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Page added on July 11, 2011

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Too Many Free Energy Inventors Suddenly Dropping Dead & Disappearing!

Alternative Energy

I recently read something on your forum about green and free energy inventors being murdered and/or disappearing including, Aries M. DeGeus, Dimitri Petronov, Eugene Mallove, Stan Meyers, etc. But you guys ommitted the most obvious case of all… Howard “Rory” Johnson of Elgin, Illinois. Before you laugh yourself silly, do a little reading here and you will see Greyhound Bus Lines witnessed his working prototype of a motor that required no fossil fuels and wanted to test it on their buses. This very interesting article was published as well, and then Rory Johnson suddenly died of unknown causes while he was in great health – just like the 3 inventors working on the Thorium Plasma Batteries. Clearly there is some foul play involved. No I am not some conspiracy nutcase. Just read the whole story about Rory Johnson and take it context with what happened to Stan Meyer and Dimitri Petronov. This is not only evil but criminal. It makes me wonder who is really pulling the puppet strings in Washington?



Gerald Orlowski

Presented at the 3rd International Symposium on New Energy, April 25-28, `96 at Denver, CO.

Scientists from Descartes to Einstein sought to find the correct DESCRIPTION of the NATURE of all physical substance.

I believe Rory Johnson was one of the greatest visionaries of this century, and his operating Magnatron Fuel Cell motor was showing us the principle of attract-attract in motion – the nature of all physical substance.

Rory Johnson designed and operated a 525 HP fuel cell motor without any of the hardware that is presently used in current state-of-the-art electric motors, such as AC Induction series or compound wound DC motors which use the accepted principle of attract-repel, an energy form that doesn’t utilize the magnetic field to its greatest advantage. He capitalized on the magnetic field to its greatest advantage by utilizing the principle of ATTRACT-ATTRACT.

There is no way to explain ATTRACT-ATTRACT using contemporary electrical theory, how his relatively small motor could produce this tremendous horsepower. Over the past 10 years, I used the Johnson hardware as a textbook to help gain an understanding about this NEW electrical-magnetic energy theory. Johnson capitalized on the magnetic field to its greatest advantage. He used a top and bottom rotor in his motor. First, the top rotor attracted, released, then the bottom rotor attracted, released. The action of attract, taking place between upper and lower magnets, using the windings to complete the attract field.

THIS ACTION is difficult to understand if present electrical theory is the knowledge base. I know this to be true because I listened to a teaching tape by Rory Johnson, and my mindset about electricity would not let me HEAR him. Surely as electricity was caused to be generated by ONE of the windings, the other winding used it. How else could it work? The answer to his statement that he RECYCLES a stabilized energy could not be understood if he somehow TAKES APART and then RE-ASSEMBLES the electron itself, UNBELIEVABLE!

Yes, Dr. Johnson was showing the world the `Principle of Motion” that had been sought by scientists from Descartes to this day. This is ATTRACT-ATTRACT.

Many `scientists of old’ tried to say if the electron GETS FORMED, then it MUST have a core structure. For example, Dr. Heaviside stated the following, “As the Universe is boundless in one way toward the great, so it is equally boundless to the other way, toward the small; and important events may arise from what is going on in the inside of atoms, and again in the inside of ELECTRONS. How electrons are MADE has not yet been fully understood.”

This subject is covered in greater depth later, but for now let us review my involvement with Rory Johnson and his 525 HP from Laser (Defraction Prism) Activated Motor that had a range of 100,000 mi. Operating on 2 lbs of deuterium and gallium.

After I saw the Magnatron motor, my life changed. I was no longer a happy camper working by myself in a wonderful, fully equipped research machine shop for the Greyhound/Armour Corp. In Arizona. While on a business trip, I saw this motor running in the showroom at the Magnetron Co. Located in Elgin. IL.

During my 15 years of electric motor repair, among the hundreds of motors I repaired, I rewound a 500 HP electric motor. That motor had wires exiting it that were the size of a garden hose. The Johnson motor being shown had NO wires. Surely this motor was unreal, a con-job to get money for dealerships. Yes, there he was. Rory Johnson standing next to his sealed self- contained Electric motor.

Upon returning to the Greyhound Towers and telling them what I had seen, they instructed me to call Mr. Johnson. Greyhound wanted Johnson to put forth a plan to install a motor in one of their buses for testing purposes.

I called Johnson. He was delighted that a Greyhound employee had seen the motor running, and replied that the testing idea was acceptable. He would set a time frame for just when a bus should be delivered to him.

Two years went by, with no business proposal from Johnson. Then, his former business partner, Mike Marzicola, called to say Johnson had passed away. He wanted me to work with him to get one of the motors running. I flew to Orange Co., CA, saw the motor took pictures, and put forth a plan to Greyhound. Subject to a contract with Marzicola, one of the old worn motors would be brought to the research shop. I would then very carefully reconnect the generator wires that Johnson had cut off prior to moving from Elgin, IL to CA.

Discussions with Marzicola brought out that the US government (given the authority by the Congress of `52) had issued a GRAB order to take Johnson’s motors. Rumor has it, the DOE is run by US oil companies, and OPEC and they want no competition, period. Because of this grab order, Johnson had cut the generator wires then put his `total shop’, with motors and all, on several U-Haul trucks and left Illinois in the middle of the night and went to Calif. To re-establish his business, but before he could get a motor running, he passed away.

Surely, g\Greyhound would agree to let me re-start one of Johnson’s motors. The wonderful proposal put forth to greyhound was rejected by mail. Very agitated, I went to the top office at Greyhound demanding an explanation. I was met at the door with the comment, “We know why you are here.” Knowing the potential savings to the bus company, surely they could have only one reason for rejecting the proposal. They must have believed I was not qualified to start up the motor.

The top legal advisor stated he was present when the Greyhound board met and discussed my written proposal. He stated the following, “At NO time was the thought put forth that you would not succeed. In fact, we discussed all of the hardware designed and constructed by you, and started the conversation from what happens when Greyhound has a running motor”. We contacted a State Rep. Who felt this motor should not be allowed to be used in 4,000 + buses. The loss in tax dollars for fuel alone would be a very huge sum. He then asked me to leave, stating he was sorry that he had to tell me the reason the plan was rejected.

Telling Marzicola of the rejection, I offered to personally put in a few thousand dollars toward the parts to get one motor running. In return, I would be assigned the dealership for the Phoenix Metropolitan area. We signed legal papers in exchange for the money agreed on, and went to work. (I still have the signed dealership.)

The first thing I noticed was that someone had been working on repairing the motors. Three motors already had new commutator assemblies installed. Each assembly consisted of 3 commutator assemblies on one insulated tube with a metal case to secure it to the shaft.

One motor still had the old worn commutator assembly, as it had not yet been repaired. Out of curiosity, I took a string, held it to the center of the top shaft and stretched it to one of the stationary magnets on the motor not yet repaired. This winding was uniquely different from anything I had ever seen. After winding probably a hundred armatures of all sizes (during my early motor repair years), I never saw mica between bars as thick as what Johnson used -1/8′ thick. By turning the rotor and holding one brush in place, it was easy to se that the brush sent energy into one commutator bar just as the TWO wire SLOTS arrived in front of one magnet (let’s say north). The mica thickness supplied OFF TIME before the next bar contacted the brush and the SAME WIRE SLOT now moved in front of a south magnet. The mica thickness was not just for insulation but to control the movement when the slot of wire arrived at another magnet.

The newly installed commutator had insulation between bars that was so thin i could hardly see it, I asked Marzicola who had supplied these new commutators. He said, ” I ordered them and have a large supply in the store room.” He said the thickness of the mica had to do with the voltage, and this unit operated on less than 50 volts. The makers of the commutators simply went by the VOLTAGE requirement given them. They were not permitted to see the actual motor. I tried to explain to Marzicola that with the thicker mica it afforded OFF-TIME, to gain an instantaneous polarity reversal from one rotor coil to its mating coil on the other rotor. He said if I wanted to help him, I should stop making trouble, the commutators were PERFECT. He insisted we work together to finish one of the rotors that already had a new commutator installed. It seemed to me that we were defeated before we started. Unfortunately my observation proved to be accurate.

Years later, I still pondered how this OFF-TIME could have accomplished more than just this instantaneous polarity reversal. Faraday had a great teaching on this subject, he stated, “When a current suddenly ceases, it can INDUCE a current IN THE SAME WIRE which is stronger than the original current. Thus, by conservation of force, there must be some force present, AN OPERATIVE, other than electric force. This force is probably the MAGNETIC FORCE.” Science had this enlightening teaching over 150 years ago! Unbelievable!

Back to Johnson’s motor. There were two separate windings, the driver rotor on the bottom, and the generator winding on top. A curved piece of metal that closely resembled aluminum (but did not drill like aluminum) was secured for 360 degrees around, centered between the two windings. This metal most definitely was a conductor of electricity. There were 52 small holes drilled, equally spaced, around the center of this curved metal (possibly magnesium). These holes were sized to be a snug fit to the #23 wires from The generator winding coils.

My electrical background deduced that these wires must certainly malfunction by being GROUNDED to the curved metal. To just solder extension wires to the cut-wires at the inside location would be a POOR repair job. I convinced Marzicola that we must do a good job. We would carefully pull the generator wires back to the outer surface, number them and replace them through the same holes. Only this time we would use insulation tubing.

Marzicola said they already thought of that, but insulation tubing wouldn’t fit along with the wires. I told him that by holding a piece of copper tubing (as a safety guard) between the windings, I could position a drill directly in each hole and enlarge it. Then we could insert tubing with the #23 wire inside. We did just that.

After two days of hard work, we had all the generator wires connected to the commutator. None were grounded to this metal; it was a perfect ELECTRICAL circuit path. We had just negated the action of Johnson’s Fuel cell. Why?

The 1/8″ copper pipe that exited his fuel cell was positioned in such a way as to be secured to the inside surface of the housing with the “end flow point” directly across from the center of this metal. ALL of the fuel cell generated power became captured in this curved metal (located between rows of permanent magnets above and below).

The metal was designed to feed energy directly into each generator wire that was in direct contact with the metal. The modest pulse from the generator coil served the purpose of a catalyst to cause this energy to join in the flow to the Commutator and on to the lower winding. This metal was like a massive capacitor, and we did a great job of disconnecting it with insulation tubing.

Why go through all this? We will never understand how the Johnson motor functions without the firm understanding of the characteristics of this energy. We must think MAGNETIC not ELECTRIC.

Electrical knowledge won’t help us construct the Ro-Mag unit. For example, can this same FORM of energy be released inside a motor without an energy piping system to put the energy someplace? Why not release the energy at the location where it is actually needed?

The Johnson motor has the fuel cell located directly in the heart of a massive magnetic field, where it PULSES as needed, to feed the Unit’s RELEASED MAGNETIC POWER. So what is different between these two energy FORMS? As we know, electrical flow argues, that is, it sparks, short circuits, and must be CAREFULLY insulated, Magnetic structures, rather, want to SHARE their flow, and are compatible to the Universal Force. This new energy FORM responds when it is needed as well as HOW it is needed, manifesting as a MEASURABLE current.
Thus, in defining these different energies, it is important to understand that although electrical and magnetic (energy) work with similar ATTITUDES, the MANNER in which they work, sets up a differing energy effect. THINK MAGNETIC THINK MAGNETIC. Let us have a short magnetic school.

QUESTION: Does magnetism have a pulse rate? Do not say “no,” because if it does, then much of what is called phenomena will be self-explained.

QUESTION: Does CHANGING a pulse change the polarity which also changes the intensity?


Because this is HOW present electrical theory took its present place, and when we were satisfied enough, we stopped asking questions.

QUESTION: In the field of magnetism would alternating the magnetic attract become a FUNCTION of this energy? WHY ASK? Why do we have alternating electrical currents? Well, ask the same about magnetic energy.

Judging from the present day electrical theory, magnetic energy is now relegated to being a by-product that is unnecessary or of NO USE. This is like saying a chicken is OK, but throw the eggs away. Why can what it is–it is only a by-product.

QUESTIONS: Is the energy now called electricity a VIOLENT MAGNETIC REACTION o the troubling or interferences in its field that is simply then manifested as SPARK?
This being so, is electricity then the by-product of a troubled ….[hiccup in manuscript]…. accept the fact that a solid-state device has been constructed for magnetic field? It most certainly is. THINK: All things considered does this show a unity of forces? The unit of force we are NOW discussing is Compressed Magnetism (wrongfully called gravity). With gravity being compressed magnetism, there is only one force-magnetism. This force is CAPTURED by magnetic action inside the Johnson motor.

The coils in the Johnson Motor are charged and discharged. This action is called a COIL COLLAPSE TIMING because of the pulsing system that activates the energy flow inside Johnson’s motor. As we understand that this ACTION is NECESSARY, we can construct other magnetic devices that function utilizing the same BASIC PRINCIPLE.

Let us now do a historical study about energy and how it relates to the construction of the Johnson Motor. The unit constantly recycles a stabilized Magnetic Electro energy. Is this statement in CONFLICT with past science teaching? Yes, it is; however, one scientist seemed to think otherwise. Dr. Lodge stated (about 1890) that. “Any form of ENERGY can be followed in TRANSFERENCE.’ We say magnetic molecular structures are forming and reforming. If we drive a wire through a magnetic field, we TROUBLE the field, causing structures called electrons to form and flow. These electrons DO A JOB and discharge back into magnetic molecular structures having BASICALLY A NEUTRAL charge. Thus, hopefully at some point in time, we will be allowed to observe this transference action as Dr. Lodge stated.

We seem to be far off course. What happened?

We had a great scientific foundation, that is up until J.J. Thomson put forth his theory in 1890. Thomson identified the cathode rays as a building block of atoms and called them electrons. Until then, a good teaching was in place, the law of action and reaction.

What does one have to do with the other? Dr. Lorentz (about that time) stated that between radiating electrons,, the law of action and reaction could not hold. He stated, “When a moving electron radiates it slows down, thus losing momentum. It is some time later before the radiation hits other electrons. Thus, there can be no immediate reaction in other electrons to the creation of the radiating electron. And, all of the radiation will not be absorbed by electrons in hits, some will be scattered. Thus between ELECTRONS. The equality of action and reaction will not hold.”
Scientists of OLD did not want to be burdened with the thought that an electron has a core structure. WHY? SAME REASON TODAY!! Because this thought then the mind to ask, “What holds he electron together?” Fifty years ago scientist, Dr. Ehrenhaft stated. “It is purely magnetic force which permeates throughout the known Universe.” Did he conduct any tests to prove his statement? Printed in Nature, Jan 4, `41, Dr. Ehrenhaft stated, “There must also be a STATIONARY MAGNETIC FIELD in the beam of LIGHT with potential differences since SUPERPOSED MAGNETIC FIELDS accelerate or retard the MAGNETO-PHOTOPHERISIS. It can be observed that some particles stay at rest and that their motion stops suddenly, or that moving particles appear to change their velocity, even reverse it due to changes of CHARGE. The movement of magnetic ions in a homogeneous magnetic field is a MAGNETIC CURRENT.”

All of this same action could be happening inside the fuel cell of the magnatron. We could say Magnetism is the property that unlocks the molecular lock. Therefore, surely magnetism is also the property that holds all structures together (electrons included).

Just what is necessary to CAPTURE this magnetic current to PUT IT TO WORK? first, we want this energy to move about as MAGNETIC BUBBLES, and this can be accomplished while the Johnson fuel cell has a vacuum interior. Why pull a vacuum to Fuel Cell? On reason is to allow the bubbles to move freely and not break. Keep in mind that the effects of compressed magnetism (gravity) are greatly reduced and this downward force being somewhat alleviated, allows a certain kind of FREEDOM to the bubble flow. A MORE IMPORTANT reason is the magnetic energy in the fuel cell came about because of an assembly of DIFFERENT CHARGED PARTICLES. These particles need to maintain their IDENTITY as highly complex interactions take place within the fuel cell. If air were inside, it would tend to NEUTRALIZE these charges, a condition that would then interfere with the correct particle joining process.

SHOULD THE FUEL CELL LIGHT UP? In 1905 Einstein made the suggestion that, “light travels from EMITTER to ABSORBER in discrete particle-like BUNDLES.” NO TOO BAD OF AN IDEA! If Einstein had finished the thought and said, “the bundles are composed of MAGNETISM AND LIGHT which travel SIDE BY SIDE, with there being NO light without the magnetism,”‘ he would have been accurate. Magnetism is a CONSTANT- it does not come from somewhere. BECAUSE it is already in place-everywhere. As a Vibratory change is caused to happen in magnetism, it then creates an ENERGY CHANGE that the human eye can see, visible matter called LIGHT.

SO WHAT HAPPENS AS THE LIGHT STOPS? When light is not needed any longer, it returns to its original form. It stops its manifestation of light while the magnetism continues manifesting as it always did.

Inside Johnson’s motor, I saw a great display of light as magnetic charges moved from one place to another. This action of having the fuel cell LIGHT UP might help to further explain the “Unity of Forces,” (if we allow our minds o expand).

MAGNETIC BUBBLES transport a MASSIVE AMOUNT of energy, yet this energy does not NEED to be circuited by HEAVY wire. Why not? Are we saying that magnetic energy is transferred primarily in the FIELD AROUND the WIRE? This must be true, Johnson used #23 wire, a wire size ordinarily used to operate an electric motor having less than a fraction of one horsepower. If this wire is equated to horsepower in present day motors, Then his motor COULD NOT WORK. I saw all the worn commutators, brushes and bearing. His motors undoubtedly ran for YEARS. Anyone could observe minimal wear on commutators, brushes, and other parts.

JUST WHAT KIND OF WORK CAN A MAGNETIC FLOW ACCOMPLISH? Back to the Magnatron Motor. Here is a sample of the magnet size and wire size. The same size as used inside Johnson’s motor. His magnets, when magnetically charged could be designated as `weak’ in flux power. These magnets, to respond with greater POWER required energy from his fuel cell. They then acted as CHARGING CAPACITORS with their ENERGY DISCHARGE setting up a given PULSE RATE, which created the action of RELEASE TIMING. And what did this do? This release timing element goes on to affect the revolutions. The revolutions affect the pulsing. The pulsing determines the input. The input determines the outlay of the magnetic current flow.

Yes, the magnets Johnson used had weak flux power, however, without the flux power, everything would be stationary. Yes, the flux power not only helps the released magnetic energy, it ENCOURAGES IT. Yet, it is not a MATTER OF FLUX POWER. It is a matter of TRANSMUTABILITY and this has to do with molecular structures.

Mr. Johnson stated that the FUEL is caused to work by blending Deuterium and Gallium. Scientists already had the NAME of the energy that it manifests as these two elements are blended. Johnson used a spark energy that became focused after going through a dark, smoky defraction prism. The scientists were convinced that Johnson could not produce THEIR already named, newly discovered energy FORM with a MINIATURE cold fusion fuel cell small enough to fit inside his motor. This was their position, and they never wanted a challenge to the teaching they spent YEARS memorizing.

CONFUSION-CONFUSION! IS WHY WE HAVEN’T ADVANCED IN THIS TECHNOLOGY! Newton’s law states, “A change in substance is a change in molecular structure.””

As we focus on the thought that there is nothing BUT energy which manifests as magnetic molecular structures constantly forming and reforming, just using the words, “a change in substance” has no application. All processes go through a process of forming and reforming. THEN, any given visible substance could be perfectly reproduced, isotropic in every respect, yet be the product of DIFFERENT MOLECULAR STRUCTURE.

SO WHERE IS THIS THOUGHT LEADING US? Each electron has an identifiable core structure of its own which can be identified as its place of origin. Today, electrons are FORMED at the Earth’s energy zone, the ionosphere.

HERE IS A FULL SIZE ISOMETRIC VIEW OF THE FUEL CELL INSIDE THE UNIT. Why is this center acrylic tube called a Fuel Cell? The action accomplished inside this unit could be used to expand the name to a Molecular Vibratory Exchanger Unit.

Why call it by this name? What is it exchanging? It is exchanging the matter (liquid) into a pure energy form.

Q. Why go into the details of this magnatron motor? A. To make sure this very significant technology doesn’t get buried in a dead-end file. If the the human species is to survive, the fossil fuel extravaganza must be curtailed and magnatron motors can take its place.

What is vibrating? Vibrations come off both magnets from below the FUEL CELL and cause a SOUND OF VIBRATION as magnetic waves BOUNCE off the energy field that is already inside the vacuum chamber. This action sets up a given RESONANCE.

SOUND TURNS INTO WAVES but the magnetic energy comes out as PULSES. THIS ACTION gives a vibratory change to the structure of the liquid. This is all a random action; however, the RANDOMNESS IS THE DESIRED ORDER.

Next, we note that the energy wants to escape without doing work. WHAT IS Magnetic work? We want the molecular structures to be used to their maximum potential. This only gets accomplished as we CAUSE a “molecular break-down” by circuiting The energy in such a manner as to drive it to this point of MAXIMUM POTENTIAL, that is, its breakdown. THIS NEW MAGNETIC ACTION inside the fuel cell accomplishes this response, which then causes a point of transference that forms a NEW molecular structure. This new structure is associated with the conductive action of the red brass cover. THUS, the action taking place inside the fuel cell is a continuous process of COMBUSTION.

Faraday had a thought that is worth remembering. He stated, “The very progress which science makes as a body, is a continued correction of ignorance, i.e., a state which is ignorance in relation to The Future, though wisdom and knowledge in relation to the past.”

We can only CLAIM the use of wisdom and knowledge about the past, as we ADMIT the errors of the past. Planet Earth is in dire need of repair because the POWERS TO BE will not use wisdom and knowledge to address the PAST.

Why is it necessary for someone OUTSIDE TRADITIONAL DISCIPLINE to step inside in order to gin a new freedom of thought? A former astronaut, Captain Edgar D. Mitchell stated it quite well when he said, “History has shown time and again that important scientific discoveries generally happen only when someone steps outside the limits of his traditional discipline and looks at something from a fresh point of view. Then what should have been obvious all along comes into focus.”

Thus such great Technology has been suppressed for almost 20 years. First the U.S. Department of Energy issued a “gag” order and then a “grab” order (See Appendix 2), which is why Rory Johnson moved all his motors and technology out of his lab in the middle of the night and moved to California, and shortly thereafter he mysteriously died. Some inside information revealed that OPEC had been keeping track of all competitive technology and he was #1 on their Hit List! He was about to manufacture the motors through a nationwide dealership. Some motors still exist but the owner wants several million dollars for them.

“Suppression From Higher Up” [Excerpt]


Eric Masen

In the late 1970s, Rory Johnson, a brilliant inventor in Elgin, Illinois, created a cold-fusion, laser-activated, magnetic motor that produced 525 horsepower, weighed 475 pounds and would propel a large truck of bus 100,000 miles on about 2 pounds of deuterium and gallium. This was years before either Pons & Fleischman or Dr. James Patterson entered the scene with their cold-fusion technology. Johnson entered negotiations with the Greyhound Bus Company to install this revolutionary motor in several buses in order to demonstrate fuel savings, maintenance reduction and, hence, the possibility of greater profits for Greyhound.

Little did he know, however, that OPEC keeps close track of any potential competition to its oil business and that he was number one on its hit list. His first mistake was publicizing, in many magazines, his plans to manufacture and distribute his revolutionary motor. (The writer has spoken with a few people who even signed up for distributorships.)

After a year of hearing nothing but silence from Johnson, Greyhound agents tried to contact him-only to be notified that he had passed away unexpectedly. This is a particularly troubling part of the story, since he had been in his early fifties and in robust health. Later, Greyhound learned that shortly before he died, Johnson had inexplicably moved our of his laboratory in the middle of the night and taken all of his motors and technology to California.

Another bizarre fact then surfaced: The U.S. Department of Energy had placed a restraining order on Johnson’s company, Magnatron, Inc., prohibiting it from producing the Magnatron engine.

Popular Performance Boat Magazine — Unidentified Date/Title
Author: Rick Mazicola ?

“525 HP From Laser Activated Motor”

The February issue of the Roseau, Minnesota Farmers Union Oil Company News Letter carried a front page account of a new self-contained electric motor that will power a car for 100,000 miles on less than 2 pounds of fuel, will produce 525 horsepower and is self-contained with a weight of 475 pounds. We were at once skeptical and yet so extremely interested that our publisher, Nick Marzicola hopped a jet to Chicago to gather information, photos and have a look in person.

Rory Johnson, President of Magntron, Inc., and inventor of the proposed laser-activated power source said that the early report was factual and described his invention as being a combination electric drive and generator with a fuel cell to supply constant power.

The fuel concept is new, using Deuterium and Gallium fused by a miniature laser prism. The fuel cell is guaranteed by Magnatron to last 100,000 miles in normal use and the motor parts will be warranteed for 15,000 or 15 months, whichever comes first.

Johnson said that the motor rpm is 8,000 with a gear ration of 2:1. Lubrication for the sealed, no exhaust, no emissions, motor is Mobil 1 synthetic which will not need changing and will not use a filter due to the non-introduction of foreign materials such as carbon and varnish which are found in the internal combustion piston engine.

Fuel for the new power source is plentiful, since Deuterium is derived from water and Gallium is derived from Aluminum Bauxite, three parts per million all over the face of the earth.

Potential uses and markets seen by Magnatron are in transportation and energy production such as a replacement for steam boilers, turbines and auxiliary power for industry with home generator usage possible. Johnson, being located in Elgin Illinois, privately feels the first units should be power farm tractors and trucks with personal transportation vehicles being fitted second. Magnatron says the new power source would be highly adaptable to boats, ships, and air use.

A public demonstration of the new power source-is scheduled for the very near future, says Johnson, with four Magnatron-equipped vehicles traveling across the USA in such a manner that practically every citizen will have a chance to see the new motor on a first-hand basis. Also, one special vehicle will take a surprise route coast-to-coast on an unannounced schedule, while itineraries for the other vehicles will be publicized prior ro arrival.

Production is proposed to begin after the public demonstration and with current facilities Magnatron estimates a maximum of 100 units per day could be constructed. Plans are in the worls to construct a larger manufacturing plant on a 65-acre plot in Illinois with national distribution to follow.

In addition to the driving tests, Magnatron plans to send three motors to independent labs for testing and install several others on various farm equipment including grain storage and drying equipment, Popular Performance Boat Magazine will have an updated story next issue including the drive plan itinerary. Magnatron stated that due to the volume of mail being received, only those inquiries with self-addressed stamped envelopes will be answered.

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    Wait and see… ^_^

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    My father actually witnessed a demonstration of the Thorium Plasma Battery before Uncle Sam swiped the patent rights from the American inventor who allegedly spent 12 years of his life developing the working prototype. That story can be found at this link:

    And this horror story would not be complete without reading this…

    Yeah, we are running out of oil, but if we had an honest government we might not need the energy drug.

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    Free energy if it exists means the destruction of the planet. That’s the reality of the situation. Let the oil run out and hope that we return to a more ecologically balanced way of life.

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    I did some serious checking on this Thorium plasma battery technology, and eventually spoke with Japan’s top plasma energy physicist (Dr. Shimoda in Osaka. Apparently Panasonic is being threatened by the American Government with sanctions on their products if they release the technology to the public via laptop and mobile phone batteries. Apparently he was a consultant on the deal for Panasonic. I am trying to get a written statement from him, but he is clearly concerned for his safety. Shimoda says he also met the American inventor in Beijing in 2009 for a 36 hour demonstration in which the battery gave out continuous stable power under loads that were incrementally increased with no current fluctuation or drain. He admitted the device is indeed nuclear, but said Thorium is immune for any catastrophic failure, and the radiation level is the same as mobile telephone. Shimoda claims this technology can eliminate coal plants if the batteries were made in large sizes and plugged into the existing power grids. It has zero emissions, and he claimed if massed produced, would even be affordable. According to the Dept of Interior, there is enough Thorium in America alone to power the world for over 1,000 years! Let’s see if Panasonic has the balls to stand up to Uncle Sam. Somebody has to or this game-changing technology will end up like the Magnatron motor.

  7. Maxwell Garvin on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 7:09 am 

    This will make a great movie for sure, but I have no doubts at all that the puppet masters do indeed want us all to remain hooked on oil for as long as they can make money and keep driving up the prices like they did in Iraq and now Libya. All these conflicts in oil-rich nations are no coincidence. Really, what does NATO (The NORTH Atlantic Treaty Organization) have to do with Libya which is neither in the Northern hemisphere, nor on the Atlantic Ocean, have to do with them???
    This battery technology would surely put the bastards out of business, and that is why they are snuffing out the inventors. We should really boycott oil and find a way not to use the crap any more. I’d surely buy some of these batteries if they were made available.

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    Wake up people! National Security is real and worth protecting. See this link and thank those in Washington for the foresight to closely guard America’s top technology with dual uses.

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    I find it crazy as have been taken and told it is to do with magnetism how speed is done and can disappear. That was a few years ago. I did not expect it to make things vanish. But it does.
    He told me he is watching us being given this knowledge and they are being very careful.

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    I was shown the universe and thought how crazy! I was told I had to have another baby. She is a biomedical scientist.

  11. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 2:45 pm 

    Sorry. What are you going to do with the fact you cannot make free energy?

  12. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 2:46 pm 

    We know it can be. What do you think about the loss of help

  13. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 2:48 pm 

    I know it is as have been shown. Call me a crazy. Was told magnetism is the way to the universe.

  14. ghung on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 2:57 pm 

    You’re a crazy.

  15. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:07 pm 

    He said (he looked like a he) they worked magnetism as free energy. You dont need wheels as you hover. There was not a front or back to the small craft as it seemed was all ways. It could disappear in a second. He showed me a place near where I could say where they stayed. They are like us in ways. they do take drugs, which I felt crazy. They dont like it here. They are tall, slim, about 6ft 6 and very pale. white hair, and pale blue eyes. They wear black robes and are very quiet.

  16. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:10 pm 

    They took me a long time ago and I dont know. It happened again and again. The daughter who I felt was theirs is now a biomedical scientist.

  17. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:13 pm 

    I did not talk to anyone. However they said I will have a baby who will be part of them and thats the truth. She is so intelligent its a bit frightening.

  18. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:16 pm 

    She has told me that she had people in her bedroom. She does not talk too much, same as me

  19. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:23 pm 

    Will somebody talk to me

  20. ghung on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:26 pm 

    Did you show her your shillelagh? Did she laugh?

  21. sheenagh mcvey on Wed, 10th Feb 2016 3:31 pm 

    OK am crazy but I know what I know, and so does my biomedical scientist who had queer things too

  22. Tom Wlazlak on Sat, 1st Oct 2016 2:47 pm 

    I have proof of magnetic free energy I have been saying this for years I am still waiting to see these people that make people disappear. what really happens is people working on over-unity just give up trying because there is no one that is really interested in funding projects in there field. if anyone working on these projects drop dead it is just from lack of interest in living in a world where people are not worth living with. Tom Wlazlak

  23. Sumarianson on Tue, 2nd Oct 2018 10:56 am 

    Now 2018 Oct. Looks like Panasonic gave in. No thorium battery! What a shame. The Psychopathic oligarchs are still in control.

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