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Page added on September 28, 2015

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Kunstler: Tick Tick Tick

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Did Charlie Rose look like a fucking idiot last night on 60-Minutes, or what, asking Vladimir Putin how he could know for sure that the US was behind the 2014 Ukraine coup against President Viktor Yanukovych? Maybe the idiots are the 60-Minutes producers and fluffers who are supposed to prep Charlie’s questions. Putin seemed startled and amused by this one on Ukraine: how could he know for sure?

Well, gosh, because Ukraine was virtually a province of Russia in one form or another for hundreds of years, and Russia has a potent intelligence service (formerly called the KGB) that had assets and connections threaded through Ukrainian society like the rhizomorphs of the fungus Armillaria solidipes through a conifer forest. Gosh, Charlie, it’s like asking Obama whether the NSA might know what’s going on in Texas.

And so there is Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, having to spell it out for the American clodhopper super-journalist. “We have thousands of contacts with them. We know who and where, and when they met with someone, and who worked with those who ousted Yanukovych, how they were supported, how much they were paid, how they were trained, where, in which country, and who those instructors were. We know everything.”

The only thing Vlad left out of course was the now-world-famous panicked yelp by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland crying, “Fuck the EU,” when events in Kiev started getting out of hand for US stage-managers. But he probably heard about that, too.

Charlie then voice-overed the following statement: “For the record, the US has denied any involvement in the removal of the Ukrainian leader.” Right. And your call is important us. And your check is in the mail. And they hate us for our freedom.

This bit on Ukraine was only a little more appalling than Charlie’s earlier segment on Syria. Was Putin trying to rescue the Assad government? Charlie asked, in the context of President Obama’s statement years ago that “Assad has to go.”

Putin answered as if he were explaining something that should have been self-evident to a not-very-bright high school freshman: “To remove the legitimate government would create a situation which you can witness in other countries of the region, for instance Libya, where all the state institutions have disintegrated. We see a similar situation in Iraq. There’s no other solution to the Syrian crisis than strengthening the government structure.”

I guess Charlie and the 60-Minutes production crew hadn’t noticed what had gone on around the Middle East the past fifteen years with America’s program of toppling dictators into the maw of anarchy. Not such great outcomes.

Charlie persisted though, following his script: Was Putin trying to rescue Assad? Vlad had to lay it out for him as if he were introducing Charlie to the game of Animal Lotto: “What do you think about those who support the terrorist organizations only to oust Assad without thinking about what happens to the country after all the state institutions have been demolished…? Look at those who are in control of 60 percent of the territory of Syria.

Meaning ISIS. Al Nusra (formerly al Qaeda in Syria), i.e., groups internationally recognized as terrorist organizations.

Charlie Rose, 60-Minutes — and perhaps by extension US government agencies with an interest in propagandizing — seem to want to put over the story that Russia has involved itself in Syria only to aggrandize its role on in world affairs.

Forgive me for being so blunt, but what sort of stupid fucking idea is this? And are there any non-lobotomized adults left in the USA who can’t see straight through it? The truth is that American policy in Syria (plus Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Somalia, Afghanistan) is an impressive record of failure in terms of the one basic aim that most rational people might agree upon: stabilizing the region in a way that does not leave Islamic jihadi maniacs in charge.

Okay, so now the Russians will do what they can to try to stabilize Syria. They’ve had their failures, too (famously, Afghanistan). But Russian territory adjoins the Islamic lands and they clearly have stake in containing the virus of Islamic extremism near their borders. Is that not obvious?

Charlie made one other extremely dumb statement — he seems to prefer making assertions to asking straight-up questions — to the effect that Russia was misbehaving by deploying troops on its border with Ukraine.

Putin again seemed astonished by this credulous idiocy. The US had troops and nuclear weapons all over Europe, he answered. Did Charlie think that meant the US was attempting to occupy the nations of Europe now? Was it “a crime” for Russia to defend its own border with a neighboring state (formerly a province) that, he implied, the US had deliberately destabilized?

The Putin segment was followed by a sickening session with Donald Trump, a man who now — after a month or so of public exposure — proves incapable of uttering a coherent idea. I wonder what Vladimir Putin makes of this incomparable buffoon. Perhaps that America has gotten what it deserves.


33 Comments on "Kunstler: Tick Tick Tick"

  1. ennui2 on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 11:16 am 

    Kunstler’s writing is now interchangeable with Orlov. All geopolitical mud-slinging at the West all the time.

  2. Rodster on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 11:43 am 

    Brilliant stuff by JHK and i’m in total agreement with him.

  3. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 11:46 am 

    Great, ennui. When your only tack is to shoot the messenger, you look even more fucking stupid than Charlie Rose did last night. In short, it was awful, and even I was embarrassed.

    I especially flinched at the part where Rose asked Putin about Obama doing this and saying that. Putin’s response was simple; “He’s YOUR President. Why don’t you ask him?”

    The eunnuis of the world simply can’t stomach the facts that show how utterly inept US foreign policy (such as it is) is,, and has been… Pure cowardice.

  4. onlooker on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 11:58 am 

    Good article by Kunstler. I am just at odds with one thing in this article. Failure. Not really the West specifically the US wishes to destabilize the Middle East that maintains in high profile the War on Terror and allows the US military to continue its crusade their of securing ME oil for itself. If in the process they can inflict some discomfort on an adversary like Russia all the better. Make no illusions about it the ME is ground zero for the Geo-Political Grand game.

  5. Hello on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:12 pm 

    What does Dimitry and James have in common?

    Both hate America, love Vlad’s nation, but CHOOSE to live in …….?

    Ah can you say American clodhopper and look at Kunstler while not smiling?

  6. Plantagenet on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:13 pm 

    The Russians invade Crimea and then Hitler-style merge it with Greater Russia and then Putin sends in heavy weapons and other arms and ammunition along with “volunteers” to invade eastern Ukraine destabilize the rest of Ukraine —–and Putin accuses the US of destabilizing Ukraine?

    What is Russia doing?

  7. zoidberg on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:26 pm 

    Kunstler is a die hard democrat. That he buys into the illusion of choice in the American system is all you need to know about his irrelevancy. He’ll probably vote for a clearly criminal and corrupt Hillary Clinton and be proud of it. I’m sorry I bought even one of his books.

  8. Davy on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:50 pm 

    I am often less impressed with Jim’s geopolitical skills than his financial and domestic abilities yet, this was a good article.

    Charlie Rose is normally a pretty good interviewer but I think he was out of his elements with Putin. Maybe he was probing him with stupidity to draw out something from Putin. Does Charlie not know Putin is a black belt in Judo?

    Putin as usual shined like a rockstar. I wish we had a leader of similar caliber. That does not mean I endorse Putin. He is a crook and a killer but most leaders today get to be leaders by such means. No I am acknowledging greatness when I see it.

  9. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:18 pm 

    ennui2, Hello, and zoidberg clearly can’t debate the content of Kunstler’s article so they resort to shooting the messenger. They’ll shout down and attempt to invalidate anything that doesn’t fall within their narrow and propaganda-corrupted world views.

    Good job, fellas,, of demonstrating nothing but incompetence and bias.

    …. and then there’s Plant, who skips the part where the US State Dept, CIA, and corporate Mafioso keep sticking their imperialist noses where they don’t belong. Just being Plant I guess. Gosh, Plant, what would Obama do if Putin started fucking around with Mexico? Texas? … and what’s your plan for Syria after we blow the shit out of everything and leave behind a power vacuum with millions of pissed off hopeless people? Send over a bunch of Little Debbies? Open a Pizza Hut? Give all the children a Cabbage Cluster-bomb Patch kid?

  10. rockman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:44 pm 

    ghung – “…if Putin started fucking around with…Texas? Have no fear: we would deal with Putin as harshly as we would any POTUS. We’re just kinda like that, ya know.

  11. onlooker on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:49 pm 

    Actually GHung, believe it not that is not too far fetched your kidding around. Their is in fact a book by Naomi Klein “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” in which the neo-capitalists seem to have a sort of formula for this whereby Western “assistants’ and corporations go in to “save” the country destroyed. I guess they never heard of Humpty Dumpty. I really believe the West ie. Pentagon was along planning for these chaotic and asymmetrical battlefields and areas. Pentagon does the destroying, the transnationals and contractors due the rebuilding, lots of money for everyone. This with the idea of establishing a dysfunctional yet compliant “country” if you can call what is left that. Look at Iraq case example.

  12. penury on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:59 pm 

    For all those who think JHK is wrong or whatever, one of the first rules of being a lawyer I was taught is’ if you go into court and you have the law on your side argue the law, if you have the facts on your side argue the facts, if you have neither argue personalities.Ad hominum always works for people who consider themselves superior either in knowledge or status. Unfortunately if facts are required they are rapidly exposed.

  13. apneaman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:21 pm 

    ennui2, Hello, zoidberg, plant, et al are what I will henceforth refer to as “neo loyalists” There is no rational or moral defense of an out of control and extremely dangerous empire other than pure ideological loyalty and infantile patriotism. Until and unless you understand your own brainwashing (behaviour biology) y’all will always be a bunch useful flag waving idiots defending your own enslavement.

    Here are the parts of the interview they were not willing to show the neo loyalist sheep.

    Here is the empire’s best ally – you won’t hear Charlie Rose challenging the masters on their relationship with them. Most neo loyalists will never even hear of such thing and will go to great lengths to ignore it.

    Saudi Arabia displays beheaded Yemenis in public

  14. onlooker on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:29 pm 

    thanks again AP for your enlightenment. I am here in US but I have seen through the smoke screen clearly what the US is. It is not pretty. It saddens me to see many of my fellow Americans still blinded by the programming and distorted information out there. I love aspects of what was this country and feel their are many good people here. So my problem is not with Americans but with whatever you call those in power in this country who in return receive orders from some others hiding in shadows and what they have been doing and are doing around the world. Just like I have a problem with behavior of other peoples and countries around the world. Nobody is a saint on this planet.

  15. JuanP on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:26 pm 

    I have never watched an American TV news program in my life and this interview was no exception. I am not A TV person, I didn’t even own one for most of my adult life, but I have one now cause I got it for free. I only watch documentaries, educational programs, and comedies, mostly from Netflix and YouTube as I don’t like watching commercials. I am also enjoying watching The Walking Dead right now.

    I am glad that Russia decided to scale up its involvement in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and Iraq, not because I give a fuck about ISIS, but because I want the Assad government to survive. Assad leads the last secular government in the Middle East and I prefer secular governments.

    I also preferred Sadam Hussein and Mohamad Gadaffi to the chaos the West replaced them with. I hope the West fails in Syria and Ukraine and the international community wins and Assad remains in power.

    I read two reports today that the Chinese are also starting to get more involved in the pro Assad coalition and I welcome their increased involvement. I hope that Russia, China, and Iran can help Iraq and Syria in their fight against the West and their terrorists.

  16. apneaman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:41 pm 

    I agree, there are many good people in America. I have known many and was even married to one. It’s already a done deal, but story loving apes need to cling to their tribal identity even when it is in their worst interest. Like the loyalists who clung to the myth that monarchy was god’s will – the ONLY possible society. Monarchy was incapable of managing increasing population energy and complexity. Now, the modern nation states that replaced it are incapable of managing the retreat. Every bit of energy is going into maintaining a dead system that is benefiting an ever shrinking number of people. The good people who stand by and say nothing are enablers. At least 1.5 trillion a year for the military budget to try and maintain global superpower status to benefit a few…..meanwhile, back at home

    Drinking water systems imperiled by failing infrastructure

    The only thing that we could possibly influence is managing the descent in a gentler fashion. This is impossible while myth clinging. Within many western countries you’re going to see a fight between the forces of change and TPTB and their loyalist sheep. How’d that work out for the loyalists last time? People whining about anti Americanism are still moderate loyalists as far as I’m concerned. Enablers. The term anti American is a government think tank propaganda term to speak and promote it is to play into their hands – doing their censorship work for them. It’s a one size fits all term that was cleverly designed to squash all critique. Prior to the secular world they would just call you a blasphemer whenever someone spoke truth to power. Same as it ever was.

  17. onlooker on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:51 pm 

    As always excellent posting AP.

  18. Hello on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 4:27 pm 

    Thank you, ape, for the compliment.

  19. Davy on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 4:33 pm 

    Anti-Americanism is what is is. It is people who think their shit don’t stink claiming Americans shit does. It is simple as that no links are needed or elaborate dissertations.

    My point is and has always been when the criticism of America becomes an obsession then it is wrong. When it is excessively focused and driven by hatred and resentment it is wrong.

    Let’s properly criticize with respect otherwise it’s a free for all. I do not jump any properly written comments that are within this criteria. If you want to be classed as an ugly anti-American like Makati1 then pursue your purpose.

    Just one other point I will join you in your criticism when it is reasonable and rational. I get very irritated when people are bashing me as an American all friggen day long with redundant and shallow inflammatory criticism. I then hear how this or that dumb ass country is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or I am told to bend over and take it and eventually I will enjoy it. Is that clear enough!

  20. apneaman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 4:55 pm 

    Whatever you say Joe McCarthy Jr. Maybe you can use daddy’s 1%er political influence to get a commision going to stop the infiltration and spread of “anti-americanism” on by blacklisting commenters. Start with the foreigners and work your way towards your neighbours. They’re everywhere!

  21. zoidberg on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:08 pm 

    I didn’t see the interview im sure it was rubbish. Kunstler doesn’t add anything though. He never does. He just disappointing to me.

  22. GregT on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:23 pm 

    Very good article by JHK, and anybody who didn’t watch the interview, should. There is no excuse for people to continue to have their heads shoved up their asses.

  23. apneaman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:30 pm 

    See that Greg? zoid just admitted he does not require evidence because he is “sure it was rubbish” It’s a belief – no evidence or discussion needed. Another ape on auto pilot.

  24. zoidberg on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:32 pm 

    I’m well acquainted with the Syria situation and with the deplorable and compromised American media. But maybe less informed folks may find useful information and viewpoints here.

  25. GregT on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:35 pm 

    Looks like zoid didn’t read the above article either.

  26. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:38 pm 

    “He just disappointing to me.”

    That disappointment is an artefact of your expectations. Always is. Kunstler is what he is; a commentator on current events who calls it as he sees it. I doubt anyone’s surprised you see things differently.

    As for your statement, above; “Kunstler is a die hard democrat”, Kunstler has often been brutally critical of democrats, Clinton, and US politics in general. Indeed, your entire above assessment of him seems inaccurate, IMO. He sort of hates everybody in our current sham of a power structure; says we’re screwed. Maybe that’s why his blog is titled “Clusterfuck Nation”. Ya think? He’s even one of the few Jews out there who pulls no punches in his commentaries on Netanyahu and Israel.

  27. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:11 pm 

    Lol Plant thinks Russia invaded Crimea lol what a fucking retard.

  28. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:13 pm 

    The Retarded States of America. What a useless lot of morons. You’ll all likely make better fertilizer than you do humanbeings.

  29. Hello on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:18 pm 

    Ghung: kunstler is not bashing Democrats. Kunstler is bashing, was bashing and is going to bash everything. All the while predicting next month’s doom.

    If I didn’t know that he’s doing it for money to sell he’s books I would think he’s a miserable little twirp. Just like orlov.

    But luckily Kunstler can be safely ignored.

  30. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:18 pm 

    OH and BTW there are finally boots on the ground in Syria to fight ISIS. They are being worn by Russians and Chinese lol so much for American Hedgemonic power.

    And here we have Hizballah fighting shoulder to shoulder with Russian Marines against ISIS.–-a-danger-signal-for-US-Israel

    Your little bum-buddies in Israel are fucked now.

  31. JuanP on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:31 pm 

    Truth, the Russians and Chinese are there legally because they were invited by the legal Syrian government in accordance to international law. That is not the same as invading a foreign country to depose its legitimate government in a clear violation of international law and UN statutes. Apples and oranges!

  32. JuanP on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:33 pm 

    Truth, I had misinterpreted your comment. My bad!

  33. makati1 on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 8:02 pm 

    The subject well covered. The participants show their colors and intelligence (or lack of) again, as always.

    Charlie Rose is just another propaganda pimp for the Empire. This event was like putting the town retard up against Einstein in a math contest.

    I have a novel by an American Mormon author that depicts the US as a closed country in isolation from the rest of the world because of the very things that are happening today. I found it difficult to believe, even though I knew it was a SF story.

    Now I see it coming true in so many ways. Except the story did not describe the forming 3rd world, banana republic, police state, dictatorship the US is becoming. He was more generous.

    BTW: Who is Charlie Rose? I never heard of him until this article?

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