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Page added on August 7, 2022

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Solar and Hydrogen in Green Transition

Solar and Hydrogen in Green Transition thumbnail

Following on from recent statements suggesting that Africa must double investments to reach its energy and climate goals, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has set out leading green transition pathways for the continent – delivering better economic and social returns. These sustainable development routes, presented in the IEA’s freshly-launched Africa Energy Outlook report – a full policymakers’ summary of findings to be exhibited live at this year’s MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power conference to west Africa’s top corporate and government authorities in aid of formulating a unified African narrative ahead of December’s 27th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP27) – call for two thirds of additional investment to be directed into clean energy sources by 2030.


As it stands, despite producing only 3% of global energy-related emissions, African economies are among those most at risk – expected to lose 8% per annum in GDPs from two degrees of global warming by 2050. This makes an efficient energy transition an economic imperative for Africa. However, as a UN study recently showed, African investment into renewables, such as those the IEA has proposed, actually repays itself many times over – producing 420% better returns in gross value addition and 250% better returns in job creation than investment into fossil fuels. Following the IEA’s roadmap will not only create four million new energy-related jobs per annum but could prevent more than 500,000 premature deaths each year.

The IEA’s report states that Africa, despite being home to 60% of the world’s best solar resources, boasts a mere 1% of global installed PV capacity – a tremendous opportunity. It projects that by 2030, renewables will account for more than 80% of new power generation capacity on the continent, recalling that the costs of solar and wind have fallen by 85% and 55%, respectively, in the past decade to make them Africa’s cheapest sources of energy. What’s more, fueled by this comes perhaps the most surprising discovery of all: the continent’s globally leading green hydrogen potential.

Originating from seawater split by 24/7 multi-gigawatt arrays of solar and wind, green hydrogen has every chance of surpassing liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the fuel source of the future, and MSGBC isn’t being left behind. Mauritania is ahead of the curve having already secured $43.5 billion in foreign direct investment into the carbon neutral fuel with a pair of memorandum of understandings signed last year. As the IEA’s Africa Energy Outlook highlights, green hydrogen has four advantages: zero footprint, scalability, cost-efficiency from modular deployment technologies and resilience against reserve depletion/ climate impacts.

Already, an estimated 3/5 of Africa’s thermal (gas and oil) power plants are at high or very high risk of disruption from water stress – Mauritania averaging six days of rain each year – and already, 1/6 of Africa’s LNG capacity is vulnerable to coastal flooding – among the extreme water events that cost 10% of Senegal’s GDP each year. Green hydrogen is impervious to such threats, with a continental capacity to produce 5,000 megatons of the fuel – equivalent to the world’s current primary energy demand – for as little as $2 per kilogram.

With MSGBC’s energy transition top of the agenda during this year’s event, Rita Madeira, Africa Program Officer at the IEA will be presenting a first of its kind live executive summary keynote on the IEA’s Africa Energy Outlook report released last month, driving discussions on climate change, natural gas and green hydrogen. To join in writing an efficient, cost-effective African energy transition in Dakar this September, transforming societies and economies, visit to register.

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28 Comments on "Solar and Hydrogen in Green Transition"

  1. makati1 on Sun, 7th Aug 2022 4:33 pm 

    There is no “green transition” just propaganda whose real purpose is to deconstruct the population.

    Do the math greenies. Where are the many millions of tons of materials and huge amounts of energy to come from for tens of millions of windmills to be manufactured, installed, maintained and eventually removed? Ditto, millions of square miles of solar panels, a world wide change to electrical systems, etc. The US system cannot handle the radical change. I doubt any can, or ever will.

    Dream on!

  2. makati1 on Sun, 7th Aug 2022 4:39 pm 

    Far better that you take time (7min.) to read this article:

    “The extraordinary thing is the self-justification of the Western world for its own suicide and its refusal to admit that anything is wrong with it…

    …Just over fifty years ago, in 1971, a popular American singer called Don McLean, almost prophetically, sang of these torments, that is, of spiritual death, in a song called ‘American Pie’. Describing how America had lost its faith in the previous decade of the 1960s, he sang that ‘for ten years we’ve been on our own’ and how he saw ‘Satan laughing with delight’, and that ‘the church bells all were broken / And the three men I admire most / The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost / They caught the last train for the coast… / Singin’, this’ll be the day that I die’.” ‘American Pie” by Don McLean.

  3. makati1 on Sun, 7th Aug 2022 5:18 pm 

    “s Changed Inside Russia

    Guest Post by Martin Armstrong

    To my total shock, I know a family that fled Poland to flee from Russia and went to Canada. They then fled Canada because of all the insanity of Trudeau and refused to return. Since their visa for America is expiring, they said to me that they may now go to Russia. I was completely stunned. They said Western culture is pushing them to return from pronouns to canceling anyone who has ever said anything, even 25 years ago, and the total craziness in politics. What they once fled from is still far better than what is taking place here.’

    And you ask why I left the US and will never return.

  4. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 7th Aug 2022 6:07 pm 

    Here are the 10 states with the highest murder rate:

    Louisiana (12.4 per 100k)
    Missouri (9.8 per 100k)
    Nevada (9.1 per 100k)
    Maryland (9 per 100k)
    Arkansas (8.6 per 100k)
    Alaska (8.4 per 100k)
    Alabama (8.3 per 100k)
    Mississippi (8.2 per 100k)
    Illinois (7.8 per 100k)
    South Carolina (7.8 per 100k)

    Anyone see a trend? lol!!!

  5. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 7th Aug 2022 6:12 pm 

    Here are the 10 states with the highest gun deaths per capita:

    Alaska (24.5 per 100k people)
    Alabama (22.9 per 100k people)
    Montana (22.5 per 100k people)
    Louisiana (21.7 per 100k people)
    Mississippi (21.5 per 100k people)
    Missouri (21.5 per 100k people)
    Arkansas (20.3 per 100k people)
    Wyoming (18.8 per 100k people)
    West Virginia (18.6 per 100k people)
    New Mexico (18.5 per 100k people)

    Fat wingpawns love their guns.

  6. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 8th Aug 2022 12:17 pm 

    “Yet, for a politician to advocate increased economic growth, given the evidence, they have to be ignorant, wicked or stupid.”

  7. makati1 on Mon, 8th Aug 2022 5:44 pm 

    Maybe Cloggie would be interested in this:

    “The current Dutch plan includes killing off 30% of the country’s livestock, which would put 30,000 farmers out of business and dramatically reduce meat supplies in Europe and beyond. The remaining farmers would be forced to cut nitrogen emissions by upwards of 95%, which would put them out of business too.”

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 8th Aug 2022 5:55 pm 

    This Canadian fellow thinks that the “bakfiets” could become the most prominent means of transport in the 21st century:

  9. makati1 on Mon, 8th Aug 2022 6:09 pm 

    This might explain Cloggie’s mental problem:

    “I call the Netherlands a narcostate 2.0 because the drugs pump so much money into the legal economy that it takes over,” Struijs told Swedish broadcaster SVT, adding “It undermines democracy but also the economy.”

  10. world supremacist muzzies unite on Tue, 9th Aug 2022 1:31 am 

    braking news supremacist muzzies roasted in Kabul.

    US Navy sent seal team to retrieve muzie carcass and will be burying at sea accoring to muzzie custom, but it’s not a muzzie

    supertards plsease change ur undie after 1 week

    please be ease we’re muzzies lovers

  11. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 9th Aug 2022 9:38 am 

    BREAKING: Donald Trump’s personal library was destroyed in the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago.

    Both books are sadly beyond repair, and he hadn’t even finished coloring one in yet.

  12. Dredd on Tue, 9th Aug 2022 9:48 am 

    “It is a good day, let’s not make any bones about that,” says Mann today on the show. “This is, by far, the most aggressive climate legislation — in fact, the only meaningful climate legislation that has ever passed the U.S. Senate.”

    Which brings up the question: “can atoms in the brains of senators et alia think” (Quantum Biology – 13)?

  13. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 9th Aug 2022 10:59 am 

    Successful dictators need far more political intelligence than Trump’s band of buffoons.

    (lets not put down buffoons by comparing then to Fat Boy losers)

  14. braking supertards another supremacist muzzie in afghanistan is roasted us navy will send seal team to retrieve muzzie carcass for burial at sea according to muzzie custom but this is not a muzzie on Tue, 9th Aug 2022 11:55 am 

    it’s a muzzie and it’s not a muzzie

    supertards please change ur undies after 1 week

    pleae be ease we re muzzie lovers

  15. Cloggie on Tue, 9th Aug 2022 4:06 pm 

    BBC News now calls UK energy situation “apocaliptic”.

  16. Dredd on Wed, 10th Aug 2022 3:28 pm 

    One good thing about clean energy, besides the fact that Oil-Qaeda doesn’t make it, is that no seaport is needed to get it to the customers. Seaports are scheduled for extinction (Seaports With Sea Level Change – 23).

  17. makati1 on Wed, 10th Aug 2022 6:24 pm 

    Hmm, but Dredd, they will never be totally independent of ports unless you can get the materials locally to maintain and replace them when they ware out. From recycle, which never works out? Do you even know what goes into a solar panel system or windmill? Obviously not.

    Ask Germany what they are going to do with the hundreds of windmills already decommissioned. Hundreds of thousands of tons of trash to get rid of using FFs. Recycle will never work either. Too energy (FF) intense and co$tly.

    The Greenies just want to destroy the current system, not replace it with anything that works. Logic and thought is not involved. Maybe they should all be made to read and understand this 2011 article?

    Nah! They have all been dumbed down and too brainwashed to understand anything rational. So be it. Pass the popcorn. We may get to watch the end of humanity.

  18. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 11th Aug 2022 10:19 am 

    If Trump goes to jail, it opens the door for every lying, corrupt, perverted piece of shit to go to jail too. Is that what we want?

  19. makati1 on Thu, 11th Aug 2022 4:44 pm 

    If you cannot handle the truth, don’t read this:

    “We now stand on the precipice of the Decline & Fall of the United States. It will soon be time to turn off the lights. Neither political party has EVER violated the post-term immunity of former presidents that has distinguished America from every corrupt two-bit government pretending to be democratic while imprisoning their political opponents….The raid of Trump pretending to be searching for documents is not just a very sad day in American history targeting former presidents as they do in banana republics, but this too will be a day we remember in infamy. The America we grew up in ceased to exist as of August 8th, 2022…”

  20. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 11th Aug 2022 5:58 pm 

    “Trump assumes everyone is as corrupt as he is and he believes it’s fair game to lie and cheat to get his way and the GOP is adopting his view. It’s not surprising that Republican officials would immediately be alarmed that the FBI searched Trump’s resort but accusing the agency of planting evidence is pure Trumpism. That’s what they would do.”

    We all can’t be as corrupt as the Fat Boy

  21. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 11th Aug 2022 9:54 pm 


    “Drought is set to be declared TODAY bringing fears of more hosepipe bans while experts predict dry conditions could last into next YEAR – and Britons panic-buy water ahead of 95F heat“

    Europe is heading for a black swan event: little energy, little fertilizer, little water, ruined harvest.

    For Britain, that thought it was too good for Europe, is hit worst, because of its ruined trade relations with Europe. Europe, that normally sends 50% of its food to the UK, will now keep it for itself.

  22. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 12th Aug 2022 11:59 am 

    CLIMATE CRISIS IN PICTURES: French drought intensifies as River Loire dries up

    As France continues to suffer its worst drought on record, many of its mighty rivers – including the Loire and the Dordogne – have in some areas dwindled to a trickle while in other regions lakes and reservoirs have vanished.

    Gruesome Video

    Poland’s second longest river, the Oder, has just died from toxic pollution. In addition of solvents, the Germans detected mercury levels beyond the scale of measurements. The government, knowing for two weeks about the problem, did not inform either residents or Germans. 11/08/2022

  23. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 12th Aug 2022 12:47 pm 

    Doomsday scenario: Climate change news should send a tingle of fear down your spine

    “RALEIGH – In Climate Change news last week, there were four headlines that should send a tingle of fear down the spine of every human being. Taken together, these four articles represent an approaching tragedy of the highest order for planet Earth and humanity. It is a true doomsday scenario. These four headlines should cause humanity to wake up, take notice, and change course:

    ‘Soon it will be unrecognisable’: total climate meltdown cannot be stopped, says expert
    Scientists say temperatures are getting ‘hotter faster’ than their tools can calculate
    Why the Arctic Is Warming 4 Times as Fast as the Rest of Earth
    The perfect storm – The ripple effects of concurrent crises are leading the world on a path to crushing hunger, and the possibility of more war

    Let’s quickly look at what these four articles are talking about so we can see the full, combined picture.
    Total climate meltdown

    The first article is discussing a new book entitled Hothouse Earth by a well-known scientist named Bill McGuire in London. This first quote from the author sets the stage:

    “The world needs to know how bad things are going to get before we can hope to start to tackle the crisis.”

    Then there is this quote, talking about how quickly the effects of global heating are growing:

    “These changes underline one of the most startling aspects of climate breakdown: the speed with which global average temperature rises translate into extreme weather. ‘Just look at what is happening already to a world which has only heated up by just over one degree,’ says McGuire. ‘It turns out the climate is changing for the worse far quicker than predicted by early climate models. That’s something that was never expected.’

    “Anything above 1.5C will see a world plagued by intense summer heat, extreme drought, devastating floods, reduced crop yields, rapidly melting ice sheets and surging sea levels. A rise of 2C and above will seriously threaten the stability of global society, McGuire argues.”

    Anything above 1.5C Ba ha ha. Where we at? 1.3C ish I think. No matter. If we stopped all emissions today we will still see 2.5C min and the feed-backs then will blow us away like dust.

    faster than expected

    I expect to see headline that say:

    Climate change Deniers being burned at the stake faster than expected —film at 11

    I figure the US alone can produce 5-6 regional climate woke Robespierres. At that point all the screaming paranoid conservatives will get to see and feel what living under actual, smash your stupid face in communism, is really like instead of crying about communism every time they are slightly inconvenienced or election results don’t go their way.

  24. makati1 on Fri, 12th Aug 2022 4:44 pm 

    Fear mongering by the woke elite that want to own it all and only have house and field slaves to support their luxurious lifestyle. No ‘useless eaters’ required.

    It is only the arrogant, megalomania of a few who actually believe they can stop what has been happening for billions of years, and will continue until the sun burns out. I might add that only the dumbed down could possibly believe them.

    It really is time for pitchforks and rope, on the nearest lamp post or tree, for these murderers. They number at best, a few thousand. We number billions.

  25. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 14th Aug 2022 10:15 am 

    “—-along with the reminder of Mussolini and his mistress strung up in a square in Italy by a bunch of Italians thoroughly pissed off about the ruin he and the fascists brought to that country”

    Must be on several minds–even Trump might have a flash

  26. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 14th Aug 2022 4:46 pm 

    Donald Trump’s son in law has tipped the FBI that prompted the raid:

    Jared Koushner is a kike, no surprises here.

    He cooperated with the jewish judge, who ordered the raid.

    Again, kikes always cooperate to increase their collective power and are able to outsmart whitey, which in North-America is not so difficult.

    And in the end, whitey begins to realize that he may have less IQ-points, but that he still has more fists… and the next pogrom is a fact. There is something inevitable in gentile-jewish intersction.

    To be continued.

  27. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 14th Aug 2022 5:08 pm 

    “God created war so that Americans could study geography.”
    —Mark Twain

  28. makati1 on Sun, 14th Aug 2022 5:20 pm 

    I would bet next months S.S. that the average American could not locate the Ukraine on a blank map of the world. Probably could not even find the US.

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