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Page added on May 14, 2018

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Glamping On Wall Street


So, you tried various sites. You hung your hat out on Broad and then moved on to Wall and you are considering Trinity Palace as the next street for your glamping. Some say that one is safer than the other, but you are not quite sure who to believe. It is difficult, these days, to trust anyone.

It is not only “Fake News” but “Pimped News” and every day people are telling you to rush off in one direction or another. “Take a seat,” I say, and just sit down and engage in the least trendy of all occupations, “Rational Thinking.” It is amazing how that will clear your head and allow for the making of good choices. Never surrender to the idiocy of the crowd, that is my advice.

Never surrender!

The world is twisting and turning all about you. Whether you are awake or asleep it is moving. Father Time is walking ahead and there is just not one damn thing you can do about all of the events that are out of your control, except react to them. You do have one other option, of course, which is to create your own events that are not in hands of other people. This is what most of us do not realize. You can invent your own wheel, instead of accepting theirs.

I have my own strategy, you can invent your own strategy, and neither has to rely upon the bad intentions, or the very rare good intentions, of others. This is why I refer to today’s commentary as “Glamping on Wall Street.” We can put our tents just where we want, even if the rabble-rousers try to push us in one direction or another and wiggle their maligned fingers at us, in the process.

Let us consider carefully what REAL changes are taking place in the world that will affect investments in very significant manners. Deep breath, eyes ahead and the one that comes squarely to mind is America’s new, and very welcome, in my opinion, position in the energy markets. Fracking, re-fracking and horizontal drilling have, no doubt, changed the world. The United States is producing! We are soon to become the largest energy producer in the world.

We haven’t done it yet, but I think it will get to that with any sort of downturn in oil and natural gas prices. Their social budgets can’t be afforded at present prices much less at ones any lower than where we are now. America’s new position in the Energy sector is the breaking of a hundred-year cycle where we were dependent upon other nations, often hostile nations, for oil and natural gas. We are almost to the point where this is over, and we can be self-sustaining and also get into the wonderful business of exporting our products for profits.

Many have asked where America’s additional revenues will come from after the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill takes full effect. I point to right here, right at the energy sector, and I state if things get managed properly, always a question in politics, that we can make many times more than our projected revenues, and the country’s losses from the tax cuts, by properly managing our energy use and output. What we need is a national policy. What we don’t have is a national policy. I encourage the government to put one in place.

The energy industry has been rife with tax breaks for decades. Many no longer apply. Many were put in place to get us exactly where we are now. Let’s get this straight. We are achieving our goals and now new trains of thought need to be employed. The old ones do not suffice. The tracks have rusted.

We could tax imported oil and natural gas or give tax breaks for exporting these products or offer incentives to utilize our own natural gas and oil at home and then provide other incentives for exporting to certain nations and not others. There are a myriad of decent ideas that could be put to work in this arena and, with tariffs under discussion, it is a very good time to use our new-found energy resources to combat the nations that are hostile to our interests.

OPEC and her brethren have been the drug dealers. Western civilization has been the addicts. We can put an end to all of this. No bombs, no missiles, no young people in harm’s way. Oil and natural gas are the hangman’s noose and let Congress get out the posse and put them to work.


Faced with our addiction to oil, what does our leadership say? Get more of it! Strange when you consider their answer to drug dependence is to cut off the supply.
– Bill Maher


For investors, it is a whole new playing field. I don’t think that many people understand this. Equities or debt or ETFs or closed-end funds and there are a whole host of ways to take advantage of this game changing event. You can say what you like but, “It IS Different This Time” and an opportunity that has not presented itself in a century. Grab this Bull by the horns because we are off on a new adventure. We have the power. They lost it. Now let’s take advantage of our new position.

My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil.

– John Paul Getty

The American government needs to define how to enlarge upon our success. Investors need to focus on options that will benefit them from investment. Many are focusing on technology. I am focusing on the technology in the oil fields that is giving the United States the upper hand. There are MLP oil closed-end funds with outsized returns and oil field technology companies that few are aware of existing. “Go find them,” I say, and take advantage of the herd’s misdirection. That is my opinion.

I believe that I have pointed you in the right direction. Now GO!

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2 Comments on "Glamping On Wall Street"

  1. Sissyfuss on Mon, 14th May 2018 8:37 am 

    A retrogressive message right out of the 50s. Trump would be proud. But when a species is approaching a bottleneck that leads to a cliff followed by a mass extinction, then fiscal cheerleading seems absolute folly.

  2. penury on Mon, 14th May 2018 10:24 am 

    Another plea for “just one more unicorn, and I promise to be good this time” plea from the usual sources.

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