company SunPower and stakes in Gulf of Mexico oil fields.

US policy is “mainly driven by the economics,” Pouyanne told the event Nov. 9. “Looking at renewables, the US is one of the most mature markets, renewables were developed in Europe, in China and in the US [and] this is a market where we made our first steps in renewables. And we are thinking now to come back and to increase our exposure to the US.

“If there are policies encouraging the transition it’s fine,” Pouyanne said. “The US will be for us a field of opportunities where we will develop our strategy based on two pillars: natural gas and renewables. So I’m welcoming these policies, but these are long trends and the US economic players… know how to jump to the profitable markets.”

Former BP CEO Bob Dudley, who now chairs a consortium called the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative, said Biden would have to strike a balance between calls for a rapid energy transition described as a “Green New Deal,” and concerns over affordability, as well as population growth in the wider world.

“I think he understands it, it can’t be as fast,” Dudley said. “Hopefully he’ll talk to many people in the industry about what’s possible, what technologies are coming and what can be done. I don’t think you can go as far as the Green New Deal in the US because it simply can’t afford it and it won’t actually deliver the energy, so there’s somewhere along that spectrum that I think he’ll come to.”

Russell Hardy, CEO of trading company Vitol, said he detected a “change of mood” in the US industry, with more European attitudes coming to prevail.

“I think that pushes up the cost of capital in the US,” he said. “It gives the American oil market a more European flavor. There will be more ESG (environmental, social and governance) pressure. There will be more shareholder pressure over how businesses conduct themselves, over the way that businesses extract oil and gas.”

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36 Comments on "Oil and gas CEOs play down industry fears of Biden; stress ‘collaboration’"

  1. Theedrich on Wed, 11th Nov 2020 12:21 am 

    The Achilles’ heel of democracy is money, the “mother’s milk” of politics.  It is the reason why American politicians pay so little attention to the needs of the citizens and so much to their bribers.  In this last presidential election, it is estimated that $6.6 billion will have been spent on the battle for power between the presidential candidates, Biden and Trump.  Congressional races will probably end up having spent ~$7 billion — twice the amount of the 2016 election.  Democrats will have spent about twice as much as Republicans.  SuperPACs can raise infinite amounts of money from any and all sources, not all of them visible.  The totals will reach ~$14 billion, according to CNBC.  These sums, of course, do not include all of the free, in-kind help for Democrats masked as “news” or the information-suppression by the mainstream media and social-platform syndicates such as Twitter and Facebook.  Nor do they embrace the subterranean flows to Democrats of “dark money” from foreigners, including such friendly nations as Red China.

    Nor is money the only thing.  Sharp-eyed author James Kunstler has also noted in his article of 2020 Nov 9 at that

    [t]hen there are the janky numbers in all those other states where the Dominion vote tabulation software was used:  130,000 here… 27,000 there… et cetera.  By the way, the company that puts out this Dominion product is partly owned by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum;  one of its top executives is Nancy Pelosi’s former chief-of-staff;  and the software’s development was funded by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2014.  I guess they know a good thing when it jumps up and bites them on the lips.

    I suppose you’ve also seen rumors about the Intelligence Community’s election-meddling software programs, HAMR (“Hammer”) and Scorecard allegedly being employed in last week’s election, but that is only a rumor so far.  Sidney Powell, lawyer to General Michael Flynn, dropped it on the airwaves, and recall that General Flynn was the Director of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), so there’s a chance that he knows about these programs in excruciating detail.  There’s also reason to believe that General Flynn retains connections to many loyal intel techies who worked under him, and are capable of sussing out the situation.  Also, by the way:  do you suppose that any of this election-meddling software was used to ensure Joe Biden’s mysterious out-of-nowhere victory in the Super-Tuesday primary?  Hmmm….?

    Moreover John Glover Roberts Jr., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a closet liberal who abhors Trump, is doing his best to block Republican challenges to Democrat electoral fraud from coming to that Court.  The excuse given by his surrogates is that he doen’t want it to be seen as “partisan” and involved in politics.  Of course, his very action is itself political and helps the Democrats against Trump.  He is deliberately allowing them to get away with fraud, thereby vitiating the Constitution he has sworn to protect.

    In short, the United States is now a plaything of the world’s megabillionaires and the “woke” and genosuicidal upper crust, who are submerged in the morass of political correctness and antagonistic to the life of the United States.

    Corruption is always pleasant in the beginning.  In the end, it is the key to collapse.

  2. Antius on Wed, 11th Nov 2020 8:40 am 

    The stench of fear hanging over the deep state is the perfume of liberty.

    John Brennan, one of the Russia Gate stooges, wants Trump removed right now. Don’t even wait for the election to be ratified. Why would he make such an absurd and unconstitutional suggestion?

    Firstly, Trump has access to dirt on these people that he could have declassified. That would likely land Brennan and quite a lot of others in prison. Secondly, if Trump waits until the electoral college votes are submitted on Dec 14th, it is likely that his team will be successful in exposing Democrats electoral fraud. That would the Dems losing the election. It would also discredit postal voting as the fraud it is. The Dems could then be out of office for at least a decade. Oh the joy!

  3. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 3:42 am 

    Meet Joe Biden’s handler, a Ron Klain:

    You guessed it…

    We’re back at the Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod state of affairs, where nobodies like Obama and Biden are merely the spokespersons of kosher interests, ready to take orders from the Soros bunch.

  4. bochen787 on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 3:48 am 

    “US Color Revolution: The Not So Phantom Menace”
    Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog,
    “There is no civility, there is only politics…The Bureaucrats are in charge now…” – Senator Palpatine

    “The Black Revolution in the U.S. is proceeding according to script. We are into the 3rd act of it. Act I was the Coronapocalypse setting the stage for vastly expanded government powers and the systemic undermining of the sitting President. Act II was the summer of violence and fake polling data which created the illusion of a society at war with that same President for not addressing the needs of the people. Underneath the headlines the forces arrayed against Trump were building the infrastructure to ensure that however the people voted on November 3rd, the outcome was pre-determined in their favor against him. Act III is the election itself and the aftermath. The coup has begun. The pressure campaign to force the incumbent Trump, hated by the establishment, to concede has ratcheted up to eleven. This is all very normal for color revolutions, just ask Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus or Viktor Yanukovich formerly of the Ukraine. We can’t ask Slobodon Milosovic. He dead. But the one thing happened they didn’t count on, Trump actually winning the election by margins in swing states that couldn’t be overcome without overt and blatant fraud. That’s created the opportunity for a complete reversal of the current results and a successful countering of the color revolution strategy, which rests on a media-made frenzy supported by foreign government leaders to oust the sitting president from power quickly without proper adherence to the process. And that feeds the plot points for the next eight weeks until Congress convenes to certify (or not) the Electoral College. President Trump refuses to concede the election, and rightly so. There are multiple paths to not only victory for him but also exposing the deep corruption of the election process and the people who control it… “Insurmountable election results??” Really? A few thousand votes separates Trump from outright sweeping all the battleground states whose vote totals are very sketchy and this is ‘insurmountable?’ This is what I mean by the pressure campaign having gone plaid. There is no responsible journalism left within the major media outlets. Only those who were forced out on principle or corruption have the ability to speak their mind now. Martina, the vitriol went well beyond Trump-some 70m ppl have been called vile, bigots, racists & xenophobes & are now being threatened w/being put on target “lists” as punishment for supporting him. They’ve been demonized by the very ppl now sanctimoniously demanding “civility.” — Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) November 8, 2020 Never in a million years would I look to Megyn Kelly for the voice of rationality. But it looks like being excommunicated from the inner circle does wonders for one’s ability to tell the truth. The division today was cynically stoked and nurtured for this current operation to effect this exact result. The bigger point Megyn doesn’t articulate is that this division is exactly the kind of ‘secondary goal’ desired if Trump prevails in the courts or through the Electoral College.”

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 3:49 am 

    View from the Left, how Trump still could win:

  6. Mich on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:17 am 

    “The Real Election ‘Trump Card’: Refuse to Certify”

    “As Republicans seek those gnarly voter rolls, get their hands on the most egregious ballots, they are stymied at every step. For every Republican court case, there are Democrats opposing them or sitting on the judicial bench thwarting them. Running out the clock…Americans are particularly sensitive to fairness. A young child recognizes someone cutting in line. Fairness is innate; we all have it. For some, it is baked out by ideology when they adopt “the end justifies the means” kind of thinking. But those are not the Trump voters. This election was not fair. Everyone, or about everyone, sees it, and, clearly, about 71 million people who voted for Trump cannot get past it…Sometimes you have to thank your opponent for being really stupid. Napoleon said never needlessly interfere with your enemy when he is destroying himself. We might create a corollary here: when your opponent drives you to high ground, take it. And say thanks. We can, or Trump himself can, take the stories to the people, all 71 million of them. It appears he is starting down that path. This week, the speaker of the Pennsylvania House, a now key player in this drama, said “no certification without audits.” This election must be certified by two chambers of every swing-state Legislature. The speaker in Pennsylvania just showed us the high ground. The Republican legislatures follow his lead and say no certification without the following:
    – a full audit, by hand of every vote – any court or election official mandate not approved by the Legislature does not count — take out those votes – voting machines: cough up the source code, the audit logs for our forensic teams You get the picture. If the Democrats challenge this, the clock works against them. Thirty days. Tick, tick. Trump plays the Trump card. Seventy-one million people demanding a recount — fair, honest, transparent. No recount, no certification. No voting machine code review, no certification. No certification, and the House of Representatives makes the call, and Trump gets off the golf course and back to work. This is the high ground. The Democrats have given it to us; let us gather together and say “thanks.”

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:30 am 

    Trump’s Pennsylvania complaint is brilliant

    “The complaint filed in Pennsylvania by the Trump campaign is a superb piece of legal craftsmanship…It was filed in federal court, not state. The gist is that some of the state’s actions, and particularly the exclusion of Republican poll-watchers during the counting of hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, violated federal constitutional requirements. The point is obvious enough once one thinks of it, but it’s brilliant all the same. It shifts the focus from state law, where a politicized Pennsylvania court has the last word, to federal law, where the U.S. Supreme Court rules…Trump’s Pennsylvania case does not have the complication of the state versus federal law interaction because it jumps over the state law and, as noted, relies on a host of U.S. SCOTUS cases about the importance of voting. The complaint has much more, designed to bolster its central point. Many other instances of fraudulent activity are cited, which lends credibility to the main accusation. They are also indispensable to establish a factual case — that the exclusion not only occurred, but mattered, because thousands of ballots were counted in secret. It is possible, then, that a number of cases will hit the Supreme Court in about three weeks…Everyone in the legal world assumes that the justices, bruised by the excoriation the Court has received over Bush v. Gore (even though the result was right), would never put itself in the position of reversing the apparent results of a presidential election. This assumption is the reason for the Democrats’ efforts to create an irresistible bandwagon effect, but the president’s lawyers may have out-maneuvered them. The justices may have no choice except to decide the election, one way or the other, and to be put to the choice of reversing the media-claimed results or ratifying massive fraud. The legitimacy of the Court could survive through, and even be enhanced by, a carefully explained reversal of initial results. It could not survive a mealy-mouthed ratification of obvious fraud. If Trump’s lawyers make their case factually, the Court must agree. As Lincoln said: “we cannot escape history. We … will be remembered in spite of ourselves … in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation.”

  8. JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:41 am 

    “How to Steal an Election”

    “On election night, Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by roughly 690,000 votes with 64 percent of the vote counted, before his lead disappeared on Friday. In Michigan, Trump was winning by nearly 300,000 votes, with 65 percent of the votes recorded, before he ended up losing the state on Wednesday. In Georgia, Trump was ahead by 117,000 votes with 92 percent of the votes counted, before Biden pulled ahead on Friday. In Wisconsin, Trump was also ahead by 107,000 votes with 81 percent of the votes counted, before that was somehow called for Biden on Wednesday. Why did those states suddenly stop reporting the votes for several hours, and how is it possible that virtually all of the new votes that were tabulated went to Biden? Many in the media have tried to justify the late Biden surge by perpetuating the false narrative that mail-in ballots were counted after in-person voting. That is simply incorrect. Even CNN reported that many mail-in ballots were in fact counted before election day. It is also incorrect to say that only Biden supporters voted by mail. For instance, at the Villages in Sumter County, Florida, where Trump has a lot of supporters, 59 percent voted for Trump by mail-in and absentee prior to the election…Consider these facts. In Pennsylvania 2.8 million mail-in ballots were requested. Politico reported that as of November 3rd, Pennsylvania had received more than 2.5 million mail-in and absentee ballots, or 81 percent of those who had requested a ballot. More than 1.6 million of those ballots were from registered Democrats, while 586,000 were from Republicans. Yet the article also noted that 84 percent of registered Democrats who were sent mail-in or absentee ballots returned them, compared with only 74 percent of Republicans. How does one explain this discrepancy? What happened to the other 10 percent of Republicans who received their mail-in ballots?…In Michigan 3.4 million voters requested absentee, or mail-in votes, 41 percent of whom were Republicans, while only 39 percent were Democrats. This further dispels the myth that only Democrats voted by mail. Also, consider that in Michigan at 5:04 A.M., Biden appeared to have received an additional 138,000 votes, while Trump received exactly zero votes. When the final vote tally in Michigan was completed, Biden wound up winning with 2,790,648 votes, while Trump wound up with 2,644,525 votes. Biden Somehow managed to win an additional 659,953 votes, or 59 percent of the remaining vote, while Trump only managed to win 443,623. It seems suspicious that Biden was able to pull off that many votes that late in the game, in counties where Trump did well in 2016. In Wisconsin there were also irregularities. Absentee ballots were sent out beginning in September and were supposed to be returned by November 3rd. On election day, Wisconsin reported that 192,483, absentee or mail-in ballots were returned. Yet mail-in votes were still being counted as of November 6th, with an additional 32,676 absentee votes still being counted three days after election day. Why were those votes still being counted? Other irregularities in Wisconsin included Milwaukee, where 346,332 absentee ballots were supposedly requested, 345,871 absentee ballots were sent out, and 325,587 were returned. That means, a whopping 94 percent of mail-in ballots were sent in to be counted. That number seems remarkably high, and unlikely. Other elements of potential corruption or fraud include the vote counters…There were also instances of poll counters cheering when Republicans were removed from watching the counting, and there was a video of poster boards being used to cover up the windows of the vote counting room. To say that these poll counters have displayed anything resembling impartiality would be a gross understatement.”

  9. JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:56 am 

    “Examining the code, internet geeks conclude ‘Trump’s win was yuuuge’”

    “Fortunately, the Internet geeks have been very busy massaging the election data for statistical anomalies, and today (Nov. 11) I got my answer (partly) from information posted via The Gateway Pundit by blogger “PedeInspector” (whom I will refer to as “Pede”). Perhaps you saw the video of a network election night broadcast made by a person (not identified), also posted on The Gateway Pundit, which showed a sudden switch of votes from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania the night of Nov. 3. You can see that, almost instantly, 19,958 votes were stolen from Trump and 19,958 votes were added to Biden’s total…Well, this video also intrigued “Pede,” and he (or she) went to work. Pennsylvania uses Dominion voting systems, which forward their data to Edison Research, which then Javascript-encode it and send it on to the New York Times and the networks. So “Pede” downloaded the Edison data for Pennsylvania from the New York Times In the Javascript code “Pede” located the specific code that changed the voting percentages for Trump and Biden: Even if you’re not a computer programmer, you can still see that the code changed the percentages shown in my pictures from Trump 56.6%, Biden 42.0% to Trump 56.0%, Biden 42.6%. (The code that caused the switch of 19,958 votes is buried elsewhere in the Javascript code…As “Pede” puts it, “I made a script to run through the data and gather all instances where votes switched from Trump to Biden. ‘Lost Votes’ means that the total amount of votes counted decreased by that amount throughout the counting.” Here are the results “Pede” found for the swing states: Pennsylvania: Switched, 220,883; Lost Votes, 941,248 Florida: Switched, 21,422; Lost Votes, 456 Michigan: Switched, 20,213; Lost Votes, 21,882 Georgia: Switched, 17,407; Lost Votes, 33,574 Wisconsin: Switched, 2,078; Lost Votes, 3,408 North Carolina: Switched, 0; Lost Votes, 15 Arizona: Switched, 4,492; Lost Votes, 0 Minnesota: Switched, 2,766; Lost Votes, 195,650 Colorado: Switched, 1,809; Lost Votes, 0 Nevada: Switched, 0 Lost Votes, 0. Remember, these numbers are for electronic fraud, above and beyond the paper-ballot fraud also committed and which is slowly being uncovered and documented. Here’s what I think happened: The crooked Democrats actually believed their own propaganda, that Biden would win easily or that, at worst, it would be a tight race. So they created enough fraudulent paper ballots to be inserted into the counting to overcome any worst-case situation for them, which would be a “squeaker” Trump win. But Trump still led in the upper Midwest, even with the paper-ballot fraud, so they had to switch or destroy enough votes electronically to give Biden a “squeaker” win. But as the votes were being counted on election night it was quickly clear that Trump had a blowout win in Pennsylvania, far more than could be fraudulently papered over, so electronic fraud there went into overdrive, allowing it to be easily detected. (Although “lost votes” apply to the total vote count, forgive me if I suspect that most of them are Trump votes being thrown away.) As of midnight on Nov. 11, the candidates’ vote totals, corrected for “Pede”-detected vote switches, are: Pennsylvania: Trump 3,550,163; Biden 3,159,698. Trump wins (55.5% to 44.5%). Michigan: Trump 2,668,046; Biden 2,774,61. Georgia: Trump 2,475,263; Biden 2,454,538. Trump wins (50.5% to 49.5%).”

  10. More from the lunatic on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 6:17 am 

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    Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 3:49 am

    Mich on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:17 am

    FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:30 am

    JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:41 am

    JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 4:56 am

  11. zero juan on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:07 am 

    Ppee juan, lunatic, you just told on yourself that these are your socks. As socks anyone can use them, stupid. This is an unmoderated form where anything goes. You created this situation a few years ago. Now you will eat your shit, Fuck! Got it? LMFAO

    More from the lunatic said bochen787 on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 3:48 am Abraham va…

    More from the Davy lunatic said zero juan on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 3:40 am

  12. Antius on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:29 am 

    ‘Ppee juan, lunatic, you just told on yourself that these are your socks.’

    Davy, why don’t we pretend that JuanP isn’t really here at all? You used to have good things to say about important energy related topics. How about getting back to that?

  13. bochen787 on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:47 am 

    “ARIZONA: Maricopa County GOP Chair Resigns Following Failure to Check Voting Machines”
    “Rae Chornenky, the Maricopa County GOP Chair, has been forced to resign following her failure to sign the Certificate of Accuracy for the voting machines. Maricopa County in Arizona, which contains the state capitol Phoenix, has been at the center of attention following the election, being judged as crucial to President Trump’s chances of winning the state. At the time of writing, Arizona is still counting its votes, and a winner has not been declared by most media organizations, bar Fox and the AP. A number of allegations of voter irregularities have also arisen in Arizona. However, the Certificate of Accuracy, that should be signed by representatives of both parties, ensuring no fraud can occur, was not signed by any Republican. Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rae Chornenky failed to show up to verify the document, leaving only Democrats and representatives from the Secretary of State to sign it. Arizona State Representative, and now State Senator-elect, Kelly Townsend, called on Chornenky to resign, along with her 1st Vice Chair Linda Brickman. “This is 100% unacceptable and has contributed to the collapse of Arizona voter confidence,” Townsend tweeted…The voting machines, which Chornenky failed to verify, have come under scrutiny themselves. Dominion, the company behind the machines used in Arizona and other states, not only have ties to the Clinton Global Initiative, but also continue to sell decade-old machines that have “known vulnerabilites” that make them susceptible to hacking. National File reported on Tuesday that voting machines and ballot counters were found lying abandoned in a strip mall in Maricopa County, days after the election was held. ALERT: Ballot Printers, Voting Machines, Left Unattended In Strip Mall In Maricopa 4 Days After Polls Closed”

  14. bochen787 on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:49 am 

    national file dot com

  15. zero juan on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:50 am 

    Ppee juan, fuck, Antius could give a shit about you. You are so stupid. Antius only writes on energy and jews. You are the troll and liar. Obviously

    Antius on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:29 am

    ‘Ppee juan, lunatic, you just told on yourself that these are your socks.’

    “Davy, why don’t we pretend that JuanP isn’t really here at all? You used to have good things to say about important energy related topics. How about getting back to that?”

  16. JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 7:54 am 

    “Nevada whistleblower describes Biden van vote factory in signed affidavit”

    “A redacted copy of the affidavit signed on Nov. 8 and obtained by the Washington Examiner puts weight behind some of the claims first detailed by American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp, who is helping lead the charge for the president’s legal efforts in Nevada. In a Sunday press conference, Schlapp said that an election worker saw a van “marked Biden-Harris” with open ballots inside. The whistleblower, who worked as a poll worker from Oct. 17-30, complained about a Biden-Harris bus or van that was often stationed outside the polling place that would often have “speakers, dancers, music and other festivities going on” and whose organizers had to be told “several times a day” to “stay 100 feet from the polling location.” He also said that voters without proper identification were permitted to cast provisional ballots. The biggest shock claim, though, dealt with improperly filled out ballots in the van belonging to supporters of presumptive President-elect Joe Biden, whom he saw while on a lunch break walk on Oct. 28 or 29. “I personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van,” the affidavit said. “The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These people were not poll workers.” The affidavit continued: “By my final walking lap, there were 5 or 6 additional people who formed a human wall, which moved as I walked by, apparently in an attempt to block my view of the four people who were opening envelopes, marking ballots, and placing those ballots in the pink and white return envelopes.” The whistleblower recalled reporting the incident to a supervisor, who then called the Clark County Elections Office, to no avail. “Someone there told her nothing could be done about the ballots or envelopes being handled outside at the Biden/Harris area,” the whistleblower said in the affidavit. The elections office added that “ballot harvesting is legal in Nevada,” according to the affidavit, but that practice is not what the whistleblower detailed. “Ballot harvesting” is when a person collects and returns already-completed ballots. People not operating in a government capacity are not legally allowed to distribute mail-in ballots or mark ballots for others.”

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 8:10 am 

    “The Real Election ‘Trump Card’: Refuse to Certify”

  18. Davy on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 9:08 am 

    Ppee cloggo, fuck off, we could give a shit about you. You are so stupid. You only write on pipe dreams and jews. You are the troll and fraud. Obviously

  19. zero juan on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 9:34 am 

    Ppee, LMFAO, you are losing it, Fuck. Are you feeling frustrated and triggered. I hope so, Fuck. You days of freewheeling trolling are over. Everyone of your socks and ID theft will be exposed. Got it troll!

    Davy said Ppee cloggo, fuck off, we could give a shit about…

  20. JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 9:39 am 

    “Giuliani: 650,000 Votes Were Counted Unlawfully In Philadelphia And Pittsburgh”

    “Rudy Giuliani, one of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyers, alleged on Nov. 11 that roughly 650,000 unlawful ballots were cast in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Speaking with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, Giuliani claimed that “almost none” of the hundreds of thousands of ballots were observed by Republican poll watchers. State election law requires the presence of poll watchers from all parties. “We now are up to a count of about 650,000 ballots that are unlawful ballots that were cast in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh,” he said. “What’s being said in the mass media, that we have no evidence, is a complete, absolute lie, just like they’ve been lying for years.” On Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf’s office said in a statement that ballot watchers from all parties have had observers throughout the process and that “any insinuation otherwise is a lie.” A few days earlier, Giuliani said that the Trump campaign may have sufficient evidence to change the election results in the state of Pennsylvania. He told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that lawsuits being filed by Trump’s reelection campaign might show that as many as 900,000 invalid ballots were cast in the battleground state. According to an unofficial vote count from the Pennsylvania Department of State, Biden has received 3.35 million votes to Trump’s 3.31 million votes. Percentage-wise, Biden has 49.7 percent, compared to Trump’s 49.1 percent…This Monday, Trump’s campaign team launched a new lawsuit aiming to stop the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, alleging that Democratic and Republican counties did not follow the same rules regarding defective mail-in ballots, and that Republican observers could not see the ballot counting process from a meaningfully close distance. “If you were a Democrat in Philadelphia, you were allowed to work outside the bounds of the restrictions on fixing defective ballots, sometimes referred to as ‘curing,’” Matt Morgan, general counsel to the Trump campaign, explained during a Monday press conference. “But if you were in Republican counties of the state of Pennsylvania, you were not allowed to do that because they were strictly following the text of the statute in Pennsylvania.” The lawsuit also includes a postal worker from Erie County who claimed that he had heard his supervisors talking about illegally backdating ballots that arrived late so that they appeared legitimate. His claim was also cited by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in a letter to the Justice Department calling for a federal investigation.”

  21. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 9:39 am 

    JuanP, good coverage of the fraudulent election results!

  22. JuanP on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 9:40 am 

    So True FamousDrScanlon, so true

  23. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 9:44 am 

    “Ppee cloggo, fuck off, we could give a shit about you.”

    Poor empire dave.
    Just one big bag of frustration.
    Has yet to make up his mind where to flee to.
    Or which party he will support.

    His current near-total absence here illustrates his embarrassment and that after 8 years of debate he will finally get his collapse alright, but not the peak-oil induced he was anticipating. Or claimed to anticipate.

  24. The Board on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:02 am 

    Everyone please ignore the Davy troll. It suffers from paranoid delusions, indicative of schizophrenia.

  25. Lord Voldemort of Chaz on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:07 am 

    Everyone please ignore ‘The Board’.
    He is having an attack of the vapours and is lashing out incoherently again.

  26. Davy on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:16 am 

    Trump is my mentor. I plan on destroying this forum the same way he is destroying my country. LMFAO!

  27. zero juan on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:17 am 

    PPee juan, who the fuck is lord Voldemort, you stupid fuck! LMFAO

    Lord Voldemort of Chaz said Everyone please ignore ‘The Board’. He…

    The Board said Everyone please ignore the Davy troll. It suffers…

    The Nationalist said Exactly Abe, there is no way most people would buy…

    Abraham van Helsing said “Ppee cloggo, fuck off, we could give a shit…

  28. zero juan on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:19 am 

    Ppee, everyone knows Davy is a gone. We all know it is you, lunatic.

    Davy said Trump is my mentor. I plan on destroying this foru…

  29. zero davy on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:43 am 

    DaVvee, who the fuck is lord Voldemort, you stupid fuck! LOFAO

    Lord Voldemort of Chaz said Everyone please ignore ‘The Board’. He…

  30. zero davy on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:45 am 

    DaVvee, everyone knows Davy has gone nutters. We all know it is you DaVvee, lunatic.

    Davy said Trump is my mentor. I plan on destroying this foru…

  31. Melania on Thu, 19th Nov 2020 3:30 am 

    I refuse to stroke my huzband he has very small penis so america please stroke his ego instead

  32. zero juan on Thu, 19th Nov 2020 3:37 am 

    Stupid JuanP:

    Melania said I refuse to stroke my huzband he has very small pe…

    Davy said Thanks for your support JuanP…

    Jane Smith said

    dratrepus tak the list of convict-19 promoters and hoaxers who flaunt the rule keep increasing said but first we still need to amputate whitey superta…

    dratrepus tak supertards please suckle the muzzie ck more to get the milk out said please love supremacist muzzies more those 7th cen…

    Roger said Yep.

  33. Melania on Thu, 19th Nov 2020 3:47 am 

    Also my huzbands 4th favourite son Eric haz come out ov the clozet and announced he his as camp as a row of tents.

  34. Chief of Staff on Thu, 19th Nov 2020 3:48 am 

    “Meet Lord Malloch Brown: The British Hand Behind The Coup To Oust Trump”

    From the obvious role of Sir Richard Dearlove and his former MI6 underlying Christopher Steele who together played a driving role in shaping the dodgy dossier, to their involvement with Oxford Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott in composing, promoting and marketing the fraudulent dossier to targeted members of Congress and media, to British Ambassador Sir Darroch caught “flooding the zone” with British intelligence assets to shape Trump’s perception of the world, to the array of British entrapment operations that targeted Michael Flynn as early as 2014 in London… wherever one looks, the hand of British intelligence seems to be everywhere. While vast effort is made to downplay the British roots of the deep state by the media which tends to portray this problem from a partisan narrative of “democratic party corruption”, this sleight of hand misses the causal nexus and demands we believe that the tail truly wags the dog. Now that it has become increasingly clear that mass election fraud has swept across the USA in an effort to accomplish what four years of Russiagate failed to achieve, yet another light has fallen upon the British hand behind Biden which aims to dissolve any nationalist spirit remaining in the embattled republic. As I outlined in my last report, the largest private computer voting system in the USA which services 30 states and 70 million voters was shown to be at the heart of the current election theft. In that article, it was made clear that Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company which dominates the USA’s private computerized voting systems and is closely tied to another larger company called Smartmatic. For those still out of the loop, Smartmatic furnishes voting machines and its software (backdoor codes and all) to governments all around the world and is highly enmeshed with the Clinton Foundation, Soros’ Open Society and Nancy Pelosi’s very own Chief of Staff.

  35. zero davy on Thu, 19th Nov 2020 4:37 am 

    Stupid Davy:

    Melania said I refuse to stroke my huzband he has very small pe…

    Davy said Thanks for your support JuanP…

    Jane Smith said…

    dratrepus tak the list of convict-19 promoters and hoaxers who flaunt the rule keep increasing said but first we still need to amputate whitey superta…

    dratrepus tak supertards please suckle the muzzie ck more to get the milk out said please love supremacist muzzies more those 7th cen…

    Roger said Yep.

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