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Page added on July 31, 2022

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US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design

US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design thumbnail

On Friday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced that it would be issuing a certification to a new nuclear reactor design, making it just the seventh that has been approved for use in the US. But in some ways, it’s a first: the design, from a company called NuScale, is a small modular reactor that can be constructed at a central facility and then moved to the site where it will be operated.

The move was expected after the design received an okay during its final safety evaluation in 2020.

Small modular reactors have been promoted as avoiding many of the problems that have made large nuclear plants exceedingly expensive to build. They’re small enough that they can be assembled on a factory floor and then shipped to the site where they will operate, eliminating many of the challenges of custom, on-site construction. In addition, they’re structured in a way to allow passive safety, where no operator actions are necessary to shut the reactor down if problems occur.

Many of the small modular designs involve different technology from traditional reactors, such as the use of molten uranium salts as the reactor fuel. NuScale has a much more traditional design, with fuel and control rods and energy transported through boiling water. Its operator-free safety features include setting the entire reactor in a large pool of water, control rods that are inserted into the reactor by gravity in the case of a power cut, and convection-driven cooling from an external water source.

NuScale started the certification process in 2016. According to the NRC, that process required the company to submit technical information that allows the Commission to evaluate it as follows:

Applications must closely analyze the design’s appropriate response to accidents or natural events. Applications must also lay out the inspections, tests, analyses and acceptance criteria that will verify the construction of key design features. In addition, the NRC also requires design certification applicants to assess how the designs protect the reactor and spent fuel pool from the effects of a large commercial aircraft impact.

Once complete, the certification is published in the Federal Register, allowing the design to be used in the US. Friday’s announcement says that the NRC is all set to take the publication step.

The NRC will still have to weigh in on the sites where any of these reactors are deployed. Currently, one such site is in the works: a project called the Carbon Free Power Project, which will be situated at Idaho National Lab. That’s expected to be operational in 2030 but has been facing some financial uncertainty. Utilities that might use the power produced there have grown hesitant to commit money to the project.


24 Comments on "US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design"

  1. Theedrich on Sun, 31st Jul 2022 6:56 pm 

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  2. Dredd on Mon, 1st Aug 2022 6:48 am 

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  5. makati1 on Mon, 1st Aug 2022 4:39 pm 

    Hmm. Home reactors were promised in the 60s. Never happened. Now these baby nukes are being advertised. Never going to be scaled up to practical use numbers.

    “…one such site is in the works: a project called the Carbon Free Power Project, which will be situated at Idaho National Lab. That’s expected to be operational in 2030 but has been facing some financial uncertainty.”

    Not profitable. Not going to happen. And many things are promised for 2030 that will not happen, like the practical/profitable fusion power promised for the last 50+ years. Yawn!

  6. makati1 on Mon, 1st Aug 2022 5:41 pm 

    The Netherlands: Higher Vaccine Uptake, Higher Mortality – Global Research

    “Those results fit with the worrying excess-mortality figures we now see in many countries. The elephant in the room is likely to be the surge in the rate of serious adverse effects.

    During the past few months, indications of a positive correlation between all-cause mortality and Covid vaccines has been growing. To demonstrate the existence of this correlation it is however crucial to be able to compare the rate of mortality and the vaccine uptake within a relatively homogenic population.

    This is what Dutch researcher André Redert has now done. He compares mortality rate and vaccine uptake between municipalities in the Netherlands and finds no mortality-reducing effect from vaccination.

    Instead he finds a statistically significant positive correlation between vaccine uptake and mortality.

    The period in question is week 35-52, 2021. As the graph shows there is a strong correlation, i.e. a higher vaccine uptake in a municipality is correlated with a higher death rate. The full analysis is not yet peer reviewed, but it is available on Researchgate.

    Those results fit with the worrying excess-mortality figures we now see in many countries. The elephant in the room is likely to be the surge in the rate of serious adverse effects from the Covid-19 vaccines, compared with other vaccines. An additional reason may be the sometimes negative effect of vaccination on covid-specific mortality, for example in the UK.

    Those results are truly worrying. And what is perhaps even more worrying is the general censorship when it comes to publishing or discussing them. The mainstream media avoids the discussion and the management of social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have even established rules against mentioning any negative facts regarding the vaccines. One can only wonder what such censorship may mean to those business leaders if and when the mass-hysteria blows over and those responsible for suppressing vital information and touting dangerous misinformation are held to account for their deeds.”

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  14. Dredd on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 6:54 am 

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  17. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 12:35 pm 

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  18. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 4:17 pm 

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  19. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 4:23 pm 

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    And we in Europe have a ringside seat. Let’s see how they are going to thin each other out. Go easy on each other, boys!

    Rule nr 1 in geopolitics: if A and B clash, C wins.

  20. makati1 on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 5:09 pm 

    Biden’s, you, in Europe, are already in a war but will not admit it. Yet, you are concerned with a possible one ~10,000 kilometers away instead. Winter is coming to an energy starved Europe.

    You are ~1,000 kilometers from bombs and missiles blowing up everything and spreading. Not to mention Europe killing sanctions and inflation with Winter approaching fast. No Russian Oil/Gas = No economy/heat/electric. Cold can kill, no bullets required.

    I am ~1,000 kilometers from a very unlikely war that has not happened, and likely never will. The US/West will NOT get involved IF it does happen. They cannot, or they will be destroyed. They know it. The US MSM is just spewing the usual arrogant bullshit.

    No sanctions on the Ps imports or exports. Yes some inflation caused by energy imports, but nothing serious. Remember, it never freezes here. Seldom gets below 20C, except in the higher elevations. Most people here would never miss the things you expect as necessities as they never had them.

    I’m prepared for the future, are you?

  21. makati1 on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 5:52 pm 

    BTW: I suggest that you look at the labels on the things you use everyday. They were probably made in China or South Korea or even Japan. Not to mention that many more have parts made in China or another Asian country and assembled in yet another Asian country. How long can you do without them? (No shipping.) THAT is the “coming home” part of a war with a country that supplies your needs. But then, Europe is already finding out about that cost, isn’t it?

  22. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 5:52 pm 

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  23. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 2nd Aug 2022 6:29 pm 

    Lets be positive about the Fat Boy:
    He does know how to rip people off–

  24. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 3rd Aug 2022 7:42 pm 

    Phoenix could soon become uninhabitable — and the poor will be the first to leave

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