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Page added on February 2, 2021

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BP Says Electric Car Chargers Aren’t Profitable Yet


BP Plc isn’t yet turning a profit on its car-charging stations, but the U.K. oil giant expects that to change as more electric vehicles come onto market.

“I would not say we are breaking profits in all spaces there,” Christian Girardeau, electrification director at BP, said Tuesday at the BNEF Summit in San Francisco. But he added the company has been able to make money through energy delivery through its EV partnerships. “Just on the energy side,” he said, “we are more in the black than in the red.”

The company has so far installed close to 10,000 chargers and has set a goal of 70,000 stations by 2030, with a big expansion effort in Europe and China, Girardeu said. It’s adding electric car charging to a suite of energy services it provides as the oil major seeks to move beyond its traditional oil and gas business.

In 2018, BP bought Chargemaster, the U.K.’s largest electric vehicle charging company at the time. The oil company has also formed a joint venture with Didi Chuxing to build out charging infrastructure in China.


6 Comments on "BP Says Electric Car Chargers Aren’t Profitable Yet"

  1. DT on Tue, 2nd Feb 2021 8:19 pm 

    what about the diesel trucks?

    How many trucks are powered by diesel?
    Today, there are 711,000 trucking companies that rely on 3.5 million drivers to deliver for the U.S. economy. Three out of four trucks on the road are powered by diesel and 98 percent of the large over-the-road Class 8 trucks are diesel.
    Trucking | Diesel Technology Forum

  2. Cloggie on Wed, 3rd Feb 2021 1:28 am 

    Italian company produces ski piste machine, running on batteries and hydrogen:

    The vid:

    Poor DT, has big trouble understanding unfolding events and is determined to miss the geopolitical train.

    “Yabut… hydrogen is not an energy source!”


  3. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 3rd Feb 2021 4:57 am 

    Let me explain this to you all.
    If U go find a pie chart of
    all the energy consumption in USA,
    MOST of it goes to buildings.
    A little bit goes to aviation
    And a wee bit more, goes to automobiles.

    So now U libtards can see where this
    is headed. U aren’t even working on the
    right problem. If U want to save a bunch
    of energy, U have to work on the buildings.

    U could electrify every last car (or take it
    off the road) and it would scarcely make
    much difference, because most of the energy
    consumption is in the buildings.

    Now do U see why U libtards are so clueless
    building your dumb whirly-bird-killing
    windmills made out of a bunch of non-recyclable
    carbon fiber crap that all goes in the landfill.

    Libtards never cared about the environment.
    They are about being useful idiots to
    empower the ruling billionaire elites
    (like Bill Gates) so they can have
    infinite power and crush the middle class.

  4. Cloggie on Wed, 3rd Feb 2021 5:29 am 

    “If U want to save a bunch of energy, U have to work on the buildings.”


    Solution: heat pumps, powered by electricity from wind and solar and storage, with an optional storage of seasonal heat at the “cold” side of the heat pump.

    Like this:

    or this:

  5. DT on Wed, 3rd Feb 2021 11:00 am 

    Don’t see any solutions posted as to replacing diesel. That would be because……..wait for it…….there ain’t none.

  6. makati1 on Fri, 5th Feb 2021 6:02 pm 

    There never will be a “profit” on any of the “renewable” junk. They will ALL fail when the governments stop supporting the companies that make them. That day is fast approaching as the West goes into bankruptcy and the down the sewer.

    Replacing the many millions of cars worldwide with electric or hybrids is NOT going to happen. Not even a few percent. But, the techie god will keep promising the miracles as long as there are believers who will invest and dream…Cloggie. LOL Pass the popcorn.

    BTW: Everything is about $$$ and profit. EVERYTHING! No $$$. No Bill Gates, Bezos, etc. No Covid-19 Scamdemic. No masks, No lock-downs, etc. A much better world without greedy, for profit, capitalism.

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