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Page added on April 10, 2021

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Saudis Plan Major Solar Development in Bid to Cut Emissions

Alternative Energy

Saudi Arabia announced a major development plan for solar energy as it looks to slash emissions and cut how much oil it burns for power.

The oil-rich state has signed seven agreements to produce electricity from solar power in various parts of the country, Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said at a conference in Sakaka Thursday. These projects will add up to 3,670 megawatts of capacity.

So far, Saudi Arabia has been slow to move away from fossil fuels in favor of clean energy. By way of comparison, the U.K. had over 38 gigawatts of wind and solar installed by the end of last year, compared to less than 1 gigawatt of all renewable power in Saudi Arabia currently. The kingdom also wants to be a leading clean hydrogen producer.

One of the plants, developed by the sovereign wealth Public Investment Fund, will be the country’s largest when it starts operating — producing 1,500 megawatts of clean power.

The switch to solar aims to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by more than 7 million tons. Some of the projects have set a new world record for the lowest cost of solar-produced electricity — costing 1.04 US cents per kWh, according to a statement.

“We are moving to a better, more efficient, more cost effective energy mix,” Prince Abdulaziz said in an interview. “There is a huge economic case for it, especially when it comes to this 1 million barrels that will be displaced by 2030.”

These energy projects have been signed with five consortia, comprising Acwa Power which is co-owned by the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, and 12 Saudi and international companies.

“In some years we will see 5 and 7 gigawatts of solar renewable projects every year,” he said. That would be enough for the kingdom to meet its goal of having half of its power production from renewables by 2030, he said.


12 Comments on "Saudis Plan Major Solar Development in Bid to Cut Emissions"

  1. Cloggie on Sat, 10th Apr 2021 9:33 am 

    “Saudi Arabia’s second PV tender draws world record low bid of $0.0104/kWh”

    One freaking cent per kWh from solar from the desert. Truly too cheap to meter. The cost of raw electricity in the desert is no longer relevant. All focus is now bringing said kWh onto world markets in a “packaged format”.

    As a reminder, this is what 1 kWh is in human terms: pulling a car by hand from ground level to the top of the Eiffel Tower:

  2. YouAreGointToGetWhatYouDeserve on Sat, 10th Apr 2021 1:57 pm 

    So Happy you spied on me, it really show me who you are. Trump is part of the free mason. Go at the end of the video. 10:10. You want chaos cock sucker, I will help with you that, what about chaos caused by the electrical grid going down and the water distribution system going down. Let me help you chaos fucking cock sucker. GOD will no be mock like that, and me either.

    The Freemasonic Empire

  3. LetsPlayTheDanceOfDeathFreemasson on Sat, 10th Apr 2021 2:25 pm 

    And if this is not enough, the Cabal has atransgender agenda. For some reasons, I don’t know wht yet, but eventually I will find out

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    They are both dying because they drank adrenochrome and have HIV

    There is a lot of Male to female transvestite in the entertain industries. You want a fuck up earth, one without electricity, and potable water. I can give you that, it cannot be more fucked up then that.

    Let me help with that using passive sabotage and destruction of western civilization. Let’s play together the dance of death.

    You seem so confident and sure of yourself Freemason. Let’s play the dance of death together. Let’s see who kill who once the electrical grid is down. Let’s see who is the best at hand and combat and building personal militia. Let’s play the dance of death.

  4. EarthIsAAlienExperiemnt on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 11:01 am 

    StarvingLion » Sun 11 Apr 2021, 02:49:52
    The entire ‘space industry’, Particle Physics, Cosmology, Darwinian Evolution are a FRAUD, from top to bottom.

    Truth: We have absolutely no idea what gravity is and probably never will.
    Truth: Rockets can’t work in the vacuum of space.
    Truth: There is no such thing as enriched Uranium.
    Truth: The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics makes perfectly clear that Atoms do NOT exist
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    Truth: There are no GPS Satellites or any other kind. They defy the laws of physics.
    Truth: Nuclear Fission is Transmutation of Elements and is therefore is MAGIC (fraud).
    Truth: Entire field of modern astrophysics is pseudoscience…Proof: Steven Hawking a cripple in a wheelbarrow peddling any old shit and considered genius.
    Truth: The wings on the “Space” Shuttle were not capable of hypersonic travel
    Truth: Darwinian Evolution is fraud. Try creating a virus using only inert elements, plasma, and forces (eg gravity). You will never succeed.
    Truth: The Nuke Bombs can’t possibly function just by examining the detonation mechanisms.
    etc etc.


    Human are labs rats. Freemason are control by aliens living deep withing the earth.

    THe following book talk about.

    Personally I said we torture the freemason at the top of hierarchy until they tell us where to find the aliens. We kill the freemason of lower ranks by torture.

  5. YouDeserveWhatIsComingCabalAndAliens on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 11:22 am 

    OutcastPhilosopher » Sun 11 Apr 2021, 10:23:45

    The US cannot even get its “hypersonic” missiles to launch. I bet Israel has the codes to the ones that work though….just ask Jonathan Pollard.

    How is that F-35 working out? How many billions were lost on that boondoggle?

    The Military Industrial Complex SCAM has completely bankrupted the USSA. Don’t tell the cuckservatives though….they love the Military and it is totally not a socialist enterprise….wink wink nod nod.

    The USSA LGBTQCATRETARD Empire is falling apart.

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    SpaceX penis missiles blowing up on the launching pad.

    These Freemasons sure are obsessed with phallic objects and launching them all over the place except they can’t keep them up. I wouldn’t be able to either if I had to listen to ole Janet Yellen all day.


    Don’t worry dude. We have full of brown shit diversity, Jews, gook, negro, women ready to fix this. Apparently, the Cabal hates the Whites man and want other people to take over western civilization. I say as a white man, I will gladly step aside and let them fix everything. The Nasa has gone full woke. The Cabal is now using Nasa to push socials issues, like hatred of the Whites man and so. The Cabal is really trying hard to keep this shit show going. I would like to thank the Cabal, you provide me with a good laugh every morning.

    In the Midst of Segregation, She Persevered | Remembering Mary W. Jackson on her 100th Birthday

    Cabal = Isreal/Mossad/Freemasonary/CIA/MI6/KGB/NASA/WEF/UN/WHO/Klauss Schwab/Royal family/England leader/Europe leaders/Intelligence agencies of the world/WTO/Vatican of Rome/European Space Agency/Space X/Goldman Sach/YouTube/FaceBook/Twitter/HollyWood/Disney/China/Rocket Lab

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    When a civilization is that stupid, it deserve to die and suffer.

  6. aadbrd on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 12:12 pm 

    “Trump is part of the free mason.”

    Someone tell that to the Qanoners who see him as a savior from the (mason) illuminati.

  7. PutEconomicalSanctionsOnEngland on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 2:33 pm 

    Since essentially the home land of the freemasonry is the island of England. Would it make more sense to put economical sanctions on England or simply carpet bombs the financial district of London. Seems like a winning situation for me. After all, the freemason love chaos, this would create a lot of chaos withing England

    Go at the end of the video. 10:10. You want chaos cock sucker, I can help with you that.

    The Freemasonic Empire

  8. NotImpressUglyJews on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 2:43 pm 

    Look people the Cabal and Israel the house of Satan is at it again. Good jobs boys. I am so scare about a nuclear bomb that is a hoax. I an so afraid right now, ugly Jews with 118 genetics defect. By the way ugly Jews, your women are un-fuckable. Your nicest women are actually male transvestite like Gal Gadot. Not impress ugly Jews.

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  9. JewsAreSexualDeviantAndSerialkPedophile on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 2:54 pm 

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  10. IFuckIsrealAndMossadInTheAss on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 3:11 pm 

    Israel: Biden admin’s commitment to Israel “enduring” and “ironclad” says US Def Sec Austin

    Does not matter what the fat ugly negro think or Bidet for that matter. They survival of western civilization totally depend on me willing to participate to this clown show.

    Since I am not willing to participate, what the fat negro is saying is not important. What is important, is what I do and don’t do. Just setting the records strait here dumb mother ugly useless worthless sexually deviant JEWS. I am in control of the destiny of western civilisation you are not.
    This message might come form GOD or not. I am just a conduit.

  11. IFuckIsrealAndMossadInTheAss on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 3:20 pm 

    Wow they removed the video link just after comment. I guess the Jews and Freemason are really the ones controlling the US, not the US politicians.

  12. IFuckIsrealAndMossasdInTheAss on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 3:24 pm 

    Here is another link:

    Israel: Biden admin’s commitment to Israel “enduring” and “ironclad” says US Def Sec Austin

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