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Page added on November 30, 2020

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Why Oil Won’t “Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

Alternative Energy

The progressive goal to “transition” away from oil might not be as easy as some proclaim. In the U.S., oil has been our main source of energy since 1950, when it surpassed coal. Along with its sister energy source, natural gas, oil dominates the immense U.S. energy complex (see Figure). In the U.S., more than 265 million cars run on oil-based products such as gasoline and diesel fuel; less than 2 million run on electricity.

Oil won the transport race because it packs a much bigger punch than alternatives. For example, the energy density of gasoline is approximately 47.5 megajoules per kilogram, or some 100 times more than that of an electric car’s lithium-ion battery (about 0.4 MJ/kg). Most Americans probably don’t realize that back in 1900, 40% of U.S. cars were electric, though they were soon overtaken by Ford’s more powerful Model T and its gasoline-powered internal combustion engine (ICE). Oil’s indispensability is clear for heavy trucking, and even more so in aviation: there is no battery-powered 737, and there never will be.

While wind and solar are undoubtedly growing in importance, they are merely sources of electricity, so they do little to displace our need for oil in transportation. U.S. politicians looking to restrict choice by forcing on us more expensive, less convenient options such as electric cars should be careful. Such overreach in energy policy could easily face a public backlash at the polls – and, as the 2018 Paris Yellow Vest protests showed, such reactions can even manifest themselves in the streets.

Each day in 2019, Americans consumed 410 million gallons of gasoline, 170 million gallons of diesel fuel, and 75 million gallons of jet fuel – an entrenched energy system that will be extraordinarily difficult to overturn. It routinely gets ignored, for instance, that ICEs are constantly evolving just like electric cars – always getting smaller, better, faster, and cleaner.


Ultimately, though, the real gains for oil exist globally, which is why the U.S. oil industry sees exports as its biggest new opportunity. Representing 33% of all energy use, oil underpins globalization and has no material substitute. Nearly 85% of the world’s population today lives in still-developing countries (i.e., non-OECD), where human development understandably takes priority over reducing CO2 emissions. And these nations can’t help but notice that the most developed countries consume the most oil. The average American uses 2.6 gallons of oil per day, compared to 0.45 for the Chinese and less than 0.2 for Indians.

If electric cars were so commercially viable, companies would have been relentlessly pursuing their development long ago, and rich nations would not have to force their adoption on citizens. In addition, a switch to electric cars raises other complications. It would demand a mining (for the critical materials needed to produce them) and electricity generation boom that many environmentalists themselves oppose. An electric car, for instance, can surge a home’s power needs by 50% or more – explaining why, for China and India, they would be more aptly described as “coal cars.”

If oil usage ever did drop in any structural way, it would just lower the cost of its derivatives, making gasoline and diesel even more enticing for the world’s poor. Beyond transport, the International Energy Agency for years has touted petrochemicals as the safest bet for “more oil,” now representing 12-15% of all demand. A lack of substitutes means that growth in this sector could even compensate for any lost oil demand in transportation in the already-developed world. The quiet reality is that, leaving transportation aside, there are over 6,000 everyday products made from oil.

In 2020, its roughest year ever, the oil industry continues to march forward. A greater focus on reducing fugitive methane leaks and flaring, deploying cleaner and more efficient technologies, and leveraging net-zero goals is essential to enhance the industry’s environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) positioning. But the November rise in oil prices, along with a stock market rally for some E&P firms on positive vaccine news, suggests that the industry’s 2020 problems are more temporal than structural. For now, oil supply far outstrips demand, but that won’t last – and an inevitable rebound in demand might just also make an oil price spike inevitable.


40 Comments on "Why Oil Won’t “Go Gentle Into That Good Night”"

  1. Outcast_Searcher on Mon, 30th Nov 2020 10:45 am 

    Absolutely right. Given global growth, inclludng all the third worlders aspiring to first world middle class lifestyles (including consumption), when in X decades EV’s have largely supplanted ICE’s, the rise of global petrochemical demand is likely to make the transaction a relative nonevent re total crude oil demand. It’s hard to imagine substitutes changing that much within the next several decades, given the volumes of crude involved.

    But it’s popular and politically correct to talk of dumping all oil stocks, “the end of oil, etc. The hell with facts, math, trends, scale, logic, or any other inconveniences re the magical green story.

    And I’m ALL FOR EV’s, especially HEV’s and then PHEV’s as fantastic transitional vehicles with an ever-improving cost benefit ratio and NO range issues if charging is problematic at times. But the math and the facts always matter.

  2. Outcast_Searcher on Mon, 30th Nov 2020 10:47 am 

    I should have said “transition” instead of “transaction” in my post above. I still hate the inability to make corrections of the posts here, via a simple text editor.

  3. The Nationalist on Mon, 30th Nov 2020 10:48 am 

    Hey but don’t tell that to the shit for brains they’ll call you a rayciss!

  4. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 30th Nov 2020 11:46 am 

    This “The progressive goal to “transition” away from oil” is to trigger conservatards.

    The emotional button.

    Like I’ve said for years, one need only look at the data for oil extraction & consumption to know that there has been no success whatsoever transitioning away from or reducing oil consumption.

    EROEI dictates oil, not infantile progressive green dreams.

    No worries, there’s still over a hundred other ‘progressive goals’ to rage & get bent out of shape over & 1 or 2 of them may actually have the potential to happen – OMG Run for your lives!

  5. Michael Rynn on Mon, 30th Nov 2020 6:04 pm 

    Your tone is that fossil fuel industries do not intend to let go of their grip on their political power over military and economic systems, despite collapsing global biosphere systems. Sure, energy dense oil is irreplaceable. That is why using it up as fast as possible is so irretrievably stupid.
    World’s poor are getting poorer, because the oil based economic systems that exploit them.
    Enticements to all those exploited oil consumers will have to be way below costs of production. Demand will fall as general exploitation increases. This is system over-kill. Try selling your oil to citizens in Yemen.

  6. emelybrown on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 6:20 am 

    Another good article. Oil and gas are here to stay simply becasue of the thousands of products that can’t be made without them. Including every electric vehicle that the green movement wants to put on the road. Impossible without oil and gas.

  7. Antus on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 8:21 am 

    Here is the materials budget for a 5.55TWh per year (633.7MW average) PV solar plant that was considered for Colorado.

    Steel: 4.6 million tonnes
    Copper: 480,000 tonnes
    Aluminium: 177,000 tonnes
    Cement: 2.22 million tonnes
    Glass: 1.066 million tonnes
    Electricity: 7.56 million MWh

    Presumably, the electricity is that required to manufacture the photovoltaic material.

    I divided this down into materials per average MW because I wanted to see how it would compare with wind power. Here are the results per average MW:

    Steel: 7259 tonnes
    Copper: 757.5 tonnes
    Aluminium: 280.6 tonnes
    Cement: 3503 tonnes
    Glass: 1682.2 tonnes

    The steel alone, presumably for supporting frames, is around 20x more than is needed for an average MW of wind power. The payback time for the steel alone, is 5.5-7.0 years. The electricity: 1.36 years. The cement: 40 days. The glass: 290 days. Summary: energy payback time about 8 years. If the station has a lifetime of 30 years say, then ERoEI would be about 4.0.

    I thought the embodied energy and materials budget of wind power was bad. But solar comfortably puts them in the shade. Of course, Colarado isn’t the sunniest place in the world. But it is sunnier than most of Europe.

  8. Dredd on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 8:50 am 

    Neither will the ghosts of the ocean (The Ghost Plumes – 13).

  9. Antius on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 8:52 am 

    The wiki link contains a table of embodied energy for anyone wishing to do some basic energy payback time checks.

    It isn’t comprehensive enough for a proper ERoEI audit, but it allows one to gain an estimate.

    Could we use solar electricity, to build a solar power plant?

    1. Virgin steel is reduced from iron ore using coke. But recycled steel can be remelted in an electric furnace. So solar electric could be used there. Of course, we need to mine the ore and transport it to the blast furnace. Could we use solar electric to do that? In principal. But it is quite different to what we do today.

    2. Glass? Glass is produced using natural gas to melt silica sand, with other additives to reduce melting point. Methane or some other combustible gas is used to reduce iron oxide, which separates by density. Could we use solar electric to do this, including mining and transporting the sand? In principle yes. But again, it would require rebooting over a large swathe of the production process.

    3. Concrete involves heating a mixture of calcium carbonate, silica and other additives to over 1200C in a rotary kiln. Could we use solar electric to do this? In principle, we could use solar power to produce hydrogen that would fuel cement kilns. But again it requires retooling, and involves energy losses in electrolysis.

    4. Machining and Installation: Could we use solar power to do this? In principle, we could use solar electric for machining, solar electric to power railways for transport and solar hydrogen to power other transportation. But again, it needs new infrastructure.

    The main problem with doing this, isn’t so much the special properties of fossil fuels. We can ultimately adapt most if not all individual processes to work without them in principle. It is trying to replace them with something that has inherently poor ERoEI, which requires a lot of imperfectly efficient processes to replace itself. If ERoEI is only 4.0, how much energy can we afford to waste producing hydrogen that we end up burning in engines and furnaces?

    On a level playing field, ERoEI is basically the inverse of unit cost. Which is why solar has historically been so expensive. Only through zero interest rates and hidden subsidies, can an energy source with ERoEI less than 10 continue to compete. The problem is that society cannot continue to subsidise low ERoEI energy as more than a minority operation. Eventually, declining ERoEI will erode prosperity and the affordability of subsidy. We are seeing that already.

  10. Antius on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 4:32 pm 

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  11. makati1 on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 5:08 pm 

    Antius, I second your suggestion. Hitler was not thorough enough.

  12. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 5:24 pm 

    ‘Cultural Marxism’: a uniting theory for rightwingers who love to play the victim

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  13. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 1st Dec 2020 6:11 pm 

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  14. The Nationalist on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 7:41 am 

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  15. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 10:55 am 

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  17. JuanP on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 1:39 pm 

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  19. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 2:08 pm 

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  22. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 3:06 pm 

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  26. LetTheWorldBurnDown on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 3:40 pm 

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  27. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 4:03 pm 

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  28. zero juan on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 4:49 pm 

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  31. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 2nd Dec 2020 5:13 pm 

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