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Page added on February 7, 2017

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Renewable Lies And The Deception Of Dutch Commuters

Alternative Energy

It’s been a while since the Automatic Earth featured an article from Energy Matters, the site run by our longtime friend Euan Mearns, Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Aberdeen, and his co-conspirator Roger Andrews, a British engineer/geophysicist, semi-retired in Mexico. But I read a piece by Roger yesterday that I like, because it allows me to rant against all the false claims emanating from countries and companies about the share of renewable power in their total energy consumption.

Roger focuses on the railway system in the Netherlands, run by NS, which recently claimed that it operates on 100% wind power. This is of course, if you know anything about electricity generation and the grid, a preposterous claim, and that the company has the guts to make such a claim can only serve to prove how little the general public knows about the topic. Or they wouldn’t dare. Green is still so sexy in certain circles, and actual knowledge so poor, that companies like the NS feel no scruples about stretching their ‘greenness’ into absurd theater territory.

Google does something similar. And you might be inclined to think that the topic is so important for both the companies and the people they seek to please with their claims that grossly exaggerating the numbers would be out of the question, but not so. Instead, “Google announced that it will purchase enough renewable energy to match 100% of its operations in 2017”. And that is not the same as running on renewables, which is what is being suggested (in carefully cherry-picked terms). I like this assessment by

Is Google’s Renewable Energy Plan What It Seems?

“Essentially, Google is contracting for green energy from places that can never reach its data centers. If it were as simple as Google claims, it would be easy to build a renewable power sector. New York City could execute a massive number of contracts with wind farms in upstate New York because they are on the same grid.“ [..]


Google is promising to buy—on an annual basis—the same amount of megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy as the amount of megawatt-hours of electricity that it consumes for its worldwide operations. This approach will benefit the renewable energy market even though it is still generating the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions with or without its 100% renewable energy purchasing plan.

Google ‘buys renewable energy’ in various places around the world, but its servers don’t run on it. It’s exactly like companies buying carbon permits from poorer nations; an excuse to keep polluting. As both the permits and the renewables are traded in markets where prices are low and/or heavily subsidized. As for the scale involved, “In 2015, Google consumed 5.7 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity, which is nearly as much electricity as the city of San Francisco.” And don’t forget it keeps consuming ever more as the company grows. That’s a lot of fossil fuels. The medieval ‘principle’ of absolution inevitably comes to mind.

As for the Netherlands’ railways, Roger concludes below, after explaining why, that “the Netherlands’ electrified railways continue to be powered dominantly by fossil fuel electricity. The “Harried Dutch commuters” who are “travelling on one of the most environmentally friendly rail networks in the whole of Europe, if not the world” are being sold a bill of goods.”

I would like to add that because of continuing issues related to intermittency and baseload, which are nowhere near being solved, the very grid itself that is used to deliver the ‘renewable’ electricity couldn’t exist without fossil fuels. Or, in other words, if there were only ‘green’ sources of electricity, there would be no grid. How much can be moved towards ‘green’ sources is still somewhat debatable, but just like solar panels and wind turbines cannot build themselves but need fossil fuels to be produced, there is a limit far far below the 100% both Google and the Dutch railways are (deceitfully?) toying around with. Here’s Roger:

Do The Netherlands’ Trains Really Run On 100% Wind Power?

This question generated a number of comments in the last Blowout so I thought I would take a quick look at it. I find that the electrified portion of the Dutch railway network (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, or NS) runs on grid electricity that comes dominantly from fossil fuel generation (natural gas and coal). NS claims 100% wind power because it has a contract with various wind farms to produce enough energy to power its rail system, but this is just an accounting transaction. Only a small fraction of the power delivered to its trains actually comes from wind.

First some details on the Netherlands’ electricity sector. As shown in the table below installed capacity is dominantly fossil fuel, with natural gas making up 61% of total installed capacity and coal 15%. Wind contributes 4,117MW, representing 13% of the capacity mix. (Data from ENTSO-E ):


No details on the current generation mix are readily available, but as shown in Figure 1 gas and coal supplied around 80% of the Netherlands’ electricity between 2000 and 2013 and it’s likely that this percentage still applies.

Figure 1: The Netherlands’ generation mix 2000-2013. Data from Frontier Economics

How much of the Netherlands’ electricity is supplied by wind? According to Cleantechnica, wind power in the Netherlands generates 7.4 billion kWh (7.4TWh) of electricity annually, and according to BP the Netherlands’ total electricity generation in 2015 was 109.6TWh. However, wind power consumption in the Netherlands in 2015 was 12.5TWh, indicating that about 5TWh of wind power was imported during the year. So while wind contributes about 7% to the Netherlands’ electricity generation it contributes about 11% to the country’s electricity consumption. Either figure comfortably exceeds the amount of electricity NS uses to power its electric trains, which is variously quoted as either 1.2 or 1.4TWh/year.

The Netherlands imports wind power basically because it’s falling behind its EU renewable energy targets. But how does NS know the power it imports is wind? Because Eneco, which contracts to supply NS with wind power, gets a “Guarantee of Origin” from the exporter under which the exporter confirms that the power came from wind and assigns the rights to it to NS. As Cleantechnica puts it: “the GoO system allows for the transfer of the rights to call electricity green from those who actually generate renewable energy to those who don’t but want to classify their power as such. The actual amount of green energy produced is unaffected.”

There is, however, a problem. For NS to use only wind power from wind farms to power its rail system the wind farms must be connected directly to NS’s railways. (Figure 2: Note the dotted lines showing non-electrified track. According to LJ Electrical only 2,231km of NS’s total 3,223km of track is electrified):

Figure 2: The Netherlands’ railway network.

And of course no such connections exist. The two Dutch wind farms that have contracted to sell power to NS (Noordoostpolder and Luchterduinen) are both connected directly to the Dutch grid, along with all the other power plants in the country, and NS draws its power from the grid:

Figure 3: The Netherlands’ electricity grid. Grid connections for the Luchterduinen and Nordpoostpolder wind farms (locations approximate) are shown in black.

When wind power is fed into a grid it becomes inextricably mixed with all the vibrating electrons from other generation sources to the point where there is no way of knowing where any power taken from the grid came from. Grid power in fact reflects the overall generation mix, which in the case of the Netherlands is dominantly gas and coal with only a small contribution from wind. How much wind? Over the course of this year the average will be around 11%, equal to wind power’s share of the Netherlands’ annual grid electricity consumption.

And only half of the wind power NS has contracted for comes from the Netherlands. The other half comes from “newly built wind farms in …. Belgium and Finland”. Wind power now supplies about 10% of Belgium’s electricity, so power imported from the Belgian grid will be about 10% wind. Wind power from Finland can be discounted. Only about 2% of Finland’s generation mix is wind, and by the time it passes through the Finnish, Swedish and German grids on its way to the Netherlands it will effectively have disappeared. Imports from the German grid, however, will contain about 14% wind power, although not wind power that NS has contracted for. Putting these numbers together indicates that only 10-15% of the electricity consumed annually by NS’s electric trains will come from wind, with the rest a mixture that includes mostly Dutch gas and coal plus a small amount of Belgian and German coal, nuclear and lignite – and maybe even a little German solar.

The supply of wind power to the Dutch grid will also not be constant. I have no wind records for the Netherlands but P.F. Bach supplies data for Belgium, which should be a close analogy, and Figure 4 shows Belgian wind generation for September 2014:

Figure 4: Belgian wind generation, September 2014

With an installed capacity of around 1850MW in this month the overall wind capacity factor was 11% and there were a number of occasions on which wind generation fell effectively to zero for hours on end. During these periods wind generation in the neighboring Netherlands would also have fallen to low levels. Were these conditions to repeat themselves now, and if NS’s trains were powered exclusively by wind, they would almost certainly come to a halt. (Although Eneco, NS’s wind power procurer, claims that its “wind farm portfolio guarantees sufficient capacity to cover such eventualities” . Apparently Eneco can make the wind blow to order.)

So how does NS justify the claim that all Dutch trains run on 100% wind power? Well, it actually claims that only the electrified portion runs on 100% wind. Only the Guardian has seen fit to publish a correction:

An earlier version said all Dutch trains were now 100% powered by wind-generated electricity, according to the national railway company NS. The company said all electric trains were now powered by wind energy. (my emphasis)

And how does NS justify this lesser claim? According to Railway Technology because it has a:

“green energy contract – thought to be among the largest yet signed in Europe – between power supplier Eneco and VIVENS, an energy procurement joint venture comprising Netherlands Railways (NS), Veolia, Arriva, Connexxion and rail freight firms”, and because


“NS and Eneco have carefully selected a list of wind farms that fulfil their criteria of being traceable, sustainable – or renewable – and additional, or new”, and because


“This partnership ensures that new investments can be made in even newer wind farms, which will increase the share of renewable energy. In this way, the Dutch railways aim to reduce the greatest negative environmental impact caused by CO2 in such a way that its demand actually contributes to the sustainable power generation in the Netherlands and Europe.”

The first two are “feel good” justifications that have no practical impact. The third – that by purchasing wind power that would otherwise have gone elsewhere NS is leaving the door open for more wind projects and more CO2 reductions – is the only one that offers any tangible benefits. But there is no guarantee that the unfilled demand will be met by renewables, and in any event the 1.2-1.4TWh/year consumed by NS represents barely more than 1% of the Netherlands’ annual electricity consumption and a totally negligible fraction of European consumption. This is hardly enough to make a big deal about.

And meanwhile the Netherlands’ electrified railways continue to be powered dominantly by fossil fuel electricity. The “Harried Dutch commuters” who are “travelling on one of the most environmentally friendly rail networks in the whole of Europe, if not the world” are being sold a bill of goods.

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39 Comments on "Renewable Lies And The Deception Of Dutch Commuters"

  1. Apneaman on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 3:48 pm 

    Arctic sea ice extent for January 2017 was the lowest January in the 38-yr satellite record.

    In ten years sea level rise will breach Holland’s multi billion dollar defenses and the trains will be replaced with gondolas run on dutch muscle power, so it will be slow going. Clog will get a job as a gondolier and bark alt right memes at the customers.

    “The liberals are to blame!!” “Trump is the Fuhrer!”

    Clogbarker, the Dutch ALEX FUCKING JONES. The height of Euro sophistication indeed.

    Thank you for floating with alt right boat-lines.

  2. penury on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 3:49 pm 

    Poor Cloggie, I wonder if he will ever recover?

  3. JuanP on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 3:51 pm 

    The key word being negligible. Countries like Uruguay or Netherlands are so small and insignificant that if they ceased to exist today very few people would notice and even fewer would care.

  4. Cloggie on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 4:04 pm 

    First the fun part:

    Dutch Rail CEO making the point that he is “upside down” from te development.

    Next the informative part:

    Do these 8 wind parks directly contribute to the trains of NS?

    Diplomatic answer: you can’t be sure. Europe has an integrated electricity grid and since we have open borders in Europe (“Schengen”), electrons passing those borders do not need to identify themselves, so you never can be sure where every electron originates from (Germany, Finland, ISIS, whatever).

    I understand that every blogger needs to write something interesting, including Nicole Foss, but she could be a little less harsh, even if she is formally correct. But in the spirit she is wrong. NS did invest in wind power and thus stimulating (blackmailing?) other big companies to do the same, especially railway organizations and as such speed up the transition and that’s what counts.

  5. Cloggie on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 4:11 pm 

    In ten years sea level rise will breach Holland’s multi billion dollar defenses and the trains will be replaced with gondolas run on dutch muscle power, so it will be slow going. Clog will get a job as a gondolier and bark alt right memes at the customers.
    “The liberals are to blame!!” “Trump is the Fuhrer!”
    Clogbarker, the Dutch ALEX FUCKING JONES.


  6. antaris on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 5:24 pm 

    I thought Clogs job was to keep his finger in the dyke !

  7. makati1 on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 5:59 pm 

    antaris, there are too many holes now. Even using the limp one is not enough. ^_^

  8. Anonymous on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 7:55 pm 

    Well, this claim is right up there with the howler that the city of Lost Wages was bering powered by renewables. Im guessing the PR team that thought this up, either DID read that article and figured that everyone would remember the feel-good tag line, and ignore the blowback(you know, the facts), or alternately, never just never heard of it and said to hell with fact-checking…..

  9. joe on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 12:05 am 

    Companies lie all the time. People buy into hopium. Smug bastards we call em. Europe is full of people like that. But they are only human like the rest of us, so they lie and cheat and steal. Only human. Never forget.

  10. Simon on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 12:35 am 

    Seriously, we want to know the output of what generator powers what Unit. Short of Tagging electrons and insisting on DC only it cannot be done, you can bitch about constrained vs unconstrained running, but it cannot be done.

    Two people raise a weight of 1000 kg by one metre, the people put in each 500 joules of energy.
    Now if we release this weight and generate 1kw how do we determine whose effort you are using ?.
    The simple solution are ROC Credits (Renewable Credits) in this example each person could sell 500watts of credits and the purchase can then say that they are using energy from a particular person.

    come on this is basic stuff, and this article is simply there to bamboozle.

    Turn is on its head, as we do not know if the power comes from Alt, we also do not know if the power comes from FF, so ….. dear g0d its a miracle …. quantum power

    early morning rant over … sorry

  11. Sissyfuss on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 1:29 am 

    Cloggensnitzel, they didn’t list your hometown, Assphincterhoven.

  12. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 2:45 am 

    Clog, they didn’t list your hometown, Assphincterhoven.

    I’ll do it for them. By end of the video you see two trains powered by wind energy.

    We’ve got the best trains on wind in Europe, it is yuge, it is fantastic, it is true!


  13. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 3:17 am 

    The simple solution are ROC Credits (Renewable Credits) in this example each person could sell 500watts of credits and the purchase can then say that they are using energy from a particular person.

    Indeed Simon, that is precisely the solution. A transition promoting government should attribute credits to companies who seriously invested in alt-energy and as such upgrade their public image. In Europe and probably everywhere else they attribute energy labels to products, cars, etc.:

    What you need is a website where everybody can see what the energy credits are of which company (or town, whatever).

    You have A+++ (color Green, for Dutch Rail)
    You have D (red color, bottom of the barrel, power stations that run on coal)

    What you will see is that everybody will rush into schemes such as Dutch Rail just gave the good example of.

  14. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 3:33 am 

    The problem with the energy transition.

    The Dutch government has a huge problem, it is called the Dutch public. Government and parliament are totally motivated to carry out the EU energy and Paris climate accords. The money is there. The problem is: where do we put these wind turbines. Although in theory the public supports clean energy and wind turbines, it is a not-in-my-backyard attitude wherever you look. It is telling that 6 of the 8 wind parks operated by Dutch rail are NOT situated in the Netherlands. We simply have not enough Lebensraum. Holland (17 million) has the same size as Kentucky, that has only 4.4 million inhabitants, do the math.

    Here Dutch deplorables demonstrating against wind turbines near their town:

    The government has two options:

    – the Soviet solution and put everybody with an attitude in the Gulag (yet to be build)
    – build the turbines at sea

    For the moment the Dutch government opts for the second solution.

  15. brough on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 3:54 am 

    I agree with you Cloggie.
    I regularly use Dutch Rail when I’m in Netherlands on business. It’s clean,efficient and cheap, the most sustainable way of travel in your country.
    But some ‘nut-job’ at NS stood up and said its powered by wind. Quite clearly a lie.

  16. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 4:10 am 

    The Eiffel tower was build in 1889 for the occasion of a world exhibition.

    Today the tower is the #1 icon of Paris and most visited tourist attraction in the world. Nobody seriously wants to tear it down.

    In 1889 however, the public resistance against the new structure was yuge:

    The authorities tried to calm the public by saying that the tower would be demolished in 25 years time (standard trick of politicians: promises, promises, promises, to be delivered by other politicians).

    It didn’t happen. The tower is around now for 128 years and engineers say the tower could survive for another 2-3 centuries, if well maintained.

    When I lived in Leiden, I had a client in Woerden and had to commute every day over the N11 and always looked forward in seeing four majestic 5 MW windturbines near Alphen aan de Rijn:

    I see them for what they are: every single machine represents the work power equivalent of 30,000 deplorable wind turbine protesters. Once you have them installed you have peace of mind. No longer you need to worry about getting oil from Saudi-Arabia or similar Farawayistans. It is a matter of getting used to. Just like with the Eiffel tower.

    Interesting aside. Windtubines, like the Eiffel tower were designed for 25 years. The reality is that this is a ridiculously conservative number. If the Eiffel tower can last 4 centuries, so can 100 m steel monopiles of modern wind turbines and its foundation. Gearboxes (if any) and blades need to be replaced every now and then. But for every doubling of the life span of a wind turbine, you more or less double its EROEI.

    In Dutch there is an expression van de wind leven (“living from the wind”, that is “living for free”). There is deep wisdom in that expression.

    Here is the oldest wind mill in the Netherlands. It is from 1440 or older, meaning it was built before America was ever heard of:

    It is still functioning. Maintenance is everything.

  17. Anonymous on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 4:35 am 

    The dutch also have another expression cloggster.

    “Wipe the shit from your eyes.”

    Or so I was told by a purported expert on dutchlandian colorful metaphors recently.

    Which is actually a pretty stupid expression in any language. Kind of wonder if the ‘expert’ just made it up on the spot. Seems likely….

  18. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 5:03 am 

    “Indeed Simon, that is precisely the solution. A transition promoting government should attribute credits to companies who seriously invested in alt-energy and as such upgrade their public image. In Europe and probably everywhere else they attribute energy labels to products, cars, etc.:”

    I am all for this techno-stimulus over a ridiculous Trump style airports and highways buildout promoting type Trump government. We need alternative energy diversification not more airports.

    If I appear to be anti-tech you are mistaken. I am anti-techno optimism. I am ambivalent to tech. We are stuck with it so sink or swim. It is killing us and we took a wrong evolutionary turn with it but that sentimentalism is not going to put food on the table. We may see a techno-transformation and a techno-extension but I see little hope for a transition. I am realistic and techno optimist dwell in a fantasy world that does not add up. Sure there will be small isolated transitions of sorts but nothing that points to permanence. Northern Europe is case in point. Any localized transitions will be subject to the same destructive decline that is occurring everywhere as the unsustainable global system decays. These techno-transformative regions will be more sustainable and resilience to this decline but not immune to it. It is the economy stupid.

    An energy transformation is not going to generate much global GDP. It will just replace some of it and replace it in decline. Have you ever heard of diminishing returns? Decline and decay is ahead in the systematic demand destructive effects of stagflation and depletion coupled with climate instability and ecosystem failures. These are macro trends that have momentum beyond human intervention. Techno optimism uses a range of fantasy tools like fake news, false advertising, techno-hopium, that targets social habituation to keep techno forces alive. Doom is doomed against that type of Disney World. If people really knew what was going on they would shit their pants. Techno optimism keeps people confident and confidence is what keeps us fed. That doesn’t mean it will save us. Reality says differently and limits are an expression of reality.

  19. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 5:10 am 

    Anonymous, you’re a young Canadian Millennial I pinpointed from Toronto. Ape says you might be from Vancouver Island. That sounds more likely with your rabid nature. Shouldn’t a young guy like you be working? Are you just an unemployed basement dweller with an obscure degree in dumbass but without a job? All you do is come on here and whine and call people names. On rare occasions you say something and when you do it is not bad. We have enough dumbass name calling don’t add to it. Why don’t you hang out more on XBOX live where you belong? Clog, contributes excellent alternative energy information that is valuable to the board. You contribute drudge that is counterproductive.

  20. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 5:57 am 

    “Wipe the shit from your eyes.”

    Why don’t you go clean your wooden penis shaft or do a rain dance or something?

    If I reread this thread it is striking how much negativity is rampant here, strengthening the impression that peakoil discussion boards mainly attract those with mental issues, depressions, nihilism. Almost nobody is seriously interested in “solutions”, everybody is gleeful and joyfully anticipating the downfall of civilization (not going to happen).

    Most here represent the “smallest generation”, the snowflakes with rubber spines and meaningless commie “beautiful humanitarian thoughts” that cost nothing and will prove useless when “New Orleans” will expand nation-wide.

  21. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 6:24 am 

    Clog, this is what happens in a world of fake news. We have the status quo telling us everything is fine and we have things under control at the same time there is a steady stream of news the world is going to shit. I appreciate your optimism it is necessary but you are frankly full of shit half the time. You offer lots of good technical data but what you lack is humility. Racism sucks Clog, what about that? You offer some interesting history reading but 90% of it is “the world according to clog”

    Who has the mental issues? A psychopathic society that ignores limits and destructive ways of life or people calling into question such things. I don’t think we are seeing “joyful”. We have a board maple leaf nihilist that is likely “two timing” us over on some other site because he has not been here much lately (cough cough) thank God. (Clearing my throat) many wish I would do the same. Clog, solutions need to be real solutions that scale and are realistic in relation to other negative forces in scale and time. Anyone who says (not going to happen) is in cognitive dissonance and precisely the reason you are here.

  22. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 7:03 am 

    Clog, this is what happens in a world of fake news… Racism sucks Clog

    Of course it sucks, especially when it knocks on your front door.

    You know that very well but you can’t say that because you don’t want to put yourself outside of the pc herd coral, hence you publicly embrace “beautiful thoughts”.

    You seriously think that Syria/Iraq/Ukraine/Yugoslavia can’t happen to the US? Think again. It is coming closer to you with every passing year. Probably not to the Ozarks, but the big cities is a completely different story. As somebody here once remarked: “the country is three meals away from chaos”. EBT system poof, country poof.

    solutions need to be real solutions that scale and are realistic in relation to other negative forces in scale and time.

    When you are on a sinking Titanic you are not going to be picky about the quality and durability of the lifeboats on offer. Solar and wind work, so install it, not too many questions asked and as such increase your energy autonomy.

  23. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 7:13 am 

    Good boy “Of course it sucks”

  24. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 8:07 am 

    Good boy

    You seem to suggest virtue signaling on my side and also that I can’t wait to crush somebodies skull. I can assure that that is not the case. Instead I prefer a quiet life in a stable country as it was the case until some “liberators” showed up (imperialists really), who began to tell us via their media that “diversity is our strength”.

    In some “diverse” areas in Holland aid workers are now routinely attacked by young Muslims; in France and Britain it is even worse than here. Nothing but ethnic warfare. Indeed, racism sucks. And the causes why it occurs in the first place: mass migration.

    Life under Soviet imperialism sucks way more that under American imperialism. But in hindsight, with imperialism over, it is better to have been a member of the Soviet empire, as it is easier to clean up a useless leftist economic system like central planning, than to have been a member of the US empire and have to get rid of diversity. Far more painful for all involved.

    Last three occupations of the Netherlands:

    French empire: 1795-1812
    German empire: 1940-1945
    US empire: 1945-202x

    – Napoleon invaded unprovoked.
    – Germans invaded out of self-defense, entirely provoked by the Dutch government, that had given in to British-French pressure to allow troops overpass to the Ruhr-area. The Dutch government got what it deserved, the population not so much.

    When the French and Germans left, life could continue were it had left off.

    – The US empire invaded in 1945 under a liberation pretext but “forgot” to leave for a full 72 years and counting and began to bombard Europe with race-mixing and “open society” propaganda, with no other purpose than to serve the globalist interests of the owners of the US deep state. The damage the Americans did to Europe is far worse than that of the French or Germans. It is about wiping the Dutch and other Europeans.

    Fortunately, our kind in the US itself staged a coup last November and Trump is quietly hinting we should escape from the empire while we still can.

    We should seize the opportunity as long as it lasts and move over to non-pc Moscow and prepare for the occasion that the old guard returns, God forbid.

  25. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 8:19 am 

    Clog, obviously you are not comfortable with racism or you would not have made the above rant. I agree with you on some levels regarding race separation. I am against any further mass immigration. If we must we can help people in place. This is a failed policy too because more just become needy but compassion has greater value as long as we are still a wealthy people. The best thing that could happen regarding this entire issue is if the US and its coalition of hypocrites would quit wrecking nations. You’re a respectable guy Clog. I know this. I am just poking you.

  26. Apneaman on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 9:53 am 

    The only thing in Holland that runs entirely on wind is clogbabble and he’s quite malodorous if you happen to be downwind of him.

    It’s not all noxious noise coming outta Holland lately.

    Mette Lindberg sounds alright and she’s so damn cute, I bet her farts don’t even stink.

  27. Apneaman on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 10:59 am 

    Welcome to hell on Earth: Heatwave builds across eastern Australia

    Power cuts amid SA heatwave

    Widespread power blackouts were imposed across Adelaide and parts of South Australia on Wednesday with heatwave conditions forcing authorities to impose load shedding.

  28. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 11:44 am 

    We are looking forward to a possible record Saterday at 71 here in Missouri Ozarks along with being very dry.

  29. Kenz300 on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 12:28 pm 

    Sustainable energy production continues to grow every year.

    China to Invest $100 billion in Wind Power Projects by 2020

    Masdar Clean Energy Investment Tops $2.7 Billion

    Renewables Provide Majority of New US Generating Capacity through November 2016

    How Exxon & The Koch Brothers Have Funded Climate Denial – YouTube

  30. Sissyfuss on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 1:01 pm 

    Ape, I think you finally silenced Cloggywoddy
    Doodle Alltheday. One look at that Euro babe and his keyboard will be rendered sticky and useless.

  31. Apneaman on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 2:01 pm 

    Davy, even if it warms up in your area, don’t forget to stay frosty, because according to Cheeto, America has never been more dangerous. Highest murder rate in 10 years 25 years 47 years 100 years 258 years – since the French and Indian wars. It’s a alternative true fact.

    Trump keeps repeating his debunked claim that the murder rate is at its highest in 47 years

    Cheeto is also going to end the environmentalist “war on coal”. Coal is clean and economical once the evil regulations are removed. Should be a half million new jobs as soon as those regs are removed.

    Shale gas, not EPA rules, has pushed decline in coal-generated electricity, study confirms

    “Consumption of coal continued to grow under those 1990-era EPA rules until 2008, and then went into steady decline, dropping by 23 percent from 2008 thru 2015.

    The data show the drop in those years to be correlated with the shale revolution, as natural gas production increased by a factor of more than 10 and its price dropped in half, the researchers say. And, due to the continuing — and in some cases accelerating — technological and economic advantages of gas over coal, the decline in coal is expected to continue at least decades into the future.”

    All praise the Great Cheeto!

  32. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 3:22 pm 

    Praise to all us dumbasses who are all dressed up and nowhere to go. Lol. Tell me Ape that your Cheeto fits are going to matter. You just look more ridiculous by the day. When you figure out how to solve this mess let me know I’ll listen to your whining.

  33. Apneaman on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 3:50 pm 

    Davy, you B the big whiner. “anti Americans” wa wa wa “liberals” wa wa wa. You whine, I mock. Like I said on election day when the savior won, I will have more comedic material to work with than the last 50 years. Loving every minute of it.

  34. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 4:04 pm 

    One asshole to another advice, you are beyond whining. Enjoy

  35. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 4:12 pm 

    Wow, local climate update. They are now predicting 78 degrees on Saturday here in the MO Ozarks. UFBelievable. Normally it is in the 20’s to 40’s. I am going to pull my shorts out and sunblock.

  36. makati1 on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 4:47 pm 

    Ap, Davy and Cloggie are perfect examples of why the two locations are failing and why the rest of the world is cheering it on.

  37. Davy on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 5:21 pm 

    Makati were the fires visible from your low rent condo? You get a good wiff of all those carcinogens? I think you are ahead of us. Besides makati you are old and nearly dead already who cares where you live. You will die before the collapse.

  38. R1verat on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 6:07 pm 

    Davy don’t feed the Mak troll…just encourages him to write more ignorant rants against the US. He can’t get past his being from the US. LOL!! He also is an equal example of why “the two locations are failing”. Unfortunately we are all on this sinking boat together, no matter who is/was guilty.

  39. Simon on Thu, 9th Feb 2017 12:29 am 

    Renewable Credits are the current system

    Known by many names, and used it seems all around the world.

    Gotta to get to work, it the EU now, I am hoping I can dodge the Dead Dogs, rivers of trash, dead eyed yokels meandering aimlessly through our trash filled streets, kids fighting with wild dogs over a scrap of food ….. its a rum old life

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