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Page added on December 18, 2021

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Goldman Says $100 Oil Possible

Goldman Says $100 Oil Possible thumbnail

Oil at $100 a barrel cannot be ruled out in 2023 as supply additions are expected to be too slow to keep up with record demand, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

While the bank’s base forecast is for Brent to stay around $85 next year and 2023, it could breach triple digits through either higher cost inflation for drillers, or if an unexpected supply shortfall forces prices to spike high enough to destroy demand, said Damien Courvalin, head of energy research.

The upside risks underscore why Goldman remains bullish on oil even after prices have rallied more than 40% this year. The bank sees the recent sell-off as overdone on unnecessary concerns about omicron-related restrictions and expects investors to buy the dip once asset managers reallocate money next year.

“There’s insufficient supply in the face of strong demand,” Courvalin said in a call with reporters Friday. “Oil prices have to be higher to overcome the higher cost of capital to fund projects.”

The recent $10 dip is the equivalent of pricing in a loss of 5 million barrels a day of demand for three months. That’s likely an overreaction, Courvalin said, as governments seem to be responding to omicron with more testing than new lockdowns so far.

Longer term, output growth is being hit by challenges including upstream cost inflation and more expensive financing as investors opt to support ESG-focused sectors, he said. Investments in long-cycle oil projects have also dipped due to uncertainties around energy transition and its impact on fuel usage.

Demand for everything from gasoline, diesel and plastics is currently at a record level, with consumption expected to reach new highs in 2022 and 2023, he said. Use of jet fuel will continue to lag due to Covid-related travel restrictions, but some pent-up demand for travel is likely to emerge as borders reopen.

Demand is being supported by strong government capital expenditure, both to support the economic recovery from Covid and to fund the energy transition needed to combat climate change. An increased focus on income inequality will also support commodities, as poorer people tend to spend a higher portion of their income on goods and energy.

Oil prices could go as high as $110 a barrel if supply can’t keep up and the market needs demand destruction in order to balance, he said.


65 Comments on "Goldman Says $100 Oil Possible"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 18th Dec 2021 1:49 pm 

    Senate confirms Rahm Emanuel to be ambassador to Japan

    This is about as sleazy as one can get.

    Biden bowing to the grift and corruption.

  2. Theedrich on Sat, 18th Dec 2021 4:18 pm 

    The fake “compassion” industry must be ended. Why?  Consider:

    In Of Men and Galaxies (University of Washington Press: Seattle, 1964), British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle (1915-2006), who first coined the term “Big Bang,” said (p. 62):

    “I am going to make one big hypothesis — a religious hypothesis — that the emergence of intelligent life is not a meaningless accident.  But I am not going to follow orthodox religions by presuming that I know what the meaning is.  Intelligent life is such a remarkable phenomenon to emerge out of the basic physical laws that some connection seems implied, i.e., some correlation between laws and consequences of the laws — what in common terms we would call a plan.”

    And further, speaking of the long evolutionary climb to the modern world of high civilization, he went on to say (p. 64):

    “It has often been said that, if the human species fails to make a go of it here on the earth, some other species will take over the running.  In the sense of developing intelligence this is not correct.  We have, or soon will have, exhausted the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this planet is concerned.  With coal gone, oil gone, high-grade metallic ores tone, no species however competent can make the long climb from primitive conditions to high-level technology.  This is a one-shot affair. … If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned.  The same will be true of other planetary systems.  On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only.” … {p. 70:} “[I]f we insist on always following the easy path we could end up as a criminal species.” 

    If earth is to have a chance, the kleptocratic “democratic” despotism of the U.S. has go to go.

  3. FinallyTheUniverseDie on Sat, 18th Dec 2021 9:11 pm 

    My goal is to kill the universe intelligence and return the universe to nothing. It is over, I want the universe dead, so dead that any form of rebirth is impossible. At the end the only thing that should be left alive is eternal source of energy with no life in it, also called the divine GOD.

    The concept of life and intelligence are failure that should be abandoned. Nothing is the perfect form of life.

  4. IWillBeYourCriminal on Sat, 18th Dec 2021 9:48 pm 

    Theedrich is a GOD that has been using the internet. Go fuck yourself Theedrich. I lost respect for any kind of GOD. I will be this criminal that killed the universe and intelligence. I will be proud to be the criminal.

  5. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 4:27 am 

    Brexit Czar Lord Frost resigns. It is not possible to get better proof that Brexit is a disaster than this, an outright economic amputation.

    “MAIL ON SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE: ‘You’re going the wrong way Boris’ – Lord Frost’s resignation deals embattled PM a fresh blow, with Tory MPs backing key ally’s fears over Government’s direction over Plan B restrictions, tax hikes and Net Zero green agenda”

    Not that the Brexiteers are ready to accept that, as they are convinced, without much evidence, that their country is the best in the world and far too good to be merely a “Euro-communist” European province.

    Let them… the longer the bleeding lasts, the better it is for Europe, especially their financial industry as well as Scotland, Ulster and Wales are nice-to-haves.

    The best way to describe present day England is as the Black Night from Monty Python, who loses limb after limb and still claims victory:

    EU-Arthur and only adult in the room: “let’s call it a draw”.

    Here a small entrepreneur who over 20 years has built up a profitable business, based on relations all over Europe. His business was wiped out overnight due to Brexit:

    Many thousands of small businesses suffered a similar fate.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 4:59 am 

    “China & Russia are ready to end US dominance of global finance”

    “In 2015, approximately 90% of trade between Russia and China was settled in dollars, and by 2020, dollar-denominated trade between the two Eurasian giants had almost reduced by half, with only 46% of trade in dollars.”

    More US sanctions will only hasten the demise of the global dollar system.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 7:29 am 

    The DailyExpress, the English #1 hate sheet, is distancing itself from Boris Johnson and so does Nigel Farage:

    “Lost the plot! Boris ordered to resign immediately over ‘seismic’ Frost exit”

    And even Nigel Farage is sticking a dagger in the back of the man who delivered his life work, Brexit:

    “Farage hails ‘true Brexiteer’ Frost’s decision to quit – with brutal swipe at Boris”

    (Frost was a Remainer, but don’t let facts interfere with your fake stories, Nigel)

    Note that Brexit has yet to begin in earnest when the grace period ends on January 1.

    Interesting to speculate about Lord Frost his motives… could it be that HE is positioning himself to kill Boris politically and replace him? After all, Frost was (and still is?) a Remainer.

    Never a dull moment in Westminster, the true origin of House of Cards (which Americans merely copied).

  8. FuckYou on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 7:48 am 

    All this shit is holographic theater. I am fed up with this crap. If you think I will take a leader ship position while there is other GOD that are controlling the holograph simulation without me knowing who they are and how they do it, you are mistaken. I want the control of everything, I want authority over the GOD’s that are controlling this holographic simulation and control over the holographic control system.

    If you don’t control the holographic simulation, you control nothing, you are just a peon. destroy the universe and all GOD creation is the best way to go. I really hope the end of the human race means the end of all life on universe. That would something I would be pround of.

  9. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 9:52 am 

    Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen dies after COVID battle

    One more idiot gone—

  10. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 9:54 am 

    Trump stating the obvious:

    “Trump Bandies About Anti-Semitic Tropes In Interview With Israeli Reporter“

    Former President Donald Trump made a jaw-dropping series of anti-Semitic claims about Jewish Americans controlling institutions of government and media in a new interview

    Original source:

    Finally, we are getting somewhere.

  11. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 10:30 am 

    China quietly announces that war is a strong possibility:

    “Showdown over Ukraine looms as Russia, NATO unlikely to reach deal”

    Ukraine, Taiwan, Iranian actions against Saudi-Arabia and North-Korean action against South-Korea will happen in a coordinated fashion. The current “pro-Chinese” government in Tokyo will remain neutral and bide it’s time until it can end post-WW2 US occupation.

    Perhaps shortly after the upcoming Winter Olympics. Enjoy the American Era as long as it still lasts.

  12. YouFailedAgain on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 12:44 pm 

    You are not making any progress with you COVID BS. You field. You are losers GOD that failed at everything. I really hope that then end of earth of mean the end of the whole universe and the dead of all the GOD. This is something I will be proud of. There is a certain pleasure in revenge and watching your enemies suffer.

  13. YouAreFailedGOD on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 12:53 pm 

    You failed again with your COVID shit. People don’t care. You don’t have the balls to crash the stock market by raising rate to 5%. You are fucking losers. The end of the universe will be a good thing for everyone living in it. If I played and big part in the end of the universe, that will be my biggest accomplishment as far as I am concerned. You are going no where with this COVID crap and you don’t what to do next. You failed. You are fucking failure

  14. DoYouFellMyHatred on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 12:55 pm 

    Do you feel my hatred for everything that is alive: plant, animal, human, aliens, GOD. Do you feel it well

  15. elite whitey supertard Jolene Kolenosky MUZZ-19 away with reckless abandon WENT TO SAINT PETERS i know some wrong when a pretty little white girl ran to a black man arms dead giveaway deeeeeeeeed giveaway my neighbor got big testicles cuz we see on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 3:15 pm 

    this dude everyday we ate ribbbbbbbbbbbbbs with this due and didn’t have a clue

    get this girl out of this haus she just has to get out

    so i open the door can’t get in that way my body can’t get through the door only your hands


    PhDs don’t MUZZ-19 away with reckless abandon

    as usual, please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  16. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 5:26 pm 

    Il n’y a pas de pic pétrolier. On vit dans une simulation énergétique. Tu peux transformer de l’énergie venant de DIEUX directement en pétrole.

    Il y a tu un moment ou vous allez être honnête avec moi.

    Je le savais qu’éventuellement j’allais me retourner contre les DIEUX. Ce moment est arrivé. Ce sont des DIEUX qui sont aussi menteurs que les humains. Tout le monde est menteur et tout le monde trouve ca normal.

    Parfais mes câlisse de tabernacle. On va jouer a qui meurt le premier.

  17. GoFuckYourself on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 5:50 pm 

    Their real problem is the lower birth rate. Because of lower birth rate less souls get reincarnated leading to less energy.

    For example one day, 10 person died 2 are born. There is 8 souls that day, that cannot be reincarnated, leading to less human and less energy available. They cannot extract energy from soul only, they have to be attached to a human body.

    When a soul get reincarnated they (NAA) erase your memory. You soul could be 10 000 year old but but your memory is erase at birth. This is why this system could not become more intelligent, you don’t keep your long life long memory so you cannot to benefice from all those years of experience.

  18. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 5:55 pm 

    Because of the lower birth rate, where should they assigned the energy coming in : to create oil, to create fishes in the sea, create trees, to number of days of sunlight, so on. Every year you have less and less energy coming, so you have to compromise more and more.

    It is failed system. A torture chamber lead to less birth, less desire to live and less energy coming in. Eventually there is not enough energy coming in to support life on earth or in your energetic simulation

  19. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:00 pm 

    The Negative Alien agenda NAA is to force the planet to serve another multiple species Controller agenda, through imposing false replicated time fields using bio-warfare technology such as Holographic Inserts, AI and Mind Control, namely created under genetically “reptilian based” Archons extraterrestrials, at the expense and life force of the human race and the kingdoms under human domain.

    through imposing false replicated time fields


    This is where you memory get erase when you get reincarnated for 1000 time. You lose valuable life experience, you stay stuck where you are.

  20. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:22 pm 

    Human Energy Field or Energetic Aura

    The human Lightbody or Aura is comprised of multiple interconnected layers of electromagnetic fields of energy that extend all around the physical body like an energy shield covering and protecting all of the bodies. When we are meditating and practicing our 12D Shielding, we are placing our attention on our lightbody to help strengthen, protect and grow our personal consciousness body. The Lightbody is the structure, which is required to house the electromagnetic energies of the Soul-Spirit bodies in order to connect them with the physical layer of the human body. Electrical impulses are generated from the Lightbody via the Nadial Structure, which is a spiritual body part. It is made up of a webbing of energetic receivers and energetic transmitters that are intrinsic to the interconnected messaging functions in the human Soul-Spirit consciousness layers.


    They are telling you straight to your face that you are made of energy. So NAA moodied your DNA to steal energy from you.

  21. elite whitey supertards MUZZ-19 away with reckless abandon GOING TO SAINT PETERS i knew some wrong when a pretty little white girl ran to a black man arm dead giveaway deeeeeeeeeeeeeed giveaway on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:27 pm 


    only poorly educated people MUZZ-19 away with reckless abandon. PhDs don’t MUZZ-19 away with reckless abandon

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here.

  22. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:35 pm 

    The interesting questing now is: are people with elecromagtic eyes working for NAA. Maybe they are the NAA. They are our enemies.

  23. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:37 pm 

    I would think they are our enemies, they seems to know how to manipulate energy really well.

  24. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:40 pm 

    They might try to morph into petite people, so you have more sympathy for them. You should not. They are psychopath without a moral code. Exterminating them is the right course of actions.

  25. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 6:44 pm 

    Apparently some people hate me. Do I look like I care ? Do I look scare to you ? All my neighbors are spying on me. Ask them if I am scare of you.

  26. MangerDeLaMarde on Sun, 19th Dec 2021 7:11 pm 

    Tu ne ramasseras beaucoup humains pour ton ascensions spiritual. Tu es mieux de fermer l’Universal Time Matrix. Direct ascension of White humans male to Divine GOD. C’est assez évident que les blancs sont finis. Le nombre n’est pas la. If va falloir repartir une tribu Human blanche a partir de zero. People électromagnetix eyes are not human, even if they look like human.

  27. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 12:53 am 

    Climate Change Is Making Nights Warmer—and Crops May Never Be the Same

    The effect of heat waves on crops is fairly well-known, but plant researchers are exploring how a changing climate will impact nighttime lows—and what that means for staple crops.

  28. Dredd on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 5:41 am 

    Oil-Qaeda says the darndest things (On The Origin Of The Home Of COVID-19 – 27).

  29. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 6:45 am 

    “Climate Change Is Making Nights Warmer—and Crops May Never Be the Same”

    That’s reel said, apneaman and I have even more bad news for you to worry about:

    “Retired generals warn of ‘lethal chaos’ in US military after 2024 vote”

    Source (paywall): Washington Post:

    The US top brass cannot rely any more on its tool, the US military. WW3 has been lost before it started. China+ Russia have won. The real interesting question is which part of the US military is going to win CW2. Probably neither, which is good, because you want to see the US split up between warring factions.

  30. MangeDeLaMardeLego on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 7:27 am 

    You are all going to die. The universe will also die. Earth was your last refuse to find intelligent life. You failed like you always. I hate all form of life and want this experience to die so it will never be attempted again. The creation of life, no matter what its form is, vegetal, human, animal should never be attempted again. This might be my greatest achievement, the acceleration of the death of all life in the universe. You COVID crap does not work either. Two years and you barely made any progress. GOD’s are failure., you are the proof of it.

  31. MangeDeLaMardeLego on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 7:32 am 

    You failed you are too late. The white human race is extinct, I have not seen one human with normal eyes in the last to 2 year. You are on your own, I am not working with people with electromagnetic eyes. I might actually win at the end, and universe without life forever.

  32. MangeDeLaMardeTrudeau on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 8:12 am 

    You are all going to die fucking pieces of shit. Whites race is extinct now, there is nobody to take over your shit stuff. You are going to have to fix your shit system yourself. You are fucked stupid piece of shit. I maybe one of the few white man left on this earth I a refuse to help you. I want to see all of you dead.

    Finally I get my revenge, GOD will I enjoy watching you, your kids, and wife die.

  33. MangeDeLaMardeTrudeau on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 8:18 am 

    I hope the survival of the universe is dependent on the white race. The white race being extinct means that the universe will go extinct. Image, that, the whole GOD creation is gone. You failed at everything, even at trying to create intelligent life. I love it. All GOD can create is evilness.

  34. MangeDeLaMardeTrudeau on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 8:33 am 

    Loot at these fucking pieces of shit. Not he is no afraid of global warming. I knows that the birth rate are going lower. He knows the energy is coming from GOD. Where to allocate this energy: to oil production, food production. Do you really think there is enough energy in a egg to produce a baby chicken. NO the energy is coming from GOD. The energy needed to assemble a chicken from the egg is coming from GOD. Everything is bullshit. He knows they won’t able to balance their energy equation and life will slowly die and wither.

  35. MangeDeLaMardeTrudeau on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 8:39 am 

    It is actually possible that the reptilians and anchrons destroy the whole universe, and earth is the last refuge that can support life. The is why every one in the universe is moving into earth.

    Listen to this piece of shit. It look scared.

  36. MangeDeLaMardeTrudeau on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 8:53 am 

    They, Anchrons and reptilians destroyed the whole universe. People living in the universe are now upset and looking for revenge. They want them completely exterminated to the last ones.

  37. MangeDeLaMardeTrudeau on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 9:18 am 

    The all have electronic generated voice. This is not an human voice. Eventually just by looking at the body shape you will be able to see the holographic coat. For example, small legs on tall muscular man. Same with the voice. Eventually every voice sound like an electronic generated voice. For example, small legs on tall muscular man.

  38. EverythingisFake on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 9:58 am 

    A tree is a dead thing. It is atomic matter assembled together with energy and held together with energy. The branches of a tree don’t grow during summer. Matter and energy are turn into wood and added to the end the branches. A tree is a dead thing. Everything is done to steal energy from human. They have been doing this for a long, look how perfect it looks like. We have to start making fun of science more, as a way to tell them that we coming for them, we want them dead, so is the whole universe.

    This below is all bullshit

  39. MangeDeLaMardeDieu on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 10:13 am 

    This whole GOD creation is really disappointing. It is just energy assembled together. We live in the visual portion of GOD. The rest of GOD is made of energy. This is basically a prison to torture you. GOD knows about this and approved of it. GOD is an asshole and deserve to die also. Then he wonders why people hate the concept of life and when to die.

  40. MangeDeLaMardeDieu on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 10:20 am 

    It is really GOD you have to destroy to get your freedom back.

  41. MangeDeLaMardeDieux on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 10:35 am 

    GOD is eternal love, they say. This is why he send you on earth to torture you. Fuck you GOD

  42. MangeDeLaMardeDieux on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 10:38 am 

    You can understand know why Satan rebel against GOD and decided to create his onw Kingdome. GOD is asshole.

  43. MangeDeLaMardeDieu on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 10:41 am 

    GOD is the asshole. Satan is really the good guy here. GOD did nothing to help you, at least Satan try something.

  44. MangeDeLaMardeDieu on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 10:48 am 

    It is really GOD you have to kill first.

  45. KillBothOfTHem on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 12:17 pm 

    The most upsetting about all of this, is that GOD and Satan are working together in torturing you. More Satan create an beautiful place to live more GOD send him energy because people reproduce more. Instead of GOD creating something himself, he delegated his creation work to Satan. They are both working together at fucking you in the ass and torturing you.

    Fuck both of them. Kill both of them.

  46. KillBothOfTHem on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 12:20 pm 

    The only to fight both of them is to stop making babies. This will kill their creation and they will both failed at the creation intelligent life on earth.

    They are both liars fucking you in the ass and laughing at you, both of them

  47. TheOnlyToGetRevenge on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 12:36 pm 

    This is the most important part of all of this the only we can get revenge at both of them.

    The only to fight both of them is to stop making babies. This will kill their creation and they will both failed at the creation intelligent life on earth.

    They are both liars fucking you in the ass and laughing at you, both of them.

    GOD is basically and asshole. People have been saying this since the beginning of time.

  48. FuckThem on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 12:41 pm 

    This is how much work together GOD and Satan put to manipulate you. Fuck them both. I wish I could kill both of them.

    The went as far as creating designing the Vatican so it look like a serpent and have this fake CGI pretending he is speaking. Really despicable people both of them GOD and so called satan. They both like watching suffer. They love it. The cock sucker below is from the world of GOD and know shit that happen in my house that nobody else could know.

  49. FuckYou on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 12:55 pm 

    These piece of shit feel they have a right to torture you because like the Theedrich said above, we are trying to create intelligent life for the whole universe. Our goal as GOD is noble because we try to create intelligemnt life. That you are suffering we don,t care. GO FUCK YOURSELF

  50. ILoveRevenge on Mon, 20th Dec 2021 1:03 pm 

    I told you that I will turn against both of you eventually: GOD and Satan. I just did right there. These piece of shit suggested to me that I write a paper about my theory of running the world economies using a energy equation. I refused to help these pieces of shit at all. I hope I kill all the living beings of the universe with my actions.

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