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Page added on June 6, 2021

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Wyoming To Lead The Coal-To-Nuclear Transition

Wyoming To Lead The Coal-To-Nuclear Transition thumbnail

Coal and natural gas together produce two-thirds of our electricity, almost equally split between them. Nuclear produces 20%, hydro produces 7%, and renewables about 7%. Oil produces even more energy than either coal or gas, but it is used almost entirely for transportation except during Polar Vortexes when coal, gas and wind fail to produce their share.

But nuclear just powers along, rarely affected by anything.

This reliability of nuclear, plus carbon emissions as low as wind, are why Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, TerraPower President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Levesque, Rocky Mountain Power President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Hoogeveen and Nuclear Energy Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Korsnick attended an event at the Wyoming State Capitol to announce the intention to replace coal plants in the state with advanced nuclear power.

Interest for new nuclear plants is growing beyond Wyoming as states in the western region like Montana, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho and North Dakota reevaluate the role of nuclear energy – particularly applications for advanced nuclear reactors that pair well with wind and solar. And adds to the growing interest by utilities and technology developers like Tennessee Valley Authority and NuScale to enhance the coal-to-nuclear transition.

The European Union is also evaluating a coal-to-nuclear transition.

Even though U.S. coal plants have reduced their emissions significantly in the past several decades, State energy portfolios are eliminating coal, and increasing natural gas, as fast as possible. EIA projects that a total of 30 gigawatts of coal-fired generating capacity will retire by 2025.

But the best replacement energy sources for coal are nuclear and hydro. These are hindered by extreme regulations, hostile politics, and poor financing options, all of which can be fixed with serious political will and public-private partnerships like the one described here.

Besides, there is considerable overlap between job functions at a coal power plant and a nuclear power plant. In fact, nuclear is uniquely positioned to redirect skilled workers from the coal power industry to new nuclear plants, while historically offering the highest median wage across the entire energy sector. Retaining these jobs support local communities that may otherwise be devastated by the shutdown of coal power stations.

With a recent surge in coal miners’ diseases, replacing coal with nuclear will be a good thing, since nuclear jobs are the safest of all jobs and lost work days in the nuclear industry from injury and disease are the lowest of any industry. Even cancer rates for nuclear workers are lower than the general population.

One thing quite dissimilar is fuel. Nuclear takes a million times less fuel than ocal to generate the same amount of electricity. We have enough uranium for thousands of years right now, but new technological breakthroughs from DOE’s PNNL and ORNL national laboratories have made extracting uranium from seawater within economic reach. Since U in seawater is continuously renewed through chemical reactions in the Earth’s crust, nuclear fuel made with U extracted from seawater makes nuclear power as renewable as solar, hydro and wind.

Most people think gas replacing coal is a slam-dunk. Indeed, natural gas continues to grow faster than all other sources in the United States and Europe. It is cheap, and will be for decades. Carbon emissions from gas are about half those of coal, even with its fugitive emissions, and it has none of coal’s nasty metal, particulate and sulfur emissions.

Gas plant outages are rare and most gas systems work when the electricity is out. And we have lots and lots of domestic natural gas, more than any other country in the world, and enough to power America for many centuries.

On the minus side, gas is still a fossil fuel that emits carbon, its fracking can cause small earthquakes, it tends to explode occasionally, and it requires an extensive network of pipelines and infrastructure.

Indeed, there is a growing movement against fracking for natural gas, the underlying reason that gas is cheap and why it is replacing coal so quickly. New York bans fracking outright, as does Maryland. Parts of California have bans, as well as many counties in Pennsylvania, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio and Colorado, although the state governments have pushed back on local bans and appear to be winning in federal court.

Renewables will continue to increase but they can’t reach sufficient levels fast enough to matter to climate change, and they still require a huge amount of natural gas to back them up, not to mention more steel than we produce. And a lot of land.

Enter new advanced nuclear.

Small modular reactors and advanced nuclear technologies offer a path forward for retired coal plants and their workers. Taking advantage of existing infrastructure compatibility will reduce electricity costs and in circumstances where technologies are compatible, lower construction costs.

TerraPower, the brainchild of Bill Gates, together with GE Hitachi, has developed a 345 MW sodium-cooled fast reactor with a molten salt-based energy storage system. The storage technology can boost the system’s output to 500 MW of power for more than five and a half hours when needed, which is equivalent to the energy required to power around 400,000 homes.

With nuclear’s ability to run 24/7 for years (capacity factors >95%), this is equivalent to a new gas plant. This innovation allows a Natrium plant to integrate seamlessly with renewable resources and will lead to faster, more cost-effective decarbonization of electricity generation. In addition, the technology’s novel architecture separates and simplifies major structures, reducing complexity, cost and construction schedule, while delivering safe and reliable electricity.

Very hard to melt down.

“I am thrilled to see Wyoming selected for this demonstration pilot project, as our great state is the perfect place for this type of innovative utility facility and our experienced workforce is looking forward to the jobs this project will provide,” said Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon.

In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through its Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP), awarded TerraPower $80 million in initial funding to demonstrate the Natrium technology.

Along with PacifiCorp and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, members of the project team include engineering and construction partner Bechtel, Energy Northwest, Duke Energy DUK -0.2% and nearly a dozen additional companies, universities and national laboratory partners.

Maria Korsnick, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, noted “With coal plants retiring, a transition to nuclear means we can continue to use the expertise of coal workers and infrastructure developed over decades to achieve our decarbonization goals, while delivering well-paid, highly-skilled jobs in coal communities.”


42 Comments on "Wyoming To Lead The Coal-To-Nuclear Transition"

  1. makati1 on Sun, 6th Jun 2021 10:34 pm 

    “With coal plants retiring,…”

    “China had 128,650 megawatts of coal power capacity under construction last year, the most of any country by far. India came second with 36,158 MW and Indonesia rounded off the top-three with 11,466 MW.”

    Even the Philippines has 2,890 MW under construction. Demand for coal will continue to grow.

    BTW: US produces ~250,000 MW of coal power. China, with 4 times the people, produces 4 times that.

  2. ItIsNotGoingToWork on Mon, 7th Jun 2021 8:22 am 

    I figure it out what you are trying to do cock suckers. You are trying to kill democracy. Well you rich people and Elite don’t live among the little people. It will fail. I don’t think you get what is going and the bottom of the power pyramid. You don’t have cohesion among at the bottom of power pyramid plus

    Whites people either man and woman are not interested to participate in build a new one. They just want to die. This is what I said to you, it is game over. You fuck like you have no idea. Here some example of them trying to kill democracy:

    This one below make you feel you life in a bad dream.

    Newsom draws first lottery winners in effort to boost California COVID-19 vaccinations

    Here is guidoune Guibault saying the CAQ is a dishonest party.

    Why the CAQ will vote against ethics commissioner’s report on Fitzgibbon

  3. YouCannotFixeThisYouHaveToCompletlyDestroyIt on Mon, 7th Jun 2021 8:48 am 

    This whole world or energetic simulation has turned into a video game, with actual reptilian controlling the earth and eating human babies to stay alive. The earth is managed by Satan/illuminatis people. This is the stuff you see in movies. Even watching this stuff going on, I have trouble to believe it my self. Especially this one. When I watch this one, I told myself we live in a video game world.

    Newsom draws first lottery winners in effort to boost California COVID-19 vaccinations

  4. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 7th Jun 2021 3:28 pm 

    Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Hits Highest Level in Over 4 Million Years

  5. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 7th Jun 2021 8:39 pm 


    “For most of human history, the top speed at which human beings could travel had been around 25 miles per hour. By 1900 it had increased to 100 miles per hour, and for the next seventy years it did seem to be increasing exponentially. By the time Toffler was writing, in 1970, the record for the fastest speed at which any human had traveled stood at roughly 25,000 mph, achieved by the crew of Apollo 10 in 1969, just one year before. At such an exponential rate, it must have seemed reasonable to assume that within a matter of decades, humanity would be exploring other solar systems.

    Since 1970, no further increase has occurred. The record for the fastest a human has ever traveled remains with the crew of Apollo 10. True, the commercial airliner Concorde, which first flew in 1969, reached a maximum speed of 1,400 mph. And the Soviet Tupolev Tu-144, which flew first, reached an even faster speed of 1,553 mph. But those speeds not only have failed to increase; they have decreased since the Tupolev Tu-144 was cancelled and the Concorde was abandoned.”

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  15. BigCorporationHaveToBeLookedAt on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 3:01 pm 

    It is worst then we think.

  16. WeAareComingForYou on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 3:09 pm 

    This shit is blowing my mind. It is a system to control the whole human race. I have trouble to believe that I am alive.

  17. YouFuckEverthingYouTouch on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 3:46 pm 

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  18. YouFuckEverthingYouTouch on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 3:58 pm 

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  19. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 4:54 pm 

    The Fat Boy got somethings right:

    “Trump knew,” declares Wright, despite all our pretenses to the contrary, “we are essentially a vulgar nation.”

  20. makati1 on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 6:00 pm 

    Vulgar, among other, much worse, things.

    War mongers
    And the list goes on…

  21. YouFuckEverthingYouTouch on Wed, 9th Jun 2021 7:59 pm 

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  22. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Jun 2021 8:54 am 

    Serious fusion breakthroughs in both the US and China:

    “The Winning Renewables – Solar/Wind or Fusion?”

    TAE of California claims it can hold a plasma of 50 million Celsius stable for an indefinite time.

    The Chinese claim they can achieve 160 million Celsius for 20 seconds.

    They are getting closer and closer. I would bet that at some point they get it to work. Interesting will be the price per kWh.

    Not sure if I’m looking forward towards a world with infinite, cheap energy, not even if it is clean. It would be a hyper-mobile world.

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  35. Dredd on Thu, 10th Jun 2021 3:59 pm 

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  37. makati1 on Thu, 10th Jun 2021 4:54 pm 

    Cloggie, you don’t have to worry. Fusion is never going to be practical. The whole world financial system is in retrograde and the quadrillion$ will never be there to make it happen.

    In case you have not noticed, the Great Reset is killing the world economy. At least in the West. Will it ever recover? Not if TPTB can prevent it. The Great Leveling is what they want. Seems to be working.

    Keep sucking up that “renewable green world” koolaid. That is what they want. Don’t think about how you are going to survive in the new world they are trying to make. Papers (Vaccine Passport) please!

    No, I am not a pessimist. I am a realist. I live in the real world and have seen/smelled the techie bullshit piles for 76 years. They never happen. The biggest con was “electric will be too cheap to meter” when they wanted material for nuclear bombs.

  38. AngelAreMakingLovesToMe on Thu, 10th Jun 2021 5:30 pm 

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  39. AngelAreMakingLovesToMe on Thu, 10th Jun 2021 6:13 pm 

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  40. makati1 on Thu, 10th Jun 2021 7:38 pm 

    Interesting how all the old-timers are on the side where everyone agrees with them. I guess debate is not their thing. Snowflakes?

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    Joe Biden


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